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Swami Abhedanandas Moroner Pare

Many of us are familiar with Swami Abhedanandas Moroner Pare. Although not familiar with it, some people are appreciative of the book. What’s in it? The ‘scientific’ proof of the existence of the soul! Damn it! Hand-pen or not? Didn’t know that But this book has many likes on Facebook.

So, I patiently finished the book. Swami Abhedanandas Moroner Pare covers everything – physics, biology, chemistry. I learned a lot from reading the book, and found what I call ‘mischief’. Before we go into the analysis of the book ‘Swami Abhedanandas Moroner Pare’, let’s talk a little about the spirit.The subject of spirit has come in different ways in different religions.

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Swami Abhedanandas Moroner Pare- স্বামী অভেদানন্দের মরণের পারে

There is a serious disagreement over this. Since prophetic philosophy is the driving force of every worship-religion, no religion has left the question of the soul. In real Buddhism, however, the existence of the soul has been virtually denied. According to the materialist idea, matter is the essence of life. We can understand the ‘mind’ as the brain is active in the action of the nerve.

On the contrary, the prophet philosophy says that a ‘spiritual’ supernatural power creates life. The soul is transmitted to matter by the soul, the body is a mortal being, the soul is the life force – this is the basic prophetic idea of ​​the soul. This concept is found in various forms in different religions and folk beliefs.

According to the Bible, God created the first man from the ground and breathed into him the spirit. Egypt, in the ancient Scriptures of Madeleine – worms, flies, bees, etc., were born from manure and dirt, The nymphs are born spontaneously from the mud (1).

Swami Abhedanandas Moroner Pare
স্বামী অভেদানন্দে

In Bhagavadgita, the purpose and purpose of propagation of the soul and reincarnation has been made. Buddhists and Lokayats did not believe in the existence of souls. Reincarnation has been propagated in the Bhagavad Gita in order to protect the realism from the preaching of Buddhist and Lokayata. In Vishnupurana, the cow myth has propagated reincarnation in different life forms, and in air mythology I see the same thing. In many cases karma is the key to these concepts. The existence of the soul must be propagated in such a way, unless it is that reincarnation, karma, heaven-hell, yoga – all goes in vain! (2) In cow myth, reincarnation has been promoted in different life forms, and in air mythology I see the same thing.

In many cases karma is the key to these concepts. The existence of the soul must be propagated in such a way, unless it is that reincarnation, karma, heaven-hell, yoga – all goes in vain! (2) In cow myth, reincarnation has been promoted in different life forms, and in air mythology I see the same thing.

In many cases karma is the key to these concepts. The existence of the soul must be propagated in such a way, unless it is that reincarnation, karma, heaven-hell, yoga – all goes in vain! (2)A widely publicized saying of “Srivagban” (1),“Basanasi jiranani, namely Biha, is ayoung housewife, Narohaparani.That is, Shrirani Viharana Jirna -Nanyani Sanjay Navani Dehi. ”That is, as people leave new clothes and wear new clothes, the spirit also leaves the worn out body and takes on a new body. This is a classic as a tool for forgetting the Shudras.In Buddhism, the soul is the religion of the body. In fact, Buddha was a preacher of ‘atheism’.

Although Buddha’s views are not exactly materialistic, his statement in this regard is contrary to Brahminism. The Buddha says (1),”The one who feels the feeling of my soul, the thing of feeling and the result of good deeds here and there, will be my constant = constant = eternal and everlasting. Monks! These are just the thoughts of teenagers. “In another place, the Buddha says (1 and 3),”All forms of religion, including all forms of religion, are evil.””The soul is not an invincible object, but rather a force generated by the skanda (object, mind), which is emitting and dissipating momentarily like any other external substance.

The influence of faith can be seen in the existence of God and Spirit in the fiction of spontaneous creatures. It is understood that the intense desire to live after death gives rise to a spirit of self-pity. Among the prophet philosophers, in the fourth century AD, Bishop St. Basil and at about the same time St. Augustine preached the doctrine of “life-giving by spirit-driven spirit.” Prior to Christ’s birth, the Greek philosophers Plato and Aristotle both acknowledged the existence of souls. In the post-Christ era, the neo-Platonist philosopher Platinas strongly preached the existence of the Spirit (1).

Again, the medieval cleric Thomas Aquinas also acknowledged the existence of souls. According to progressive psychologist Bertrand Russell, “individualism has reached the extremes of the idea of ​​the immortality of the individual and soul, Depending on what happened, one experiences eternal happiness or eternal misery. ” André Vesalias, a Christian scientist of the sixteenth century, did an adventurous work in the study of life, despite the tremendous influence of religion. The corpse was forbidden by the Roman Church at that time.

Showing the old finger to this discipline, Vesalius lifted the body from the grave in the darkness of the night and examined it. Dissected the body and searched for the body parts. Materialistic inquiry paves the way for the idea of ​​the soul to be destroyed. On this path, the contemporary philosopher Lucilio Vannini fell to the corner of the Church. He was burned to death on the orders of the Inquisition (3).

This is the talk of Europe. In India itself, one such incident took place in the 5th. No one had the courage to dissolve so-called Hinduism. Whatever the science, Because of fanaticism, the matter was regarded as profane. Meanwhile, the body of the physician is urgent for education in medical colleges. A brave and progressive ‘caste Hindu’ did the work without regard for religion. David Heyer was worried – whether a young man could do such a thing without the influence of religious discipline!

The protagonist of this progressive event, contemporary to the Great Revolt, is Madhusudan Gupta, who was a professor of Ayurveda at Sanskrit College (1).To date, many experts believe that the oldest source of self-concern is the Neanderthals. Both Neanderthal people and modern humans originate from Homo erectus. However, the Neanderthals probably reached an alley that had stopped the pace of evolution, and lost in natural selection or disappeared into modern humans.

Note that the gene ‘FOX P2’ was in their cells. The brain volume was about 3 cubic centimeters. So their social behavior was quite good. They were buried in the ground. Parts of some medicinal plants were found in a cave near Shanidar cave. There was a bison bone. These things may also come to the grave for natural reasons, and may also be intended to pay homage to the dead.

Some think, those things are for the soul. But this is not the case at all. Bhavani Prasad Sahu says in his book Ghost Bhagwan vs. Dr. Kovur, “In ancient times (about six years ago, the Neanderthals), people have imagined this soul to be the cause of life without proper explanation for a strange phenomenon such as animal life.

Need to remember – this is a guess. This is the reason for the emergence of ‘Atma Kinta’, but the matter of Nyanadarathals’ self-concern is not yet established.Swami Vivekananda, while explaining the concept of Advaita, raised the context of the soul. Again, ‘popular science’ writer Prashant Pramanik propagates the ‘Kirillian effect’ as proof of the soul. There has been a lot of discussion on the spirit before, but those articles by freelance writers can be found in a few hours. So my purpose is to discuss only a few key ideas about spirit, which have been said in ‘death.’

Swami Abhedanandas Moroner Pare is widely publicized, read and appreciated. The ‘Like’ flags on the pages of this book on Facebook are astonishing. A collection of books that can ‘die’ can be called a “logic” of believers. So, I reviewed the main claims of this book. It is important to note that many people think that the book contains ‘scientific discussions’.Let’s see what Abedananda has ‘argued’.”The answer to the cause of the creation of the soul, that is, the origin of the soul from the body, is the answer to such an answer.

Answering the question, the flow of distant questions continues to keep the car in front of the horse. ” (১০)Nah! I do not believe in the existence of souls as materialists. But, from this part, I can understand that Swami Abedananda meant that the soul does not originate from the body. But then one question comes naturally – how is the population growing? If the soul is not made from the body, is the soul born again?

Not even that! Because, as Abhidananda also points out the Vedanta’s view,According to Vedanta, the soul is not born, the soul is eternal immortal, it can take the body as it wishes. (3)In every part of the book, In Swami Abhedanandas Moroner Pare tries to establish the Vedanta’s opinion. He did not go to the trouble of explaining how the population growth could be explained by this ‘spirit theory’. Another fatal flaw in the book ‘Swami Abhedanandas Moroner Pare’ is that the book misinterprets various types of mental illusion. Those misinterpretations are, of course, an example of the existence of souls. The book is on the 12th page,”Many fanatical atheists and materialists have sometimes witnessed their second entity resting in the cavernous or comfortable Kedar in a secluded room.

It has also been observed that these second entities have been found to speak, move, and do other things. But how can these things be understood? The emergence of the second entity of yogis in India is heard. Some have called it an outlook. But after looking at it, it cannot be said that they do not exist. ”(12)Even if we do not know Swami Abedananda, today we know that illusion is not only sight, but other feelings. Since there is no evidence on the matter of witnessing the second entity, I can honestly say that those witnesses were visual-auditory hallucinations. Sounds like it is real, but it is real, difficult to pinpoint the miraculous.

hallucination is the direct feeling of something missing (various feelings, such as vision, hearing, smell, etc.). In some cases, it can be heard if a person has too much faith or subconsciously dominates the matter, but in reality it does not exist. It is mainly to emphasize a particular subject (especially the supernatural or seemingly miraculous) (sometimes accompanied by certain physical and mental problems, Not in all cases). In the case of peduncular hallucinosis, a completely naive person can be seen and talked to.

Whoever is doing this, he cannot distinguish between real and evil, he seems to be doing it perfectly, just like any other event. This feeling lasts a while, so it becomes difficult to understand the whole thing. Regardless of how materialistic it is, it is not uncommon for hallucinations to occur in the courtesy of the subconscious mind.For example, suppose you are going to pick up papers by midnight writing. Feeling lonely, thinking that it would have been nice if your friend was there at that moment.

