Boost your immunity, baby immune, Beneficial food for your body

Boost your immunity means strengthening your own immunity through certain means. Immunity is the body’s own defense mechanism. It is the body’s ability to recognize and eliminate any foreign bodies ( viruses , bacteria, etc.) that have invaded , handle aging , injury, death , degeneration of its own cells, and recognize and process mutant cells and virus-infected cells in the body . .Modern immunology believes that Boost your immunity is a physiological reaction for the human body to recognize and exclude “aliens” . It is the immune system that performs this function in the human body . There are many ways to enhance immunity. Eat more beneficial foods, especially children, and pay more attention to the enhancement of immunity.


For millions of years, human beings have lived in an environment that is both suitable for survival and full of danger . Human beings can survive, and they have gained extraordinary immunity. Therefore, immunity is the product of biological evolution.


Immunity can be divided into non-specific immunity and specific immunity . The Boost your immunity can be divided into:

1. Innate immunity is something that a person is born with. For example, swine fever spreads quickly among pigs, but has no connection with humans. This is because humans are not born with this disease.

2. Specific immunity, also known as acquired immunity or adaptive immunity, is an immune response that can be recognized and initiated against a specific pathogen after contact with a specific pathogen.

Poor performance – Boost your immunity

Low immunity of the body susceptible to infection or cancer, the immune system will produce extraordinary results harmful, such as trigger allergic reactions, autoimmune diseases and so on. Various reasons prevent the immune system from functioning normally. In this case, it is very easy to cause infections such as bacteria , viruses , and fungi .The performance is easy to get sick. Because of the frequent illness, the body’s consumption is increased, so it generally has weakness , malnutrition, mental depression, fatigue, decreased appetite, and sleep disturbances . Sickness , injections, and medicine have become commonplace.

Boost your immunity

It takes a long time to recover from each illness, and it often recurs.Over time, it will lead to poor physical and mental development, and it is easy to induce major diseases. When the immune system is low, more foods containing zinc, selenium and protein should be added. When the body’s immune function is dysfunctional or the immune system is not perfect, the following problems There will be repeated attacks: repeated attacks of cold, repeated attacks of tonsillitis, repeated attacks of asthma, repeated attacks of bronchitis, repeated attacks of pneumonia, repeated attacks of diarrhea, so don’t underestimate.

Baby immune – Boost your immunity

Mainly refers to the way to improve the child’s immunity. The body performs this function is the immune system . After having a baby, parents are most worried about getting sick. And some simple methods in life can improve the baby’s immunity and reduce the number of illnesses.

(1) Breastfeeding, the first immunization in life Breast milk contains a lot of immune substances, which can increase the baby’s immunity and disease resistance, and can prevent the baby from getting ill by the virus . It can be said that breast milk is the first Boost your immunity in life, so don’t miss the opportunity to breastfeed your baby .

(2) Touch, improve baby’s blood circulation. The contraction of the birth canal during natural childbirth and squeeze the fetus is a beneficial physical contact, which is conducive to the development of the baby’s nervous system. After birth, the mother’s physical contact will give the baby a great sense of security, which can promote the baby’s physical development, and is especially beneficial for premature babies who are born with a low weight . Touching can improve the baby’s blood circulation , improve immunity, and improve the digestion and absorption of food, reduce crying, and improve sleep.

(3) Immunization and vaccination, active response Baby vaccination against human infectious positive measures taken by diseases, such as vaccination BCG prevention of tuberculosis, oral polio vaccine against poliomyelitis (polio), hepatitis B vaccine prevention of hepatitis B and so on. Parents must be on time for the baby vaccinated vaccine .

(4) Regular living habits, maintain adequate sleep time Parents treat their children patiently enough to help them find their own laws of life. The growing child needs plenty of sleep every day . If your child does n’t get enough sleep at night, you can let him take a nap during the day. Bringing your baby to a park with fresh air on the weekend is good for your health.

(5) Balanced diet to enhance defense function Children’s partial eclipse, uneven nutrition will cause a decline in resistance. Meat, eggs, fresh vegetables and fruits are as diverse as possible, and eat less fried , smoked , and too sweet food.

