7 Ayurvedic treatment for Epilepsy, deadly if not treated

Ayurvedic treatment for Epilepsy: Epilepsy is due to neurological disorder. In epilepsy, the patient feels as if he is suddenly falling into the darkness or is engulfed by it. His eyes become drawn and unconscious. He starts banging his hands and feet or his limbs swagger, there is no effect by throwing light on his eyes. The tongue of the patient swells.

Symptoms of epilepsy – Ayurvedic treatment for Epilepsy

Mirgi Disease – Many types of symptoms appear in this disease. Such as yellow froth coming out of the mouth, yellowing the entire body and eyes, feeling thirsty, burning sensation in the body and a fiery feeling from all around, everything appearing yellow or red. Foaming of the mouth, toothache, toothache of the body, increased speed of breath, appearing black all around the patient. Whole body and eyes turn white, white froth comes out of the mouth, standing in the cries of the body, everything appears white-white.

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They can be divided into three stages. First stage – the whole body is stretched. This condition does not last more than 30 seconds, the patient can chew his tongue with teeth. Many patients also urinate or defecate in clothes. Second stage- It is more severe, during this stage that lasts for two to five minutes, the patient gets oil shocks. Foam starts flowing out of his mouth, lips and face turn blue. The third stage stops jerking. The patient either becomes conscious or he remains in such a state again.

Note: – Epilepsy patients are not insane, they are like normal people. His physical process is also normal. Epilepsy patients are eligible to marry and they also have the full capacity to give birth to a child.

Epilepsy Causes – Ayurvedic treatment for Epilepsy

The work of the brain depends on the way the neurons deliver the signals properly. But when this work starts getting interrupted, then the problem starts coming in the work of the brain. Due to this, when the epileptic patient attacks, his body swells, faints, special parts of the body become inactive for some time, etc. By the way, it is difficult to tell the exact cause of its disease. Some causes can affect the brain, such as-

  • Due to any type of head injury.
  • When there is no complete oxygen movement in the brain at birth.
  • Brain tumor.
  • Infections of meningitis and encephalitis have effects on the brain.
  • Due to excessive drug abuse.
Ayurvedic treatment for Epilepsy
Ayurvedic treatment for Epilepsy. Pic courtesy – Pixabay

What to do when an epileptic seizure occurs? 

  • Lay the patient on the ground or on a flat spot.
  • Remove sharp, pointed or piercing objects from its surroundings.
  • Let the tremors come. As soon as the tremors are stopped, lie the patient in a state of rest and turn his neck to one side so that saliva and foam accumulated in the mouth comes out.
  • Remember, do not put anything in the mouth of the patient during shaking, people often place a spoon or other item in his mouth to see the patient clenching their teeth. But doing so can prove to be dangerous because such an object can break in the way of breath or the patient’s teeth may break.
  • Remove tight or obstructed clothing.
  • Meanwhile, contact the doctor, either call him there or take the patient to the hospital for better treatment.

Ayurvedic treatment for Epilepsy

  1. Pumpkin or Petha is the most effective home remedy for epileptic patients. Petha’s vegetable is also made and you can also consume its vegetable, but drinking its juice daily is of great benefit.
  2. Giving 250 grams grapes or their juice to the patient daily in the morning and evening is beneficial in epilepsy.
  3. Grind the brahini herb and drink one spoon of its juice to the patient. Drinking it thrice a day reduces epileptic seizures.
  4. Tulsi reduces it like a panacea in many diseases. Tulsi contains a lot of anti-oxidants which fix free radicals in the brain. If any type of brain disease occurs, chewing 20 leaves of basil daily is very effective.
  5. Take 17 seeds of four grains, badam, big cardamom, guava and pomegranate and 10 grams of dry belgiri. Boil them all in two glasses of water. When the water remains half, add a little salt to it. Giving this decoction twice a day provides quick relief in epilepsy.
  6. Apply the entire body of the patient by wetting the soil in water. Take an shower after one hour. This will reduce epileptic seizures and make the patient feel a little better. This treatment is very effective.
  7. Goat milk is very beneficial for epilepsy patients. Mixing the juice of 50 grams of rosemary leaves in one pound of goat milk and drinking it for two weeks every morning stops epileptic seizures.
Ayurvedic treatment for Epilepsy
Ayurvedic treatment for Epilepsy. Pic courtesy – Pixabay

Advice from expert

  • Catering  – patients with epilepsy, according to research should more fat with diet and low carbohydrate to. This reduces the interval of Caesar fall.
  • Adequate sleep and follow the habit of sleeping at the same time.
  • Stay away from stress
  • balanced diet.
  • Do meditation.

Medical treatment – Ayurvedic treatment for Epilepsy

It is necessary to see a doctor for better treatment, so one should contact a good doctor. Doctors perform a neurological sign along with checking the patient’s pulse rate and blood pressure. Apart from this, doctors diagnose this disease by EEG (electroencephalogram (EEG), CTscan or MRI) and positron emission tomography (PET) scan. . Epilepsy patients are anti-epileptic drug (AED) therapy and surgery. Those who do not work on this drug are advised to do surgery.

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