8 secrets of Google Flights to buy a cheaper plane ticket

8 secrets of Google Flights: As a traveler and a frequent user of flight comparators, you are already familiar with Google Flights , the flight search tool, which already does everything you would expect from a price comparison. Find and compare the prices of flights departing from around 40 French airports. However, the site has a lot of little-known features that allow you to extend your search in a rather original way. Let’s discover the most amazing!

1. Be alerted when prices fall and / or rise

In order to protect yourself from the famous Yield management (adjusting the price up or down several times a day). Google Flight offers an alert system by email or on the Google Now application which alerts you when the price of a plane ticket is likely to change. This is valid in both directions. When this price has to go up, it warns. When it has to fall, it does the same. All this to help you choose the right time to buy your ticket.

Google Flights
8 secrets of Google Flights to buy a cheaper plane ticket

2. No idea? Search directly by card according to price

This is for us one of the best features of Google Flight, and at the same time its particularity, because, thanks to this feature, you have a view of the best prices for a large number of destinations from your airport of departure. Ideal for inspiration and almost randomly choosing a destination. It is also a good way to detect false prices presented to you by IP tracking. Because it updates automatically when you request it.

3. Are you lucky? – 8 secrets of Google Flights

If you really don’t know where to go, Google Flights has kept the legendary “I’m lucky” button found on its traditional search engine and which chooses the best result for you. Using your browsing history (your geolocation and your centers of interest), Google Flights will then determine the destination that seems to be made for you and your next vacation.

4. The “Best flight” option

To help you with your flight selection, Google Flights automatically creates a “box” of the best routes at the top of the list. Based on the price of air tickets, duration of flights, stopovers and other elements such as equipment or baggage fees, this selection offers you the best possible flight options on the desired route and highlights the best offers. in green.publicity

5. One price for each calendar date!

One of my favorite options is to be able to consult the price variations according to the day of departure and / or arrival, which very few tools offer, especially over such long periods as we can see below. No more reasons not to leave on the right day now!

8 secrets of Google Flights
One price for each calendar date!

6. The airline tip bar – 8 secrets of Google Flights

As incredible as it may seem, Google Flights is able to systematically offer you a price below that observed, including the best flight found with their “box” of the best flights, by choosing to voluntarily degrade (but not necessarily) one of the options of your itinerary: leave earlier, one day after or before or from a different airport.

7. Track the price of flights – 8 secrets of Google Flights

Once you’ve found your ideal flight, you can save the route to track fare trends and receive price alerts and even travel tips by email on your trip destination.

8. The multi-stage journey – 8 secrets of Google Flights

A very rare option on comparators, but very useful for frequent travelers who can plan complex routes with several stages. The power of Google’s tools and algorithms saves a fair amount of time here, even if this type of research is always very complex.

How to find a flight at the best price?

There are hundreds of other flight comparison tools, and finding your flight at the best price is always a combination of circumstances which depends a lot on your departure and arrival dates, your departure airport and your final destination as well. than the compulsory calculation to be made on luggage and bank charges on payments which are rarely included in the comparators.

secrets of Google Flights
flight at best part

The fact remains that Google Flights is still a great tool for roughing your search with all these options. Allowing you to sort through the plethora of flight offers. Find the ones that best suit your location and budget. Then, you have to sacrifice a few desires or options to finalize the choice of your plane ticket. But above all to make the most of your trip while having a good flight!

Bonus Tips:

Cheap, short and good quality flights are grouped at the top of the list, including low cost flights

Plus: As an example, I was looking for a flight to Paris. Because it is a relatively short flight, I was only interested in the cheapest flight, regardless of the time of departure or arrival at the destination. When the differences between quality / duration / price are considerable for the distance sought (return to the quality criterion) Google Flights groups the best deals at the top of the list. If there are more flights they have the same price they show them all, regardless of the company.

Being a developing product new features are constantly appearing. And the results are significantly improving for someone who uses the constant service. From 2015 (maybe earlier, but then I felt the difference) low-cost flights like Blue Air and Wizz Air are included in the results of European flights.

Minus: Not all low cost flights are included yet. From what I observed in North America, Google Flights has the best results including all the airlines on the market. In Europe it would have little to complete and on other continents such as Asia or Africa it has more work to do.

You can select another return flight if offered

Plus: If you want to change the return airline you can do this without any problems, seeing directly the final cost of the entire round trip flight. The results usually keep the price you initially selected. But your return flight may have a very long stopover for the day you have selected. And prefer to spend an additional 10 euros instead of spending 15 hours at any airport. The option also helps you in situations where the time of return is at the wrong time or the airport of arrival / departure is not appropriate.

But if your vacation is a weekend and you don’t want to waste 12 hours on the road? For another € 30 – € 31 you can get back to Bucharest in about 3 hours without flying low cost.

Minus: When it comes to limits, an example would be the low cost offers. It seems that there is a tag of low cost companies in the formula used for results and if you want to change the return flight you can do it only in the respective category although you have no option to select otherwise (low cost or not).

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