At that time you saw your friend standing by.Such is the case with hallucinations. Now look at the ‘miracle’ example of Swami Abhedanandas Moroner Pare.”Suppose someone is sitting in the room at night locking the door; He is concerned about mathematics in a useful subject. If he sees a man like him sitting on a chair and writing something on the table, and if he has a solution to the problem, then what should he say? Can this be called delusion? ”(3)I do not know if I can be called delusional, emotional delusion must be called. A’Genesis is not miraculous, nor unusual. Such hallucinations can occur even when you are not thinking about your own existence or complex tasks.

Then ‘Occam’s Razor’. Abedananda says,”There are also authentic instances where some people have appeared to a friend immediately after death.”This is possible through hallucinations. Abedananda is used as a reference by Carrington and Miedor made ‘Death, Its Causes & Phenomena’. This book contains (1),”From the accounts we have read it is evident that the departing spirit sometimes retains full possession of its faculties, though it is probable that this only happens on occasion, and that, in a large number of cases, probably the majority, the shock and The death of Avrench produces a sort of temporary suspension of consciousness, just as a shock or accident would in this world.

Swami Abhedanandas Moroner Pare
Swami Abhedanandas Moroner Pare- স্বামী অভেদানন্দের মরণের পারে

“Then there was a brief account of various witnesses.”When the English Society for Psychical Research began its pioneering work, in 1882, it had no idea that such a preponderance of coincidences would be found, all merging toward the moment of death; But the investigators soon found that such manifestations far outweighed all others in number and in character; And, within the first five years of the Society’s work (except in all cases printed in the Proceedings and Journal of the Society), it was able to publish two bulky volumes, bearing on this question of death coincidences, entitled Phantasms of the Living. General Chat Chat Lounge In these volumes were printed some 702 coincidental cases — in which an apparition of the dying person was seen by others at a distance, or some other sensory, motor, or emotional effect was noticed – the coincidental with the subject whose death figure was was seen.

This book draws on a comparison – a description of the ‘UFO’. Thousands of ‘research’ books on UFOs have been published around the world. The books are based on eyewitness accounts. There are references to all other books as proof and some misinterpretation of government documents. Despite thousands of attempts, no one can find out, whether anyone has seen them. Over the last few decades, most of the UFOs are either Lenticular Cloud or another planet, or ‘Weather Balloon’.

It is his responsibility to prove these so-called ‘proofs’, which are presenting these facts. In this regard, many said, “For everyone, empty hallucinations will not happen. Can you prove that those witnesses did not really see the Spirit? “In reply, I saw ramrod raid on a hillside one day. Returning alone, there was no one in the field. Suddenly I see two ramrods playing on the sidewalk. I saw the basic and was cut off. Can anyone prove that I did not see Ramgrud that day? Now no one can see in the field, but that day was not – can anyone prove that? There is really no way to prove this. It is the claimant’s responsibility to prove the acceptance of the claim.

David Kusche once said, “Say I claim that a parrot has kidnapped to teach aliens human language and I challenge you to prove that is not true. You can even use Einstein’s Theory of Relativity if you like. There is simply no way to prove such a claim is untrue. The burden of proof should be on the people who make these statements, to show where they got their information from, to see if their conclusions and interpretations are valid, and if they have anything left out.

” No one has yet been able to argue the contention. We have to decide whether or not to believe anything without logic.Nowadays, members of rational organizations make people aware of many apparent miracles. Similarly, Abedananda has used an apparent miracle to propagate the existence of the Divine Spirit.“Some people can stop the heartbeat by force. I was introduced to a Hindu doctor in America, when he stopped heart palpitations by willpower, doctors examined him and his lungs didn’t really function. The doctors used to be shocked and asked various questions to the Hindu activist about how this could be possible. In fact, it is possible because the heart is obedient to human desires, the human being can control the functions of his or her senses according to his wishes. However, modern astrology cannot answer any of these – how can that be.

(১৬)First of all, ‘heart rate’ can be ‘stopped’ at will (if it is actually called ‘stop’). But it does not require anything that science cannot explain. Whether or not Abhayendananda wishes to acknowledge the success of science (it may be that, in his time there was no special study of interpretation), science can very clearly explain this phenomenon. First the lungs are ventilated as much as possible and the air is held up by pressure on the chest and abdomen. This creates an ‘air cushion’.

In this case, doctors will not get a heart rate with a stethoscope. This excellent explanation is explained by Basav Premanand, the pioneer of the rationalist movement (note in the book Science vs. Miracles). This explanation has come in the way of science.Then, with great emphasis, Abedananda says,How can the power of the mind be denied when death comes from fear, grief, etc.? If the effects of various conditions on the body can happen to the body, what is it that makes the mind to recognize the most powerful object? As it turns out, liberal and discerning scientists consider the body to be the most astonishing force in the mind, and they are not like orthodox materialists. ”(3)At this point, I will not argue with the ‘profoundly materialistic’.

Rather, we say that materialists think of the brain as the creator of the mind. They think that the mind is the result of nervous action. Many aspects of the mind depend on the gray matter of the brain. By developing a nervous system, the mind can develop. When the action of the nervous system ceases, the functioning of the brain eventually dissipates. Let me set an example to show that the brain is the director of the mind. The example is historically true and without reference to examples of abstinence.On Sept. 7, Phineas was working as a gangman on a gauge railway track. During an explosion an iron rod pierced his skull. That is, the rod enters through the head and exits at the bottom of the jaw (Boston Post, September 21, 1848). He was treated in this condition. Surprisingly he survived (Harlow, 1848).

However, some changes in his brain were affected as parts of the brain were damaged. There is a lot of controversy over the extent of this change, because his brain’s ‘right frontal lobe’ was intact. However, the brain-directed features of the mind, which can be said to be proven in this case.Can the soul be photographed? Or, its weight is known? Yes, it does. I mean, Abedananda has said so.”But when the conscious soul of a man leaves his body after death, photographs or photographs of his fine body can be taken. A very fine type of device has also been discovered – for weighing the fine body immediately after death.

At the time of death, a type of vapor is emitted from the body, and it has been found to be the size of a fine machine discovered, weighing about half an ounce or one-third of an ounce. ”(3)Half-truths, or, to say, the interpretation is wrong. If you find out, the information is wrong. A doctor in Massachusetts, Duncan McDougall, 1, did a strange experiment. He weighed 5 TB-infected young people in an old age, just before and after their death. He found that after death, everyone weighed 25 grams (three quarters of an ounce).

The same test was done in some other organisms. Last time, McDougall did the same test on the dog’s body. Weight has not changed in this case. McDougall decided, the dog has no soul. He presented his test report in the Journal of the American Society for Psychical Research and American Medicine in the 5th.Sadly, the idea of ​​science fiction is not reliable because of his test method and this has not been proved in the future. This experiment had no scientific basis. At least those doctors could not show any scientific basis or evidence.

Therefore, the results of this test were rejected long ago. Interestingly, Duncan himself states in an article published in the American Medicine Journal (1),”I am aware that a large number of experiments will require to be made before the matter can be proved beyond any possibility of error, but if further and sufficient experimentation proves that there is a loss of substance occurring at death and not accounted for by known. The loss of channels, the establishment of such a truth cannot fail to be of utmost importance.

“Barbara and David Mickelson wrote, “MacDougall’s results were flawed because the methodology used to harvest them was suspect, the sample size is far too small, and the ability to measure changes in weight imprecise. For this reason, credibility should not be given to the idea that his experiments proved something, let alone that he measured the weight of the soul as 21 grams. His postulations on this topic are a curiosity, but nothing more. ”The whole thing is just marijuana. So today, nobody says anything special about it. Period of ‘Dying Pare’ is 3 Bangs. So it is not unusual to mention this incident in this book. However, this is a matter of ‘public eating’, based on the story, there is a picture of ’21 Grams’.

Abedananda saw the soul? What is he saying?”At the time of death, a kind of fine-evaporative substance emitted from the body is astronomical. Photographs or photographs of the astronomical material were taken, and astronomers also saw the body burst into flames at death. Then the whole body is covered with a dividing mist. I remember the incident of a girl – her brother died a few years ago in Los Angeles. Of course I heard that from his mother. When the brother is dying, the girl sits in his barn.

He turned to his mother: ‘Mother, mother, look – what a foggy thing around the brother’s body! What is that? ‘ But his mother could not see anything. The girl said: ‘The steam came out of her body.’ Scientists have accepted this as the object of research in Europe. They named the object ‘ectoplasm’ or ‘fine-exterior’. It is a steamy object and has no definite shape. It looks like a small cloud, but any statue can take shape, and so it can be photographed. But they cannot say what it really is, but they cannot deny its existence. “No, the object that scientists call ectoplasm is a completely different object. In science, the term ‘ectoplasm’ is the non-granulated part of the cytoplasm of the organism, not the vapor vapor.

And it is not a scientific decision to name the ectoplasm of the (imaginary) object that Abedananda claims to have existed. Charles French Richet, a French scientist named Glossary of Key Words Frequently Used in Parapsychology, Parapsychological Association. In the case of the girl mentioned, hallucinations have definitely happened. At the peak of stress, This type of hallucination is very common, especially during the death of a loved one and is not a mental disorder. In mythology, saints often suffered hallucinations as a result of the worship of Somers, and could see ‘fine bodies’. It is, of course, through some drugs.

These drugs are called ‘hallucinogens’. The adverse consequences of this drug can be seen by eating or injecting it into the body. There are people who view the subtle body in a book or hear it from somewhere, and call it their own experience. Suppose my friend said, his father saw someone’s fine body in his own eyes. In that case, if it is not deluded by hallucinations or anything else, then it is certainly false. But that’s the problem! The friend will get angry, “What does that mean?

