Biography Manna Dey, Best Playback singer and his personal life

Manna Dey

Singer Manna Dey Biography: Today we are talking about the famous singer Manna Dey of India, whom we also call Manna Da with love. He was a playback singer of the Indian Films world. His real name was Prabodh Chandra Dey. He started his film career from the year 1942. He has lent his voice in 3000 songs from the years 1942 to 2013. He has lent his voice in Hindi, Bengali and some other languages ​​and has recorded many songs.

Biography of Manna Dey

Full Name – Prabodh Chandra Dey
aka Name – Manna Dey
Birth – 1 May 1919, Kolkata, (West Bengal)
Death – 24 October 2013, Bangalore, India (94) years of age
Profession – Playback Singer
Marriage – Sulochana Kumaran (18 December) 1953) Kerala (India)
Children – Two daughters
active year – Honors from 1919 to 2013
– The Government of India has awarded the Padma Shri in 1971, the Padma Bhushan in 2005 and the Dadasaheb Phalke Award in the year 2007.

Early life of Manna Dey:

Prabodh Chandra Dey (Manna Dey) was born in West Bengal. He completed her early education from Kolkata and then enrolled in the Scottish College. During college, he used to participate in wrestling and boxing. Manna Dey’s father wanted to make him a lawyer, due to which he wrote his name in Vidyasagar College.

Football is the most played sport in Bengal and he was also very fond of playing football. After that he also started coming in the field of music. They used to think that in which field should they go, in the field of music or lawyer. Manna Dey’s uncle was also a singer . Then he started leaning towards music like an uncle inside him.

Manna Dey’s uncle’s name was Krishna Chandra Dey. From that, he decided that he too would become a singer. He came to Mumbai to fulfill his music dreams and started living in Juhu area of ​​Mumbai.

Manna Dey’s personal life:

Manna Dey was married on 18 December 1953 to Sulochana Kumaran, a resident of Kerala (India). They had 2 children (two daughters) Shuroma and Sumita from this marriage. Manna Dey’s wife died on 18 January 2012 in Bangalore India due to cancer. He lived in Mumbai for 50 years and moved to Bangalore after that and he breathed his last in this city.

Acting by Manna De:

Manna Dey’s passion for Bengalis has always been and will remain. This incident is a small example of how the legendary artist influenced the Bengali mind. Speaking of the very beginning of the Millennium. Even then, the private entertainment channels were not so popular in the world of Bengali entertainment, even then the viewers regularly watch various Doordarshan programs irrespective of the city and village. A tele-drama was made in that television show paying homage to the legendary artist. And there Manna Dey herself played heh role.

Actor Kaushik Bhattacharya told the story of that teledrama to Indian Express Bangla. This telefilm is about the very beginning of my acting life and a memorable experience. As far as I remember, it was 2001. I myself am a fan of Manna Dey. I never thought I would stand next to him and give him a shot, ”said Kaushik.

The story of the telefilm was like this – a family of Manna Dey fans is eager to marry a girl. The girl’s father is such a fan that there is a house in the house which is decorated with pictures of Manna Dey. He does not miss any of the legendary artists’ festivals. So for the marriage of the daughter, the family is looking for those who are equally fascinated. 

It became very difficult to find such a family. The girl who first came to see the pot was rejected because she had not heard Manna Dey’s name. Finally comes a pot and his father, who are similarly excited about Manna Dey. As word of the marriage was almost ripe, one of the girl’s family said that Manna Dey was known to the girl’s father personally.

On hearing this, the father of the potter insisted that there was no need for any debt. If the legendary artist himself comes to the wedding and blesses the bride and groom, then he will marry the boy to this girl. In order not to lose the pot, the potter is told that Manna Dey must come. After that the anxiety started. It is known that the artist went on a foreign tour then and it is not known when he will return. 

The girl’s father came to the artist’s house with a letter stating everything. On the wedding day, the bridegroom comes and finds out that Manna Dey will not come, because he is not familiar with the family. The couple lied and said that the boy’s father wanted to break up the marriage out of anger. Attempts are even made to take the groom away in a chandelier. And then Manna Dey’s car stopped in front of the gate. The legendary artist calms the potter. Marriage is consummated. Manna Dey fans of the bride and groom and two families standing on either side of the artist were caught in the fridge frame.

It is not known whether such a beautiful ‘fan fiction’ has been created in Bengali television. The name of the tele movie was ‘Crazy for you’. Named after Manna Dey’s famous song Kali. Everyone who was in this telefilm unit later gained a great reputation in the world of Bengali entertainment. Sudeshna Roy and Abhijit Guha were in the role of directors. The screenplay was written by Snehashis Chakraborty, a well-known producer-director of Bengali television, who later founded his production company ‘Blues’. 

He was also the music director of this telefilm. In this context, the producer of Smriti Medur said that Manna Dey also sang in that TV movie. The Chief Assistant Director was Rajiv Kumar, who is now the Director of Bengali Mainstream Films. One of the assistants was Sushant Das, who is now a leading producer and producer of ‘Krishnakali’ in Bengali television. Kharaj Mukherjee played various roles in the telefilm, The late Biplobketan Chakraborty, Paran Bandyopadhyay, Shantilal Mukherjee and other prominent actors in the world of Bengali entertainment. Kaushik Bhattacharya played the role of the groom.

That telefilm is one of the best experiences of my acting life. Such a beautiful, graceful work. Legends like Manna Dey are seen so closely on him. He is not an actor, but his shots were one take ok. In the last scene, this picture of me standing right next to him in the fridge frame is my lifelong asset, ”said Kaushik.

Some memorable moments of Manna Dey:

In the year 1943, he got a chance to sing with Suraiya as a playback singer in the film Tamanna . The memorable thing was that the father of the nation, Mahatma Gandhi, had also seen this film . He did not only sing the words, but by his singing he used to bring out the emotion behind the words beautifully. Perhaps this is the reason that the great poet Harivansh Rai Bachchan chose him to give voice to his immortal masterpiece Madhushala.

Manna Dey

The song “Tere Bina Chand Ye Chandni” was sung by Manna Dey in the film Awara. After this, he started getting an opportunity to sing in big banner films like “Pyaar Hua Iqrar Hua”, this film was Shree 420.

After that, he gave his voice in many successful songs like “Yeh raat bheegi-bheegi” and “Jahan main jaise hoon chale aate ho”, “Gud-Gud ke na dekh Gud-Gud ke”, sung in the movie Chori-Chori. . He was fond of singing the toughest songs. The songs sung by him were very popular among the people, which are as follows.

1. लागा चुनरी में दाग, छुपाऊँ कैसे
2. पूछो न कैसे मैंने रैन बितायी
3. सुर न सजे, क्या गाऊं मै
4. ये रात भीगी-भीगी, ये मस्त नजारे
5. तुझे सूरज कहूँ या चंदा, तुझे दीप कहूँ या तारा या तू प्यार का सागर हैं तेरी इक बूंद के प्यासे हम
6. चतुर नार बड़ी होशियार
7. यारी हैं ईमान मेरी यार मेरी जिंदगी
8. प्यार हुआ इकरार हुआ
9. हे मेरी जोहरा जबी
10. हे मेरे प्यारे वतन

His songs are still on the tongue of the people. At that time, if a filmmaker had to sing a song in his film, then he used to sign Manna Dey. He used to say that I can never joke with music.

