2.8 crores from 8 thousand rupees. Strategy of the third rich man of world

2.8 crores from 8 thousand rupees. Strategy of the third rich man of world

2.8 crores from 8 thousand rupees: If you also want to earn money easily, then in such a situation, you are told the tips of the third richest person in the world, through which you can easily make money.

Most people definitely read and hear about earning money from the stock market, but are not able to do so. Many times investing money in the market proves to them that they lose their accumulated capital too. If you want to earn through the stock market, then we are telling you, some tips given by Warren Buffet himself, the third richest person in the world. Buffets are considered big players of the stock market. You can also become rich by following their investment tips.

Warren Buffet bought the first stock at the age of 11. It was the first quarter of 1942, immediately followed by the Pearl Harbor incident. He says, ‘I put $ 114.75 (according to today’s 8 thousand rupees) in one share. If I had invested the same amount in the S&P 500 and kept investing the dividend I had received in the same share, then guess what that amount would have been today.

2.8 crores from 8 thousand
Warren Buffet says, ‘Think, would it have been 10 thousand dollars or 75 thousand dollars? Let me give you some help. These figures are very low. The answer is 4 lakh dollars (2.80 crore rupees). Thus, if I had invested 114 dollars in the S&P 500 at a young age, it would have been $ 4 lakh today.

Invest for long-term thinking,
if you want shade of tree, then that tree has to be planted years ago. That is, invest only thinking long term. Opportunities do not come again and again, when there is a rain of gold, instead of putting your hands forward, you should install a bucket. Always keep an eye on opportunities, which can be found anywhere in the world. Opportunities can also occur in any industry.

Do not
invest money in the market after seeing others, it is wrong way to look at share prices again and again. Seeing an immediate fall or rise, investors may be harmed by selling or buying shares. If you cannot keep a share for ten years, do not think about keeping it for even 10 minutes. Do not invest money in the market by looking at others, invest only if you understand about it.

2.8 crores from 8 thousand
2.8 crores from 8 thousand

Invest in a place that always gives profit when other people are getting greedy in the market, then you become a coward, when others are scared then you become greedy. Always have such capable managers, whose interests meet you. Make an investment that is for the whole life, which will always give you profit. Always keep the portfolio diversified.

Believe in yourself that you can become a successful investor. Always diversify your portfolio. Put money in different good companies, which will reduce the risk. If you find yourself in a boat that is constantly leaking, then the energy it takes to close the clues will be less productive than the energy used to replace the boat.

It is only by keeping sobriety that money comes 
to the market with a long-term goal instead of becoming a day trader. Wait till the goal is met, only money increases by keeping abstinence. Do not be lured by higher returns, if you see 15 to 20 percent returns, then invest. If you have invested in the market then cohesion and patience are necessary. Most investors become their own enemies by not doing so. Investment grows only by keeping abstinence.

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