Do you want to tell my father a lie? ” Sometimes that mother, uncle, uncle, Boy. Even educated friends often forget that every liar is someone else’s son or mother or uncle or relative. Now the reader will have to decide what he believes – in an unproven story (no matter how big he says “Avatar”), or on the proven scientific idea of ​​hallucinations!Before looking at whether ectoplasm existed, I read two more words from the ‘Swami Abhedanandas Moroner Pare’.

The ectoplasm is absorbed more than the medium on which the embryos embody idols. I saw this kind of ectoplasm emit in the meeting itself. ”(20)It sounds ridiculous to this day, but many people who believe in it, find that I like watching ‘Like’ on Facebook.

Swami Abhedanandas Moroner Pare has said that he wants to see ectoplasm. In the end it has been proven that this ‘ectoplasm’ is, in most cases, a crafty medium. The ectoplasm was made by mixing potato starch with various products or by whitening the egg, water, a little butter, cloth, etc. The medium swallowed it partially, then repeated it.

In 5 Harry Price proved that Medium Helen Duncan was making ‘ectoplasm’ with cheesecloth (like gauze paper, cotton cloth) to deceive people. In the book Phantasmagoria, Marina Werner explains this very clearly (22), “Dissident sitters who wanted to expose the mediums as frauds would attend a séance and then snatch at the ectoplasmic phantoms and bear them away in triumph:In many cases, fooling around with ‘butter muslin’ and ‘ectoplasm’ is going on.

By making the cut-out of the picture of the human being, the task of creating the ectoplasm of ‘Bidhi-Atma’ was simultaneously caught. After World War II, gradually the ‘ectoplasm’ came to the fore, and the scandal disappeared. Abhidananda’s explanation also proves wrong. Philosopher C. Broad’s explanation (25), “Physical mediumship in general, and which is concerned with ostensible materialization in particular, reeks with and stinks of fraud.

Some ‘ectoplasm’ is known to have been butter-musUn; Much more than it may be most reasonably suspected of being composed of or some other similarly homely material; And I know of no case where the evidence is good enough to build upon.

“The next thing is the most ridiculous (if the previous claims are even somewhat important). This is a strange claim made by Abedananda,”If we examine any part of our body with x-ray or dyeing, we will see that the arm or part of the body is filled with foggy material, as if they were hanging around the bone. So the body we call matter is not material, it is a substance like cloud or mist.

(23)On hearing such a demand, Ramgroor’s chicks do not seem to be left smiling. The fog that we see in the X-ray image is actually for the muscles, skin and other components of our body. When an x-ray enters our body, it can pierce the bone but it cannot penetrate the bone. The density of the muscle and other elements are different, some of them cannot penetrate X-rays. In those parts the picture is captured in a blurry, looking like fog.

Even if the proponents of Abhidananda’s opinion do not acknowledge this, it is a proven fact today, civilization does not matter – because children know this truth today.What is Abedananda’s statement on modern evolutionism?”Reincarnation is founded on evolutionary and is dependent on the rules of action or reason of action.”What does ‘evolutionism’ mean? Don’t know My advice to the writers and writers of Muktamana – Leave evolution and write about reincarnation. This is also ‘science’!

However, this national theory is not uncommon in Abedananda’s book. Evidence of hallucinations is also found in Abedananda’s book. In the ‘Self-Slate-Writing’ chapter, Abhayendananda writes that he feels electric vibration in his hand.In fact, the pair of spirit-national superstitions are in charge of tightening the hands of the ruling class while binding the human race in the spirit of prophecy. If the struggles of exploited people have to be suppressed, then they have to make up their minds like ‘unseen’, ‘fate’, ‘soul’, ‘beyond’.

And if the knot is in the twist of science, then there is no point! What a marvel that even the ‘Marxist’ leaders, dressed in ‘tag-paiti-ring’, will join in! Today, under the influence of rationalist movements around the world, one is opening the mask of propaganda, its ugly form of publicity. Science’s conflict with science will continue, but the ‘propaganda’ of the weapon of exploitation will gradually disappear. But, do you know what is more fun than that?The first page of the book ‘Swami Abhedanandas Moroner Pare’ is written – ” Pare”(scientific discussion)”!


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How to conceive twins? Types, factors, features details about twins

How to conceive twins

The frequency of twins varies across the world and in history. So the question arrived How to conceive twins? In Niger, one person in 12 is a twin, while in Asia, one speaks of one in 70. Scientists have also observed that the rate of twins decreased between 1900 and 1980 and finally increased again from this moment . These variations of course raise questions. What factors could favor the birth of twins?

Let us first distinguish the real from the false twins. When conceiving real twins, a single sperm fertilizes a single egg. The embryo thus formed then divides into two to generate two babies who share the same genes entirely. On the contrary, for false twins, two separate eggs are fertilized by two different sperm.

Scientists still do not fully understand the mechanisms that favor the birth of real twins. To date, therefore, we have not identified with certainty maternal or environmental factors that could increase their frequency. The situation is however clearer for false twins

How to conceive twins?

To conceive false twins, two eggs have to develop during the same menstrual cycle. Normally, an ovum is created by the maturation of a follicle on the surface of the ovary. It is a hormone called FSH, secreted at the start of the menstrual cycle, that triggers its development. When the follicle gives birth to an egg, it also makes a hormone that blocks the production of FSH.

Under these conditions, a single follicle will succeed in producing an egg. However, if the amount of FSH is too large or if it remains elevated for too long, two eggs may appear. It has also been observed that mothers of false twins have higher levels of FSH.

Three specific factors would really favor the birth of false twins: heredity, the age of the mother and the number of children of the mother before conception.


A twin’s sister would be 95% more likely to conceive of twins. Scientists believe that several genes could be responsible for this familial predisposition. In particular, mutations in the genes necessary for the production of the hormone FSH, serving to block its production or capable of reacting to its presence are the main suspects.

Maternal age:

Between the ages of 15 and 35, the chance of conceiving twins is multiplied by four. Scientists suggest that it would be the number of follicles that would explain this situation. When a woman is young, several follicles would be ready to respond to the FSH signal and therefore quickly block its secretion. However, as the woman ages, the follicles become fewer and react more slowly. FSH is then secreted longer, which would allow two eggs to develop. This is also why the frequency of twins has been increasing since 1980. Although fertility treatments could have a role to play, it would be mainly because mothers now have children at an older age.

The number of children:

The more children a woman has at the time of conception, the greater her chances of having twins. It is also believed that the drop in the rate of twins between 1900 and 1980 could be explained by the disappearance of large families.

Other factors:

Certain factors have been associated with the birth of twins, but they are sometimes controversial. Among others, we find the size of the mother, her body mass index, the season of conception, smoking, the use of hormonal contraceptives and folic acid supplements.

The special case of babies

conceived during breastfeeding Could having a baby while breastfeeding increase the chances of having twins? According to Dr. Steinman, this would be the case . In 2001, he studied mothers attending La Leche League who had become pregnant while breastfeeding. He thus calculated that the percentage of birth of real twins was 3.6% among these mothers whereas in a randomly selected population, we speak rather of 0.4%. For false twins, the frequency was 7.8%, compared to 0.7% in general.According to Dr. Steinman, nursing mothers have lower levels of calcium.

How to conceive twins
How to conceive twins? Types, factors, features details about twins

As calcium is needed to bind cells together, a drop would weaken the strength of the links between the cells of the embryo. It would therefore be more likely that it will split in two to give birth to real twins. In addition, breastfeeding disrupts the secretion of sex hormones. This could lead to overproduction of FSH and promote the conception of false twins.However, this is the only study to link breastfeeding to the conception of twins.

First theory

Contacted on this subject, Dr. Jacques Kadoch, head of the department of reproductive medicine and biology at the University of Montreal Hospital Center, said he was surprised by these data of which he had never before known.This hypothesis must therefore be analyzed in more depth before it can be concluded that breastfeeding increases the chances of conceiving twins.In Quebec, in 2010, births of twins represented 3% of all births .This post was first published on the Maman Éprouvette site .

This article “How to conceive twins?” comes from the blog kcouillard and Quimamme

Monovular or monozygotic twins come from a single fertilized egg divided into two, which gives rise to two different embryos. For this reason  , twins are also called monozygotic or monovular.

It is important to distinguish monozygotic twins from heterozygotic twins . The latter, unlike the monozygotes, are formed directly from different eggs and each of them is fertilized by a different spermatozoon. Twins can also be called bizygotes, dizygotes or biovular.

What is the difference between monozygotic and heterozygous?

First, it is important to clarify that the terms “monozygotic” and “heterozygous” mean very different things:

Monozygotes are those twins that come from the same egg  and, once fertilized by sperm, divide into two, thus giving rise to two different embryos. For this reason, twins are also known as monozygotic or monovular.

The heterozygotes, on the other hand, are formed directly from different eggs  and each of them is fertilized by a different spermatozoon. They are also known by the name of bizygotes, dizygotes or biovulars.

In the case of monozygotes, the genetic information is exactly the same, which is why they are “identical twins”. However, the degree of similarity between them can be the same as in heterozygous twins.

What are the chances of having them?

Twin pregnancies are much more frequent in assisted reproduction treatments because,  to increase the success rate, two or three fertilized eggs are implanted in the uterus . It is likely that none of them will thrive or only one, but if both, or all three, will do, the pregnancy will be multiple.

Even  drugs that induce ovulation increase from the 30-35%  chances  of having twins . In other words, about one in three gestations obtained with assisted reproduction techniques are multiple.

