Balanced meal.what is it? How to get a balanced diet

Balanced meal: Daily accumulation is important for a healthy body, but it is quite difficult to eat every day with attention to nutritional balance. In addition, the ideal intake of nutrition varies with age and lifestyle. This time, let’s consider an ideal meal for elementary school students.

How to get a balanced meal

As mentioned at the beginning, even if you say “balanced diet”, the ideal nutritional balance varies depending on age and lifestyle. Although I know that a diet with a well-balanced nutrition is important in my head, it is difficult to manage all of my child’s meals in a busy day. After all, it’s easy to choose what the child likes and menus that can be easily … But the calculation of nutritional balance is complicated and cumbersome .

Balanced meal
Balanced meal.what is it? How to get a balanced diet

In such a case, we would like to use the “Meal Balance Guide” jointly formulated by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare and the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.

And other staple food 5 to each one of the group, ” 5~7 “, ” 5~6 ” such as 1 day of SV value (unit of meals provided amount) is shown. Next to the SV value, there is a specific example such as “ If you have rice (medium), about 4 cups”.

However, the above illustrations are for “10 to 11 year old boys”, “ 12 year old boys with low activity” and “ 10 to 12 year old girls with normal or higher activity” . Let’s confirm other SV values ​​by the following “appropriate amount check chart”.

What nutrients are particularly necessary for child development? – Balanced meal

Since both men and women are experiencing significant growth, the following nutrients need to be taken into consideration.


Nutrients indispensable for the structure of living bodies such as muscles, internal organs and skin. It is abundant in meat, fish, eggs, milk and soybeans. Take a balanced diet of both animal and vegetable proteins.


It is a nutrient necessary for the formation of bones and teeth, and adjusts the function of nerves and muscles. It can be ingested efficiently from milk and other dairy products, but it is also contained in small fish and seaweeds, so take it well.

Vitamin B group

Nutrients that act as coenzymes that help energy metabolism. In addition to green and yellow vegetables, it is contained in liver, eel and brown rice.

Dietary fiber

It is a nutrient that supports the tone of the stomach, and is abundant in vegetables, fruits, beans, seaweeds, and so on. Insufficient dietary fiber can make your intestinal environment worse, so take it into your daily menu.

In addition, the number of girls who begin menstruation increases in the upper grades. It is also important to prevent anemia by supplementing iron.

In order to take these necessary nutrients in a well-balanced manner, it is easier to take a menu with staple foods, main dishes, and side dishes rather than a single dish such as rice bowl or fried rice. I want to make good use of the side dishes that I have for a long time, and use them without difficulty.

Things to watch out for with children’s Balanced meal

In addition, let’s be careful about the following about meals and snacks at home.


According to, elementary school answered that there may not eat breakfast 6 -year rate of 12.5 has been reported as%. The study also found that children who eat breakfast had higher average scores in academic achievement surveys.

In, elementary school surveyed 5 in grade, that of the physical strength total score of children has increased for both men and women to eat breakfast every day. There may be days when you are busy in the morning and don’t have much time to eat breakfast, but it seems to be important to have a well-balanced breakfast in terms of academic ability and physical strength as well as physical growth. is.


Even when there is no school lunch, it is important to eat a well-balanced meal at a fixed time so as not to disturb the rhythm of the meal. I don’t have vegetables and meat at home, but I don’t have time to go shopping … It would be nice to have something that can be kept at home and easily balanced in nutrition so that you can rest assured even on that day.


Because snacks have the role of supplementing nutrients that cannot be supplemented by meals, it is necessary meal time for a day. However, chocolates, snacks and sweet juices … such snacks are worried about taking too much sugar, salt and fat. It is also important to pay attention to the time and amount of snacks so that they do not affect dinner.

dinner – Balanced meal

Menus that kids like hamburgers and fried chicken contain a lot of fat. Particular attention should be paid to taking too much animal fat. It takes too much of the lipid will lead to obesity, but in the school age the previous fiscal year obesity 40 %, indeed in adolescent obesity 70~80 has been said that% is transferred to adult obesity.

In the upper grades, there are cases where the rhythm of dinner is disturbed by attending cram schools. If you go to the cram school without eating anything and eat after you get home, you may be overwhelmed by eating too much and your sleep may be hindered or you may get up in the morning and don’t understand your appetite. It is also recommended to adjust with vegetable soup and nutritional adjustment food before going to the cram school.

Calorie Mate with a nutritional balance that supports healthy growth

Daily meals support the healthy development of children. I want to make a well-balanced nutritional meal for my child’s health, but it’s hard to make it everyday every day while I’m busy with housework.

Basically, it is important to get balanced nutrition from the diet, but it is also a good way to use nutritionally adjusted foods for meal replacement and snacks. In such a case, “calorie mate” is recommended. The block type contains 11 types of vitamins necessary for the body and 6 types of minerals, proteins, lipids and carbohydrates in a balanced manner.

Among them, the content of vitamins, 1 about half of the amount needed per day. It is a nice point that the calorie calculation is easy with 100kcal per bottle . You can choose from five flavors: cheese, fruit, chocolate, maple, and plain .

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