“We all still call him by the name of Manna da. He has no linen in classical singing ”…………. Mahendra Kapoor

Honor to Manna Dey:

He was also honored with the Filmfare Award for Best Singer in 1969 for the film “Mere Hujur”, for his performance in the Bengali film Nishi Padma in 1971 and for his singing “Mera Naam Joker” in 1970. The Government of India honored him with the Padma Shri in 1971 and the Padma Bhushan in the year 2005 for his matchless contribution.

Manna Dey

Subsequently, in 2004, Ravindra Bharti University awarded him an honorary degree of D Lit and in 2007, he was awarded the ”  Dadasaheb Phalke ” award by the Indian Hindi Film Industry .

Death of Manna Dey:

Manna Dey was admitted to a hospital in Bangalore after a sign infection on 8 June 2013 and on 9 June 2013, he suddenly worsened his health and died on 24 October 2013 in the morning. His daughter and son-in-law were present at his last time.

Autobiography on Manna Day:

Manna Dey was a playback singer and he wrote an autobiography in Bengali language. After that his autobiography was printed in other languages. 

Today, even though he is not in our midst, we still remember the contribution made to his music. Such great figures are rarely seen and we are proud that they were born in our country.

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English literature – Some known and unknown facts about English

English literature

The English language is the language of the Indo-European language family and thus it has a distant relationship with languages ​​like Hindi , Urdu , Persian etc. Based on the literature available in Old English, it is known that the writers and poets of ancient age had a special interest in traveling and telling interesting stories. The major compositions of that era are ‘Widsith’, ‘The Wanderer’ and ‘Beolf’. Middle English had two languages. The tradition of earlier Anglo-Saxon literature in the Western language remained intact. Representative works of this branch are ‘The Vision of People’s Plowman’ by William Lagland and ‘Gavet and the Green Knight’ and ‘The Pearl’, composed by some unknown poet. . The second means the representative writer of the southeast branch was-

  • John Gover (1325-1408 AD) and
  • Chaucer (1340–1400 AD).
English literature
English literature

Chaucer is considered the first poet of modern English and his compositions have special significance in English literature. After this, he was often followed for a hundred and fifty years and no great poet was born. It was during this period that Caxton first established a raid house in England. There was a special advancement of prose literature with the facility of printing. From about the middle of the 16th century, the influence of European Renaissance began to appear in England . Along with the study of ancient literature, French and Italian literature also began to be studied and the combined influence of these three led to the rise of English literature.

  • In the field of poetry, Wyatt, Surrey, ‘Fairy Queen’ pioneer Edmund Spencer (1552-99 AD), Sir Philip Sidney Prabhuti gained special fame.
  • The play grew significantly and Green (1562–92 AD), Lily (1554–1606 AD), Thomas Kid (1557–95 AD), Marlowe (1564–93 AD) presented their beautiful works. . The ultimate rise of English drama literature took place in the works of Shakespeare (1564–1616 AD). Shakespeare’s plays and poems are glorious forms of world literature.
  • A large number of English plays were written in the seventeenth century. Ben Johnson (1573–1673 AD) composed pleasant and sorrowful plays on the classical ideal, unlike Shakespeare’s romantic plays. Bement and Fletcher successfully produced many happy and sorrow-happy plays.
  • Chepman (1559–1634 AD), Bebster (1580–1625 AD), Shirley (1596–1666 AD), Tourno (1575–1626 AD), and Philip Messinger (1583–1648 AD) gave certain certainties The success of the plays earned him special fame. From 1642 AD to 1660 AD, the London theater was closed by the Puritans.
  • After 1660 AD, plays were composed and performed again. A new form of grief plays emerged. Its principal authors were Dryden (1631–1700 AD), Aatvain (1652–85 AD) and Lee (1653–92 AD). Sukhanta plays made special progress after 1660 AD. It depicted the life of the upper class in sophisticated language. The principal authors of this class were Etheridge (1634–91 AD), Bikerle (1640–1716 AD) and Congreeve (1670–1729 AD).
  • The poem was written in the first half of the century, influenced by Spencer, Shakespeare and Ben Johnson. The principal author of spiritual poetry was John Don (1572–1631 AD), whose works express religious ideas and cherished feelings based on hard imagery. The compositions of Ben Johnson and his followers are relatively simple. The principal poet of this century, John Milton (1608–74 AD), is counted among the great poets of the world. In addition to Sphut Kavya, he has made his name immortal by composing his famous epic ‘The Paradise Lost’.
  • The principal poet of the latter half of the century was John Bryden, who achieved special success in writing descriptive and satirical poetry. Dryben’s early English prose was written in imitation of ancient Latin prose. The main authors of this ancient vivid style were Tomas Brown (1605–82 AD), Jeremy Taylor (1613–67 AD), and Milton ‘Drybane, who created new English prose. New prose was formed using the colloquial language of cultured people.
  • The English literature of the 18th century was deeply influenced by the neo-Lasik doctrine, which originated and developed mainly in France. Poetry was composed by obeying rules and strict control. This is evident from the writings of the Pope (1688–1744 AD). The same is true of many other poets, but there were some poets whose works were inspired by nature, love and intense emotions.
  • In the 18th century, prose was the predominance. The tradition of essays published in newspapers and magazines became strong. The principal essayists were Edison (1672–1719 AD), Steele (1672–1729 AD), Gold Smith (1730–74 AD), and Dr. Johnson (170984 AD).
  • In the same century, five famous writers laid the foundation for writing English novels. They were Fielding (1707–54 AD), Richardson (1689–1761 AD), Smollett (1721–70 AD), Stern (1713–68 AD), and Goldsmith. There was no significant advancement of plays during this period. Most plays were distorted by excessive displays of emotion. Sheriden (1751–1816 AD) attempted to write plays in the earlier style of Congreve.
  • Goldsmith also wrote commendable plays. In the last thirty years of the century, the signs of change were visible. In the poetic works of Tomas Gray (1716–71 AD), Collins (1721–59 AD), Burns (1751–96 AD), Blake (1757–1827 AD), Cooper, etc., the disdain was clearly visible. is.
  • Several trends and influences combined gave English literature a new romantic look right from the beginning of the nineteenth century. Now disregarding the rules and subjecting them to natural inspiration, poetry began to form. Imagination and emotion, unrestrained and style became restrained. The best reward for this new trend was Wordsworth (1770–1850 AD), Collieries (1772–1834 AD), Scott (1771–1832 AD), Shelley (1792–1822 AD), Keats (1795–1821 AD). , Occurred in poetry of Byron (1788–1824 AD) etc.
  • Most of the poetry in this category is written in muktakas and filled with intense feeling. The romantic effect has also been targeted in Scott’s novels and the writings of the Lab Prabhriti essayists. Overall, the romantic literature of 40 years of the ninth century is very interesting and important.
  • The Victorian era began around 1840 AD. The period of this era was long and romantic and Prabhan combined together to create a balanced state.
  • The specialties of this new era were determined by the development of science and industrial advancement and materialistic philosophy . But at the same time, the earlier Kalpajanya sensational tendencies did not disappear. If Browning’s (1812–89 AD) poetry is more explicit in Romantic tendencies, then in the poetry of Tenison (1809–92 AD), classical features predominate. Later, the same mixture is visible in the compositions of Matthew Arnold (1822–88 AD), Meredith (1828–1909 AD), Hardy (1840–1928 AD).
  • Prose literature was rising at a rapid pace. The actual depiction of novels by Dickens (1812–70 AD), etc., took the basis of psychology; Meredith and Hardy presented their new life philosophy in their creations. In this century, essay and criticism also got satisfactory progress.
  • English literature of the twentieth century is integrated with diversity and innovation. Approved values ​​are being checked again and new experiments are being done. Literature is being published in such abundance that it is difficult to cover it in general conclusions. In the plays first, realism was predominant. Bernard Shaw (1853–1950 AD), Galsvardi (1867–1933 AD) etc. have presented solutions to certain problems in their plays in the style of real representation.
  • Here, poetic drama has made significant progress in the last thirty years. T. S. Elliot, Aaden, Stephen Spender, Christopher Fry, etc. have written influential poetic plays. The novels were first written on social subjects, then later on psychological facts. The lead authors of the first category are HG Wells (1866–1946 AD), Galsverdi, Arnold Bennett (1867–1913 AD), and the second category Virgina Wolff (1822–1941 AD), James Joyce (1822–1941) AD), Alds Huxley (1894 AD) etc.
  • Here for the last few years Elizaveth Bowen, Compton Burnett, Graham Greene, etc. have written novels that pay special attention to the interestingness of the narrative. The twentieth century English poetry was traditional before 1920 AD. This is known from the works of Tomas Hardy, Rabert Bridges (1844–1930 AD) etc. There was a novelty in the writings of the Georgian poets, but they did not present a revolution in the field of poetry.
  • The beginning of the new poem is T. S. Elliot did and was followed by Arden, Spender, Lewis, Mankneis, Dylan Tomas, etc., making him increasingly and more miraculous. T. S. Elliot and I.A. Richard has enriched English critical science in an unprecedented manner in the present century. Coleridge, Arnold, Walter Petter (1839–94 AD) as well as both of them will be counted among the leading English linguists.
  • From about the middle of the 19th century, the promotion of English (which was the language of governance at that time) began to grow rapidly in India and consequently Hindi literature was influenced by English literature. Since then this effect (here the word effect is being used in its limited, classical sense) has continued to grow.
  • Hindi prose developed to a great extent on the ideal of English prose. Some writers also put forward the ideal of ancient Sanskrit prose, but modern English prose was adopted instead. Hindi prose literature is the imprint of English literature on various organs.
  • Hindi essays have imitated English essays. Hindi storytelling has adopted the tradition of the English novel, leaving the path of the ancient legend. Style, construction and purpose – Today’s Hindi novel is indebted to European novels.
  • The same is true for short stories. Shakespearean plays in the 19th century influenced Hindi drama. They were translated and plays were written in the same manner. Subsequently, Hindi plays have been written under the influence of equal English plays. For example, the problematic plays of Hindi are clearly influenced by the works of Ibsen, Shaw and Galsvardi. The plays of Jaishankar Prasad have integrated the Indian and Western systems.
  • Hindi poetry-drama is also influenced by Western poetry. Hindi poetry has gained influence from English poetry continuously after the 19th century. The 19th century English Romantic poets have had the most influence. In Chauistic poetry this effect is reflected on the steps. T.S. on Hindi poetry in last 25 years The works of Elliot and his later English poets have a special impact.