The cases of monozygotic twins,

however, have nothing to do with this type of techniques and drugs since the division of the zygote is caused by a biological “accident”. For this reason, the odds may be the same as for spontaneous pregnancies.

Finally, it should be borne in mind that, if twin pregnancies are rare, trigeminal pregnancies are even more so. The SEF calculates that the percentage is only 0.012%, or one out of 8,100 gestations.

twins baby
monozygotic twins

Even when assisted reproduction treatments are performed or ovulation inducing drugs are administered, the probability is low: one in 700 pregnancies, which corresponds to 0.14%.

Factors related to the birth How to conceive twins

Several studies have linked the following factors to the probability of conceiving twins:

  • Age of the mother . Women over the age of 35 are more likely to have multiple pregnancies since an increase in ovarian follicular stimulation occurs after this age which causes the follicles to generate more eggs. It is a bit paradoxical since, at these ages, the chances of conceiving are lower. An estimated 70% of women over 45 have twins.
  • The weight of the mother . The American Congress of Obstetrics and Gynecology, in a complex study, reported that a body mass index equal to or greater than 30 is a factor that promotes polyiovulation. An increased probability was also found in tall women.
  • The ethnic group of the mother . A scientific study conducted in the United States has shown that black women are more likely to have twins than Caucasian women who, in turn, are more likely than Latinas and Asians.  
  • Genetic inheritance . Having a history of multiple pregnancies in the family increases the odds. It is estimated that 17% of twins also have twins. The inheritance is transmitted both by the father and the mother, but it is obviously expressed only in women because they ovulate.

Types of twin pregnancies – How to conceive twins

First, it is necessary to differentiate a monovular twin pregnancy from a biovular pregnancy and several cases may occur:

  • Bicorial-biamniotic pregnancy : there are two placentas and two amniotic sacs. It is multiple pregnancy with fewer risks and occurs in 30% of cases.
  • Monochorionic-biamnotic pregnancy : there are two separate amniotic pockets, but only one placenta. It is a pregnancy with multiple risks, since fetal-fetal transfusion syndrome can occur, that is, one of the two children absorbs all the “resources”, even those of the other. It occurs in 63% of monozygotic pregnancies.
  • Mono-amniotic pregnancy : occurs when babies share the placenta and amniotic sac. It is the least common case of all and the one with the highest risk.
  • Siamese : they share the placenta, the amniotic bursa and some parts of the body. This phenomenon occurs because cell division took place 13 days after fertilization.

Features of twin pregnancy – How to conceive twins

On average,  the twin pregnancy lasts less than the pregnancy of a single child  since the two fetuses, as they grow, run out of available space more quickly and the placenta can age earlier.

This type of pregnancy  requires the same examinations and tests as a single child’s pregnancy, with some ultrasound scans  more than the usual three of the “single” pregnancy.

In twin pregnancy, the mother’s diet plays a fundamental role. Mom should increase calorie intake by about 300 a day , but in a healthy way:

  • It is necessary to increase the consumption of fruit and vegetables.
  • It is also necessary to increase the intake of proteins, essential for the development of fetuses: white meat, fish (the blue one is ideal for its intake of Omega 3), eggs and legumes.
  • The need for iron also increases, as the mother’s body must use its reserves in order for blood with oxygen to reach the fetuses.
  • Folic acid is also essential, especially in the first three months of pregnancy: spinach and other green leafy vegetables, whole grains and fish rich in omega 3 (salmon, mackerel, sardines, etc.).
  • Calcium is another essential mineral in pregnancy but, even more so, in a multiple pregnancy.

Siamese twins – How to conceive twins

Siamese are twins who have not completely separated in the womb . The binding occurs due to a problem in the development of monozygotic embryonic cells.

Cell division occurs later and the more time passes, the more organs are shared. It is not a genetic defect, but a mutation that occurs during the development of the embryos.

Why are they called Siamese? This term originated in the mid-nineteenth century and became international due to the fame of the case of the brothers Eng Bunker and Chang, born in Siam (Thailand) united by a cartilage between the chest and the abdomen.

What are the causes? Nowadays there is no scientific explanation. The most widespread theory is that of fusion, which causes the late separation of the embryonic plaque, which is why the monozygotic twins who have not separated in the first weeks may be born united in some way.

The cases are very few. Only one birth in 200,000 is Siamese.

What will breastfeeding look like in these cases?

If you have twins, breastfeeding is more complicated, but not impossible . With a little effort, practice and a lot of patience, the result will be positive and of great satisfaction for you and your little ones. We give you some practical tips to serenely breastfeed your twins.

  • During the first weeks of life , babies will require breastfeeding every half hour. It will be a difficult phase because you will have the feeling of not doing anything other than breastfeeding. Gradually, you should get your kids used to taking milk at the same time. How to do it? You should gradually synchronize their rhythms. Whenever the hungrier asks for the breast, you will also give it to the other. In this way, their feeds will be contemporary and will end up being hungry at the same time.
  • Supporting both children at the same time is not easy . With the help of two pillows this task will be easier. You should sit in a comfortable place, place the two cushions on your legs and place the children on them.
    Hold the cushions and babies with both arms, positioned so that the little ones reach the nipple on their own. You can rest your feet on a cushion that allows you to lift your legs and feel more comfortable.
  • If you have twins,  the diet must be richer  from an energy point of view: compared to the basic amount of about 2,000 calories per day, the supplement should vary between 900 and 1,200 more calories.
  • Remember to alternate the breasts  between the babies. Do this every 24 hours, so it will be easier for you.

How to treat identical twins? – How to conceive twins

The bond between the twins  is an indispensable element for their growth. When they are very young, they must be together , as they have shared a very small space for months. Therefore, they must be in the same cradle next to the mother, without separating them, unless there is a medical need.

Remember, however, that such an exclusive and lasting relationship, especially if they are monozygotic twins, can compromise the individuality of the two children. We must therefore avoid certain attitudes that can lead us to consider twins as an inseparable unit.

How to conceive twins
How to treat identical twins?

First of all, we should avoid giving them too similar names and we must turn to them with the “you” and not with the “you” , calling them by their name and avoiding referring to them with the generic term “the twins”. To make them recognizable to others, their initials can be embroidered on their clothes or friends can be informed of a particular characteristic or a garment that distinguishes them.

  • One should avoid considering or commenting on their similarity in their presence, as well as using them to surprise friends and strangers.
  • We must evaluate the character differences of each of the twins, to avoid labeling them with predetermined adjectives: the big or the small, the extrovert or the shy.
  • Different gifts should be chosen, trying to strengthen each individual’s individual tastes.
  • However,  in the effort of diversification and autonomy of children, we must not exclude all possible experiences in common , so as not to break the delicate bond that unites twins and avoid aggravating the anxiety of separation that affects all twins in the early years of life. Occasionally, you have to let them play or dress the same way, as well as do the same things.

And the different twins?

In the case of different twins, the same attitude considerations that we saw in the case of identical twins apply. All twins, brothers born together, in fact tend to be considered a multiple unit, instead of being treated as individuals . 

Curiosity about monozygotic twins – How to conceive twins

“It’s two drops of water!”. The extraordinary similarity between the monozygotic twins always arouses our admiration. But is this similarity the same in all senses? For example: do they smell the same? Do they have the same dreams? Is their immune system identical? To what extent do they look alike? Here are some curiosities about twins.

  • Monozygotic twins also look alike in the immune system . For this reason, in many cases, they get sick in the same way and at the same time. Scientific research has shown that out of nine types of antibodies, twins born from the same egg have seven equal ones, while the average for other children varies from six to four.
  • They have similar dreams : say the twins Giorgio and Nicola Pressburger, writers and directors, who wrote a novel about one of their dreams, “The green elephant”.
  • They smell the same : not even the best police dogs can distinguish the smell of a monozygotic twin from another. Sometimes, fingerprints are the same too.
  • They confirm the theory of chronogenetics : according to this science, our life is regulated by rhythms related to time.
    Luigi Gedda, author of the Mendel Institute for the study of twins, formulated this hypothesis after years of collecting data relating to twins from all over the world. An example is the case of John and Arthur Mowforth, two retired airmen: at the age of 70, they suffered from chest pain on the same day and died just over an hour apart.
  • They have a sort of telepathy : in an experiment conducted at the Language Center in San Diego, California, 14 pairs of identical twins were divided into separate rooms, so that they could not communicate. In 12 out of 14 cases, when a twin was asked to make a gesture, like raising his arm, closing his eyes or yawning, the other also did it.
  • Usually he likes the same names : Tom Bouchard, an American psychologist specialized in the study of twins separated at birth, cites, among the various examples, that of twins Dorothy Lowe and Bridget Harrison, adopted in the first days of life by two different families. When, after years of separation, they met, they discovered that they called their children in a surprisingly similar way. The firstborn had been baptized, Andrew Richard and Richard Andrew, and the second daughters Karen Louise and Catherine Louise, respectively.

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21 benefits of neem will surprise you ans some disadvantage of neem

21 benefits of neem

21 benefits of neem: If you have neem tree in front of your house then you are really very lucky. Apart from giving cool air in summer, it is a tree whose every part is effective in curing some or other disease.

If you have neem tree in front of your house then you are really very lucky. Apart from giving cool air in summer, it is a tree whose every part is effective in curing some or other disease. Not only this, neem is also used prominently in the manufacture of various types of cosmetics.

benefits of neem:

Let us now have a detailed discussion about the benefits of Neem:

1. as contraceptive – 21 benefits of neem

Medicines prepared by neem are used as contraceptives.

One study used neem on mice. They were given neem oil and it was found that the rats became sterile for some time.

Thus neem oil can be used to prevent unwanted pregnancy.