(6) Do not overeat and avoid overloading the spleen and stomach Infants and young children have delicate organs, and their digestion and absorption functions are not yet perfect. Although the development is vigorous and the need for nutrients is urgent, the digestive function of the spleen and stomach is relatively insufficient. If you eat too much, the gastrointestinal burden will increase, and the digestive function will be disordered. It is easy to accumulate food and abdominal pain, resulting in gastroenteritis , indigestion and other diseases.

(7) Drink more boiled water to keep the mucous membrane moist Drinking plenty of water can keep the mucous membranes moist and become an important line of defense against bacteria. When you go to kindergarten and go out, let your child carry a water bottle and drink when you are thirsty. Note that you should drink plain water, not all kinds of sugary drinks .

(8) Do not need to be too clean to form immune memory The immune system can form an immune memory for infectious agents, and if it is encountered again, it can be eliminated quickly. If your home is too clean, the child does not have the opportunity to produce antibodies through infection, the resistance is weakened, and may cause allergies and autoimmune disorders .

(9) Good hygiene habits to prevent diseases from entering the mouth Although it is excessively antibacterial and clean, it is not beneficial to health, but it is still necessary to cultivate children’s basic hygiene habits, especially to wash their hands before eating and after going to the toilet, which can prevent illness from entering the mouth.

(10) Supplement zinc in time to improve body immunity Zinc is a component of many important enzymes in the human body. It has a catalytic effect on life activities, promotes children’s growth and development and body tissue regeneration, and helps children improve their own immunity and participate in vitamin A metabolism.

Enhancement method – Boost your immunity

How to improve autoimmunity? There are the following points:

Comprehensive and balanced nutrition Vitamin A can promote the synthesis of glycoprotein, the surface of the cell membrane Strengthen the Boost your immunity of fruits and vegetables Proteins are mainly glycoproteins , and immunoglobulins are also glycoproteins. Urban people today are reluctant to eat pig liver. It is rich in vitamins. Vitamin A intake is insufficient. Respiratory epithelial cells lack resistance and are often prone to illness.Vitamin C deficiency, white blood cells in the vitamin C content decreased, white blood cells combat effectiveness weakened, human susceptibility to diseases.In addition, trace elements such as zinc, selenium, vitamins B1, B2 and other elements are all related to the non-specific immune function of the human body.

Moderate work and rest Moderate work and rest is the mother of health. The normal operation of the circadian body clock is a guarantee of health, and the “wrong point” of the body clock is the beginning of sub-health.Exercise regularly Modern people are keen on urban life and busy with their careers, and they have less and less time for physical exercise. Strengthening self-exercise can improve the body’s resistance to disease.

Cultivate multiple interests and keep energetic. A wide range of hobbies and interests will benefit people in an endless way. Not only can they cultivate themselves, they can also assist in the treatment of some mental diseases.

Quit smoking and limit alcohol.It has been medically proven that when people smoke, blood vessels of the human body are prone to spasm , the blood supply to local organs is reduced, and the supply of nutrients and oxygen is reduced. In particular, the respiratory mucosa is not provided with oxygen and nutrients, and the ability to resist disease also decreases. Less alcohol is good for your health. Alcoholism , drunkenness, and alcoholism can reduce the body’s immune function and must be strictly restricted.

Mental health Treat stress well, treat stress as an integral part of life, and learn to moderate stress to ensure a healthy and good mood.

Zinc supplementation can enhance immunityIn 2011, the British “Evidence-Based Medicine Database” (The Cochrane Library) did a “zinc supplement to improve immunity” related experiments. Experimental data show that zinc supplementation on the first day of coldsymptoms can effectively suppress the disease and reduce symptoms; after 7 days of colds, compared with patients who have not supplemented zinc, patients who take zinc are better.

This proves that zinc supplementation can improve human immunity and shorten the course of colds. Therefore, zinc supplementation can eat more zinc-rich foods, such as oysters, walnuts, egg yolks, etc.

banana.Bananas can increase white blood cells, improve the function of the immune system, and improve the body’s ability to resist disease, especially for patients and infants. Eating 1-2 bananas a day can improve the body’s immunity.