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What google knows about me? Personal information that Google holds

What google knows about me

What google knows about me? Much more information than Facebook.

Google has much more personal information than Facebook. Nevertheless, it has not been exposed to strict criticism like Facebook (of course, Facebook has recently been criticized because the company illegally leaked personal information).

After all, we use Google everywhere. Internet search, email (Gmail), calendar (Google calendar), map (Google map), photo album (Google photo), video posting / viewing (YouTube), smartphone OS (Android), and browser ( Google Chrome) also uses Google. Much wider than baby photos and comments posted by regular Facebook users.

12 times more information than Facebook

So why isn’t Google criticized for collecting personal information?

To answer this question, I first decided to download and compare all of my personal information that Google and Facebook have.

The first thing I found was that Google had about 12 times more information about me than Facebook. However, there was little surprising information. Most of the information that Google had was what I put on the Google platform, such as photos, documents and emails.

On the other hand, there were a lot of surprises about Facebook. The downloaded files included a list of 500 companies that knew my contacts, and a “friends” list that included people who wanted to delete years ago.

In the case of Google, whenever it was uneasy, it turned out that certain information (such as Android apps opened in the past few years) could be removed from the Google system. However, on Facebook, I found that many of my browsing records could not be deleted completely.

Google has been developing tools that allow users to download their information over the years, says spokesperson Aaron Stein. “Users should be able to easily understand and manage their own data on Google. Google encourages users to use this tool for optimal privacy management.”

Technology companies such as Google and Facebook have tremendous power. It is proportional to the amount of personal information they hold. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you regularly check and select your personal information held by these companies.

Download all your data – What google knows about me

Below are some of the experiences I have done with Google.

The tool for downloading your data on Google is called “Google Takeout” and can be accessed from your browser ( Select the information you want to download on this page. You can choose all or some (location history in Google maps, interactions with specific Gmail contacts, YouTube viewing history, photos uploaded to Google Photos, etc.).

What google knows about me
What google knows about me

Once you ’ve archived your data, download it. However, this is likely to be a fairly large file. In my case, it was 8GB. For music, it’s 2000 hours. It took about half a day from the request to create the archive until Google sent an email to download the link.

When I opened the archive, there were three points to be noted.

<1> “My Activity” folder

In the My Activity folder, you can get an overview of your activity history on Google services (Android, Google Maps, Google News, etc.).

Of these, my web browsing history was in a subfolder called “Ads.” It included not only the sites visited via Google services, but also the pages that flew from Twitter and the sites opened by clicking text message links.

According to Google, ads that appear on many websites are posted through the Google network, so when you visit these websites, they are recorded in the personal information of the users that Google collects.

Nonetheless, Google says it ’s better to tell this fact than to hide it from the user. Brian Fitzpatrick, the head of the Google Takeout development team, said, “The company collects the user’s personal information. This is just an honest way to show it.”

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Swami Vivekananda Story, mixed by productive thoughts

Story of Swami Vivekananda

First Swami Vivekananda Story # 1

Swami Vivekananda Story: There is a passage in the life of the great Karmayogi Swami Vivekananda. Swami Vivekananda’s fame had spread worldwide. Swami ji had become a follower. Once a foreign lady Swamiji came to meet him impressed. Swami ji’s face was as sharp as the sun.

Foreign lady said to Swamiji – Swami ji I want to marry you

Swamiji said – Why? Hey goddess i am an intelligent man

Foreign lady said – I want a bright son like you so that he can grow up and share knowledge with the world and make my name bright.

Swamiji folded his hands in front of the lady and said – Mother, take Goddess… I consider you my mother from today. You also got a son like me and my camaraderie will not break.

