Bad boys movie review

Bad boys movie review “for life” (Critic Review) Updated on 01-Feb-2020

Bad boys movie review

Artists: Will Smith, Martin Lawrence, Vanessa Hudgens, Alexander Ladwig, Charles Melton, Paula Nunez, Kate De Custillo, Jacob Scipio, Joe Pantoliano

Directors: Adil Al Arabi, Bilal Fallah

Movie Type: Action, Comedy

Duration: 2 hours 2 minutes

Critic Review

Once again, 17 years after ‘Bad Boys 2’, the duo of Jaban policemen Mike Laurie (Will Smith) and Marcus Brunet (Martin Lawrence), who exploded on screen two and a half decades ago as ‘Bad Boys’.Bad boys for life’Has returned. With age, these bad boys may not be as sharp as they once were in ridding the enemy’s sixes, but their friendship has become deeper and better, which is the life of this film.

Bad boys movie review
Bad boys movie review “for life” (Critic Review) Updated on 01-Feb-2020


The film begins in the familiar style of Bad Boys, where Mike and Marcus are seen shoving the gleaming Porsche on the streets of Miami. It seems that he is on a mission, but when the car stops, he is in a hospital, where Marcus is a maternal grandfather. Marcus now wants to retire and spend life with the family, while Mike wants them both to be the Bad Boys forever. Here, dangerous prisoner Ijabel Aretus (Kate de Custillo) escapes from prison with the help of her son Armando (Jacob Scipio), and orders to kill all those responsible for the death of her drug mafia husband, including Mike . 

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Armando attacks Mike. Mike, who was injured in the attack, stays in the hospital for 6 months, while Armando finishes his enemies one by one. Captain Conard Howard (Joe Pantoliano) hands over the case to Rita (Paula Nunez) and his special team Emmo. whereas, After recovering, Mike wants to catch the culprit himself, but retired Marcus is not ready to accompany him. There is a chance when Mike gets frustrated, but then the Captain is killed as well, after which Marcus is ready to accompany Mike one last time in the Bad Boys avatar and then begins the adventure. A series of revelations and tremendous action.

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Review: Bad boys movie review

Review: Bad boys movie review

 Directed by Adil Al Arabi and Bilal Fallah, the film is initially a bit slow, but later picks up pace. The climax of a once ordinary story seems too interesting. Not only this, the director has also left the scope of its sequel with wisdom. One liners of the film are cheesy, which make you laugh. Mike and Emmo’s team also have good looks. Talking about action, the last action sequence is attractive, the rest is more bloodshed. Will Smith and Martin Lawrence’s chemistry is the film’s plus point. The director has kept in mind that these actors are no longer young as before, so there are many punches which seem accurate and good. The acting of both is also good. At the same time, Joe Pantoliano, Paula Nunez, Jacob Scipio and Kate De Custillo have also done full justice to their character.

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Will Smith and Martin Lawrence can see the tremendous chemistry and strong action.

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