How to bold text on Youtube? or italic and strikethrough

There is no doubt that YouTube is the most popular video platform today. Despite this, most are unaware of the secrets that this portal hides, one of them allows you to comment in bold , italics and strikethrough . It is as simple as changing the playback speed of a YouTube video or clearing the playback history.

And although it was believed that only WhatsApp was allowed to do so , YouTube surprises its community and we teach them to use this mode easily.

1. How to bold text on Youtube? or Youtube comments in bold

One way to highlight or emphasize a word, a couple of words, and even an entire message is by using bold. With them, replying to comments on YouTube becomes more visible.

In this sense, this is usually used above all to place the title of something (such as a video or channel) or something that you want to highlight.

Commenting in bold is very simple, just add asterisks (*) before and after the word or phrase you want to post on YouTube.

How? Well, at the beginning and at the end, for example, * this is a comment in bold text on Youtube * , and this will be enough for the platform to do the rest.

How to bold text on Youtube? or Youtube comments in bold
How to bold text on Youtube? or Youtube comments in bold

While it is very easy, there are a couple of things to keep in mind. First, that the asterisks should not have a space between them and the letters of the word or phrase.

In addition to this, although the asterisks are correctly placed, the bold effect will not be seen until the comment is published .

2. Comment with italics

While bold are the most widely used and preferred styles, words in italics retain their adherents and keep their own utility.

But whatever the use that you want to give it, know how to apply this style in a knowledge that we all should know.

To make a comment in italics on YouTube , you must add an underscore (_) before the word or phrase you want to post.

Obtaining something like this: Italic text _ with which the comment can be published, and YouTube will apply the feature that we have placed.

Comment with italics
Comment with italics

As in the previous case, you will not be able to display the italic text while editing the comment, you will have to wait until the publication is made .

Also, you cannot leave space between the underscores and the word to be transformed, since they need to be together to apply the style.

3. Comment with strikethrough or Crossed out text

Although many people believe that strikethrough is useless in comments, other users might not agree.Finally, if you want your comment to appear crossed out, you must add a normal hyphen (-) before the word or phrase that you will publish on YouTube .

These symbols have to mark the beginning and end of the text to cross out; as well as the words and hyphens must not have spaces between them, leaving in this way -Text crossed out- .

Likewise, there will not be a preview while the comment is being written, but when it is published it will be possible to admire the result. The best thing about this is that you do not necessarily have to use only one style at a time , in fact, they can be combined.

Comment with strikethrough or Crossed out text
Comment with strikethrough or Crossed out text

In this way , it is possible to write in bold, italics and strikethrough in the same YouTube comment , both combined the three types, and in separate words or phrases.

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1. Make a GIF from a YouTube video

Just add the word GIF to the beginning of the YouTube URL in your search engine. The page is automatically redirected to, where you can set the duration of your GIF by simply including the URL of the video you want to pull it from.

2. Artist page

To find the official page of the artist you like, just add an asterisk to the name in the search bar.

3. To know a topic

To find the song that appears in the background in a video, and you don’t have the Shazam on your mobile handy, you can paste the video’s URL in It will automatically identify the songs included in it.

4. Remove autoplay

YouTube automatically plays video after video after they’re finished. But this option, activated by default, can be revoked. In the upper right hand side, just above the playlist, there is an “autoplay” button; uncheck it to choose which video to watch after the current one ends.

5. Access the latest from YouTube

If you want to test all YouTube content in beta mode before everyone else has it, just go to to enjoy the experimental ideas from the web.

6. A different start for videos

Click with the right button of the mouse on the playback bar, several options appear: the second “copy the URL of the video from the current minute”, allows you to share the video right at the point where we want.

7. Shortcuts

Knowing the time-saving keys for moving around the web page is a good idea. The letter K pauses a playback or restarts it, the J delays the playback 10 seconds and with the L we advance it 10 seconds, the M removes the sound from the video, the number 0 makes the video return to the beginning.

How to bold text on Youtube? or italic and strikethrough
How to bold text on Youtube? or italic and strikethrough


YouTube is a web portal in which users can upload, download, view and share videos. It was created by three former PayPal employees in February 2005. Later, in 2006, it was acquired by Google Inc. for the sum of $ 1.65 billion.

This platform hosts a large number of movie clips, television shows, music videos, and amateur content such as video blogs and video gaming. It began with the publication of a single video about Chad Hurley and Steve Chen’s party and currently more than 60,000 new videos are uploaded every day.

YouTube is easy to use and also free. To view the videos or send them to other people, it is not necessary to register, although it is necessary to place them on the page. The formats in which the video can be uploaded are: MPEG , AVI , MOV and those used by camcorders and cameras built into mobile phones.

One of the characteristics that makes YouTube have thousands of users is the opportunity to turn a simple video into a viral with thousands of reproductions and make it known worldwide. In this way, hundreds of people have achieved cyber fame by appearing in one of them or by being a well-known youtuber.

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