On hearing this, the woman fell at the feet of Swamiji. Blessed are you Swamiji, you are truly a source of inspiration for your youth.Swami Vivekananda Story

Story of Swami Vivekananda
Swami Vivekananda Story

Second Swami Vivekananda Story # 2

Once a person came to Swami Vivekananda ‘s ashram who looked very sad to see. The person fell at the feet of Swamiji as soon as he came and said that Maharaj, I am very sad with my life, I work very hard in my daily life, I work very diligently but never succeeded. Why has God given me such luck that I have read, written, and despite hard work, I have never been able to succeed, but have not become rich.

Swamiji understood the problem of that person within a second. In those days Swamiji had a small pet dog, he said to that person – you take my dog ​​a little walk away, then I will answer your question.

The man looked at Swami ji with great surprise and then with the dog got away. After a long stroll, when the person returned to Swamiji, Swamiji saw that the person’s face was still glowing while the dog was panting and was feeling very tired. Swami ji told the person – how tired this dog is when you are still looking clean and tired, then the person said that I was walking on my way straight away, but this dog all the dogs of the street Was running behind and would come back to me after fighting. Both of us have come a similar way but still this dog has run more than me, that’s why it is tired.

Swami ji ( Swami Vivekananda ) smiled and said – That is the answer to all your questions, your floor is around you, it is not far away but instead of going to the floor you keep running after other people and away from your destination. You keep going.

Friends, the same thing applies to our daily lives as well, we are always chasing others that if I am a doctor, I have to become a doctor, if I am an engineer, I have to become an engineer as well, he is earning more money than me. To earn. Just because of this thinking, we lose our talent somewhere and life becomes just a struggle, so friends don’t compete with others and make your own destination.

Swami Vivekananda Story
Swami Vivekananda Story

Third Swami Vivekananda Story # 3

Once Swami ji was roaming with his followers in America. The same Swami ji saw some children shooting guns on eggshells floating in the river. Those children were trying again and again but they missed their target again and again. Seeing this, Swami ji was very excited and started taking guns from the children and targeting himself.

As soon as Swami Ji hit the first target, he hit the target right. Now Swamiji shot 12 targets one after the other and all seemed accurate. The children asked Swamiji with great surprise that you are a monk, you don’t even know how to target, then how did you hit all the targets right away.

Swamiji said – Children, whenever you do any work, do it with full attention, all your attention should be on your goal. Just focus your mind on what you are doing and then see that you will achieve every goal of the world very easily. This is the education that is given to children in our India.

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Vicky Kaushal Biography – Super Conquered by acting

Vicky Kaushal Biography

Vicky Kaushal Biography: Vicky Kaushal is on the seventh sky of elevation today due to his charming personality and superb acting.

In 2012, Vicky Kaushal made his Bollywood debut by playing a small role in Anurag Kashyap’s “Love Shave Te Chikan Khurana”, and in the film ‘Masaan’ released in 2015, he made his Bollywood debut as a lead character.

And he was also awarded the IIFa and Screen Award for Best Male Debut for this film, after which he caught everyone’s attention.

By giving a few superhit movies in a very short time, today people have made millions of people crazy with their acting style. His ability was also appreciated, so he was given many awards. Today we will tell you about his personal life, family, student life, film career, successes etc.

Vicky Kaushal Biography At a glance

Name Vicky Kaushal
Birthday16 May 1988, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Father’s NameSham Kaushal (Action Director)
Mother NameVeena Kaushal (Housewife)

Bollywood actor Vicky Kaushal Mayanagari, who made a mark for himself with his skilled acting, was born on 16 May 1988 in Malad Ke Chaul, Mumbai.

Vicky Kaushal Biography
Vicky Kaushal Biography

Vicky’s father is Sham Kaushal, who has made his mark in Bollywood as an action director and stunt coordinator. His father has worked in super hit films like Bajrangi Bhaijaan, Slumdog Millionaire, 3 Idiots.

His mother Veena Kaushala, a domestic housewife who raised Vicky with good values. Apart from this, Vicky also has a younger brother Sunny Kaushal, who is an assistant director and actor. He has worked as an assistant-director in films like “My Friend Pinto” and “Gunday”.

Vicky Kaushal education – Vicky Kaushal Biography

School: Seth Chunnilal Damodardas Barfiwala High School, Mumbai

College: Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology, Mumbai

Educational Qualification: Bachelor Degree in Electronics and Telecommunication

Vicky Kaushal received his early education from Seth Chunnilal Damodardas Barfiwala High School in Mumbai. He used to participate in dance, drama, skits, fancy dress competition during his school days.

While there, he completed his graduation from Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology , Mumbai , he obtained an engineering degree in electronics and telecommunications from here.

Vicky Kaushal Career

Vicky Kaushal did not aspire to become an actor during his college days, which is why he also worked in an IT company for a few days, but a few days later he got bored with an 8-hour job, and then he left his father Started moving to the film set, and in this way, he moved towards acting.

Vicky koushal

He then took an acting course with Kishore nominee Kapoor Adekmee, then in 2010, Vicky also worked as an assistant director in the film ‘Gangs of Wasseypur’ along with director Anurag Kashyap.

Vicky Kaushal’s film debut (debut film)

  • Debut Bollywood film – “Love Shaw Te Chikan Khurana” (2012)
  • Film – Masaan (2015) (Debut as a lead character)

In 2012, Vicky Kaushal acted in his first Hindi film “Love Shaw Te Chikan Khurana”, produced by Anurag Kashyap. In this film, he played the childhood character of Omi, which was a very small role.

After this, he played small roles in the short film ‘Greek Out’ in 2013, and in the 2015 film ‘Bomwe Velvet’. While he made his Bollywood debut as the lead character in the 2015 film “Masaan”, the film was directed by Neeraj Ghayvan.

Vicky worked with actress Richa Chaddha and actor Sanjay Mishra in this film. In this, Vicky played a brilliant role of a Banarasi boy, his performance in this debut film was highly appreciated, not only he was also given IIFa and Screen Award for Best Male Debut for the film ‘Masaan’.

Vicky Kaushal Films (Vicky Kaushal’s Filmography)

Vicky Kaushal acted as the lead character in two films in 2016 after receiving acclaim from his debut film “Masaan”. In the Indian musical drama film “Jubaan”, he played the role of Dilsher, a rambunctious young boy.

Vicky kaushal
Vicky kaushal photoshoot

After this, Vicky Kaushal played the role of a drug-addicted youth in Anuram Kashyap’s psychological thriller film Raman Raghav 2.0, in which his superb acting was appreciated. Let me tell you that in this film, Nawazuddin Siddiqui played the lead character.

After this, he performed brilliantly as the lead character in the romantic drama film “Love on Square Foot” in the year 2018. Vicky’s film was India’s first film on Netflix.

It also starred Alankriti Sahai, Raghubir Yadav and Angira Dhar.

Vicky was constantly getting offers for his films due to his brilliant performances, so Vicky worked in another film “Raazi” in the year 2018, in which he played the role of Pakistani Army Jawan as Iqbal. Alia Bhatt also appeared in the film as the main character. He was also highly praised for acting in this film.