Neem tree
21 benefits of neem will surprise you ans some disadvantage of neem

Neem oil blocks the process of spermatogenesis found in men. Thus testosterone is not produced and relief from unwanted pregnancy is achieved.

2. For the mouth and teeth

Mouthwash made from neem extracts inhibits the growth of ‘Streptococcus mutants’. These are a type of bacteria that cause problems in the mouth and teeth.

Neem oil is also used in toothpaste as it is capable of fighting against bacteria and other harmful germs.

Chewing neem bark provides relief from the stench of the mouth.

Apart from this, Neem bark also relieves the pain in teeth and the problem of insects in them.

3. Antibacterial Properties – 21 benefits of neem

Neem is capable of fighting many types of bacteria.

A study has shown that neem leaves have antifungal and antiviral properties. Thus they protect the body from any infection or fungal infection.

If there is any type of infection in the skin, then applying neem leaves to get rid of this problem.

4. In the prevention of diabetes

Neem is naturally bitter and astringent.

A study has revealed that neem has hypoglycemic properties. They reduce the chances of diabetes by reducing the sugar particles found in the blood.

In addition, neem has the potential to reduce the stress caused by diabetes.

One study looked at the antidiabetic effects of neem which are helpful in the prevention and treatment of diabetes.

5. In the treatment of asthma

Neem oil miraculously helps in the treatment of asthma.

If you are suffering from phlegm, fever and cough then taking few drops of neem oil daily provides relief.

One thing must be kept in mind that drops of neem oil should not be taken in large quantities but instead should be increased gradually.

6. Against Cancer

Neem leaves are used to prevent cancer.

It also reduce the chances of prostate cancer. Neem leaves have the ability to act against cancer-causing cells.

The elements found in neem are called medical agents. These prevent check points from deteriorating during cell division.

In this way, the cells are not able to uncontrollably budge and the body survives cancer.

7. Blood purification – 21 benefits of neem

The elements present in neem also act to purify the blood.

Neem oil controls the level of sugar found in the blood. It kills the unnecessary sugar particles found in the blood and thus purifies the blood.

Mix two to three neem leaves and some amount of honey in a glass of water. Take this mixture empty stomach daily in the morning. This improves disturbance of hormone levels.

8. Get rid of eye problems

Neem provides relief from many types of problems occurring in the eyes.

Although research has not confirmed whether neem has an effect on eyesight, neem leaves provide relief from eye irritation and other problems.

Boil a few rows of neem in water and cool it down. Now wash eyes thoroughly with this water.

By doing this, you get relief from irritation and redness in the eyes.

9. In the treatment of leprosy

Neem is used in the treatment of leprosy.

A study in Egypt has revealed that the use of neem benefits leprosy. The study also showed that neem is matagenic which does not cause any change in DNA.

Although neem seed is beneficial, it is important to consult a doctor before consuming it.

Excessive consumption of neem seeds indicates toxic effects, so it should not be consumed directly.

10. Used in aromatherapy – 21 benefits of neem

Neem flower is used in aromatherapy.

The oil extracted from neem flower balances the hormone levels in the body. In this way, this oil keeps the body calm.

The oil extracted from neem flower is used in many types of creams. These creams are used in massage.

11. In the treatment of joint pain

Neem leaves and flowers provide relief in joint pain. Neem has inflammatory properties that are helpful in suppressing pain.

Boil neem leaves and flowers in a glass of water. Drain and cool it. Drink this water 2 times a month. It provides relief in arthritis.

Massaging with neem oil provides relief from joint pain. In addition, neem oil also strengthens the muscles.

21 benefits of neem
Neem balances the levels of sugar found in the blood

12. Controlling cholesterol

Neem balances the levels of sugar found in the blood and lowers blood concentrations. In this way, the amount of cholesterol in the blood remains controlled and the blood does not freeze in the arteries.

One study found that only 100 mg of neem miraculously lowered cholesterol levels.

13. In the treatment of ulcers

Neem has a great contribution in the treatment of ulcers.

Neem bark provides relief in ulceration and gastric acidity.

In one study, it has been found that neem bark is effective in reducing ulceration and gastric acidity in stressed rats.

14. Reduce Acne – 21 benefits of neem

Water filled with extracts of neem leaves is beneficial for pimples.

Boil 20 leaves of neem in one to one and a half liters of water. Boil the water until the water starts to turn a bit green.

Cool the mixture and store it in a bottle. Every night before sleeping, immerse a cotton swab in this water and clean the face from it.

It helps in opening the pores of the facial skin, so that the dirt of the skin comes out.

Similarly, neem powder can also be used for skin. This powder is mixed with water and cleans the skin.

15. In the treatment of Malaria

Neem leaves exhibit antiviral properties.

It is capable of fighting the malaria virus. A study has revealed that neem extract is capable of fighting the malaria virus ‘Plasmodium yvax’. Thus it prevents malaria.

Apart from this, neem tea has been used in the treatment of malaria for centuries which is really effective.

16. Diagnosing digestive problems

Neem is used to diagnose digestive problems.

Both neem powder or oil are used to strengthen digestion.

Extracts of neem leaves give relief from acidity. It balances the level of acid in the stomach and relieves gas and constipation.

17. Get rid of blackheads – 21 benefits of neem

Everybody likes stained and dry skin, but due to sun and dust, there are blackheads on the skin. In such a situation, neem oil can help you.

Put 2 to 3 drops of neem oil in water and apply it in blackheads. It makes the skin free from stains.

18. Relieving Skin Infection

Neem not only eliminates stains or pimples from the skin, but it also gives relief from any type of infection occurring in the skin.

Add neem oil to the water and mix the two together. Add 100 milligrams of this mixture to your bath water and take bath. It relieves allergies and infections.

19. Relief of dark circles under the eyes

Lack of sleep, excess of work and excessive fatigue causes dark circles under the eyes.

Neem promises to get rid of this problem completely.

Add neem powder to the water. Apply it on the dark circles under the eyes. Wash it with normal water after leaving it for ten minutes. It is a very effective medicine.

20. Relief from baldness

Fast falling hair gives rise to baldness. Baldness is due to lack of proper nutrition and side effects of chemical medicines.

Neem can help you a lot if you also have this problem, but a doctor’s consultation is necessary before implementing any kind of treatment. Show your problem to the doctor first and then use Neem medicine only on his suggestion.

Both hair masks and neem water made from neem give relief from baldness. They also promote hair growth.

21. for happy hair

Just as neem gives moisture to dry skin, it also solves the problem of dry hair.

Mix water and honey together. Add neem leaves to it and boil all three well. Leave it on your hair for a while and then wash it off with shampoo. This frees up freezing hair and keeps hair moist.

Other benefits – 21 benefits of neem

If you have burnt your hand while cooking or for any other reason, then grind neem leaves on that place immediately. The antiseptic property present in it does not allow the wound to grow much.

21 benefits of neem
Causes of auto-immune diseases

If you have pain in ear, using neem oil will be very beneficial. Neem oil is also an effective remedy for many people due to the disease of running ears.

For applying on boils and other wounds,
it happens many times that due to lack of clear blood, boils occur from time to time. In such a situation, grinding neem leaf on the affected area will be beneficial. Also, there are no pimples on cleansing the face with its water.

In this way we can know the benefits of neem.

Let us now talk about how Neem can be obtained?

Getting neem – 21 benefits of neem

Neem has many benefits. If you also want to benefit from Neem then search for Neem tree near you.

Then If you find a neem tree, then you can get bark, leaves and fruits from there. If there is no neem tree near you, you can buy neem-rich products from the market.

You can buy neem oil and mouthwash from online market.

Neem tablets have similar benefits, so you can buy them as well. It is beneficial for the skin, but consult a doctor before using them.

Along with the benefits of neem, it can have some disadvantages as well.

Harm of neem

1. Causes of auto-immune diseases

If you have any auto-immune disease then you should avoid using neem.

Neem makes the immune system highly active and causes many auto-immune diseases such as sclerosis.

We should avoid the use of neem in such situation and the doctor’s advice should be preferred.

2. Harmful to infants

Consuming neem orally severely harms infants.

Due to the side effects of neem, infants develop vomiting, diarrhea, coma and neurological problems.

Sometimes infants also die, so it is necessary to protect infants from the consumption of neem.

3. Pregnant women harm

Neem is prone to miscarriage, so pregnant women should avoid consumption of neem.

It also harms breastfeeding women, so they should also stay away from neem.

4. Other Side Effects

Neem can cause infertility problems in both men and women.

Before surgery, operation and organ transplant, doctors recommend staying away from neem for at least two weeks.

In this article we learned about the advantages and disadvantages of neem .

We would advise you to use neem only after consulting a doctor.

If you have any question, then you can ask us through comment.

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Benefits of eating raw Turmeric, 6 reasons, The secret of turmeric

Benefits of eating raw Turmeric

Benefits of eating raw Turmeric: We know turmeric from Indian curry mixtures and like to use the spice for cooking. Turmeric is not only delicious, it also has some health-promoting properties. We explains why turmeric is so healthy and what the tuber has healing properties.

What is turmeric? – Benefits of eating raw Turmeric

Turmeric comes from South Asia and has been used as a spice and remedy in India for several thousand years. The yellow root belongs to the ginger family, but does not taste as hot as ginger, but rather mildly spicy and slightly bitter.

Turmeric contains various essential oils and the polyphenol curcumin . Both ingredients contribute significantly to the health-promoting and healing effects of turmeric. Curcumin, for example, has an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effect – and is said to alleviate pain in osteoarthritis.

