Senna leaf: 4 super powerful benefits and side effects

Senna leaf 4 super powerful benefits and side effects

One of the main benefits of senna leaf is its laxative properties. However, it is important not to exceed the proper dosage to avoid side effects.

Senna leaves comes from a species of shrub also known as cadecillo or frijolillo , family Fabaceae. It is known in popular culture for its properties and the benefits it provides to treat constipation and some stomach upset.

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Shingles and Pregnancy : causes, symptom, treatment

Shingles and Pregnancy

Shingles is a painful rash, usually on one side of the body, caused by the herpes zoster virus, or varicella zoster virus (VVZ). This virus triggers chickenpox in children, but it can reactivate in adults and cause shingles. What are the symptoms and treatments?

The vast majority (95%) of the adult population has already been infected with VVZ, which is responsible for various diseases.

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How to put my business on google map, key to success

How to put my business on google map,

Would you like to report your business on Google Maps but are you afraid that this will cost a lot of time and money? Nothing could be more wrong. To insert your shop, your hotel or your office on Google maps, all you have to do is fill in a form and have a little skill in promoting your presence on the service. How? Well, read this guide on how to put my business on google map and you will find out. I assure you, the procedure is much simpler and faster than you imagine.

How do you say? You don’t have a business but would like to understand how to appear on Google Maps in the sense that you would like to take advantage of the function attached to the service to report your position on the map to all your friends? No problem, I can explain this to you too. Even in this case, it is a procedure at everyone’s door and it takes only a few minutes to complete.

In short, whatever your needs are and regardless of whether you want to act as a computer or mobile, with this article of mine today you will find bread for your teeth. Having said that, I can not help but suggest you take a few minutes of free time all for yourself, make yourself comfortable and immediately begin to focus on reading the instructions that you find below. I am sure that in the end you will be able to say that you are happy and satisfied with what you have learned and that, even if necessary, you will be ready to provide all the explanations of the case to your friends who want to “follow your steps”. Let it bet?

Note: Regardless of whether you want to appear on Google Maps to report your business or to indicate your location to friends, you need a Google Account. 

How to put my business on google map

From computer : How to put my business on google map

How to put my business on google map
How to put my business on google map

If you are interested in understanding how to appear on Google Maps in the sense that you are interested in signaling the presence of your business on the map, the first step you need to take is to connect to the main page of the service , click on the button with the three lines that is placed at the top left and choose the item Add a missing place from the m this point, if you have already logged in to your Google account, go directly to reading the next paragraph, otherwise click on the Enter button in the box displayed on the screen and log in by typing your e-mail address and password in the fields displayed.How to put my business on google map,

Then fill in the form shown at the top left providing all the information you are asked for. Enter symbol to name the place name and symbol to address  the reference address. In correspondence with the category item,  instead select the category to which your business belongs, while next to the phone and website items it  indicates, respectively, the address of the reference Internet site and the telephone number. Then click on Add times to indicate the times when the business in question is active and to end presses the Send button  .

Once this is done, the data you provide will be sent to Google and in a short time you should be able to appear on Google Maps. However, when your business is made visible on Maps you will receive a confirmation email from Google.

If you want to speed up the process and facilitate the indexing of your business by big G, I recommend that you report your contact details on as many external sites as possible. The higher the number of sites on which your store / office data will appear (address, telephone and online contact details), the higher the chances of this being highlighted on Google Maps. But please, always use the same data, otherwise the “trick” will not work!

Has anyone reported your business on Google Maps without your permission and want to claim it? In this case, locate the exact point on the map where your business is located and click on the relevant indicator, then choose the Resale this activity item  from the tab that is shown on the left and follow the simple procedure that is shown on the screen. If, on the other hand, you wish to make changes to the form relating to your business on the map, click on the item Suggest a change , fill in the form with the info you intend to edit and then confirm that you want to send everything to Google.

From smartphones and tablets :How to put my business on google map

How to put my business on google map
How to put my business on google map

You can also report your business on the map by acting on your smartphone or tablet, by downloading the Google Maps app  available for Android and iOS . Once the application has been downloaded and complete installation, start Google Maps by tapping on its icon which has been added to the screen of the device in which all the apps are grouped and then log in with your account (if you have not yet done so) to do so) and find the point on the map where you intend to report the presence of your business.

Once this is done, press the button with the three lines located in the upper left part of the screen, choose the item Add a missing place from the menu that is shown to you and fill out the form on the screen with all the required information. Enter symbol to name the place name and symbol to address  the reference address. Using the Category item,  instead, select the category to which your business belongs, while next to the Telephone and Website entries   , enter the address of the reference website and the telephone number respectively. Then click on Add timesto select the times when the activity in question is “functional” and to end the stage on the Send item   located at the top right.

As for the timing of putting online, they are practically the same that I indicated in the previous lines, when I explained to you how to appear on Google Maps acting as a computer. The same goes for the “trick” to speed up the publication procedure.

If, on the other hand, you want to claim your activity reported by someone else, locate the latter on the map, stop on the relative indicator , carry out a stipe from the bottom up to display the relevant file and then stop on Claim this activity after which follow the procedure that it is shown to you. To make changes, however, stop on Suggest change .

How to put my business on google map to friends

How to put my business on google map : From smartphones and tablets

How to put my business on google map
How to put my business on google map

If, on the other hand, you are interested in understanding how to appear on Google Maps in the sense that you want to find out how to report your position on the map to your friends and how to find out where they are in turn, you can rely on the appropriate function for sharing the location attached service. Obviously, in order to take advantage of the aforementioned functionality, it is essential that even the users with whom you intend to share the position have a Google account and have downloaded and installed the official app of the service on your smartphone or tablet.

If you want to take advantage of this function, start Google Maps on your smartphone, press the button with the three lines  located at the top left and select the item Share location (on Android) or Friends (on iOS) from the bar that appears on the side. Then press the Start button and choose whether to share your location for 1 hour or until it is deactivated (therefore forever). Finally, choose the Select people item and indicate the friends to allow you to track your position.

Once this is done, the friends with whom you have chosen to share your position on the map will receive an alert on their mobile phone (as well as an informative e-mail message) that will notify them of the thing and invite them to enable sharing of the position. If they decline, you will see a warning appear indicating that those given people do not intend to share their location with you.

As for the friends who have accepted to be “localized”, you can eventually know the path to be taken in order to reach them by tapping on their photo at the top of the Friends screen , pressing on the name of the place where they are located and starting reception of the driving directions by tapping on the Start item below.

Keep in mind that to be able to appear on Google Maps as I have just indicated, it is essential that the location is enabled and is kept constantly active on the smartphone or tablet you are using. How you do it? Easy, just follow the directions you find below.

  • On Android: you can enable location simply by going to call up the menu of notifications by swiping from top to bottom on the display and then tapping on the Position button so as to bring it to ON . For more information see my guide on how to locate Android .
  • On iOS: just tap on the Settings icon on the home screen, then on  Privacy and then on Localization after which you must locate the Google Maps item from the displayed list, press on it and choose the Always option from the new screen that will go to open. For more details read my article on  how to activate iPhone localization (it is also valid for iPad).

From computer : How to put my business on google map

How to put my business on google map
How to put my business on google map

Unfortunately, it is still not possible to start the procedure for sharing the position on the map from a computer, but if you have enabled the function from your mobile phone or tablet, you can still manage and view your contacts on Google Maps also from a browser. To do this, go to the main page of Maps, click on the button with the three lines located at the top left and choose the item Location sharing from the menu that is shown to you.

At this point, if one or more friends have chosen to withdraw their position visible on the map you can view them in the upper part of the menu that has opened and clicking on their photos you can see directly on Google Maps where they are. If, on the other hand, no friend has chosen to share his position with you, you will be shown a special notice.

By clicking instead on the word Manage your location always attached to the menu, you can consult the list of friends for whom you have chosen to appear on Google Maps and you can possibly disable the geolocation function by simply clicking on the x located next to their names.

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Seaweeds are important source of 4 Surprising element

Seaweeds are important source of

Seaweeds are important source of 4 Surprising element

It is in Asia that seaweed has been used since time immemorial; first for therapeutic purposes then food and finally gastronomic. If, in the West, it is conventionally consumed only in sushi, this trend should evolve in the coming years because algae are kinds of aquatic vegetables with names that are quite suggestive: sea lettuce, beans or sea spaghetti … Which are cooked and whose recipes are multiplying to adapt to our palates.