Video uploaded by the duo facts

After this, Vicky Kaushal has played a brilliant character of Sanjay Dutt’s close friend Kamali in actor Sanjay Dutt ‘s biopic film “Sanju” in the year 2018 itself . His acting in this film has created a special place in the hearts of people.

At the same time, he also worked in the hit film “Manmargiyaan” in 2018, the film also starred actress Taapsee Pannu and actor Abhishek Bachchan. The film was based on the love triangle.

In early 2019, he starred as Vihaan Singh Shergill in the superhit film “Uri the Surgical Strike”. His performance in this film was highly praised.

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Sachin Tendulkar Biography, net worth, height, wife, son

Sachin Tendulkar Biography

Sachin Tendulkar Biography: Sachin Tendulkar is one of the best cricketers not only in India but also in the world. He is the first talented player to score the most runs in cricket to date. He has many excellent records to his name.

Sachin Tendulkar has a large number of fans not only in India but also abroad. Let’s know about some special things related to the life and career of Sachin Tendulkar, who is considered to be the God of cricket.

Full NameSachin Ramesh Tendulkar ( Sachin Tendulkar )
BirthdayApril 24, 1973, Mumbai
Father NameRamesh Tendulkar
Mother NameRajni Tendulkar
WifeAnjali Tendulkar
ChildrenArjun Tendulkar, Sara

Sachin Tendulkar Birthday, early life, family – Sachin Tendulkar Biography

Sachin Tendulkar was born on 24 April 1973 in a Maharashtrian Brahmin family in Mumbai. He was born as the youngest child of his parents. His father Ramesh Tendulkar was an eminent Marathi novelist and writer, while his mother Rajni worked as an insurance agent in an insurance company.

He has three more half-siblings, children of his father’s first wife. His childhood was spent brilliantly in the Sahitya Sahavas Cooperative Housing Society of Bandra (East). He was quite naughty in his childhood, even in his childhood, he was disturbed by his mischief to his neighbor. At the same time, he initially loved playing tennis. He considered America’s leading tennis player John McEnroe as his role model.

Sachin Tendulkar’s elder brother Ajit took his cricketing skills seriously and inspired him to move forward in this field. Not only this, his brother also introduced Sachin Tendulkar to Ramakant Achrekar, a great trainer of cricket at Shivaji Park in Mayanagri, Mumbai.

Education of Sachin Tendulkar ji – Sachin Tendulkar Biography

In his early days, Sachin Tendulkar was not very good in studies. He was a middle-class student. He got his early education at the New English School of the Indian Education Society, Bandra. Later, the great cricketer and famous coach Ramakant Achrekar ji, impressed by the cricketing talent of him, advised him to complete the education of Shardashram Vidya Mandir High School in Dadar, in fact the cricket team of this school is very good and this school Many eminent and big players have also emerged from.

After this, he went to Khalsa College in Mumbai for higher education and then he stopped his studies in the middle and not only made his career in the field of cricket, but surprised the world with his cricketing skills. . Due to his brilliant and amazing cricket playing talent, today he is called “Lord of Cricket”.

Sachin Tendulkar’s arrival in cricket world – Sachin Tendulkar Biography

When Sachin ji was just 11 years old, he started playing cricket. At the same time, when Sachin used to practice cricket under the guidance of his mentor Ramakant Achrekar ji at Shivaji Park, his coach used to put a rupee coin on the stump.

And used to say that whoever bowls out to Sachin, this coin will be his and if any bowler is unable to do so, it will belong to Sachin and in this way, with hard work and dedication, Sachin during his cricket practice, about 13 The coins were won, which they have preserved very much even today, these coins are very important for them.

Ramakant Achrekar ji, impressed by Sachin’s skill of playing cricket, used to give him cricket training in extra time besides school. At the same time, Sachin also used to practice his Guru’s words seriously and with hard work. He also has a great record of partnership, which he made in the Sardashram Vidya Mandir along with Vinod Kambli by scoring 664 runs, out of which he himself scored 329 runs.

Due to his cricketing talent, he became very popular during school days and then later Sachin and Vinod Kambli also became very good friends. At the same time, let us tell you that Sachin’s trend towards cricket was given by his sister Savita in the first bat gift.

It is also said about Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar that he wanted to become a fast bowler in the early days of his cricket, but when he was MR. When he went to the F Pace Foundation, his coach Mr. Dennis Lillee asked him to bat and then later emerged as the best batsman in the world.

Sachin Tendulkar
Sachin Tendulkar Biography

Sachin Tendulkar’s married life – Sachin Tendulkar Biography

When Sachin Tendulkar ji was 17 years old, he first met Anjali Tendulkar at Mumbai Airport, and then about 5 years later both of them married each other. Let us tell you that Anjali Tendulkar is the daughter of a famous businessman Ashok Mehta, who is a pediatrician.

At the same time, being a medical student, initially Anjali Tendulkar did not have any special interest in the field of cricket, and he did not even know that Sachin is a cricketer. However, later Anjali started taking interest in cricket. At the same time, Sachin made a different identity from his amazing cricket playing talent at a very young age.

Sachin family pic
Sachin with family – Sachin Tendulkar Biography

Therefore, it was not so easy to meet both of them, because wherever they used to go, they used to fan them both. Before the wedding, when Sachin was busy on his international trip, Anjali used to write love letters to talk to Sachin. On May 24, 1995, the two got married in marriage. After marriage, the two were born to two children, namely Sara Tendulkar and Arjun Tendulkar. Today his family is leading a happy life.

Anjali Tendulkar – Sachin Tendulkar wife

  • Anjali is a doctor by profession and is the daughter of famous Gujarati industrialists Anand Mehta and Annaben Mehta.
  • Anjali is 6 years older than Sachin.

Sachin and Anjali’s love story is no less than a fairytale. Although Anjali is older in age, her romance and then marriage is an example of a beautiful romantic story. Sachin started his international cricket career as a 16-year-old teenager in 1989 and when he was returning for the first tour of England at the age of 17 in 1990 , Anjali first saw him at Mumbai airport and he was recognized Didn’t find that this legendary batsmanWho has hypnotized the world since its inception.

“I first met him at the Mumbai airport when he was returning from a tour of England,” Anjali said in an interview. In fact at that time he could not recognize them. I went to the airport to pick up my mother and Sachin returned with the Indian team. At that time, we saw each other for the first time. Sachin and then Anjali, a doctor by profession, had a romance for about five years and they got married in 1995 .

He was engaged in New Zealand in 1994 , a year before that. Anjali started dating cricket when she started dating SachinShe was completely unaware of him and believes that it was because of his ignorance of cricket that Sachin fell on him. Anjali said, I think the thing that Sachin liked most in me is that I don’t know anything about cricket. But after that I read everything about cricket

Arjun Tendulkar – Son of Sachin

Arjun Tendulkar was born at Breach Candy Hospital in Mumbai. Despite his father Sachin being a famous sports personality, he never pressurized his son into career selection, but he gave him complete freedom to choose his career, but cricket is in Arjun’s blood so he chose cricket as his career . After choosing his career in cricket, Arjun along with his father practices cricket in Mumbai. Arjun’s family always encourages him. Arjun is also a member of many cricket club associations of India. He never misses the opportunity to play locally with various clubs and tournaments. He is also getting training from the best coaches for cricket.            