Diet conditioning – Boost your immunity

Immunity refers to the body’s ability to resist external invasion and maintain the stability of the environment in the body. The air is full of various microorganisms: bacteria, viruses, mycoplasma , chlamydia , fungi and so on. In the case of inadequate human immunity, they can all become pathogens that sense early shifts.

Although the human body will produce corresponding antibodies to different pathogens to resist reinfection , but the antibodies have specificity and time limit. For example, streptococcal antibodies can only protect the body from re-invasion of streptococci within a short period of time. Can not resist the infection of other viruses. A person with weakened immunity cannot resist the attack of a cold virus, which is the real reason for his frequent colds. Daily diet conditioning is the most ideal way to improve the body’s immunity:

1. Drink more yogurt: adhere to a balanced diet. If people suffer from alcoholism, mental stress or unbalanced diet, they will weaken their ability to resist disease. To correct this imbalance, we must rely on health bacteria, which are contained in yogurt.

2. Drink plenty of water: it can keep the mucous membranes in the nasal cavity and mouth moist. Drinking more water can make people feel fresh and full of vitality. Studies have shown that boiled water has a very ideal physiological activity on the body’s metabolism. Water is easily absorbed by the body through the cell membrane, which enhances the activity of lactate dehydrogenase in human organs, thereby effectively improving the body’s disease resistance and immunity. Especially the first cup of cold boiling water in the morning is particularly important.

3. Eat seafood: seafood is rich in iron, zinc, magnesium, selenium, copper, etc., frequent consumption can promote immune function.

4. Drinking tea: Scientists have discovered that tea contains a chemical called theanine . Because it can mobilize the body’s immune cells to resist bacteria, fungi and viruses, it can increase the body’s ability to resist infections by more than 5 times.

5. Drink some red wine: Most alcoholic beverages will inhibit the body’s immune system, but red wine is just the opposite. It contains some antioxidant substances that are very good for enhancing immune function and also help protect the heart .

6. Eat some animal liver: Animal liver contains folic acid, selenium, zinc, magnesium, iron, copper, and vitamins B6, B12, etc. These substances help to promote immune function.

7. Appropriate iron supplementation: Iron can enhance immunity; however, excessive iron intake is harmful to the body and cannot exceed 45 mg per day.

8. Supplement arginine: sea cucumber, eel , loach , cuttlefish, and yam, black sesame, ginkgo, tofu skin, frozen tofu, sunflower seeds, hazelnuts are rich in this substance, and eating more can help strengthen immunity.

Beneficial food – Boost your immunity

1. Sea cucumbers : Sea cucumbers are rich in sea cucumber saponins, sea cucumber mucopolysaccharides and more than 50 known pharmaceutical ingredients.

2. Ganoderma lucidum : Ganoderma lucidum can enhance the body’s immunity. This is because Ganoderma lucidum contains polysaccharides with anti-cancer efficacy. In addition, it also contains abundant germanium. Germanium can accelerate the body’s metabolism, delay the aging of cells. It can exert its anti-cancer effect by inducing the body to produce interferon.

3. Fresh radish: It is immune because of its rich interferon inducer.

4. Ginseng: Ginseng mainly contains ginsenosides, ginseng enol and ginseng polysaccharides.

5. Royal jelly: It can improve the body’s immunity and endocrine regulation ability, and contains bee lactic acid with anti-cancer effect.

6. Mushrooms , hericium erinaceus , straw mushrooms, black fungus, white fungus, car breeding, lily, etc., all have obvious effects of enhancing immunity.

7. Shiitake mushrooms: Shiitake polysaccharides contained in Shiitake mushrooms can enhance human immunity.

8. Vitamins: Vitamins can enhance human immunity. It is best for healthy people to absorb vitamins by eating fruits and vegetables. Vitamins are immune because they are rich in interferon inducers. Eat more foods rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C is indispensable to the human body. It can reduce the permeability of capillaries, making it a barrier to prevent viruses from entering human tissues and protecting body organs.