What do Seaweeds contain ?

Seaweeds are important source of Fiber

Algae contain interesting amounts of fiber, especially in soluble form. Depending on the variety, a serving of fresh seaweed can contain up to 8% of the amount of fiber recommended daily. Dried algae, on the other hand, are said to contain 35% to 50% of their weight in the form of fibers. In general, a diet rich in dietary fiber can help prevent cardiovascular disease, as well as control type 2 diabetes and appetite. The fibers in algae may be more effective at lowering blood cholesterol and hypertension than those from other sources.

Seaweeds are important source of
pic courtesy by Pixabay

Seaweeds are important source of Omega-3

Seaweeds are important source of we know well today the virtues of omega-3 on depression and cardiovascular disease.

Seaweeds are important source of Antioxidants

Several extracts of brown, red and green algae cultivated in Europe or Asia have demonstrated antioxidant activity, but these effects would vary depending on several factors, such as the depth in which they grow and their degree of exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays. Algae contain various antioxidant compounds including carotenoids (lutein and zeaxanthin), flavonoids (catechins), phenolic acids (tannins) as well as certain vitamins (mainly vitamins C and E).

Seaweeds are important source of Vitamin K, iodine

Algae contain large amounts of vitamin K, which is necessary, among other things, for blood clotting. Also, sufferers should avoid consuming too much. No sushi meal for them.
On the other hand, algae is useful in the event of hypothyroidism. (A bit as if our engine was running under regime). So that this sub-diet is the cause of fatigue, weak nails, hoarse voice, chilliness, weight gain, shortness of breath, irritability, cramps, puffy eyes, dull hair. Seaweed consumed regularly is an alternative to medication. But not too much is needed! Like salt, excess harms. (Do not forget to consult your doctor for advice). 
The hijiki contains inorganic arsenic significant rate creating gastrointestinal disorders, anemia and causing liver damage. So don’t eat it.

The benefits of seaweed

Seaweeds are important source of Carbohydrate content:

Algae contain a large amount of structural, storage, and functional polysaccharides, and the total carbohydrate content can vary from 20% to 76% of dry weight depending on the type of algae. Although the carbohydrate content in algae is considerably high, it is mainly composed of dietary fiber, which is not assimilated by the human body. The few carbohydrates present in algae that can be assimilated are in the form of glucose, mannose and galactose.

(Seaweeds are important source of) | Video uploaded by University of California Television (UCTV)

Seaweeds are important source of Protein content:

Seaweed contains all the essential amino acids present in quantities comparable to the requirements recommended by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and the World Health Organization. The proteins that make up seaweed are rich in glycine, arginine, alanine and glutamic acid, but often low in lysine and cystine.

In general, red algae are richer in amino acids than green or brown algae, going as far as matching the Seaweeds are important source of of animal amino acids. Regarding protein content, again, red algae are the richest, comparable in quantitative terms to legumes (30-40% dry matter). Brown and green algae contain 15% and 30% respectively.

Therefore, most edible red algae can be considered a good source of protein to include in the diet. However, aspartic and glutamic acid, which have interesting properties in flavor development, are less present in red algae than in brown algae.

Seaweeds are important source of iodine
pic courtesy by Pixabay

In addition, the Spirulina micro-algae is well known for its very high protein content, close to 70% dry matter.

Seaweeds are important source of Fat content:

Algae have a very low lipid content, ranging from 1 to 5% of dry matter. Neutral lipids and glycolipids are the main classes found in algae.

In addition, the proportion of essential fatty acids is higher in algae than in terrestrial plants. However, the fat composition can vary greatly depending on the type of algae. Also, seaweed is a good Seaweeds are important source of of Omega 3 and 6 compared to other animal and vegetable source products. In addition, the phospholipids contained in algae help to aid the absorption of omegas, which increases their efficiency in the diet.

Seaweeds are important source of Vitamin content:

Seaweed contains several vitamins at varying rates: water-soluble vitamins such as vitamins B and C, as well as lipid-soluble vitamins such as vitamins A and E.

Seaweeds are important source of
pic courtesy by Pixabay

Red and brown algae are rich in carotene (vitamin A) and vitamin C. For example, Nori contains 1.5 times more vitamin C than an orange. Seaweed is also considered a good Seaweeds are important source of of vitamin B12, which is usually very scarce in vegetables.

Seaweeds are important source of Mineral content:

Algae are very rich in minerals, which can represent up to 36% of their dry mass. The minerals that can be found in algae are macro nutrients such as sodium, calcium, magnesium, potassium, chlorine, sulfur, phosphorus. The micro-nutrient minerals are iodine, iron, zinc, copper, selenium, molybdenum, fluoride, manganese, boron, nickel and cobalt.

Thus, algae are a good non-animal Seaweeds are important source of of calcium which can correspond to 4 to 7% dry matter. Especially since the calcium in algae is calcium phosphate, which is more “bio-available” than calcium carbonate, the form of calcium found in milk!

Algae is a primary source of iodine, and in some algae such as brown algae, their iodine content far exceeds minimum dietary requirements. The iodine content in algae remains comparatively high compared to terrestrial plants. Since other foods from animal and plant Seaweeds are important source of have very low iodine content, seaweed can be considered the best inexpensive food to meet iodine requirements for humans.

Seaweed contains very large amounts of iron and copper compared to food Seaweeds are important source of normally known to have these minerals (red meat and spinach). In addition, a normal portion of brown algae, such as kelp (including Kombu), provides more than 50% of the dietary requirements for magnesium. So seaweed can be used as a dietary supplement to fulfill most of the human body’s mineral requirements.

Effects of algae on digestive health

As mentioned, seaweed is rich in dietary fiber. These are found in many foods such as vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts and roots and are essential for good digestive health. Although they are not directly digestible by the digestive system, dietary fibers indirectly support digestion because they are involved in important digestive functions during their passage through the gastrointestinal system.

Compared with the fiber content of foods from land plants, algae have similar and even higher levels. On average, algae contain between 36% and 60% dry matter. Nearly 80% of these fibers are so-called soluble fibers, such as agar, alginates and carrageenans. Thus, 12 to 15% of daily fiber requirements, soluble or not, can be met by adding algae to the diet.

Reduced risk of colorectal cancer

Colorectal cancer is the 3 rd most common cancer in the world and is mainly present in developed countries, where the diet is often based on red or processed meat and low in fiber. However it is assumed that the latter would reduce the risk of developing colorectal cancer through several protective mechanisms. For example, soluble fibers will bind with meal water and create a kind of viscous, non-digestible mass that will capture toxins and other carcinogenic materials in digested food in order to expel them from the body.

pic courtesy by Pixabay

Suppression of gastrointestinal inflammation

Most fibers of the soluble type of algae allow to develop a viscous layer close to the epithelial margin of the upper digestive system, thus creating a protective coating effect against digestive enzymes and low pH environments. Thus, the chances of inflammation of the epithelial layer by chemicals or microorganisms are minimized thanks to algae.

Facilitation of the action of probiotics

Although algae are not digested by the upper digestive system of humans, they are still partially degraded by the microbial flora of the colon. The colon micro-flora is a complex mixture of microorganisms that is either potentially dangerous or beneficial. Probiotics represent potentially beneficial bacteria and prebiotics, their fermentable substrates, including dietary fiber. Thus algae provide soluble dietary fiber and thus help probiotics in their beneficial actions for the digestive system.

Also, laminarin, a dietary fiber found in particular in royal Kombu, makes it possible to increase the production of butyric acid via bacterial fermentation, a compound allowing the production of more than 70% of the energy needs of the colon. Laminarin and other algae fibers such as fucoidan therefore modulate the environment and the immunity of the digestive system, thereby reducing the risk of pathogens.

Other nutritional effects of algae

Reducing obesity by reducing the caloric value of the diet.

Dietary fiber helps control weight gain in different ways. Thus, adding good amounts of algae to the diet allows you to reach satiety more quickly and greatly reduce your appetite during subsequent meals. In addition, algae are very low in calories and, being rich in fiber, they slow down digestion and absorption of nutrients.

Reduced absorption of lipids and cardiovascular disease.

The reduction of cardiovascular diseases by algae is suggested by their modifying effects on the digestive tract, in particular by slowing the absorption of lipids. Thus, studies have shown that alginic acid can reduce the absorption of cholesterol by the digestive system. Likewise, a study has shown that porphyran, found in certain red algae, would significantly reduce hypertension and blood cholesterol in rats. Finally, studies have shown that fucoxanthin, contained among others in Wakame, would help burn fat tissue around the internal organs.

