Disappearing messages on WhatsApp finally launched; know how to use

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Disappearing messages on WhatsApp: After weeks of testing, WhatsApp finally launched on 5th Nov the long-awaited feature of Disappearing messages. Now you can send self-destructive messages and media that disappear after a week.

The new feature is similar to that of secret Facebook Messenger conversations , but a little more restricted. You need to activate it manually. When connected, it applies to all new messages exchanged between you and a contact until the option is turned off.

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13 Promising ways to Monetizing a Podcast

monetizing a podcast

Podcasts are a recognized way to offer content to your audience, and gain legitimacy on a subject of expertise. Monetizing a podcast can earn you additional income.

What is Monetizing a Podcast?

Concretely, sponsorship is an “endorsement” of the podcast by a brand. It can either be the subject of a campaign limited in time or to a certain number of plays, or take the form of a partnership on a particular episode or a series of episodes. 

My recommendation: This sponsorship can take several forms, but the one I recommend is the “host-read” format.

Let me explain. Unlike the standard “commercial” – where a brand provides you with an audio file with the message to be broadcast recited by actors – the host-read is a message written and recorded by the podcast host , to highlight the brand or the product in question.

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Sore Throat: 10 great home remedies for throat infection without drugs

sore throat

Bad weather is coming. The cold makes us feel more vulnerable to external elements that can affect us. Colds, pharyngitis or tonsillitis (so-called angina) that inevitably lead to annoying sore throat . Sometimes those sore throats are the first sign that we are about to catch a cold.

In any case, and when there is no turning back and we fall victim to a sore throat but do not want to medicate ourselves , there are many very useful home tricks that help reduce inflammation and relieve pain effectively.

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Senna leaf: 4 super powerful benefits and side effects

Senna leaf 4 super powerful benefits and side effects

One of the main benefits of senna leaf is its laxative properties. However, it is important not to exceed the proper dosage to avoid side effects.

Senna leaves comes from a species of shrub also known as cadecillo or frijolillo , family Fabaceae. It is known in popular culture for its properties and the benefits it provides to treat constipation and some stomach upset.

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6 natural home remedies for Toothache & 7 common causes

natural home remedies for Toothache

Toothache is an unpleasant matter. Usually the pain comes in a completely inappropriate moment. However, if an appointment with the dentist is not possible immediately, there are some home remedies for toothache that can alleviate the discomfort. Find out here what are the main causes and which best home remedies for toothache help against the pain.

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