Akodara India’s first Digital Village, became the pride of the country!

Akodara India’s first Digital Village, became the pride of the country!

Akodara India’s first Digital Village: where most of the population lives in villages. According to a fact, it is said that the creation of India is the creation of villages, but today due to the growing modern age, people are counted as a backward society, behind which people have negative thinking towards villages.

But today many villages are also giving competition to smart cities, in this episode, today we are going to introduce you to India’s first digital village, which has made the glory of India four.

Akodara India’s first Digital Village
Akodara India’s first Digital Village

India’s first digital village, became country’s pride – Akodara India’s first Digital Village

The first modern village of the country is named Akodara. The village is located about 90 km from Ahmedabad, the capital of Gujarat, India.

Following is the reason behind this village being digital. The population of this village is about 1190, out of which 1040 people come in the list of adult people and in the bank accounts of more than 250 people are also opened. The residents of the village are not completely dependent on cash, they make most of their transactions through digital means.

Milk business, income coming to the bank – First Cashless Village of India

In Akodara village, Saber Diary has provided a hostel facility for the maintenance of animals. In this diary, villagers bring and sell milk of animals every day and milk is also examined here.

According to a resident here, the income from milk gets deposited in people’s bank account within 10 days. Due to which people do not have to go far to sell milk nor in the case of money, people have to face borrowing.

Smart School in Smart Village – Smart School in Akodara

Today, this village has become digital at such a level that students are included with digital devices in school education. The school in the village has tablet, smart board, computer etc. devices which are used by the teachers of the school.

The smart school can be estimated so that the students swipe their attendance and also register their attendance.

Demonetisation did not slow down –

During the time when the decision of demonetisation was announced by the government in India, there was an outcry over most areas of the country because people were not able to buy daily things and they had to face other difficulties but the residents of Akodara village The decision of demonetisation did not cause any kind of problem because apart from cash, these people from all digital devices like mobile banking, card payment and They were able to transact easily through NetBanking etc.

For this reason neither the traders here nor the customers have a problem. Demonetisation had an impact on cities as well, but despite being a village, Akodara was free from this problem.

Wi-Fi in the village – Akodara India’s first Digital Village

Wi-Fi facility is also available in Akodara village, which was awarded the first digital village, and in particular, Wi-Fi tower has also been installed.

This facility is availed by the villagers. The villagers have also contributed immensely in making the village digital. Panchayat level co-operative society has also been formed here.

Village Website

A website of Akodara village is also available on the Internet, on which complete information related to the village is available. In this, information about all the works, grosses, population, economic status etc. related to the village is shared through the website with updates every second.

Credit for being a digital village – Digital Village

The village of Akodara used to be counted in the list of common villages in the past but when it was adopted by the ICICI Bank during a campaign run by the government in 2015, the village was transformed.

The bank has made several difficult efforts to make Akodara digital. In the beginning, ICICI opened the bank accounts of the villagers for cashless and after that the villagers were taught to use modern tools to spread cashless life.

Within a year, the bank had brought the village to such a level that everyone from small business to big business was complete in doing digital transactions. Now, Gujarati, English, Hindi language for mobile banking, net banking Is used.

Asia’s First Animal Hostel Ranked – Akodara India’s first Digital Village

Along with the first digital village, this village has another achievement. Akodara has Asia’s first anime hostel. One of the main reasons behind the opening of this hostel in Akodara was that 100 per cent of the people of the village are literate, which was a compulsory challenge to run the hostel.

100 to 1200 accounts opened in bank 

Earlier there were only 100 accounts in this digital village, which was used by only a few people, but after ICIC Bank informed the people about the benefits of digital transactions and training them and made them aware of the bank’s work, after this 1200 people in the bank Opened and took advantage of it.

Today children, elders, women, teenagers of all classes in the village have all gone completely digital and the village has achieved the feat of being the first digital village.

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