Influence on blood sugar control

The dilution and slowing down of the action of carbohydrases in the intestine by the dietary fibers of algae would have a positive impact on the regulation of the level of glucose in the blood. So algae can help control blood glucose in people with type II diabetes. In fact, only 5 g of sodium alginate (found in particular in brown algae) administered daily to patients with type II diabetes made it possible to avoid the postprandial increase in glucose and insulin and to slow down the intestinal transit. These results suggest that the fibers found in algae have an effective influence in the inhibition of digestive enzymes in starch, even at very small amounts of ingested algae.

Beauty recipe

Moisturizing mask and regenerating
• 1 tablespoon powdered seaweed (kelp, wakame, kelp, kelp …)
• ½ tablespoon of vegetable oil (argan, almond evening primrose, jojoba, olive …)
Put seaweed powder in a coffee cup then add a little spring water or floral water and stir until the consistency of a thick paste. Add the vegetable oil and stir until completely homogeneous.
Apply to the face, relax, and leave on for ¼ hour. Rinse with clear water.

Other Thing on Seaweeds are important source of

While you are cooking legumes, add seaweed. No, only your lentils, chickpeas … will be more digestible, but it will reduce their cooking time while being a flavor enhancer.

Side effects

According to the Agency, excessive and regular intake of iodine can lead to health problems , such as thyroid dysfunction and certain adverse effects on the heart or kidneys. However, certain species such as laminar brown algae ( Laminaria spp and Saccharina spp) and red algae ( Gracilaria verrucosa) have been identified as particularly rich in iodine.

Not recommended for thyroid disorder

Eating seaweed is therefore not recommended for people suffering from a thyroid disorder, heart rhythm disorder  or kidney failure. People treated with a drug containing iodine or lithium should also avoid them, just like pregnant or breastfeeding women.

Seaweeds are important source of | Video uploaded by

Anticoagulants and vitamin K

Seaweed contains large amounts of vitamin K, which is necessary, among other things, for blood clotting. People taking blood thinners (eg Coumadin®, Warfilone® and Sintrom®) should eat a diet in which the vitamin K content is relatively stable from day to day. For these people, seaweed should not be eaten as a main dish (a meal of sushi, for example). People on anticoagulation therapy are advised to consult a dietitian-nutritionist or a doctor in order to know the food Seaweeds are important source of of vitamin K to ensure the most stable daily intake possible.

Not good for children

Parents must remain “cautious about the consumption of algae products from their children, as there is insufficient data to measure the risk involved,”.

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4 Symptoms of dengue in infants, dangerous if not determined

Symptoms of dengue in children

Symptoms of dengue in infants : Dengue continues to circulate among us. So, in addition to continuing the fight, we have to be aware of the possible symptoms of the disease. Children are cause for concern, because in addition to being part of the risk group together with chronic patients, the elderly and pregnant women, the symptoms in them can be easily confused with the signs of flu or common viruses. This becomes risky, as the difficulty of reaching the correct diagnosis can lead to a delay in treatment. In the latest epidemics, 25% of dengue victims were under 15 years old.

symptoms in children can be mistaken for flu or virus

As per view of some infectologist and pediatrician, explains that parents should be aware of some signs of the disease: “Their observation is very important for the diagnosis. Because the child will not say that he has a headache, he will not say that he feels joint pain. Therefore, parents should be aware of symptoms such as fever, lack of appetite, if the child is prostrate, irritated, cries a lot, feels pain in the belly, if he is vomiting, is not urinating properly and if he has spots on his body. You don’t need to have all these symptoms, but if your child has some of these, parents should take him to the doctor ”.

Symptoms of dengue in infants video uploaded by narayana health

Dengue does not spread from person to person and to become infected with the virus the child needs to be bitten by the mosquito that hosts the disease. There is no specific treatment for dengue, but drinking plenty of fluids is the most recommended by specialists. “Hydration is good in all cases, even if it is not dengue. It is recommended that the child with dengue is hydrated from 50 to 100 ml per kilo / day. 1/3 of oral hydration serum and 2/3 of water, juice, tea and coconut water. But doctors must explain very well, and in writing, how this hydration should be done ”, reinforces the pediatrician.

Causes and origins

Dengue fever is caused by an arbovirus (virus transmitted by insects), belonging to the family of Flaviviridae , of the genus flavivirus, such as the West Nile virus and yellow fever . It is transmitted to humans by Aedes mosquitoesduring a blood meal. The dengue virus strains fall into four distinct serotypes: DEN-1, DEN-2, DEN-3 and DEN-4. 

The immunity acquired in response to Symptoms of dengue in infants of the serotypes confers protective immunity against the infecting serotype but not against the other serotypes. As a result, an individual is likely to be infected with all four of the dengue serotypes during their lifetime. Subsequent infections with other serotypes increase the risk of developing severe, so-called hemorrhagic dengue fever. An effective dengue vaccine should therefore be able to confer protective immunity against all serotypes.

Symptoms of dengue in baby
Symptoms of dengue in infants.. Pic courtesy – pixabay

Medicines such as anti-inflammatory drugs or containing acetylsalicylic acid in the composition cannot be taken during this period. Another warning is the worsening of the disease, which occurs suddenly in children and can be even more dangerous in babies, as the evolution of the condition can be sudden. In most adults, this occurs gradually.

“In addition to examining children well, doctors must have a good medical history. To know if she takes any medication, if she doesn’t have any other disease and for that, she needs the information that the mother provides. The evolution of the disease depends a lot on the patient’s immune response. But children under two are in the risk group for dengue cases. Children with heart disease or lung disease also deserve greater attention ”, warns the pediatrician.

Classic dengueSymptoms of dengue in infants

“Classic” dengue occurs suddenly after 2 to 7 days of incubation by the Symptoms of dengue in infants of a high fever often accompanied by headache , nausea , vomiting , joint and muscle pain and a rash similar to that of measles. After 3 to 4 days, a brief remission is observed, then the symptoms intensify – conjunctival hemorrhages, nosebleeds or bruising that may occur – before rapidly regressing after a week. Healing is accompanied by a recovery of a fortnight. Classic dengue fever, although very debilitating, is not considered a severe disease like dengue hemorrhagic fever.

Hemorrhagic dengue

There is a more serious form of the disease, hemorrhagic dengue. The most severe form occurs, most of the time, when the child has previously been infected with a different type of virus. There are four types of dengue in worldwide. The virus that causes the disease has four serotypes: DEN-1, DEN-2, DEN-3 and DEN-4. Dengue can present, clinically, as an unapparent Symptoms of dengue in infants, classic dengue fever, dengue hemorrhagic fever and dengue shock syndrome.

When to think about dengue:

Symptoms of dengue in infants:

 In general, dengue causes acute fever lasting up to seven days, accompanied by other symptoms such as headache, pain behind the eyes, muscle and joint pain, prostration and red spots on the skin, with or without bleeding. In children, it may be asymptomatic or present nonspecific signs and symptoms, such as fever, weakness, drowsiness, refusal of food and fluids, vomiting, diarrhea or loose stools.

Symptoms of dengue in infants under two years of age – especially in children under six months of age – symptoms such as

  1. headache
  2. body aches
  3. persistent crying
  4. weakness and irritability

which can be confused with other febrile infectious conditions.

Symptoms of dengue in infants
Symptoms of dengue in infants.. Pic courtesy – pixabay

Worsening Symptoms of dengue in infants

The disease may go unnoticed and the serious condition be identified as the first clinical manifestation. The worsening, in general, is sudden, different from what occurs in the adult, which is gradual and the alarm signs are more easily detected. The severity and lethality of dengue is higher in children, as the disease can cause a drop in pressure and bleeding. The appearance of persistent vomiting, a sudden drop in body temperature, bleeding, restlessness or drowsiness, persistent crying, cold and pale skin, decreased urine content, severe pain in the belly and difficulty breathing are signs of worsening, which indicate the need to seek medical assistance quickly.Symptoms of dengue in infants.

Is dengue 2 more dangerous than another type of dengue?

“Dengue 2 will give the same symptoms, but in New Caledonia, it seems to give more serious and fatal forms: its problem in French Polynesia is the lack of immunity of the population for 20 years and therefore the risk of major epidemic with a high infection rate, affecting the most vulnerable, including infants who will often need to be hospitalized for monitoring and infusion. “

Why are children more susceptible to dengue fever? 

