Army Chief Bipin Rawat as First Chief of Defense of the country

Army Chief Bipin Rawat as First Chief of Defense of the country

Army Chief Bipin Rawat: The Center has taken on key responsibilities for Army Chief Bipin Rawat. Ayan, who will retire on December 31, has been appointed as the country’s first Chief of Defense Staff.

The Center has appointed Army Chief General Bipin Rawat as the country’s first Chief of Defense Staff. General Rawat is retiring from the post of Army Chief on December 31. The Cabinet Committee on Security agreed to the appointment of the Chief of Defense Staff last Tuesday. The Chief of Defense will also oversee the responsibilities of the newly established Ministry of Military Affairs under the Defense Department.

Army Chief Bipin Rawat
Army Chief Bipin Rawat as First Chief of Defense of the country

The first Chief of Defense Staff of the country will be announced shortly. It is reported that the file has already been cleared by the Appointments Committee (ACC). Only official notification on this remains. An official announcement may be made today or tomorrow. 
The central government has decided to increase the maximum age limit for those who have already held the post of Chief of Staff (CDS) for 65 years. Currently, the Army, Navy, and Air Force commanders hold positions for a maximum of three years or until they are 62 years old (whichever is earlier). The Department of Defense has recently revised the Army, Navy and Air Service Regulations to allow anyone who has been appointed as a CDS to hold office for up to 65 years. There is strong speculation that General Bipin Rawat will be appointed as the first CDS in India. He is now 62 years old. If he is appointed as CDS, he will continue in office for another three years. An announcement on the matter is expected to be made on Tuesday.

The Committee headed by National Security Advisor Ajit Dhoval .. After finalizing the responsibilities and role of the Chief Defense Staff (CDS), the Cabinet Committee on Security gave its approval. “The other three divisional officers receive equal pay of the CDS. CDS will serve as the Secretary of Military Affairs, ”Minister Prakash Javadekar said. The Indian Armed Forces come under the Department of Military Affairs.

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