When his father Sachin was 8 years old, Arjun put him in the cricket coaching club and organized that coaching club. Arjun Tendulkar played his first match in the Under 13 tournament in Pune on 22 January 2010. In January 2011, Arjun played his first national level game at the Cadence Trophy tournament in Pune. In November 2011, he showed his fine bowling for Dhirubhai International School against Jamnabai Narsee School, took 8 wickets for 22 runs and won by defeating Narsee School, he is the captain of his school team.

Some information of Sachin’s Daughter, Sara Tendulkar

  • Does Sara Tendulkar smoke? not known
  • Does Sara Tendulkar drink alcohol? not know
  • She is quite stylish and is known for her steak choices of apparel.
  • Once a rumor spread against her that she was going to do a film with Shahid Kapoor, which her father had dismissed through a Twitter saying – “My daughter Sara is taking notice in her academic activities.” Everything about his involvement in films is baseless.

Sachin Tendulkar Cricket Career – Sachin Tendulkar Biography

  • Every player needs to be inspired by the amazing sports talent of him, he started working hard to nurture his playing skills and fulfill his dream of becoming a great cricketer from an early age. However, to get him to this point, his father, elder brother and his coach Ramakant Achrekar ji have supported him a lot.
  • In 1988, this great cricketer of India, Sachin Tendulkar, scored the first century of his career by playing for Mumbai in a state level match. In the very first match, he was selected for the national team. After about 11 months of this, he played for the first time an international match against Pakistan on behalf of the Indian team, which was considered one of the best team of the time.
  • For the first time in this series, Sachin played ODI Test match in the year 1990. Along with this, Sachin had a record of hitting century against England at an early age by playing a brilliant innings of 119 against England.
  • Impressed by Sachin ji’s brilliant performance in ODIs, he was made the captain of Team India in the World Cup in the year 1996. However, 2 years after this, in 1998, he left the captaincy, but in 1999, he was again made the captain of the Indian team. Let me tell you that during the captainship, Sachin had achieved only 4 out of 25 Test matches, due to which he decided to never do captainship again.
  • In the year 2001, Sachin Tendulkar became the first such cricketer to score 10,000 runs in an ODI.
  • In the year 2003, Sachin Tendulkar scored around 673 runs in 11 matches and became the favorite player of all to lead Team India to victory. It happened between India and Australia in the World Cup , in which India could not win, although Sachin was awarded the title of man of the match. After this, Sachin Tendulkar ji’s fame had increased greatly, and by now he had become a favorite player of all.
  • This great Indian player Sachin Tendulkar played many matches and during this he also faced many struggles. However, all this did not affect Sachin Tendulkar and he continued to improve his playing skills.
  • In the year 2007, Master Blaster made a brilliant record of scoring 11 thousand runs in a Test match and in the World Cup held in 2011, he scored 482 runs in the series by hitting a double century, playing the best innings. And with this, this World Cup was named for India.
  • He is the first cricketer to hit 2,000 runs and 6 centuries in all the World Cups played in his career.

Sachin Tendulkar stats – Sachin Tendulkar Biography

Bat StyleRight Handed Bat
Bowl StyleRight-arm legbreak

Batting Statistics


Bowling Statistics

BBI10 / 332 / 512 / 17 / 1
BBM14 / 332 / 512 / 17 / 1

Sachin Tendulkar retires from cricket – Sachin Tendulkar Biography

India’s veteran master blaster Sachin Tendulkar announced his retirement from One-Day cricket on December 23, 2012, and said goodbye to cricket forever after playing a brilliant innings of 74 runs in his last Test match in Mumbai in January 2013. Gave.

His millions of fans were heartbroken. Let me tell you that he is the first player to score nearly 34 thousand runs and 100 centuries in his cricket career, so far no player has broken his record.

Sachin Tendulkar ji received honors and awards – Sachin Tendulkar Biography

Master blaster Sachin Tendulkar has carved a distinct identity in the world of cricket. He has not only broken many records in cricket, but has also created some new records. While the players lose sweat in hitting half-century, Sachin Tendulkar has scored centuries and double centuries, and has also won the title of man of the match.

Sachin Tendulkar Biography

He has also been awarded many awards and medals due to his amazing cricket performance. Not only this, he has also been awarded the National Award by the Government of India. The honors and awards given to them are as follows-

  • In 2013, the country’s legendary cricketer he was given the country’s highest civilian award “Bharat Ratna” by the Government of India. With this, he became the youngest player in the country to receive this honor.
  • In 1999, he was awarded the Padma Shri award.
  • In the year 1997 too, Master Blaster was awarded the Rajiv Gandhi Khelratna Award for his outstanding sports performance. He is the first cricketer to receive this award.
  • In 2008, Master Blaster Ji was awarded the Padma Vibhushan.

Apart from this, he has been awarded many other prestigious awards including Arjuna Award in 1994, Maharashtra Bhushan Award in 2001, LG People’s Choice Award in 2010, BCCI Cricketer of the Year in 2011.

Not only this, in view of his amazing sports talent, the Indian Postal Service also issued a postage stamp of the master blaster. He was the second Indian after the great philanthropist, Mother Teresa, to win a live stamp.

Some interesting and important facts related to Sachin Tendulkar ji – Sachin Tendulkar Biography

  • Sachin Tendulkar holds the record for making the highest number of 8705 runs in Test matches in overseas cricket with the youngest debut in international cricket and playing 185 consecutive ODIs.
  • Apart from this, master blaster Sachin Tendulkar has a record of playing in 90 different grounds.
  • Sachin’s father Ramesh Tendulkar ji named him Sachin after the famous musician Sachin Dev Varman.
  • He has also been a member of the Rajya Sabha in the Indian Parliament. With this, he is the first Indian player to have a wax statue installed at Madame Tussauds Museum in London.
  • Sachin Tendulkar writes with his left hand, while bowling and batting he does with his right hand.
  • He has a strange illness of walking and speaking.
  • Sachin Tendulkar considers the festival of Ganesh Chaturthi to be the most important day of the year.
  • In the year 2003, Sachin Tendulkar ji did an excellent performance in the Bollywood film “Stumped”.

This great player of India, Sachin Tendulkar, has definitely taken a sabbatical from cricket today, but even today people have that much love and respect for him.

Sachin Tendulkar ji not only touched immense heights of success with his amazing sports talent, but has made India proud all over the world, every Indian is proud of Sachin Tendulkar.

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Some Frequently Asked Questions About Sachin Tendulkar Biography With Answer

  1. Sachin Tendulkar facebook       –
  2. Sachin Tendulkar school name – shardashram university
  3. Sachin Tendulkar new house – Bandra West, Parry Cross Road.
  4. Sachin Tendulkar biography book – Playing It My Way

Sachin Tendulkar Quotes:

“Cricket is my love and losing passes me madly, once I enter the field, the view changes and everyone who is hungry is always there”.

