Arhan Khans personal life

Arhan Khans personal life : Salman will open secret, Rashmi keep watchng

Arhan Khans personal life :This time in the ‘Weekend Ka War’ of ‘Bigg Boss 13’, there will be something that the family will not expect at all. Every time Salman Khan (Salman Khan) comes on ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’ and has fun with family members but this time nothing will happen. This time Salman will open the poll in front of the recent wild card entry contender Arhan Khan. Salman will tell such things about the family to Arhan, who will be shocked to know.

Arhan Khans personal life
Arhan Khans personal life: Salman will open the big secret, Rashmi will keep watching

The promo of ‘Weekend’s War’ has also arrived. Salman Khan looks angry in this promo. In the promo, Salman is telling the family – ‘Tasking or showing your strength to each other. If you are visible then show it well. What will happen at the most, one will beat and the other will beat. Just get out of the house. ‘ After this, Salman speaks such a thing about Arhaan which everyone is shocked to know. 

Salman says to Arhan- ‘You have a great interest in talking outside. Now you tell me who is in your house? Arhan says- ‘Parents, brothers and sisters.’ After this, Salman says- ‘Marriage and child.’ Rashmi’s face is shown in the promo as soon as Salman says this. Rashmi looks shocked. It is so clear from this promo that Salman will be fiercely putting the class of ‘Weekend’s War’ at home

Arhan Khans personal life

‘The Khabari’, which gave the inside information related to ‘Bigg Boss‘, has tweeted about what will happen in ‘Weekend Ka War’. According to the tweet, Salman Khan will not talk to Shahnaz either. Shahnaz will also apologize to Salman but he will refuse to talk to her. In ‘Weekend Ka War’, the stars of ‘Naagin 4’ will come to Bigg Boss to promote their show in the episode telecast on December 8. This time ‘Naagin 4’ has several actors apart from Jasmine Bhasin, Sayantani Ghosh besides Nia Sharma.

According to ‘The Khabari’, Himanshi Khurana has become homeless from Bigg Boss this week. Four people were nominated to be homeless this week from ‘Bigg Boss 13’. The names of these contestants are Asim Riaz, Rashmi Desai, Himanshi Khurana and Shefali Jariwala. Paras Chhabra was also among the nominated contestants but due to surgery he had to leave for a few days from the show. 

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