Barcelona – Real Madrid. Forecast and rates of Konstantin Genich

Barcelona – Real Madrid. Forecast and rates of Konstantin Genich

Barcelona – Real Madrid : Dear friends!

Of course, we are talking about “el classico”. Barcelona vs. Real Madrid. Postponed match. As you know, because of the unrest in the capital of Catalonia, this match was postponed to Wednesday, December 18. This is even good, because the whole world will follow this game and attention will be drawn to this match. As you know, a month ago they generally had to play during the day. Now they will play in the evening. This is such a prelude to the match Barcelona – Real Madrid.

Barcelona - Real Madrid

Here I could spread my thoughts about the state of the teams, who plays like that, but it seems to me that this has nothing to do with Classic. This is always a separate story. You may recall that Barcelona have not lost to Real Madrid for a long time, that Barcelona at home and away are two different teams. “Real” seems to be on the move, but in the last match bounced thanks to Courtois and a successful rebound to Benzema.

If Winline gave some sort of combined bet, something like “the VAR system will be used in the match more than two times”, then I would recommend it to you. Maybe you can look for such an option. It would be interesting, because in the “classic” referees like to play it safe and run away again and watch TV.

As for the direct forecast for this match, then here I am lost, to be honest. One could propose a trivial option “both will score” for a coefficient of 1.40, but this is not very interesting. If you add TB (2.5), then also not too attractive. But if you consider the combined version, someone will not lose or win and both will score – this is already more interesting.

“Barca” at home more powerful, stronger, plus Messi more rested in San Sebastian, probably saved up strengths for the match with “Real”. It’s a difficult choice, but I would suggest playing both combined to score and Barcelona will not lose for 1.70. This is a good option. Maybe not the fattest coefficient. If you believe in the victory of Barcelona, ​​then you can take this option and combine with the option both will score. The ratio grows to 2.70.

True, there is not so much certainty that in the current coordinate system, Barca can break the Real. Therefore, I would still play “Barca” will not lose “and” both will score. ” At home, the Catalans play powerfully and actively. With this “Real” can still cope.

I’d also consider the option “Barca” to score 2-3 goals in the match. You see, I constantly dance from the Catalans, because they play at home. And considering their home statistics, it makes sense to dance that way.

Choose for yourself, think for yourself. I sketched some thoughts for you here. As the main forecast, it’s 1X and both will score either the victory of Barcelona and both will score. There is also the option “Barcelona” will score 2-3 goals. Perhaps you are sure that Real Madrid will not lose, and you will play X2 through the same option, “both will score”. It’s only your thoughts, because the match is difficult in terms of forecasts. It could be anything.

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