“Children are more sensitive especially to extreme ages, that is to say the first year of life, because they lose the maternal antibodies transmitted after 6 months and are more vulnerable. We see more severe forms in small infants with significant mortality risks: they dehydrate faster, show less need to drink, bleed more easily and can lose a large volume of blood compared to their weight, when the platelets are too low. “

Treatment manual 

With the increase in dengue cases among Symptoms of dengue in infants and young people up to 15 years of age, in the past few years, the Ministry of Health has developed a specific manual to guide professionals regarding the treatment of the disease in this target audience. The guide warns professionals to redouble their attention to the symptoms of dengue in children.


Dengue is now considered a re-emerging disease. With the globalization of the economy and the increase in the exchange of goods and people, it tends to reach new geographical areas, develops more and more in urban environments, and causes epidemics of greater importance. Severe forms of dengue fever are increasingly seen in recent epidemics.Symptoms of dengue in infants.

A tropical disease

Dengue occurs mainly throughout the intertropical zone . Long limited to Southeast Asia (440,000 cases in China in 1980, 200,000 cases in Thailand in 1987), it continues to spread to the Indian Ocean , to the South Pacific (32,800 cases in Tahiti , Moorea, and in French Polynesia, in 2001), in the French Antilles (2003 and 2006-2008 and 2009-2010), and in Latin America , where the annual cases reported increased by 60 between 1989 and 1993 compared to the previous period (1984-1988).

Since the end of 2009, the disease has been rampant in the West Indies. In 2010, dengue fever caused 86,000 cases in Martinique and Guadeloupe (source InVS). In 2011 and 2012, the epidemic did not declare.

The first cases of dengue hemorrhagic fever appeared in Cuba and the Caribbean in 1981, then again in 1996, in Cuba, after 15 years of interruption. In 2013, the epidemic was declared in Guyana. That year, the Americas region alone reported 2.35 million cases, including 37,687 cases of severe dengue. This worrying resurgence of dengue fever in Latin America and the Caribbean seems linked to the relative effectiveness of mosquito vector eradication programs in this region of the globe. Population growth, uncontrolled urbanization, natural disasters and the impoverishment of populations affected by the disease also seem to be involved. Dengue has a major economic impact for the countries where it occurs.Symptoms of dengue in infants

Towards a colonization of temperate zones

In recent years, Aedes albopictus , a secondary vector for dengue in Asia, has become established in North America and Europe , including in France . Its period of activity in these regions is between May 1 and November 30, but it can survive thanks to its resistance to low temperatures and its ability to hibernate. The risk of dengue transmission has now become a reality. In 2010 in Nice, France, the first 2 indigenous cases of dengue were detected. In 2012, an outbreak in the Madeira archipelago (Portugal) caused more than 2,000 cases and imported cases were detected in 10 other European countries, outside mainland Portugal.Symptoms of dengue in infants

The latest epidemiological data

According to the WHO, in 2013, cases were reported in Florida (United States of America) and in the province of Yunnan (China). Dengue fever has continued to rage in several Latin American countries, including Honduras, Costa Rica and Mexico. In Asia, Singapore reported an increase in the number of cases after an absence of cases for several years and outbreaks have also been reported in Laos. In 2014, trends indicate an increase in the number of cases in the Cook Islands, Malaysia, Fiji and Vanuatu, the virus type 3 (DEN 3) affecting Pacific island countries after an absence of ten years.Symptoms of dengue in infants

Means of struggle

There is currently no specific treatment or vaccine marketed to combat this disease, but many multidisciplinary studies are underway. The only existing means of control are the control of vector mosquitoes in the areas concerned and individual protection against mosquito bites.Symptoms of dengue in infants


The main preventive measure continues to be the persistent fight against the mosquito that transmits dengue. It is estimated that about 80% of Aedes aegypti breeding sites are within or close to homes. Therefore, it is essential to pay attention and avoid leaving standing water in containers of any kind, as well as keeping any domestic water tank completely closed.Symptoms of dengue in infants

To prevent mosquito bites, the use of repellent is efficient, at least three times a day, window screens and mosquito nets also help. The mosquito breeds in environments that contain still, clean water. Their eggs can survive up to one year in a dry environment and wait for the next rainy season to form new larvae and multiply mosquitoes.

Symptoms of dengue in infants
Symptoms of dengue in infants.. Pic courtesy – pixabay

The best way to prevent it is to fight the mosquito transmitter by removing possible breeders such as tires in open areas, which can retain rainwater; putting sand instead of water in the plant dishes; always cleaning rarely used toilets, water containers for pets, water tanks and swimming pools. There is no vaccine for dengue prevention.

Symptoms of dengue in infants. Video uploaded by creative diagonastics

Other preventive measures:

  • Screen the windows and use mosquito nets over cribs or other places where the baby is.
  • Electric or spray repellent diffusers can also be used. In the rooms of babies under six months of age or who have a history of allergies or breathing problems, these products should be applied in the child’s absence.
  • With regard to the use of repellents, the most effective products against the dengue mosquito are those containing icaridine (also known as picaridin). The recommendation of the manufacturer of this product in Brazil is for use only from the age of two, but the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the United States consider it safe to use from both months old. The repellent should only be applied to exposed skin areas; it should not be applied close to the eyes, mouth and hands (the child can ingest) or on areas of damaged skin. It can be applied on clothes. Observe the period of action of the product and reapply it according to the recommendation.

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Manya Surve: The 70’s Ruthless Mafia of Mumbai underworld

Manya surve

Manya Surve’s real name was Manohar Arjun Surve. Since his gang people used to call him Manya, his name was also recorded in police records as Manya Surve. He was not born in Mumbai, but he grew up, read and grew up in Mumbai. He did his graduation (BA) from Kirti College in Mumbai and when he came into the world of crime, he also joined some of his friends studying with him in his gang.

Manya Surve: The Underworld Don

Manya brought her half-brother Bhargava Dada to the world of crime. Bhargava had a great panic in Dadar area during his time. In 1969, along with Bhargava and his friend Manya Podhakar, Manya Surve murdered a Dandekar. All three were arrested in this murder, they were tried and all three were sentenced to life imprisonment.

Manya surve
Manya Surve: The 70’s Ruthless Mafia of Mumbai underworld

After sentencing, he was shifted to Yerwada Jail in Pune, not Mumbai. But due to the punishment, Manya Surve did not improve, but became more dangerous. He became so terrorized in Yerwada jail that he started beating and killing the rivals Don Suhas Bhatkar.

The troubled prison administration immediately decided to remove him from there and then sent him to Ratnagiri Jail. Angry Manya Surve then went on a hunger strike in Ratnagiri Jail. During the strike, he continued to read a popular foreign novel, which had many unique modus operandi written on the loot.

Manya Surve’s encounter was done by Ishaq Bagwan, ACP of the time. The incident took place on 11 January 1982. ACP Ishaq caught him by deceit and killed Manya and made her murder an encounter. Manya’s death was a shocking news for many, while it was a relief news for some people. One of the breathers of relief and relief was Dawood, whose elder brother Sabir Ibrahim was shot dead by Manya by Surrey and Dawood himself was saved from being shot by several bullets.

Manya Surve was more powerful then Dawood

It is also believed that Manya Surve During that time, he was many times more powerful than Dawood. Manya’s death was beneficial to Dawood and also very important to move forward. Manya’s encounter gave Dawood and pro-Pakistan Afghan mafias an opportunity to dominate Mumbai. Afraid of Manya, the Afghans who were sitting in the bill like a gangster rat were now openly activated and the result of which was the 1992 Mumbai bomb blasts.

Mumbai Underworld:

The most famous Pathan Don of that time was completely frightened, who had been ruling the Mumbai underworld for the last two decades. But Pathan also enlisted the help of Manya Surve to defeat his rival gang, Saffron Group. The gang was headed by Sabood, the elder brother of Dawood Ibrahim. This was the most solved secret of Manya’s success. At that time, even the most famous gang of the city used to come to seek help from him and in doing so he used to kill others. It was the first well-read Hindu gangster of Mumbai’s underworld, which was respected in Dadar’s Agra Bazaar.

After coming to Mumbai, Surve started forming a gang and formed a powerful gang with two of his trusted partners Dharavi’s Sheikh Munir and Dombivli’s Vishnu Patil. In March 1980, his gang also joined another gangster, Uday.

