15 women

15 women who have marked and changed history in world

15 women: Throughout history, many women have struggled to achieve a prominent place in a world that seemed to be dominated by men. Many advances and customs have changed over the years thanks to their effort that, in one way or another, has marked a before and after. This article only includes fifteen women who have managed to stand out, of the many who have done so. Next we detail what has been the granite of sand of each one of them.

15 women
15 women who have marked and changed history in world

List Of 15 Woman who are great

Malala Yousafzai- (15 Women who are great)

Malala is an activist in favor of civil rights, especially those of women in the Swat River Valley in Pakistan, where the Taliban regime is prohibited from attending girls’ school. His ideals led him to be shot in the head when he returned by bus from the school to his home in the city of Mingora. Far from backing down, the young woman extended her struggle worldwide. His work led him to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2014. With only seventeen years he became the youngest person to access that award.

Marie Curie – (15 Women who are great)

There is no scientist in history who has surpassed in recognition and fame Marie Curie, the discoverer of Polonium and Radio as chemical elements. He went hungry and cold, and risked his health in order not to give up his research passion. And being able to get rich with his discoveries, he refused to patent the process of radio isolation leaving it available to the scientific community.

However, it can be said that she fulfilled her dream: she was the first woman to become a professor at the University of Paris and the first to win the Nobel, shared with her husband Pierre Curie, for her research on radioactive elements.

Hedy Lamarr – (15 Women who are great)

Hedy Lamarr was an actress endowed with extraordinary beauty who reigned in the Golden Hollywood Olympus. He had a glamor that everyone admired, although he eclipsed his other more unknown facets. And it is that the artist was not only a sex symbol, but was the owner of a privileged mind and the author of a communications system on which all existing technologies are based today. You could say that it is the precursor of the current WIFI.

Inventing was his true passion. His favorite subject was chemistry and from an early age he began to be interested in technology, just like his father, whom he adored. He developed a parallel and quite discreet career as a telecommunications engineer. He devised some cubes that turned water into Coca-Cola and helped tycoon Howard Hugues in his obsession to create a faster plane studying the aerodynamics of birds and the physiognomy of fish.

Simone de Beauvoir – (15 Women who are great)

She was a French writer, teacher and philosopher. The Second Sex is considered one of the most elementary works of the feminist movement. It should be noted that this book was included in the Index of prohibited books of the Catholic Church to its faithful. In his writings he denounced the education given to girls and criticized the patriarchal society in which young women develop and that limits women to marriage and family.

Frida Kahlo – (15 Women who are great)

Frida Kahlo is considered one of the most influential Mexican female figures of her time. He managed to transcend through his innovative works of art and is currently remembered as one of the most famous artists of the twentieth century. From painting to more personal questions of his life, Kahlo always sought to do things differently than he was stipulated then. Their sexual orientation and the challenge to stereotypes was a clear sign of rupture. Therefore, he became an icon of strong women.

rosa Parks – (15 Women who are great)

Recognized as the “first lady of civil rights” by the United States Congress, Rosa Parks was an activist who refused to give her bus seat to a white passenger. This led to a boycott in Montgomery and other similar demonstrations that sought to end racial segregation and fight for the civil rights of African Americans in the United States. To honor her, the states of California and Ohio celebrate Rosa Parks Day on February 4 (her birthday) and December 1 (the day she was arrested).

Valentina Tereshkova – (15 Women who are great)

This Soviet was the first woman in history to travel to space and only to do it alone, aboard Vostok 6 in 1963. She was part of a study that sought to answer the question of whether women offered the same space physical and mental resistance than men. The conclusion after the three days of the extraterrestrial journey was affirmative

After the space mission he studied and graduated space engineer. Years later he would get into politics, where he held various positions until he reached the central committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.

Coco Chanel

If someone marked a before and after in the fashion world that was Coco Chanel. During World War I he put aside the opulent feminine dresses and adapted traditionally masculine garments with a simple and comfortable style. He also developed lines of bags, perfumes, hats and jewelry. This is the only fashion designer on the list of the hundred most influential people of the twentieth century in Time magazine.

