Disappearing messages on WhatsApp finally launched; know how to use

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Disappearing messages on WhatsApp: After weeks of testing, WhatsApp finally launched on 5th Nov the long-awaited feature of Disappearing messages. Now you can send self-destructive messages and media that disappear after a week.

The new feature is similar to that of secret Facebook Messenger conversations , but a little more restricted. You need to activate it manually. When connected, it applies to all new messages exchanged between you and a contact until the option is turned off.

It is also possible to make all messages in a group self-destructive, but the option only appears to administrators. In a conversation between two people, both can turn the feature on or off.

As long as the feature is on, all messages exchanged in a conversation disappear after seven days, whether or not you read them. WhatsApp, points out that there are exceptions:

  • If a Disappearing message is forwarded to a conversation where the feature is disabled, it disappears in the original conversation, but not in the conversation to which it was forwarded;
  • If you reply to a Disappearing message, its text will continue to appear above your reply even after seven days. ,
  • The preview of a Disappearing message, which appears in the cell phone notification, can remain there if you do not delete the notification, even after seven days.

Another exception has to do with media. By default, the photos and videos you receive on WhatsApp are automatically downloaded and stored in the phone’s internal memory unless you disable automatic downloading in the settings.

If you receive Disappearing media, it will disappear from the conversation after seven days, but if it has already been downloaded, it will remain saved in your phone’s memory until you delete it manually. The solution is to turn off automatic ived one by one.

The novelty is being released globally gradually and may take time to appear for all users. In India, the resource should only appear to most people in the last week of November..

How to enable Disappearing messages on whatsApp

Update the app on your phone (Android or iOS) and see if you’ve received the news by following these steps.

  • Open a conversation on WhatsApp.
  • Touch the name of the contact (or group).
  • Touch “Disappearing messages”.
  • If prompted, tap “Continue”.
  • Select “Enabled”.
  • To disable the feature, the path is the same.
Disappearing messages on WhatsApp
Disappearing messages on WhatsApp
Disappearing messages
How to enable Disappearing messages on whatsApp

What happens a week later

WhatsApp does not allow you to choose the time it will take for messages to be automatically deleted, but has set the figure at one week. That is, when a week has passed since a message was sent, it is removed from the chat .Unlike deleting messages, temporary messages disappear without a trace , not including a “Message deleted” text. The messages simply disappear as soon as the week is over since they were sent.

Of course, WhatsApp wants us to be very clear that it is not an infallible function to delete a message, and that the system has certain limitations and small print. They are as follows:

  • Notifications are not deleted , so even after a week, one of these messages could be read through your notification (if they haven’t been deleted yet).
  • They are not removed from replies or forwards . If you reply to one of these messages, by subpoena, before it is deleted, that message will still be visible in the reply. The same happens if the message is forwarded to other chats.
  • They are not removed from the backup , so it might be possible to recover them from a backup, even after the week has elapsed
  • There are no screen capture protections , so the other person can take a screenshot of the conversation, before the messages are deleted. Of course, you can also take a photo, or copy the text.
  • The photos and videos that are sent to a chat, can still be available on the phone after a week, if the automatic download of multimedia files has been activated, which is usual. You can disable this option in Settings – Data and storage.

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