The gang committed their first robbery on 5 April 1980, in which they had stolen the ambassador car. Later it was discovered that the same vehicle was used to loot 5700 rupees at Laxmi Trading Company on Curry Road. On 15 April, they collectively attacked and killed Sheikh Aziz, an enemy of Sheikh Munir. On April 30, while stabbing his mass rival Vijay Ghadge at Dadar’s police station, he also stabbed the police constable.

Manya became gangster from a graduate

His real name was Manohar Arjun Surve, as the gang mates call him Manya Surve, so his name is recorded in the police records as Manya Surve. He was raised in Mumbai. He did his graduation (BA) from Kirti College, Mumbai, and when he came into the world of crime, he also joined his gang of friends.

Manya surve
Manya Surve: The 70’s kingpin

Her stepbrother was Bhargava Dada, who brought Manya into the world of crime. At that time, Bhargava was in a great panic in Dadar area of ​​Mumbai. Manya Surve murdered a Dandekar in 1969 and went to Yerwada Jail after getting life imprisonment.

Manya dominated in jail too

        Manya’s dominance in Pune’s Yerwada Jail began to grow and he became more dangerous than before. He often beat up other gang miscreants in jail. In prison, Manya read many famous foreign novels and learned many unique modus operandi (modes of crime) of crime. After this he was shifted to Ratnagiri Jail, but there he went on hunger strike, after his health deteriorated, he was taken to hospital, where on 14 November 1979, Manya escaped by dodging the police. Then came Mumbai again and started the gang afresh.

Encounter :

On 11 January 1982 Manya was coming out of a taxi from Ambedkar College Junction in Wadala. It is said that Dawood had given the information about the location of Manya Surve to the police. At around 1.30 in the afternoon, 18 crime branch officers were waiting for Manya there with their three teams. About 20 minutes later, Surve was spotted by the police when he was getting off his taxi to pick-up his girlfriend.

When Manya found the police squad close to him, Surve took out his revolver. But just before Surve pressed the trigger, two police officers “Raja Tambat and Isaak Bagavan” fired at Manya, after the police fired five bullets on Surve’s chest and shoulder.
Subsequently Surve was immediately put into an ambulance. It is said that while visiting Zion Hospital, he was babbling that the police did not give her a single chance to prove herself. Shortly afterwards, Surve succumbed to death.
Another surprising thing was that the ambulance took 30 minutes to cover the 12-minute route. With this encounter, the horror of Manya Surve disappeared from Mumbai’s underworld.

This was the fourth encounter of Maharashtra Police in the city at that time. Despite the encounter, the number of encounters by the Mumbai police started increasing after 1980 and after the 1993 Mumbai bomb blasts, about 622 people were killed in the police encounter.

Film of Manya Surve

A 2013 film Shootout at Wadala, based on the life of Manya Surve, was made in which John Abraham played lead role. In this film, the life of Manya Surve is not shown 100% right but in this film a lot has been told about him. The film proved to be a box office hit and the film did a business of 75 crores.

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NSP – National Scholarship Portal 2020, Register ur Success


National Scholarship Portal

The Government of India has launched a National Scholarship Portal with the intention of providing financial assistance to students to continue their studies. The National Scholarship Portal application is available to Indian students who need financial assistance in the field of academics.Table of Contents

The National Scholarship Portal works as a mission mode project related to the National e-Governance Plan (NeGP), so more people can take advantage of it. Here we are providing all the details about NSP. The official website for NSP is Or www.national scholarship portal.

NSP Student Login Version 2.0 is a unique and simple platform designed for students.

National Scholarship Portal 2.0 2019 is a new and less complex website for students that informs them about the available national. Scholarship in an efficient and transparent manner.

The main objective of the National Scholarship Portal 2.0 is to introduce streaming, automation and effective management of activity related to application processing, receipt, approval and disbursement of centrally sponsored national scholarship schemes for Indian students.

What you should know about NSP portal

This NSP portal is a digital scholarship platform that offers a number of scholarships offered by the central government, state governments and various government agencies, such as the University Grants Commission (UGC), AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education), and others.

The National Scholarship Portal is a single entry point for enabling various services, approval and disbursement of application of students and application of various scholarships to students.

With the help of this National Scholarship Portal , students can get complete information about all scholarship related issues / questions from the section at the bottom of this page, which is well-tailored by the team.

The objective of this initiative is to provide the best and transparent services for quick and effective disposal of scholarship applications. The funds are directly transferred to the beneficiaries’ accounts without any spread. In this article, we will examine the details of the National Scholarship Portal.

video uploaded by ict academy

Host nationality

This national scholarship portal is to be taken in India. If you are an international student and wish to study in India,

Qualified nationality

This national scholarship portal is open to Indian students. If you are looking for a fully funded scholarship to study anywhere in the world 2019/2020 fully funded scholarship – apply now

Scholarship value

The NSP portal hosts some 50 fellowships among registered scholarship holders on the platform. According to officials, the platform has so far helped the government to award scholarships and funds in excess of INR 2000 crores. The platform has over 125 lakh applications, including 105 lakh applications.

Why National Scholarship Portal

What was the need to create this portal? This is a clear question in your mind. The major purpose behind its creation included the NSP portal –

  •  To ensure that scholarships are being provided to students on time
  • Central and State Government Scholarships to provide a common platform for both
  •  To create a transparent scholarly database
  •  To avoid duplication while processing applications
  •  Consistent with the diversity of scholarships and their criteria
  •  To ensure application of DBT (Direct Benefit Transfer)

How is NSP beneficial for students?

The following are the numerous benefits of NSP for students:

1) Simple process for students

  •  Information on all scholarships is provided under a common umbrella.
  •  Single integrated application for all scholarships.

2) better transparency

  •  The system suggests plans for which a student is eligible.
  •  Imitation is reduced to a great extent.

3) helps in standardization

  •  Master data for institutes and courses at all India level.
  •  Processing of scholarship.

4) NSP acts as a decision support system (DSS) for various ministries and departments as the updated information is available on demand.

100) Comprehensive MIS system to monitor every stage of scholarship i.e. from student registration to funds distribution.

National Scholarship Portal | NSP portal 2020 application form

Take a look at the scholarship schemes under the National Scholarship Portal:

Students should be informed that the National Scholarship Portal application form has to be filled for all application schemes through the National Scholarship Portal. This process has reduced the burden of filling multiple application forms for various scholarships. Now, only one form has to be filled under the NSP portal for all scholarship schemes.

  • Post-Matric Scholarship Scheme
  •  Merit-cum-Means Scholarship Scheme
  •  Pre-matric scholarship scheme
  •  Encouragement of girls for secondary education
  •  Central Sector Scholarship Scheme for Higher Level Education for Scheduled Caste Students
  •  Pre-matric scholarship for students with disabilities
  •  Post-matric scholarship for students with disabilities
  •  Scheme for award of scholarship under Cine / Mines / LSMD / Bidi and IOMC Workers Welfare Fund
  • Central Sector Scheme of Scholarship for College and University Students
  •  National Means Cum Merit Scholarship Scheme
  •  Pre-Matric Scholarship Scheme for ST Students
national scholarship portal

What are the various scholarships offered by NSP?

The NSP offers scholarships under various government ministries and departments. Please refer to the following table which highlights some of the scholarship of NSP. Each scholarship awarded is also strict against its guidelines.

Documents required for National Scholarship Portal (NSP) 20

  •  date of birth
  •  Gender
  •  Religion code
  •  Category Code (SC / ST / OBC Etc)
  •  Disability Flag (True / False)
  •  mobile number
  •  E-mail
  •  Aadhaar Number
  •  Aadhaar Enrollment Number (if not Aadhaar)
  •  Aadhaar Enrollment Date (if not Aadhaar)
  •  Branch IFSC Code
  •  Bank account number
  •  Mother’s name
  •  father’s name
  •  Annual family income
  •  Domicile State
  •  Domicile District
  •  Ministry code
  •  Scholarship / Fellowship Name
  •  Plan-specific Special ID 22 Early Years of Scholarship
  •  Scholarship duration in years
  •  DISE / AISHE Code
  •  School / College State
  •  School / College District
  •  School / college name
  •  Scholarship Category (Pre / Post Matriculation)
  •  Current course name
  •  Scholarship amount transferred
  •  Scholarship Payment Date
  •  Fund transfer method
  •  PFMS Scheme Code
  •  PFMS Beneficiary ID

Apply online National Scholarship Portal :

For National Scholarship Portal registration, students are required to register themselves through the student login panel. After registration, fill the academic and other mandatory details in the application form. After these steps, they will get to see all the list of scholarships for which they are eligible.