Amelia Earhart – (15 Women who are great)

In addition to being one of the pioneers in aviation in the United States, Earhart was the first female pilot to cross the Atlantic Ocean alone. It all started when World War I broke out, when Amelia moved with her sister to Toronto to volunteer to take care of injured and sick pilots. It was there that he came into contact with the world of aviation and began to get acquainted with ‘those strange devices’.

His passion for flying definitely surfaced in California in 1929, when during an air show in Long Beach he dared to fly in a biplane. It was his baptism in the air. From that moment, he began receiving aviation classes from another female pilot, Neta Snook, and gets his license as a pilot, something only fifteen women had achieved to date. In 1937, it disappeared without a trace as it flew over the central Pacific Ocean.

Benazir Bhutto – (15 Women who are great)

Benazir Bhutto was the first woman to be elected Prime Minister of a Muslim country. Bhutto made headlines around the world when he won the 1988 elections in Pakistan. In addition, he proved to be a strong and resilient figure in a nation ruined by bloody military coups. He died after being shot several times in the neck and chest by a suicide bomber who subsequently detonated a bomb, killing at least 38 other people. At that time, the policy was in full campaign for the January 2008 elections. Two months before, shortly after his return from exile, he had survived a similar attack that killed at least 136 people.

Kathryn Bigelow – (15 Women who are great)

In the 90-year history of the Oscars, only one woman has been nominated five times in the category of best director. However, only one has managed to win the award: Kathryn Bigelow. His work in the film In Hostile Land earned him the precious gold statuette, which Quentin Tarantino ( Damned Bastards ), Lee Daniels ( Precious ) and Jason Reitman ( Up in the Air ) also opted for that same year .

Dolores Ibárruri

One day, with only 22 years, Dolores Ibárruri, mother of six children, had to make a decision that would mark his life forever. Far from identifying with the prototype of the woman of his time, he refused to be relegated to the care of his offspring, the kitchen and the kitchen. His until then limited world opened to new horizons and decided to start his political journey. She informed her husband of her decision: ‘There will be no more children’, and from that moment on her family became the proletariat of the world, especially the feminine one. His status as a working woman would enrich his egalitarian sensibility and arouse his political conscience in favor of the defense of the workers against a capitalist system that oppressed them for good or bad.

Virginia Woolf

With her novels and writings, this British writer became one of the greatest symbols of feminism and literary modernism of the twentieth century. In fact, his essay A room of his own, dating from 1923, is one of the texts most cited by the movement. The writer suffered several depressions throughout her life, and the first one was at age 13 with the death of her mother. In the following years, in addition, he was the victim of sexual abuse by his stepbrothers, creating within him a strong mentality to fight against machismo that he embodied in his work.

Clara Campoamor – (15 Women who are great)

Clara Campoamor was an outstanding writer, politician and defender of the rights of Spanish women. He never hid his republican ideals. Therefore, when it was proclaimed in April 1931 he wanted to be in the engine room of the new regime to try to consecrate the democratic principle of equality between men and women. He got his seat in the ranks of the Radical Party, participated in the commission that drafted the Constitution and defended in full the women’s suffrage in a memorable debate against 470 men and a single woman, Victoria Kent, who finally resigned to support him for Reasons for opportunity: the woman deserved the right but was not yet ready to exercise it.

It is said that he got the vote for Spanish women, but it was something else he did. That woman, that October 1, 1931, got our country to be, for the first time, a full democracy. The only suffragist in the world who achieved it from the podium of a parliament thanks to those peculiar constituent elections of 31 in which women could not vote but be elected. Because of the civil war he had to flee from Spain. She died in exile in Switzerland.

Gertrude B. Elion – (15 women who are great)

Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1988, his medications made organ transplantation possible. His pills transformed childhood leukemia, which was fatal, into a disease survived today by 80% of the victims. In addition, Gertrude developed the treatment for gout and herpes. He also created the first drug capable of destroying a virus. His research laid the foundation of AZT, which for years was the only drug accepted in the United States of America for patients.

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