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Actress Rekha Life introduction Bollywoods beautiful girl

actress Rekha Life introduction

Actress Rekha Life introduction: Rekha ji, who has made a distinct identity in Bollywood with her beauty and brilliant acting, is ideal for today’s Bollywood generation. She has done more than 180 films in her film career, facing all the struggles and her strong role in films. He has created a different place for himself in the heart of the audience. For the best performance of Rekha ji, he received many big awards from the Government of India including Padam Shri. Has been awarded. Let’s know, some special and interesting things about Bollywood Queen Rekha ji.

Actress Rekha Life introduction at a glance:

Real NameBhanurekha Ganesan
Birthday10 October 1954, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Mother Name Pushpavalli (Telugu Actress)
Father Name Gemini Ganesan (Tamil actor)
Husband NameLate Vinod Mehra (Actor)Late Mukesh Aggarwal
Awards Padma Shri, Filmfare Best Actress (twice), National Film Award Best Actress

Actress Rekha birth, family, early life and education

Bollywood actress Rekha ji, famous for her beauty, was born on 10 October 1954 in a Tamil family in Chennai as Bhanurekha Ganesan. While his father Gemini Ganeshan was a noted Telugu actor, while his mother Pushpavali was also a well-known Telugu actress, it would not be wrong to say that the qualities of acting within Rekhaji are inherited from her parents. Due to the birth of Tamil Nadu, Rekha ji not only has good command in Telugu language, but also has a very good command in Hindi and English language. Famous actress Rekha of the film world started her early education in Chennai’s famous Church Park Convent School Received from At the same time, due to poor financial condition of the family, Rekha had to leave her studies in the middle and start acting to live her life. Early in his life, Rekha faced a lot of struggles.

Actress Rekha Marriage

Rekha’s married life has been quite controversial, much rumor has gone about her marriage and love affair. On the other hand, the market of rumors about Rekha and Vinod Mehra’s wedding in 1973 has been quite hot. However, in a TV interview with Simi Grewal, Rekha ji completely denied the rumors of her and Vinod Mehra’s wedding and Vinod Mehra He was described as his well-wisher and good friend.

In 1990, Bollywood Queen Rekha was married to a Delhi-based businessman Mukesh Aggarwal. But this marriage of his could not last long. Her husband committed suicide only after a few days of marriage. After the death of her husband, Rekha faced a lot of struggles and criticisms. In fact, people started treating him as the culprit of their husband and started being responsible for his death.

Rekha Life introduction
Actress Rekha Life introduction.. Beautiful queen of Bollywood

Bollywood actress Rekha begins her film career

The legendary actress Rekha ji started her career in the world of Bollywood, not to make a career in this field, but in compulsion. In fact, the financial condition of Rekha ji’s house was so bad at that time that she had to leave her studies in the middle and had to act in films at home expenses. While Rekha ji’s parents were both involved in the Tamil film industry. Hence, he first debuted as a child artist in a Telugu film “Rangula Ratlam”. She then made her debut as an actress in 1969 with the Kannada film “Operation Jackpot Nalli CID 999”, and the same year she made her debut in Hindi film “Anjana Safar”. 

However, his film could not be released due to controversy, later some scenes in this film were removed and shown as “Doh Shikari”.

Brilliant film journey in the 1970s:

Rekha performed brilliantly in the 1970 Bollywood film “Sawan Bhado”. And his film was a super hit at the box office and then Rekha never looked back in her film career. After this film, every director of the 70s wanted to make him a heroine in his film, after this he worked in films like “Kahani Kismat ki”, “Rampur Ka Laxman”, “Pran jaa par vaak na jaay”, “.

 Their films earned a lot of money and during this time Rekha’s acting was also highly appreciated. In the 70s, the pair of Rekha and Amitabh were a big hit on the big screen. She earned a lot of chemistry with audiences in films like ‘Khoon Sweat’, ‘Muqaddar Ka Sikandar’, ‘Ram Balaram’, and her films also made a huge dent at the box office.

The rumors of the affair were also hot, But ignoring these rumors, Amitabh Bachchan married actress Jaya Bhaduri in the year 1973. After marriage, Bollywood actress Rekha and Amitabh’s debut film “Do Stranger”, in which Rekha played Amitabh Bachchan’s greedy Bibi in a very brilliant way Was fulfilled by In this film Rekha was highly praised for Abhaniya. 

She then worked in the film “Ghar”. The film proved to be the turning point of her career and not only was her film widely acclaimed but was also nominated for the first time at the Filmfare Awards for Best Actress. At the same time, the number of fans of Rekha went on increasing and she emerged as the most brilliant actress of Bollywood. In which Rekha played the character of Amitabh Bachchan’s greedy Bibi very brilliantly. In this film Rekha was highly praised for Abhaniya. She then worked in the film “Ghar”.


The film proved to be the turning point of her career and not only was her film widely acclaimed but was also nominated for the first time at the Filmfare Awards for Best Actress. At the same time, the number of fans of Rekha went on increasing and she emerged as the most brilliant actress of Bollywood. In which Actress Rekha played the character of Amitabh Bachchan’s greedy Bibi very brilliantly. 

In this film Rekha was highly praised for Abhaniya. She then worked in the film “Ghar”. The film proved to be the turning point of her career and not only was her film widely acclaimed but was also nominated for the first time at the Filmfare Awards for Best Actress. At the same time, the number of fans of Rekha went on increasing and she emerged as the most brilliant actress of Bollywood.

Actress Rekha film journey in the 1980s :

In the 1980s, Rekhaji became recognized as a Bollywood actress. In the early 80s, Rekha did the comedy film “Beautiful”. In this film, his character made a lot of headlines. Also after this film, Actress Rekha was awarded the Best Actress Award for the first time. Apart from this film, in the 1980s she also did many films with Amitabh Bachchan, which was a huge success at the box office.

 In his eighties, Bahurani, Khoon Bhari Maang, Ek Bhool, Umrao Jaan, Mang Bharo Saajan and Silsila were super hit films, and in the same decade he also starred in the film “Silsila” with Amitabh Bachchan , Jaya Bhaduri. Their film was based on Love Triangle as well as it was Amitabh’s last film, after which the pair never appeared again on the big screen.

Actress Rekha film journey in the 1990s:

In 1981, Rekha earned much praise for her brilliant character in the film “Umrao Jaan”. Not only this, she was also awarded the National Award for Best Actress for this film. In the 90s, Rekha did many films, but only a few of her films became hits. In fact, actresses like Madhuri Dixit, Kajol, Sri Devi made their place in the Bollywood film industry and gained a lot of popularity, due to which. Let me tell you that in this decade Rekha ji acted in many films like Kamasutra, Khelon ka Khiladi, Mera Pati Keh Mera Hai, Amiri Garibi, Madam X, Insaf Ki Devi. 

Actress Rekha film journey since 2000:

After a difficult film journey in the 1990s, Rekha ji had reduced working in films in the 2000s. In this decade she appeared in many roles like mother and grandmother. Rekha ji “Bulandi” movie in year 2000, “Lajja” in 2001, Save Me Meri Bibi Se, Zubeida, in 2003 Koi Mil Gaya, Bhoot, year 2005 Ray Baba, who appeared in an item song in the film Parineeta. After this, she also appeared in Krrish and “Om Shanti Om”.