Nowadays the National Scholarship Portal has provided online form facility for the students and then it is also easy for them to transfer the amount to the student’s account. To get the benefit of government scholarship, first of all, students have to log in and register in the panel and after that they have to fill in all the details, after being asked they can see the lists for which they are valid scholarship for.

Follow the given steps to apply for online scholarship

Phase 1

First of all, you need to open National Scholarship Portal

stage 2

Here we are giving all the details about the application form given below for all the students and we are requesting that all the details be correct and proper.

Find the option below

  •  National Scholarship Portal Student Login: Students login first on the homepage of the National Scholarship Portal login section.
  • Registration: Then all the required details have to be filled and registered. Like the following image, you can see on your display.
  •  Temporary Registration Number: After registration, a 20 digit temporary registration number will be given to the applicant once the details are required.
  • The applicant gets a permanent registration number through SMS on mobile. The old temporary number is not valid when they complete the registration process.

Account Logging: Candidates can use their temporary registration number and their date of birth for admission to the National Scholarship Portal.

Fill the details : After logging in on the National Scholarship Portal, the applicant will have to fill the details given below, along with the use of the temporary number and date of birth.

  1. Personal details and bank account details : Here students are required to enter the correct personal and bank details as the government transfers the scholarship amount to the respective filled bank account number.

Educational details : Here students are required to enter basic details about past and present academic details.

Details of the scheme : The list of scholarship scheme according to the validity of the students is shown in the display. And also about the educational qualification and field of a student.

Documents for upload: Candidates can apply for one or more scholarships. After selecting the awarded scholarship compared to the next page, the list of documents to be submitted appears on the screen.

Contact Details: To complete all the process, the applicant has to submit his correct contact details.


Print Application Form : After completing the whole process you can select the ‘Print Your Application’ button to get a print out of the form. If an applicant wants to check the status of their application, they can ‘check their status’

National scholarship portal application submission process

It is necessary to fill the form in the appropriate format. Before submission, they have to check and confirm the completed form and if there is any error or mistake should be done properly. Because they are not allowed to make any changes in their registered details after submission. A candidate has not sent a hard copy to the NSP but has sent it only by clicking on the submit button.

National Scholarship Portal 2.0 Status

We will show you how to check National Scholarship Portal 2.0 Status Online 2019. First of all, you have to search on the official website of Google NSP 2.0. Find the login option and fill the box with your application ID and password or do not remember to fill the captcha box. After logging in NSP 2.0 you will be able to see your NSP 2.0 status. A list will appear and next to each list you will see a box with the right or wrong symbol if you see the right symbol which means that the process is complete and if you see an incorrect symbol it means that the process is still complete Has not happened.

Learn how to apply for National Scholarship Portal through video tutorial, this video has been provided on the official website of NSP 2019. Ravi Shankar Prasad, India’s Minister of Communications and Information Technology, posted this video on his Twitter account since 2014. Watch this video to apply online National Scholarship 2019.

List of scholarship for which application is open under National Scholarship Portal

Ministry of Minority Affairs

Scholarship nameTo apply last date
Pre-Matric Scholarship Scheme for Minorities3l St October 2020
Post Matric Scholarship Scheme for Minorities3l St October 2020
Merit-cum-Means Scholarships for vocational and technical courses C.S.3l St October 2020

Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities

Scholarship nameTo apply last date
Pre-matric scholarship for students with disabilities3l St October 2020
Post-matric scholarship for students with disabilities3l St October 2020
Scholarship for higher education for disabled students3l St October 2020

Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment

Scholarship nameTo apply last date
Top-class education scheme for SC studentsLast week of october 2020

Ministry of Labor and Employment

Scholarship nameTo apply last date
Post-matriculation scheme for award of scholarship under Beedi Workers Welfare FundLast week of october 2020
Post-matriculation scheme for award of scholarship under Cine Workers Welfare FundLast week of october 2020
Post-matriculation scheme for award of scholarship under IOMC Workers Welfare FundLast week of october 2020
Post-matriculation scheme for award of scholarship under LSDM Workers Welfare FundLast week of october 2020
Pre-Matric Scheme for Scholarship under Beedi Workers Welfare FundLast week of september 2020
Pre-matriculation scheme for scholarship under Cine Workers Welfare FundLast week of september 2020
Pre-matriculation scheme for scholarship under IOMC Workers Welfare FundLast week of september 2020

National Scholarship NSP Portal Rates

Candidates can check the scholarship rate for minority students from the table given below.

Type of financial aidHostel rateRate for day scholar
Maintenance allowance (for a period of 10 months only)Rupees. 10,000 / – per year (Rs. 1000 / – per month)Rupees. 5000 / – per year (Rs. 500 / – per month)
course feeRupees. 20,000 / – per annum or actual, whichever is less.Rupees. 20,000 / – per annum or actual, whichever is less.
The totalRupees. 30,000 / –Rupees. 25,000 / –

Tracking nsp application status

Once you successfully submit the NSP online application form, you will need to take a printout of the application form by clicking on the ‘Your Print Your Application’ tab. You can check the status of your scholarship application by clicking on the ‘Check Your Status’ tab on the NSP portal.

Please check eligibility criteria for various schemes before applying for the scholarship.


One of the most frequently asked questions about the National Scholarship Portal application process is whether Aadhaar number is mandatory for NSP application process? The answer is no ‘. Aadhaar number is not mandatory to apply for scholarship through National Scholarship Portal. All eligible candidates who wish to avail NSP scholarship can register themselves using any of the following three things / documents:

  • Base number
  • Enrollment ID
  • Bank passbook

However, it should be noted that applications for NSP scholarships can only be submitted online.

National Scholarship Portal Login:

The National Scholarship Portal version 2.0 (NSP-2.0) is a unique and simplified platform designed to help students avail of academic scholarship in an efficient and transparent manner.

Salient Features of National Scholarship Status

  •  Students can file their application online and apply (anywhere / for state-sponsored scholarship schemes), anywhere anytime
  • Students can view / track the status of their own application with the user ID and password generated by the system. 
    Students can renew their application with the same credential (student ID / password)
  •  The uploading of documents by students in support of their claims (eg income, marksheet, bank account details, category, caste certificate, etc.) should be enabled for easy verification and transparency.
  •  Provision of SMS and e-mail alerts to stake holders like Institution and students in various stages of processing
  •  Renewal of applications by institutions only – by importing applications from previous year
  •  Role-unique login ID and password will be made available to all stakeholders
  •  Auto and bulk processing of scholarship applications by the institute
  •  Easy Scholarship Approval Process for Approval Authority
  •  Automatic disbursement of scholarship in student’s bank account
  •  Easy monitoring of scholarship by department and state authority

National Scholarship Portal Login Importance for Students:

Various scholarships are provided to the students by the National Scholarship Portal. Know below the key benefits of NSP portal:

  •  This simplified the scholarship process for the students.
  •  This portal improves transparency of various schemes.
  •  It helps in the processing of scholarship.
  •  The portal acts as a decision support system for various ministries as well as departments.
  • Disbursement of scholarships at all levels in order to support the National Scholarship Portal MIS system.

National Scholarship Portal Deadline

The NSP portal is extremely useful for students as it improves transparency and provides a simple application process. Last date for scholarship listed on NSP. Pre Matric Scholarship Scheme for Minorities: The last date for this scholarship is 30th September as listed on the National Scholarship Portal.

Frequently Asked Questions about National Scholarship Portal Registration

Is Aadhar Card mandatory for filling the National Scholarship Portal application?

Aadhaar number is not mandatory for applying or filling the National Scholarship Portal. Students can register themselves using Aadhaar number or enrollment ID or bank passbook.

Who are eligible to apply for national scholarship schemes?

Candidates, who meet the planning guidelines of various ministries, are eligible to apply. Check inside the situation above to see all directions

What is the last date for submission of online application?

You can check on the National Scholarship Portal, closing the dates for acceptance of various scholarship applications.

Can I edit already saved information and for what time?

You can only edit the information until the application is closed. After submitting your application, it will be sent to the next level and you can no longer edit it.

How can I view the details of a particular plan?

To view the details of a particular plan, first, press the Special Ministry from the scroll bar below and press the “More Info” button. Now you will get to see all the details of the plan you want to choose.

How should I open my saved application for editing?