Turmeric as a powder (e.g. here at Amazon *) or in the form of capsules as a micellar turmeric (e.g. from piperine), which increases the biocompatibility. Turmeric gives most Indian curry blends their yellow color. The spice is suitable for dyeing and seasoning rice dishes, ragouts or chicken, for example. The root also tastes great in smoothies or as a turmeric latte .

Benefits of eating raw Turmeric
Benefits of eating raw Turmeric, 6 reasons, The secret of turmeric
NOTICE! Turmeric belongs to the ginger family and tastes mildly spicy and slightly bitter. The root contains essential oils and the active ingredient curcumin, which contribute significantly to the fact that turmeric is so healthy.

1. Turmeric has an anti-inflammatory effect

Acute, short-term inflammation helps the body to repair damage and protects against dangerous bacteria. However, if inflammation becomes chronic, it can harm the body. Studies show that chronic inflammation can promote or cause diseases such as metabolic syndrome, cancer , Alzheimer’s or heart disease.

The curcumin contained in turmeric has a strong anti-inflammatory effect and is therefore used to prevent and treat diseases. Some studies even compare curcumin’s potency with anti-inflammatory drugs.

Pure turmeric powder contains only three percent curcumin. In order to achieve optimal health-promoting and medical effects, it makes sense to use curcumin extract. Curcumin extract is available either on the Internet or in the health food store. The absorption of curcumin in the bloodstream is improved by the combination with black pepper.

NOTICE! Curcumin has a strong anti-inflammatory effect and is therefore used to prevent and treat diseases such as the metabolic syndrome or cancer.

2. Turmeric has an antioxidant effect

Oxidative damage is caused by free radicals , which are highly reactive molecules with unpaired electrons. Free radicals react with organic substances such as fatty acids, proteins or DNA and can cause illnesses and accelerate aging processes. Antioxidants protect the body from free radicals.

Curcumin is not only anti-inflammatory, but also has a strong antioxidant effect. Due to its chemical structure, curcuminoids can neutralize free radicals and thereby render them harmless. In addition, curcumin also promotes the activity of the body’s own antioxidants. This is how free radicals are combated particularly effectively.

NOTICE! Curcumin has a strong antioxidant effect. The active ingredient in turmeric can neutralize free radicals and promotes the activity of the body's own antioxidants.

3. Turmeric lowers the risk of brain disease

Nerve cells are able to re-network with each other. In some regions of the brain , nerve cells can even multiply. The decisive factor for this increase is the growth factor BDNF (brain-derived neutrotrophic factor), the so-called neurotrophic factor. BDNF is a type of growth hormone that is active in the brain. Some brain dysfunctions, such as depression or Alzheimer’s disease , have been linked in scientific studies to decreased levels of Bdnf.

Studies show that curcumin contained in curcuma increases the concentration of the growth factor BDNF. For example, curcumin is effective in delaying or even averting brain diseases and age-related restrictions in brain function.

In Alzheimer’s disease, indissoluble plaques form between the neurons in the brain. Current research shows that curcumin helps to influence the composition of the plaques and could therefore be used to treat Alzheimer’s.

The nutrition expert Professor Dr. Heiner Greten explains what plaque is and how existing deposits can be influenced: “Plaque consists of different substances: soft – the fats – and hard, the lime. An already calcified plaque can no longer be broken down. It rests like an iceberg in It is not possible to remove or at least reduce it, but it is possible to influence its composition: ‘Plaque’ that is as hard as possible and does not break open is desirable – because a soft plaque that breaks open can lead to a blood clot. “

However, further studies of the effects of curcuminoid in the brain are necessary to scientifically confirm the curative effects in Alzheimer’s.

NOTICE! Curcumin strengthens the concentration of the growth factor BDNF in the brain. This promotes the multiplication of nerve cells and reduces diseases and impairments of the brain.

4. Turmeric reduces the risk of heart disease

Heart disease is one of the leading causes of death worldwide. Heart diseases are very complex and are influenced by many different factors. It has been shown that polyphenol curcumin, due to its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-thrombotic and cardiovascular effects, can lower the risk of heart disease (and cholesterol levels).

Turmeric flowers
Turmeric flowers

Curcumin also strengthens the functionality of the endothelium on the heart. The endothelium is a vessel coating that regulates the exchange of substances between the blood and the vessels. Decreased endothelial function affects regulation of blood pressure and blood clotting and is a major cause of heart disease. Due to its endothelial strengthening effect, the curcumin contained in turmeric reduces the risk of heart disease.

NOTICE! Curcumin has a positive effect on heart health. The polyphenol has an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and strengthens the functionality of the endothelium.

5. Turmeric to protect against cancer

Research is currently being carried out into the extent to which turmeric can be used effectively to prevent and treat cancer . The curcumin contained in turmeric can influence the formation, growth and spread of cancer cells.

Studies show that curcumin can inhibit the growth of blood vessels and metastases and contribute to the death of cancer cells.

Some animal laboratory studies show that curcumin inhibits the development of cancer cells. Even if the studies to date are promising, further research is necessary to ensure the effectiveness and medical applicability of curcumin against cancer.

NOTICE! Curcumin is able to influence changes at the molecular level. It is possible that curcumin with this ability can also protect against cancer or even be used to treat cancer.

6. Turmeric soothes the stomach

Specially the polyphenol curcumin it contains, helps with indigestion and soothes the stomach . Turmeric promotes fat digestion in the stomach and intestines and thereby prevents feeling of fullness and bloating after eating high-fat food. The effectiveness of turmeric in treating inflammation of the digestive system has been scientifically confirmed.

NOTICE!  has been scientifically proven that turmeric helps with indigestion and soothes the stomach.

Knowledge to take away! – Benefits of eating raw Turmeric

Turmeric belongs to the ginger family and tastes mildly spicy and slightly bitter. The root contains essential oils and the active ingredient curcumin, which make turmeric so healthy. Curcumin has a strong anti-inflammatory effect and is therefore used to prevent and treat diseases such as the metabolic syndrome or cancer.

Curcumin also has a strong antioxidant effect. The active ingredient in turmeric can neutralize free radicals and promotes the activity of the body’s own antioxidants.

Fresh or powdered turmeric? – Benefits of eating raw Turmeric

Turmeric powder is obtained after boiling and drying the rhizome of the plant. You can find them very easily today in all the spice departments of supermarkets and in organic stores.

Fresh turmeric is considered to be more aromatic, with a more subtle taste than that in powder. It easily accompanies your savory and sweet dishes.

Turmeric or curcumin strengthens the concentration of the growth factor BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor) in the brain. This promotes the multiplication of nerve cells and reduces diseases and impairments of the brain.

How to consume fresh turmeric – Benefits of eating raw Turmeric

Choose it well

It is important to check the skin quality of the turmeric rhizome and must be intact.

It is used like fresh ginger: you will have to peel, grate or mix it depending on what you want to prepare. Warning: handling turmeric requires gloves because it stains the fingers, and the yellow color is difficult to leave!

It is advisable to consume fresh organic turmeric . It is possible to order them online or to go directly to shops like Biocoop. Asian grocery stores (Indian, Chinese) often have them. They are also found in hypermarkets, randomly. Check with your favorite stores.

Storage of fresh turmeric – Benefits of eating raw Turmeric

It should be stored in an airtight container and away from heat , light and moisture.

If you want to keep your turmeric in the freezer , you must pack it in an airtight bag and wrap it in several layers of aluminum foil.

Finally, for storage in the refrigerator place the rhizomes in a perforated plastic bag and it can remain there for several weeks .

Some simple cooking recipes with fresh turmeric – Benefits of eating raw Turmeric

Curry paste

Turmeric is one of the main ingredients that make up homemade curries. To make this curry paste recipe, take hot peppers, ginger, onions, curry, garlic and finally, fresh turmeric .

Depending on the taste, sugar, soy sauce, sesame oil, basil or even concentrated tomato juice should also be incorporated into the recipe.

For this preparation, cut the chilli lengthwise and remove the seeds. Then cut the onions and grate the ginger and the turmeric. After chopping the garlic, we mix the whole .

Finally, the rest of the food should be included in the preparation for a final mix. The curry paste is ready to savor.

Benefits of eating raw Turmeric
Fresh turmeric teaBenefits of eating raw Turmeric

Fresh turmeric tea – Benefits of eating raw Turmeric

With anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, infusions based on fresh turmeric rhizomes are a treat for the body.

The ingredients to make a delicious turmeric infusion:

  • Some seeds of crushed peppers : pepper helps to better fix curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric
  • Sliced ​​lemongrass : herb known for its bactericidal properties and its benefits on the digestive system
  • A few ginger rings : one no longer recalls the benefits of this powerful anti-inflammatory and diuretic
  • 3 slices of fresh turmeric , peeled or minced according to preference

After 5 minutes of infusion, the drink can be enjoyed. It is a very spicy mixture, it can be softened by adding honey and adjusting the dosages.

Discovering Golden Milk, or Golden Latte

Golden milk is an Ayurvedic drink consumed since time immemorial in India. Also called golden latte , it has a supporting action for the joints, it is an excellent drainer for the liver, and it soothes the nervous system.

The main ingredients of this milk are fresh turmeric, coconut milk and pepper . As a reminder, the latter, thanks to the piperine it contains, makes it possible to fix the curcumin of turmeric in our body.

You can also add ginger, or agave syrup, honey, cinnamon…

What does turmeric do to the skin?

