Broom Challenge or Broomstick Challenge : Nasa describe

Broom Challenge or Broomstick Challenge : Nasa describe

Broom Challenge: Don’t fall for it! Broom does not stand due to the rotation of the Earth;

  • A story circulates in the nets that brooms are standing upright because of the Earth’s rotation
  • Explanation is untrue, farce has appeared on the internet before and has its origins in an older legend

You may have seen something like this and even tried to do it at home. Videos published on social networks show brooms placed on a floor that, after a slight bump, stop standing. Magic? Witchcraft? Technology? In the same post, some funny ones provide the supposed explanation: “according to studies by NASA [the American space agency], the Earth’s rotation is aligned for any broom to stand”.

A lot of people believed it. There are only a few problems. First of all, the explanation is false. In addition, this story has circulated on the internet at other times. Finally, you can put a broom upright without having to wait for any celestial bodies to align…

 To make it easier to understand the hoax, let's divide the sentence to understand why it is a liar..

According to NASA studies – Broom Challenge

A quick look at NASA’s website shows that there is no study that explains the reason for brooms to stand. Some Twitter users have realized that it is only a question of “according to NASA studies” for a large part of people to believe lies..

The Earth’s rotation is aligned

To give a scientific veneer to the idea that the mysterious phenomenon is happening because the Earth’s rotation is aligned, some netizens have argued that the equinox is responsible for this “alignment”. This is because it is the period of the year when the Sun is perfectly aligned with the Earth’s equator. This “alignment” makes the days and nights here on Earth the same duration, 12 hours.

Broom Challenge
broom challenge in Tictoc

There are two equinoxes a year. None of them, however, is taking place now. The next one will be on March 20 and will mark the beginning of autumn in the southern hemisphere. The other, in September, will mark the beginning of spring. “..

For any broom to stand

The problem with this part is that no alignment of the Earth with another celestial body is necessary for brooms to stand.

The unexpected position acquired by the household utensil has to do with gravity and balance of forces. It turns out that all bodies have what physics calls the center of gravity. This is the point at which the gravitational force can be considered to be being applied. In the case of brooms, human beings and any objects or living beings present on Earth, this force is exerted by the planet itself.

Broomstick Challenge
Broom Challenge or Broomstick Challenge : Nasa describe

In the case of the broom, this center of gravity is located very close to the support of the plastic base that connects the handle to the bristles. As the bristles are usually arranged in a rectangular shape, they provide a stable support point. Thus, for the broom to be kept upright, just keep the handle positioned at an angle of 90 ° with the support.

Before trying, make sure that the size of your broom bristles is regular. That done, it is possible that the broom will stand upright. But the attempt can be successful any day of the year.

Old myth – Broom Challenge

The story that broomsticks mysteriously stand up during equinoxes is an old thing. What’s more, they are commonplace in the United States. There, there are texts in the press that already in 2012 denied the bullshit.

The legend about broomsticks has another variation, which usually happens during Halloween. Only then the explanation changes and is more fanciful. It has to do with the magic that surrounds the celebration.

It is not for this reason, however, that this new wave in Brazil lacks originality. The broom myth is the offspring of another well-told lie. According to e-Farsas, a website that unveils untruths that circulate online, balancing brooms are direct descendants of the myth that eggs are left standing during equinoxes.

This legend comes from a report in Life magazine that, in 1945, attributed the phenomenon to a Chinese ritual..

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