To open your saved application for editing, use the temporary ID. To get the registration ID, the forgotten ID can be used.

Do I have to fill online application in one sitting?

No, you do not have to fill an online application in a meeting. You can fill the online application for as long as you want and until you are completely satisfied that you have entered all the desired fields.

What is a temporary registration ID?

Temporary Registration ID is a reference number given to applicants in online databases as a token of their registration.

Can I apply as a renewal if I am a renewable candidate?

If you are a renewal candidate, you cannot apply afresh. If you try to do so, in that case your application will be rejected.

How do I know the name and address of the Nodal Officer / State Department of my state?

You can know the name and contact details of the Nodal Officer / State Department of all the States / UTs by selecting the option “Services-> Know Your State Nodal Officer”.

How to check the status of my application?

Students can easily check the status of their online application by submitting their permanent ID.

How and when do I know if my application is selected or rejected?

To know whether your application is selected or rejected, sign-up with a permanent registration ID and you will get to see all relevant details.
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If you have any comments about this article or any other scholarship our team will respond to you ASAP to use the comment box.

We hope that this writing has provided your scholarship requirements. Please share with your friends and leave your question or feedback on the comment box to serve us better.

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Multani Mitti usages, 8 benefits, Get beautiful skin

Multani mitti

For those who have a penchant for ancient Ayurveda and natural beauty, Multani Mitti is nothing new to them! It has been used for beauty for a long time. It is a well-known name among beauty lovers for its many benefits and qualities.

This multani mitti is very effective in getting rid of unwanted black spots and sunburn on the face starting from getting soft and fresh skin . But in this age of adulteration, where do you find pure and organic multani mitti, you think about it? No worries, that too is within our reach now. Before that, let’s not know, about the use and benefits of multani mitti in domestic beauty!

Usages of multani mitti for safe beauty

Where did the Multani mitti come from? Let’s start with a little history then. In the 18th century, a lump of limestone clay was found while digging in the city of Multan. The locals were a little surprised because it was working great as a cleaner. They noticed that the skin was cleansed by applying it on the face as well as the skin colour became brighter and the oily feeling disappeared. Yes, since then the use of multani mitti has started!

Benefits of Multani mitti for skin

Why use multani mitti? What are its special qualities? I know, this question is revolving in the minds of many! Usually it is used more in face pack . Let’s take a look at the benefits of multani mitti in domestic beauty!

1) Beneficial for oily skin:

If your skin is oily, multani mitti paste will be most beneficial for your face. Whenever you get time in the morning or evening, apply it on the face for about five minutes. This will eliminate the oily skin. Actually, due to the oil in the skin, the pores of the skin stops, which are the main reason for getting pimples and rash. Not only this, blackheads and white heads also sometimes occur due to oily skin, but this problem is easily overcome with the use of multani mitti.

2) Natural exfoliator:

In other words, it has an effective role in removing dead cells, blackheads and whiteheads that have accumulated on the skin.

3) Get rid of pimples:

Elements found in Multani soil help you in removing pimples from the face. This is the reason why its use on acne problem or oily skin is considered very beneficial.There is no pair off multani mitti to cure any black spots including acne scars, suntan, blemish.

4) Complication:

If tanning is done on the face, the use of multani mitti is beneficial. It enhances the complexion of the face, but applying it does not provide immediate relief in a day or two, instead you start getting the benefit after 10 to 12 days. Actually, it benefits slowly, but its effect on the face lasts for a long time.

This multani mitti plays an effective role in maintaining the elasticity of the skin. It also brings a healthy glow and brightens the skin color.

5) No Side Effects:

Multani mitti is very effective for cleaning the dirt from the skin and also has no side effects. If you have oily skin, apply it on the skin with rose water and if there is dry skin, then mix it with almond paste and massage for few minutes. Due to this, the flow of blood remains fine.

6) Texture:

Multani mitti is also very useful in improving the texture of skin. It can be used if you have white spots or any type of spots on your skin. People who have dry skin problem can also use multani mitti but they should avoid its use during winter days, otherwise dryness can occur on the face. Overall, it is the best facepack, cleanser and scrub.

7) Blood Circulation :

Multani mitti helps to improve blood circulation by stimulating your skin. When there is correct blood circulation in your body, your body will also feel fit and you will be protected from many diseases.

8) Multani mitti Good for dry hair:

If it comes to conditioning the hair, yogurt is a good ingredient. At the same time, honey locks the moisture of your hair and preserves it. The lemon juice in this hair pack nourishes your scalp along with vitamin-C, which helps in healthy hair growth. This multani mitti hair pack adds shine to the hair and makes them healthy.

How to use multani mitti for domestic beauty?

If you apply face pack according to your skin type, you will get the highest benefit from it. The use of multani mitti in domestic beauty treatment is completely safe and effective. Let’s not know how to use multani mitti for any type of skin.

As a paste:

Multani mitti can also be applied directly on the face as a paste. Applying it does not cause any side effects on the skin. To get more benefits, mix yogurt, cream, lemon juice and rose water in equal quantity in multani mitti at home. Apply it on the face, your skin will benefit in many ways.

As a cleanser:

Magnesium chloride found in Multani soil acts as a cleanser on the face. If the multani mitti is used properly daily, then it keeps the face clean, even problems like pimples, pimples, freckles on the skin do not flourish. Not only this, if you mix it with carrot juice, you can get rid of facial spots.

Natural scrubbers:

Grind ground almonds or orange peel and mix it with it. Make a paste of it. Massage the face with this paste for two to three minutes. It acts as a perfect scrub. This paste not only cleanses the blackheads and whiteheads of the face, but also makes the skin healthy. By eliminating dead cells, it cleanses the skin deeply, so it is not wrong to say that use of multani mitti is better for regular skin care.

Multani mitti for oily skin care at home

Make a face pack by mixing rose water and cucumber juice with multani mitti. Every ingredient in this pack is good for oily skin. Leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes and wash it off. You can use this pack 1/2 times a week. If you have aloe vera gel, essential oil or rose petal powder on hand, you can mix them too. If you have an allergy to any ingredient, it should be eliminated.

Multani mitti in normal beauty care for dry skin

Make a pack by mixing multani mitti with curd or milk. Leave it for 10 to 15 minutes and wash it off. Honey, besan, aloe vera gel can also be added to the pack. Use this pack 1/2 times a week. Gently massage for 5 minutes for exfoliation. If you use it for a while, you will understand the difference.

Why Multani soil is beneficial? (Why Fuller’s Earth Is Beneficial?)

Multani mitti has been recognized in every household after hundreds of years. It is being used to cool the skin and make the skin glowing. Multani soil is rich in minerals. Aluminum silicate is found in abundance in this soil. This soil has a great absorbing ability which helps in keeping the skin fresh and shiny. 

Multani soil is very beneficial in the problem of oily and acne. The lime element in it helps in removing harmful bacteria, excess oil and dust. When applied on a regular basis, the skin remains clean and soft. 

Multani mitti is also very beneficial in preventing skin irritation in case of excessive pimples. It also cools the skin. It also helps to tighten loose skin. Its regular use helps to remove wrinkles and skin loosening. It is very beneficial for those with oily skin as well as for dry skin or normal skin.

Multani mitti

11 Homemade Face Packs Made From Multani Mitti Made from Multani Mitti

1. For Oily Skin

Multani Mitti And Rose Water Face Pack


If you have oily skin and more pimples are left, then this face pack is for you. This face pack, made of multani mitti and rose water, gives miraculous benefits to the skin by applying a few days.

Multani clay and rose water mask helps in balancing the pH level of the skin. It cools the skin naturally and helps in removing excess oil from the skin. It also helps in removing dead skin cells on the outer skin. It also makes your skin oil free and glowing. 

material : 

1 Tablespoon Multani Mitti

2 tablespoons rose water

How to make:

1. Soak Multani soil in water. 

2. Mix rose water in wet soil and make a smooth paste. 

How to apply: 

Apply this homemade paste well on the face. 

Leave it for about 15 minutes. 

After drying, wash the face with cold water. 

How much difference:

This paste can be applied thrice a week. 

2. For Softer Skin

Multani Mitti Face Pack With Almond And Milk with Almond and Milk


If you also want baby soft skin then this face pack is for you. Multani soils are really amazing when mixed with almonds and milk. This face pack also helps to make your skin smooth and soft. 

