Baby Bed wetting : What helps children to dry nights, good habit

Baby Bed wetting: Many school children still go to bed at night. They can be helped, even without medication. We explains why the wetting rarely has psychological causes and what parents can do to keep their children dry.

Usually the reasons are completely harmless

Nivaan is in second grade. He can already write, calculate and read. Only at night does the elementary school student often feel like a small child. Because most nights, the seven-year-old goes to bed. He is not alone in this: every tenth child in Nivaan’s age occasionally wets in his sleep. Soothing for parents: there is rarely a serious organic problem behind this phenomenon. There are also numerous ways to help the child.

Baby Bed wetting
Baby Bed wetting : What helps children to dry nights, good habit

A question of development

As a rule, the causes of wetting at night are harmless. We usually wake up when we have to use the toilet at night. This is ensured by nerve tracts that send signals from the bladder to the brain. “But the reactions of the brain in the affected children are not yet mature,” explains the child urologist Eberhard Kuwertz-Bröking from the KfH Kidney Center for Children and Adolescents in Münster. Often they don’t notice until dawn that they have pebbled into bed. Another common cause: the bladder is too small and therefore quickly overfilled. There is also a partial lack of the hormone that curbs the production of urine at night.

Wetting is often a predisposition

Wetting is often also in the family. If a parent has spent a long time in bed, this tendency is usually passed on. It is the same with Nivaan: his father was only dry when he was eight. “This is important news for parents and children. They find out that neither they nor their children can do anything about it, ”says Ellen Janhsen-Podien, pediatric nurse and urotherapist at the Children’s North Continence Center at the Links der Weser Clinic in Bremen. She has been helping girls and boys with continence problems for 23 years. “It is not a matter of course that children are already dry at five to six years,” emphasizes the expert. But she also observes: “When school starts or the children go to school, the pressure increases that everything stays dry at night.”

There are also positive things thrown off course

Rarely, as has long been suspected, mental distress is the reason for nightly wetting. It is conceivable, however, that exciting times or grief temporarily stall the maturation of the bladder function. “Of course, difficult phases of life influence development. If the child was just about to dry out, moving or separating the parents could lead to a step backwards, ”. It is not unusual and will go away again. Children can throw thrown events off the track for a short time even pleasant events. Nivaan, for example, hardly went to bed in the first year of school. After his little sister was born, it happened again more often.

Drink a lot during the day, drink little in the evening

If an older child regularly wets, the first route should lead to the pediatrician. Malformations of kidneys and urinary tract or damage to nerves that are important for bladder function are rare, but they have to be excluded. If the doctor does not find anything, it is important to take a closer look at the child’s everyday life: when does it drink? And how much? Does it go to the toilet before going to bed? “Many children drink little during the day and a lot in the evening. It is only logical that the bladder presses at night, ”says Janhsen-Podien, who as part of urotherapy explains to parents and children how the bladder works and what influences their work.

Sun calendar or bell pants – Baby Bed wetting

If the offspring only wets a few nights a month, the expert recommends a sun calendar. For each dry night, the children paint a sun. In this way they see their success clearly. Every sixth child gets dry with this method. Read more valuable information in Tips for parents . If calendars or changes in everyday life do not help, doctors can prescribe an electronic alarm system: a pair of sleeping pants or a pad with moisture sensors. As soon as a drop reaches the sensors, an alarm clock rings and wakes the child up so that they can go to the toilet. The goal: After a few weeks, the youngsters wake up on their own.

Parents have to support – Baby Bed wetting

The success rate of this method is 50 percent. How well it works often depends on the support of the parents, because not all children wake up from the alarm. The treatment also takes several weeks. “The process is exhausting. But when parents and children are motivated, it has long-term success, ”.

Medicines only help in the short term – Baby Bed wetting

Drugs are effective, but not a permanent solution. The active ingredient desmopressin reduces nighttime urine production, usually after just a few nights. But: Only every fourth child gets dry in the long run. Some parents only use the medicine when the child wants to stay with friends. “The medication can be beneficial, but it should above all be offered to families who suffer extremely,”. Because the remedies are not entirely unproblematic: so that the body does not store too much water, children are not allowed to drink one hour before and eight hours after ingestion. “This is not easy to implement on school trips or school trips,” the doctor points out. In addition, most children relapsed as soon as they stopped taking the preparations.

Sometimes patience is enough

With every sixth child, the problem takes care of itself. Just like with Nivaan. He didn’t want a wake-up device, the parents didn’t want medication. So they agreed with the doctor on diapers for the night – and patience. After four months, Nivaan left out the diaper. His bed stayed dry.

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