Turmeric really makes the skin beautiful is part of the traditional knowledge of old dynasties. The turmeric is so much more than just a spice or kitchen aid. Because it is amazing what the ingredients of turmeric can do on the skin surface. Because there are now a whole range of scientific beauty arguments that speak for an application. First there is the effect as a natural antioxidant, which slows down aging processes and counteracts the formation of wrinkles. Internally, turmeric boosts fat metabolism by suppressing the growth of certain fat cells that are responsible for being overweight, but also for increased fat deposition in the connective tissue under the skin. Skin health is always dependent on the collagen content,

This also has a positive effect on hair and nails in their healthy growth. When turmeric is taken orally as a dietary supplement, strengthening the liver function also speeds up detoxification processes. This effect also ensures a younger complexion through increased slag breakdown. Last but not least, turmeric has been shown to have an effect on the chromosomes, more precisely on the end areas of the chromosomes, which are also called telomeres and have a strong influence on early skin aging. Turmeric activates a special enzyme, the so-called telomerase and therefore ensures that the telomeres can regenerate many times more than would be the case under normal circumstances. Therefore, turmeric can rightly be called a super skin anti-aging natural remedy.

Make your own turmeric face masks:

Of course, there are ready-made face masks with turmeric extract available on the market, but with only a few ingredients that are available in practically every household, highly effective turmeric face masks can also be produced by yourself.

To benefit from an additional peeling effect, it is sufficient:

  • four tablespoons of turmeric
  • half a cup of whole milk
  • three tablespoons of honey
  • half a cup of oatmeal

to a homogeneous mass. The additional, gentle peeling effect is caused by the added oat flakes in this tried and tested recipe.

This proven face mask is well suited for all skin types and also for skin subunits. To enhance an anti-inflammatory effect on skin subunits, powdered gelatin is used instead of oatmeal . A teaspoon of chamomile flowers can also be added if the facial skin is prone to redness or is particularly sensitive.

In  addition to turmeric, a ripe, half banana  and  two tablespoons of organic natural yoghurt are  added to create a  moisture mask  . All turmeric face masks should not be applied too thickly and should be removed with lukewarm water after about 30-45 minutes of exposure.

Curcumin also has a positive effect on heart health, as it has an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effect and strengthens the functionality of the endothelium. It has been scientifically proven that turmeric helps with indigestion and soothes the stomach.

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Make hand sanitizer or disinfectant at home yourself: Instructions

Make hand sanitizer or disinfectant

Instructions for Make hand sanitizer or disinfectant to make yourself: How to fight viruses & bacteria naturally

Good against bacteria and viruses

Make hand disinfectant yourself: Instructions

When the flu wave rolls again, washing hands and disinfecting helps

On the train, on the bus, at the bakery – everywhere we come into contact with germs that others have left behind. It is therefore important to wash your hands several times a day. But what to do if there is no way to do it on the way (e.g. in the playground)? Then disinfectants for the hands * 🛒, which are now available from numerous manufacturers, will help . However, you can save the money by doing hand disinfectants yourself. It’s totally simple and you are guaranteed to know what is in the bottle afterwards. Nicely packaged, the germ killer is even suitable as a gift.

DIY instructions for disinfectants

The list of ingredients in an average disinfectant reads like a chemistry doctoral thesis: Propan-2-ol, Propan-1-ol, Mecetroniumetilsulfat … In case you are too scary to rub this mixture on your skin or on your children , you can also mix an agent yourself that kills pathogens. How this works and what you need for it is shown here in our DIY instructions for disinfectants.

It is important, however, that you do not overdo it with the application. Washing hands with soap is always the better alternative – both for your skin and for your immune system. Because when you wash your hands, you make a large part of the bacteria and viruses on your hand surface harmless (instructions for correct hand washing here) and a certain contact with pathogens is even good for us because we train our immune system. In addition, some bacteria even protect the skin. Nevertheless, hygiene is important especially in the cold season, when flu and cold waves regularly sweep through the country. And if there is no sink nearby, a disinfectant is ideal for on the go.

Make hand sanitizer or disinfectant
Make hand sanitizer or disinfectant at home yourself: Instructions

Checklist: You need this for the DIY hand disinfectant

It is best to get an amber glass bottle with a spray attachment in the pharmacy or online at Amazon * 🛒. Then fill them in as follows:

  • 80 ml alcohol ( isopropyl alcohol *)
  • 20 ml aloe vera juice *
  • 5 drops of an essential oil *: either tea tree, clove, lavender, lemon, rosemary, cinnamon or eucalyptus

Mix all the ingredients in the amber glass bottle and shake well before each use.

The essential oils it contains are a natural remedy for germs, bacteria, viruses and fungi. Alcohol disinfects very well, aloe vera does too – and the aloe content also nourishes the skin. If you prefer to clean surfaces with the spray, simply replace the aloe content 1: 1 with alcohol.

Would you prefer a hand gel? Then add 1 to 1.5 grams of xanthan * to change the consistency. Fill the gel into a brown bottle with a pump attachment *.

Use hand disinfectant correctly

  1. Spray your hands with the spray from a distance of 5 centimeters until the palms are wet and also spread between your fingers – similar to the soap used to wash your hands.
  2. Leave on for up to 30 seconds.
  3. Massage disinfection gel into your hands for 20 to 30 seconds so that it can develop its optimal anti-germ effect.

Incidentally, the World Health Organization has also published instructions for a self-mixed disinfectant. According to the editorial network Germany, the WHO recipe contains the following ingredients, which are mixed and mixed well:

  • 800 ml of alcohol or ethanol
  • 200 ml of boiled water
  • and some glycerin *

It is important that you do not mix the ingredients near fire or hot objects, because ethanol is highly flammable.

How to properly use hydroalcoholic gels?

Free sanitizer
Free hand sanitizer

First thing: do not use hydroalcoholic gel on wet hands. They should only be used on dry hands. These solutions are not a substitute for washing with warm water and soap, as they do not completely clean your hands. But in the absence of water or soap, they can be useful.

Another way to make own sanitizing solution?

To compensate for the absence of hydroalcoholic gels in our pharmacies or our supermarkets, you can make them in a few steps:

  • Remember to disinfect your bottle and utensils with alcohol at 70 ° C, to eliminate any germs.
  • Then pour into your container 3 tablespoons of alcohol at 70 ° C
  • 2 teaspoons of glycerin
  • 6 tablespoons aloe vera gel
  • 46 drops of lavender essential oil (essential oils being very allergenic, remember to test them upstream on a small part of your skin)
  • 18 drops of tea tree essential oil

For this hydroalcoholic gel recipe, you will need a small container of about 75 ml. Do not forget to note the date of preparation, since the solutions made by hand do not keep for more than three months.

In the end of Make hand sanitizer or disinfectant

The glycerin component in the WHO DIY disinfectant recipe is intended to protect the skin. The problem: alcohol and ethanol attack the fatty layer of the skin and dry the hands. All in all, homemade disinfectants are more of an emergency solution when Sagrotan, Steriulium & Co. are hardly available in pharmacies or drugstores. Experts from various pharmacists warn against making disinfectants themselves because they use flammable chemicals. So caution is definitely required. And a disinfectant from the pharmacy should be the first choice.

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Award autism patient for project, 22 years old, recvd award for his project

Award autism patient for project

Award autism patient for project: The young Argentinean developed a digital tool that streamlines accounting processes: what usually takes 3 days with this system is done in just 20 minutes. As a result, he received the Hasso Plattner Founders’ Award, the main recognition that the SAP company makes to its collaborators. He is the first Latin American to receive this award.

Nicolás Neumann is 22 years old, is Argentine and was awarded for having developed a digital tool that streamlines accounting processes. He created a system that reduces the processing time for complex invoices: what used to take three days before can now be solved in just 20 minutes.

“The tool maps all the data, validates it and once it is ok, sends it to the system to process it and determine what to attribute the expense to, what type of expense it is, the amount, etc. All that which was previously manual, is now automated ”, explains Neumann in dialogue with Infobae .

Autism at work

Processing complex invoice processing in large organizations can be time consuming. Hence, this tool has been viewed with such good eyes at SAP, the company where Nicolás works, who decided to reward him for this initiative. SAP is one of the largest software, analytical solutions and cloud solutions companies: 77% of global transactions are carried out using a system from this company, as reported on their official website.

As a result of this development, which today is being implemented internally within the company and which is expected to launch on the market, Nicolás received the Hasso Plattner Founders’ Award, the main recognition of the company to its collaborators. He is the first Latin American to receive this award. It is also the first time that a single person and not a team has obtained this recognition.

Nicolás joined SAP Argentina in 2016 through the “Autism at Work” Program, a labor inclusion program in Argentina for people with autism spectrum conditions . The program was developed by SAP, with the support of the NGOs Asociación Argentina de Padres de Autistas (APAdeA) and Specialisterne.

According to the latest manual from the American Academy of Psychiatry (DSM-V) published in 2013, autistic spectrum disorder (ASD) is spoken of to refer to these conditions that affect 1% of the world’s population. Child and adolescent psychiatrist Alexia Rattazzi, co-founder of the PANAACEA Civil Association, proposes to change the word “disorder” to “condition” , to avoid stigmatization of individuals within this spectrum.

Rattazzi explanation on Award autism patient for project

“Talking about condition instead of disorder removes some of the barriers associated with prejudice and ignorance in the general population. This operates strongly in the labor market and in the opportunities offered by employers. More than 80% of adults with conditions of the autistic spectrum are unemployed, “explains Rattazzi.

Nicolás says he went through several therapists throughout his life, but the diagnosis only came in 2016, two years after he stopped attending high school. “I stopped studying in 2014 because I was not feeling well, I started to isolate myself and I got depressed”, he tells in dialogue with Infobae . He says he was stressed when he was in crowded places and avoided social events.

In 2016 he was assisted by new therapists who diagnosed him and helped him find mechanisms to deal with his difficulties. He learned through them about the program that SAP had and decided to appear that same year.