If you are tired of trying the face pack found in the market then this homemade herbal face pack will never disappoint you. Especially for those people who have dry skin and who feel a stretch in the skin.

material : 

1 tablespoon ground almonds

1 tbsp raw milk

2 tablespoons multani soils

How to make:

1. Soak Multani soil in some water.

2. Soak almonds and remove the peel and grind it with milk.

3. Make a smooth paste by mixing the almond paste in the soil. 

How to apply: 

1. After washing the face with clean water, apply it on the face.

2. Leave the paste on the face for 15 minutes or until it dries.

3. Remove it from the face by rubbing it with cold water and sponges. 

How much difference:

You can apply this face pack twice a week to get smooth and soft skin. 

3. For Spot-Free Skin

Multani Mitti Face Pack With Tomato Juice with Tomato Juice


Do you also want to get rid of dirty stains on your face? We all know that tomato juice helps in removing dead skin. But if it is mixed with multani mitti then it also helps in making the skin free from gluing and stains. 

A face pack made with multani mitti, tomato juice and sandalwood powder helps to remove facial blemishes. But if you want to make the skin glowing, then a little turmeric can also be added to it. 

material : 

2 tablespoons tomato juice

2 tablespoons multani soils

1 tablespoon sandalwood powder

1 tbsp turmeric powder

How to make:

1. Soak Multani soil in some water.

2. Soak all the ingredients together in lukewarm water.

3. Keep this paste on the face for soaking for 10 minutes before applying it.

How to apply:

Apply a small amount of this paste on the face and leave it for 15 minutes. After drying, wash it with lukewarm water. Tomato juice does not suit everyone. So before applying this face pack, do a patch test. 

How much difference:

This Multani Mitti Face Pack can also be applied daily for glowing skin. 

4. For Radiant Skin

Multani Mitti Face Pack With Honey with honey


If your skin is dry and lifeless then you can try this face pack. Pollution and sunlight cause trouble for many of us. Especially when it takes away the glow of your skin from you. 

In this case, in addition to applying SPF-containing cream for skin protection, keeping the face covered also proves to be effective. But if you want to get back the lost face in a natural way, then you can use this pack. 

material : 

3 Tablespoon Multani Soil

1 tablespoon tomato juice

1 tablespoon honey

1 tablespoon lemon juice

1/2 tablespoons raw milk 

How to make:

1. Soak Multani soil in some water.

2. Mix all the ingredients together in the soil. 

3. Mix until the paste is smooth. 

How to apply: 

Apply this paste well on the face. Apply on the face for 10 minutes or until it dries. After drying, wash the face with lukewarm water and remove it. 

How much difference:

This face pack can be applied once a week.

Face pack by Health time

5. To get rid of freckles

Multani Mitti Face Pack With Mint Leaves with Mint Leaves


If there is a frown on the face, it looks like a stain on the moon. To get rid of freckles, there are hundreds of products in the market. But there are differences on the benefits of these. But if the face pack of mint leaves and curd is applied with multani mitti then the freckles can be eradicated within a month. 

material : 

1 Tablespoon Multani Mitti

1 tablespoon mint powder

1 tbsp yogurt

How to make:

1. Soak Multani soil in some water.

2. Make a smooth paste by mixing both other things in the wet soil. 

How to apply: 

Apply this paste on the affected area and leave it for 20 minutes. 

When dry, wash your face with lukewarm water. 

How much difference:

This paste can be applied on the face everyday. 

6. To get toned and oil free skin (To Achieve A Toned And Oil-Free Skin)

Multani Mitti Face Pack With Sandalwood Powder


If you also want toned and oil free skin like any model, then you can use this face pack. 

material : 

1 Tablespoon Multani Mitti

1 Tablespoon Sandalwood Powder

2 tablespoons raw milk 

How to make:

1. Soak Multani soil in some water.

2. Mix all the ingredients together and make a smooth paste. 

How to apply: 

Apply this paste on the face and leave it for 20 minutes. Wash your face with cold water after drying

How much difference:

Apply this face pack twice a week for best results.

Multani mitti usages

7. For Fairness

Multani Mitti Face Pack With Papaya Pulp with Papaya


Everybody knows the properties of papaya to bring glow to the skin. They also help prevent aging. If these qualities are mixed with multani mitti and honey, then there are really better results on the skin. ?

material : 

1 Tablespoon Multani Mitti

1 tablespoon honey

1 tablespoon papaya pulp

How to make:

1. Soak Multani soil in some water.

2. Grind all the ingredients together and make a smooth paste. 

How to apply: 

Apply this paste freshly on the face and after drying, wash the face with lukewarm water. 

How much difference:

This face pack can be applied two or three times in a week to get a smooth glow. 

8. For the same skin tone (For Even Skin Tone)

Multani Mitti Face Pack With Egg White made from egg albumin


If you do not have the same color on your face. Many people complain that the darker the color of any part of their face, the lighter the color of any part. The reason for this is sometimes due to sun’s radiation as well as hormonal changes. 

Getting the same skin tone is not a difficult or expensive task. You can also make this work easy and take advantage by making a face pack with multani mitti and egg white. 

material : 

1/4 Tablespoon Multani Soil 

1 tbsp yogurt

1 egg white (whipped)

How to make:

1. Soak Multani soil in some water.

2. Mix all the ingredients together and make a smooth paste. 

How to apply: 

Apply this paste on the face and let it dry for 20 minutes. After this wash the face with lukewarm water. 

How much difference:

This paste can be applied 2-3 days a week.

Face pack video uploaded by shewta mishra

9. To Treat Pigmented Skin

Multani Mitti Face Pack With Carrot Pulp with Carrots


It is really easy to get rid of pigmented skin or facial spots. If you mix carrot pulp with multani mitti and apply it on the face, then it can be easily eradicated. If you add olive oil in this face pack, then the case becomes icing on the cake. 

material : 

1 Tablespoon Multani Mitti

1 tablespoon carrot pulp

1 tbsp olive oil 

How to make:

1. Soak Multani soil in some water.

2. Grind all the ingredients in multani mitti and make a smooth paste. 

How to apply: 

Apply the paste on the face and leave it for 30 minutes. After this wash the face with lukewarm water. 

How much difference:

Apply this paste twice a week to get better results. 

10. To Treat Sun Tan

Multani Mitti Face Pack With Coconut Water


Sun tan is considered a fashion statement in some countries. But this is not a fashion statement in seaside countries like India. There are many ways to get rid of this problem.

Multani mitti

But an easy solution is to make a multani mitti face pack with coconut water. Multani mitti and coconut have naturally cooling properties. This face pack not only removes sun tan but also helps to make the skin shiny. 

material : 

1 Tablespoon Multani Mitti

1 tablespoon coconut water

1 tablespoon sugar

How to make:

1. Soak Multani soil in some water.

2. Make a smooth paste by mixing coconut water and sugar in multani mitti. 

How to apply: 

Apply this paste on the affected part of the face. After drying, wash this paste with lukewarm water. 

How much difference:

This face pack can be applied twice a week. 

11. For Acne Scars

Multani Mitti Face Pack With Lemon Juice with Lemon Juice


Extra natural oil coming out of the face and dirt sticking to the face causes acne / pimple. If you want to get rid of acne / pimples problem then you can use this face pack. 

material : 

2 tablespoons multani soils

1 tablespoon lemon juice 

1 tablespoon rose water

1 tbsp neem leaves


1/2 tablespoon clove powder

How to make:

1. Soak Multani soil in some water.

2. Mix all the ingredients together and make a smooth paste. 

How to apply: 

Wash the face with lukewarm water and apply this face pack on the face. Leave it on for half an hour. After drying, wash it with lukewarm water.  

How much difference:

For best results, this paste can be applied 3 times a week.

Multani mitti benefits

Some important things related to the use of Multani Mitti – Tips to Use Multani Mitti

Although the multani mitti losses are not significant, some precautions are necessary. Below, we are giving you information about these few things.

  1. Always choose multani mitti of good brand.
  2. Do not keep the Multani soil in a warm place, but in an air tight compartment. You can also keep multani mitti in the fridge.
  3. When applying multani mitti, make sure that it does not enter your mouth. Multani soil may cause kidney stone or stomach problems.
  4. For dry skin, use multani mitti carefully, as it makes the skin more dry. The easiest way to use multani mitti for dry skin is to add almond milk to it. This will not dry the skin.
  5. Multani soil is cold, so avoid it in cold weather or when there is cold-cough and fever.
  6. Do not forget to apply moisturizer after applying Multani Mitti Face Pack, this will retain the moisture in the skin.

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