Android or iOS Which is safer? phone preference is still at important point

Security is really important when it comes to smartphones you use . Whether you use devices with Android operating system or i connected devices with OS operating system . Either way, there may be some security issues, but Android or iOS Which is safer? Android devices and iOS devices contain some security problems.

Are Android devices more secure or iOS devices?

If we talk about device security, both operating systems can become the target of criticism arrows. Apple, stepping on the security point every time it gets an update , is Android devices from many brands with millions of users on the other .

Since the Android operating system is open source, it is very vulnerable to development and it is very vulnerable to other dangers.

Unlike iPhones, both phone models remain fewer than Android, and even the phone model, which was released almost 5 years ago, is actively receiving updates.

It is obvious that both operating systems copy features from each other. When evaluated with users, there are people who are passionate about both operating systems. There are those who cannot give up on iPhone and those who cannot give up on Android.

Looking at iPhone has its own advantage. Because the number of users is lower than that of all Android users, and at this point it is quite logical to keep even the old devices up to date. On the other hand , there are devices using Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, Sony and many major Android operating systems.

These companies also offer many models with low, medium and high segment phones. Naturally, the phone stops receiving updates in a few years. Because there are too many devices to update.

Android users often cannot receive important security updates in a timely manner. Depending on the smartphone in question, some Android users receive security updates from others a few months later. This causes some problems to arise.

Android or iOS Which is safer
Android or iOS Which is safer? phone preference is still at important point

The phone preference is still at an important point

Even if the security update is given, it seems that some users are not making these updates. In addition to many users using older versions of Android , 77 percent of iPhone users use iOS 13, the current version.

The number of Android devices offered by Google makes it almost impossible to keep them all up to date at the same security level and at the same amount of time and frequency. It also makes it difficult to distribute these updates to all users at the same time, as they need to be distributed across multiple brands and models. Updates come out less and devices are less supported.

Let’s leave the advantage of updating. According to the published data, Apple’s house is also full of bad scenarios, yet apps are under more stringent control on the App Store .

Last year’s figures show that the Google Play Store is in the classroom at this point. There are many criticisms for the Google app store with more than 25 thousand malware installed . The company, which does not control the applications as much as Apple, seems to be facing vulnerabilities.

Of course, the choice is up to you, because Android devices and iOS devices offer different advantages. Features that vary depending on the brand and model you bought can offer you incredible things.

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