“When it was time for preselection, in October, I started working with my therapists and we saw techniques on how to interact in the work environment, where I was going to have to connect with new people,” he stresses.

After joining the company, he decided to finish high school. And today he continues to train on his own. He says he does not know if he will go to college, but what he is clear about is that he will continue to take courses and learn about computing and programming, two of his passions, in addition to applied physics.

About the tool – Award autism patient for project

While working as an analyst in creditor accounting, Nicolás discovered a way to automate complex invoice processing to streamline and simplify manual labor.

Thanks to his ability to quickly tackle difficult issues, he set about programming the solution on his own, in his spare time and at night. His team and his mentors, seeing the potential of the idea, gave him one day a week to dedicate himself exclusively to the project. Today he spends half of his daily work to improve the tool, for which he works with experts in machine learning .

“I started developing the idea in May 2019 and it took me two months to make the tool, then we started testing in July. We are now in the process of implementing it in every SAP finance center. ”

The tool structures the invoices automatically and transfers them directly to the ERP. This reduces the processing time from two or three days to just twenty minutes. It also offers real-time display of accurate data, reducing errors from manual data recording. It can be easily implemented in SAP financial accounting without large investments – just employee training hours.

“I am very impressed by Nicolás’ ability to identify a problem and take action. Your tool will not only be applied internally, our clients will also see its benefits in the future. It is a perfect example of innovation, ”said Christian Klein, Co CEO of SAP.

His work was selected from eight finalists from around the world. “It is a great joy to receive this important award globally. It is an important boost to my dream of developing a professional career in the field of software, in addition to visiting the world ”, Nicolás remarked when he received this distinction.

Autisms: diagnostic criteria and different terminologies to talk about this condition

One in 160 children is diagnosed on the autism spectrum, according to the WHO. As this organism explains, this refers to a group of conditions characterized by difficulties in social interaction and communication, and a restricted and repetitive pattern of behaviors, activities and / or interests.

Dr. Rattazzi explains, in a video published on the official YouTube channel of PANAACEA (www.youtube.com/panaacea) and reproduced below, that currently the diagnosis of autism is made at the clinical level, through of evaluations and observations of the specialist, in addition to the interview with the parents or caregivers in charge of the child, adolescent or adult being evaluated. Today there are no biomarkers, which can be obtained by blood tests, resonances or other types of analysis of this type that allow reaching this diagnosis.

American Academy of Psychiatry

“The latest edition of the manual of the American Academy of Psychiatry, the DSM-V, indicates that four main diagnostic criteria are required to diagnose Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD): A) persistent deficit in social communication and social interaction in various contexts, B) restricted and repetitive patterns of behaviors, interests or activities, C) symptoms must be present from childhood, D) symptoms limit and interfere with daily functioning. These four criteria must be met for someone to be diagnosed with ASD. Criteria A and B are subdivided into specific sub criteria. In A) there are 3 sub-criteria and all three have to be given, in B) there are four sub-criteria and two of them must be met to make a diagnosis of ASD.

In criterion A) the three sub-criteria that exist are: 1) difficulty in socio-emotional reciprocity (everything that makes conversation with others, joint attention), 2) deficit or challenges in non-verbal communication (here everything which is eye contact, body language, gestures, facial expressions), 3) difficulties in developing and maintaining social relationships (imaginative play and maintaining friendships). “

He then details that in the case of the youngest (under 3 years old) this criterion can be given to only two of these items (in the rest the 3 must be given). And continues.

Award autism patient for project
Award autism patient for project, 22 years old, recvd award for his project

“In relation to criterion B, the 4 sub-criteria are 1) language, movement or use of objects in a stereotyped or repetitive way, 2) excessive adherence to rituals, routines or excessive rejection of change, 3) Abnormal fixed or highly restrictive interest in intensity or focus, 4) Hypo or hyper reactivity to sensory input or unusual interest in sensory aspects. There must be at least two of these four subcriteria of criterion B present for the diagnosis of ASD for DSM-V ”.

Asperger syndrome – Award autism patient for project

Asked about the use of the term Asperger syndrome to describe those who are within the spectrum or condition but are highly functional, Rattazzi explained that in the previous version of the aforementioned psychiatry manual, the DSM-IV-TR, there were five diagnostic categories within of the umbrella of Generalized Development Disorders (TGD) which were: Autistic Disorder, Childhood Disintegrative Disorder, Rett Syndrome, Asperger’s Syndrome and Generalized Development Disorder Not Specified.

When the fifth edition of the manual, the DSM V, is published in 2013, TGD is no longer discussed and Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) begins to be discussed, and the categorical approach is eliminated. “Starting with the DSM-V, we only talk about ASD and what needs to be defined is the level of language, the cognitive level and the level of support that each person needs. From the previous classification, what was Autistic Disorder, Asperger’s Disorder and Generalized Development Disorder Not Specified are subsumed, in DSM V, to Autistic Spectrum Disorder ”, he stresses.

Hence, what was previously described as Asperger syndrome , today would be a person with Autism Spectrum Disorder, with probable average or above-average cognitive level, with fluent language and with a variable degree of need for support.

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Science Day 2020 : When did Science Day begin to be celebrated?

Science Day 2020

Science Day 2020: Science is very important in our life. Many great scientists were born in India and gave recognition to India in the field of science and also made a different place for themselves. National Science Day is celebrated in India every year on 28 February in the presence of a similar scientist. Let us know through this article why and how National Science Day is celebrated in India. How did it start, etc.?

We will travel back in time until 1999 to locate ourselves in Budapest, when the World Conference on Science was held. Essential issues were addressed and a global action plan of unquestionable relevance was launched, which is still active.

What is the ‘Raman Effect’?

Raman scattering or the Raman effect is about the flexible distribution of photon particles. According to Raman effect, the nature and nature of light changes when it comes out through a transparent medium. This medium can be anything solid, fluid and gaseous. This phenomenon occurs when the molecules of the medium disperse or disperse the particles of light energy. The Raman effect is also important for understanding the internal structure of chemical compounds.

On the official website of the United Nations the origin of the celebration of Science Day is very well explained :

The World Science Day for Peace and Development is an annual event celebrated worldwide since 2002 to remember the commitment made at the World Conference on Science, held in Budapest in 1999, under the Sponsorship of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and the International Council for Science (CIC)…

… At the Budapest meeting it was considered that the establishment of this Day would constitute an opportunity to reaffirm every year the will to achieve the objectives proclaimed in the Declaration on Science and the Use of Scientific Knowledge and to follow up on the recommendations of the Program in for Science: General Framework for Action .

What do you intend to achieve with Science Day?

This important date must remain active for all that it implies, both nationally and internationally. While it is true that science occupies a fundamental place in the face of technological and social advances, the truth is that there is still a lot of informative work ahead so that the population knows the real importance.

For this , Science Day has an essential responsibility in order to transmit to the world everything that science has achieved and can continue to achieve, with the following objectives every year:

  • Bet internationally to use science responsibly in favor of societies .
  • Eradicate poverty through the appropriate use of science adapted to the environment.
  • Encourage an improvement in the opinion about science by the population.
  • Bring science closer to society to eliminate that distance still existing between them.
  • Encourage in society the importance of science as a tool to improve.
  • Report progress and news.
  • Know real achievements .
Science Day 2020
Science Day 2020 : When did Science Day begin to be celebrated?

Awards on National Science Day

Every year on the occasion of National Science Day, a grand program is organized by the Ministry of Science and Technology in New Delhi. In this program, awards are presented at the national level for special contributions to popularize science. Apart from this, lectures are also organized by a distinguished scientist on the popular subject of science.

The head of the National Council of Science and Technology Communication, Mr. Chandramohan told India Science Wire that this year the Director General of the National Museum Council, Kolkata, Mr. A.K. The main lecture will be given by Manekar, whose theme is ‘Challenges and Prospects for Science Communication in the Twenty-First Century’.

Without the spread of scientific outlook in the public mind, the path of development cannot be progressed rapidly. A large section of the society is still surrounded by unmistakable beliefs and superstitions. Diffusion of scientific thinking is necessary to move fast on the path of development. Events like National Science Day can definitely prove to be helpful in spreading the scientific outlook.

And you, what are you going to do today to celebrate Science Day? Tell us on our social networks: Facebook and Twitter .

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Remove Stretch marks are embarrassing, makeup tips wonders

stretch mark

Remove Stretch marks: Having stretch marks in the body is quite natural and there is no such thing as shamarna. Many times we want to cover or lighten them on certain occasions, in such a way you can cover them for some time by using the right beauty products. Some similar tips have been suggested by L’Oreal Paris USA.

Choose the right color character

When it comes to covering stretch marks, correct identification of colors is one of the most important factors. If they are new or purple, use yellow color character to make them appear lighter. If these marks on the body are old, then you do not need any color character, because their color is already lighter than the rest of the skin.

Full Coverage Foundation

Of course, full coverage foundation is essential to cover stretch marks. Their proper use can cover everything from scars to hyperpigmentation.

Remove Stretch marks
Remove Stretch marks are embarrassing, makeup tips wonders

Make-up Set (Remove Stretch marks)

After covering the stretch marks, you will want to keep it up all day. Do not forget to apply setting powder on the makeup brushes to ensure that the makeup remains intact throughout the day and also has better coverage.

Remove Stretch marks
Apply to self-tanner (Remove Stretch marks)

Apply to self-tanner (Remove Stretch marks)

Without makeup, you can cover the deep marks of stretch marks with the help of self-tanner. There is no need to tell, with the help of this, you can make your look dark and according to yourself, you can show yourself different and beautiful.

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