Biography of Donald Trump

Biography of Donald Trump of powerful country : President of United States

Biography of US President Donald Trump

Biography of Donald Trump:

Friends! Today in this article, we are talking about President Donald Trump of the most powerful country . Trump is the 45th President of America, he was born on 14 June 1946. Donald Trump is a leader as well as a writer, businessman and TV artist.

Biography of Donald Trump
Biography of Donald Trump of powerful country : President of United States

Donald Trump

Trump’s Life – Journey !!!!

D Trump is a good leader as well as an artist and writer. But He defeated his nearest candidate Hillary Clinton in the presidential election. He remains in the media for 24 hours, in which his peculiar speeches have a major role. No one in Trump’s family belongs to politics. Trump is on his strength in politics today.

Donald Trump’s full name is Donald John Trump . He was born on 14 June 1946 in Queen New York, USA. His father’s name is Trump C. Fred and mother’s name is Mary Annie. Donald Trump is 4 siblings, in which Donald comes at number 4. Donald’s father was a real-state businessman, the real-state was named Elizabeth Trump and Sons.

Donald Trump was a fast and intelligent child since childhood . His father, Trump C. Fred, admitted him to the Military Academy at the age of 13 because his father knew that discipline and good thinking would be found there. Trump’s result in the academy was good.

Donald Trump President Of America

Attention to business !!!

Trump started business with his father, Trump C. Fred, at the behest of his father, who started real estate business in 1971 and Donald Trump initially went on to become successful dealers of real estate. At the time of business , he built many buildings in the US like Trump Tower, Trump Luxury Residential Home, Trump Park, Trump Plaza, Trump Place. Trump has got many houses, parks, hotels, plazas, towers etc. well constructed as well as designed in many places.

Donald Trump explains, I consider my father is my ideal . For some time Donald also suffered a loss in business. This was the time of 1980 when there was a recession in America, but later everything went well. Trump again returned and took his business further, in which he got fame as well as name.

Donald Trump’s personal life !!

D. Trump has 3 weddings in his life, the first marriage to Ivana in 1977, which lasted till 1992 and got divorced. Later, he was married to actress Marla Maples in 1993, both knew each other before marriage. After some time Marla Maples gave birth to a boy. After this, Donald also got divorced from Marla Maples in 1999. Donald had given birth to 4 children in 2 marriages so far.

Donald had to pay $ 2 billion to Marla Maples in this divorce. Then in 2005, Donald Trump married model Melania Kanaus, Melania Kanaus gave birth to a child. This was his 5th child.

Donald Trump’s move towards politics !!

Trump made his political debut in October 1999 with the Reform Political Party in the 2000 presidential election race. But due to some reasons he came towards his business. So, Trump gave his name for the President in 2012, Donald is always known for his wrong speech. Here too, he took on President Barack Obama .

On 16 June 2015, Donald came to the presidential race after getting a ticket from the Republican Party. Trump’s opposition candidate in the 2015 presidential election was Hillary Clinton.

They made Anahi happen, Hillary had more experience and Donald had no experience, but upon seeing it he became the 45th President of America. Donald received 288 votes in the election, while veteran Hillary Clinton received 215 votes. In this way, he won that too in the competition of cut.

Whatever the media says but there is nothing like that .. Donald Trump is one of the good people, they respect everyone. Just want to see what Donald Trump can develop in America and how far he can take the economy there.

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