9. Collagen : It is an extracellular protein. It is a fibrous protein twisted by 3 peptide chains. Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body, accounting for more than 30% of the total protein in the whole body. Rich in glycine , proline , hydroxyproline and other amino acids needed by human body . Collagen is the most important component in the extracellular matrix.

10. Chicken soup : It can prevent upper respiratory tract infectious diseases such as cold and flu. Chicken meat contains a variety of amino acids necessary for human body and is rich in nutrients, especially the cysteine ​​contained in it, which can enhance the body’s immunity. In addition, drinking chicken soup has a positive effect on the accelerated recovery after infection.

11. Garlic and onion : Garlic and onion are hot foods and have a good effect on improving physical fitness. Garlic has the function of sterilization and anti-virus . It is best to eat garlic raw food, because raw garlic has anti-virus and improves the body’s immunity. Allicin, the active ingredient in garlic that enhances immunity, loses its effectiveness during heating. Onion is also a natural bactericidal and anti-virus food, which can effectively resist viruses and bacteria.

12. Zinc-containing food: Zinc is an indispensable trace element in the human body. Many enzymes in the human body must have zinc involved in order to function. Zinc is very important for regulating immune function. In addition, zinc can also fight infection. Daily intake of 50-100 mg of zinc can prevent flu. Seafood, lean meat, whole grains and legumes are all rich in zinc. Zinc is a constituent of many important enzymes in the human body. It has a catalytic effect on life activities, helps children improve their own immunity, and participates in the metabolism of vitamin A.

13. Papaya juice : Papaya juice contains some substances that can improve immunity and antioxidant capacity.14. Milk immune protein : According to the principle of lactation immune response, using biochemical hyperimmunity technology, after separating and extracting various active immune substances such as immune protein in milk of healthy dairy cows, it is optimized and recombined and superimposed to form a high purity and rich Biologically active proteins of various antibody factors, these active proteins can regulate the body’s immune function.15. Whey lactoferrin: contains essential immunoglobulins and growth factors and other essential components for human growth and development. The ratio of milk is only 10,000: 7, which is very precious.

The study – Boost your immunity

Zinc improves immunity research.The weight of zinc accounts for only 0.003% of the human body weight, which is about ten grams of zinc in an adult. 90% of zinc is stored in muscles and bones, and the remaining 10% of zinc plays a pivotal role in the blood.Zinc is one of the trace elements in the body. The most striking in recent years is zinc’s immune function.

Boost your immunity
Boost your immunity, baby immune, Beneficial food for your body

Human zinc deficiency, there will be lymphoid cells in low quantities, reduce blood immunoglobulin, natural bactericidal function, and reduce the skin immune response test metabolic problems, is that the results of clinical pneumonia, candidiasis infection, even cold, who are able to take some Zinc supplement preparations are added in time to improve self-immunity.Lack of zinc will destroy the villous structure of intestinal wall cells and cause diarrhea. Diarrhea will reduce the absorption of zinc and increase the leakage of cells from the original zinc of the body, resulting in double zinc deficiency in the human body.

 Lack of zinc and diarrhea form a vicious circle, which often occurs in the elderly, infants, pancreas dysfunction, intestinal lesions or intestinal surgery.According to a survey of the nutritional status of children by the Chinese Nutrition Society, 30-60% of children are deficient in zinc, which will have extremely adverse and serious consequences for the growth and development of babies. 

Because zinc can participate in the synthesis of more than 200 zinc-containing metal enzymes, proteins , and nucleic acids in the body , zinc can also accelerate wound tissue healing, improve digestive function, immune function, and ensure the development of secondary sexual characteristics.Infant zinc deficiency, zinc-containing enzyme activity will decline, resulting in growth and developmental retardation, loss of appetite, or even refuse to eat. When the child has the aforementioned symptoms and suspects zinc deficiency, ask a doctor to check the hair zinc and blood zinc. After the diagnosis of zinc deficiency is confirmed, take zinc supplement products under the guidance of professionals. Choose products that are well absorbed and effective.

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