Rekha ji has worked in more than 180 films so far, in which she appeared in different characters and with her brilliant acting, people were in the heart Made a different place for himself. At the same time, she still appears in the awards function and still does not leave any chance of becoming the center of the attraction in her beauty. Hence, she is still recognized as a diva in the Bollywood film industry.

Bollywood’s beautiful actress Rekha superhit movies

Inti Guttu, Rangula Ratnam, Operation Jackpot Nalli C.I.D 999, Sawan Bhadon, Amma Kosam, Haseenon Ka Devata, Elaan, Dost Aur Dushman, Zameen Aasmaan,Sazaa, Gora Aur Kala, Gaon Hamara Shaher Tumhara, Ek Bechara, Do Yaar, Double Cross, Raampur Ka Lakshman, Mehmaan, Khoon Khoon, Keemat, Kashmakash,

Kahani Kismat Ki, Dharmam, Barkha Bahar, Anokhi Ada, Namak Haraam, Woh Main Nahin, Pran Jaye Par Vachan Na Jaye, Hawas, Duniya Ka Mela, Do Aankhen, Zorro, Kahte Hain Mujhko Raja, Dafaa 302, Dharmatma, Aakraman, Dharam Karam, Suntan, Khalifa, Kabeela, Do Anjaane, Aaj Ka Mahaatma, Nagin, Saal Solvan Chadya,

Ram Bharose, Kachcha Chor, Farishta Ya Qatil, Ek Hi Raasta, Dildaar, Chakkar Pe Chakkar, Alaap, Aap Ki Khatir, Immaan Dharam, Khoon Pasina, Palkon Ki Chhaon Mein, Saawan Ke Geet, Ram Kasam, Rahu Ketu, Parmatma, Muqaddar, Karmayogi, Bhola Bhala, Aakhri Daku, Ganga Ki Saugandh, Ghar, Kasme Vaade, Do Musafir, Muqaddar Ka Sikander, Muqabla, Mr. Natwarlal, Jaani Dushman, Prem Bandhan, Kartavya, Suhaag, Do Shikaari,

Ahinsa, Gol Maal, Naya Bakra, Ram Balram, Maang Bharo Sajana, Khubsoorat, Judaai, Kali Ghata, Jyoti Bane Jwala, Jal Mahal, Agreement, Neeyat, Aanchal, Umrao Jaan, Saajan Ki Saheli, Chehre Pe Chehra, Kalyug, Mangalsutra, Khoon Aur Paani, Daasi, Silsila, Baseraa, Ghungroo Ki Awaaz, Ek Hi Bhool, Chashme Buddoor, Vijeta, Mehndi Rang Layegi, Ghazab, Jeevan Dhaara, Raaste Pyar Ke,

Apna Bana Lo, Deedar-E-Yaar, Prem Tapasya, Nishaan, Film Hi Film, Mujhe Insaaf Chahiye, Agar Tum Na Hote, Bindiya Chamkegi, Maati Maangey Khoon, Asha Jyoti, Baazi, Zameen Aasmaan, Utsav, Jhutha Sach, Paan Khaye Saiyan Hamaar, Ram Tere Kitne Nam, Faasle, Jhoothi, Sadaa Suhagan, Musafir, Insaaf Ki Awaaz, Jaal,

Locket, Janbaaz, Pyar Ki Jeet, Ijaazat, Apne Apne, Sansar, Jaan Hatheli Pe, Khazana, Soorma Bhopali, Khoon Bhari Maang, Ek Naya Rishta, Biwi Ho To Aisi, Kasam Suhaag Ki, Clerk, Souten Ki Beti, Ladaai, Bhrashtachar, Bahurani, Sheshnaag, Mera Pati Sirf Mera Hai, Azaad Desh Ke Gulam, Amiri Garibi, Aag Ka Darya,


Yeh Aag Kab Bujhegi, Phool Bane , ngaray, Insaaf Ki Devi, Geetanjali, Madam X, Nishana, Ab Insaf Hoga, Aurat Aurat Aurat, Khiladiyon Ka Khiladi, Kama Sutra: A Tale of Love, Aastha: In the Prison of Spring, Udaan, Qila, Mother, Bulandi, Zubeidaa, Censor, Mujhe Meri Biwi Se Bachaao, Lajja, Dil Hai Tumhaara, Bhoot, Koi… Mil Gaya, Bachke Rehna, Re Baba, Parineeta, Kudiyon Ka Hai Zamana, Krrish, Yatra, Om Shanti Om, Sadiyaan, Krrish 3, Super Nani, Shamitabh, Yamla Pagla Deewana: Phir Se

Actress Rekha Political Career

Rekha ji, who made her mark as one of the best actresses in Bollywood, was appointed as a member of Rajya Sabha in 2012. This year he has served as a member of Rajya Sabha till April 26, 2018. However, he did not achieve much success in politics.

Actress Rekha Controversy

Famous for his acting and beauty in Bollywood, Rekha ji, who is known for her beauty and beauty, achieved immense heights of success in her life. On the other hand, he also faced many criticisms in his life. Some popular controversies related to them are written below:

  • He was molested during the shooting of the film ‘Anjana Safar’. The film’s director Raja Navathe and actor Vishwajit Chatterjee incorrectly shot a kissing scene as part of the plot, while Rekha was not told about the scene beforehand.
  • There was a lot of controversy about actor Vinod Mehra, and their marriage. Even Vinod Mehra, when Rekha took him to meet his mother for the first time, his mother beat Rekha with slippers and drove both Vinod Mehra and Actress Rekha from their house.
  • The secret of Rekha ji’s sindoor filling has also not been revealed yet. At the same time, when she reached the wedding of Bollywood actor Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Singh with vermilion and started talking to Amitabh, Jaya Bachchan, who was present there during this time, could not stop seeing her tears.
  • Bollywood actress Rekha has been surrounded by a lot of controversy over her late husband Mukesh Aggarwal committing suicide. Rekha is held responsible for her husband’s suicide. Not only this, many big legends of the film industry including Subhash Ghai, and Anupam Kher also whipped heavily for this. However, according to the book Rekha: The Untold Story, Rekha’s husband Mukesh was a mental patient, which led to a strained relationship between the two and then decided to take suicide.

Bollywood actress Rekha ji has touched new heights of success in the face of all the struggles and hardships in her life. The way he faced every situation in his life by laughing, it is truly praise-worthy. Whereas Rekha ji, who has entered the film world since the 70s, is still in the Bollywood film industry for her style, beauty and brilliant acting. It is known and defeats today’s heroines. For him, everyone in Bollywood has a feeling of respect and respect.

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Rajiv Gandhi Shramik Kalyan Yojana Government give allowance

Rajiv Gandhi ShramikKalyan Yojana

Rajiv Gandhi Shramik Kalyan Yojana: Even after leaving the job, there will be no money problem, the government will give allowance for 2 years and these facilities.

Under the Rajiv Gandhi Shramik Kalyan Yojana (RGSKY) of ESIC, unemployment allowance is given to the insured persons of ESIC on quitting the job.

Rajiv Gandhi Shramik Kalyan Yojana

  1. ESIC provides unemployment allowance under RGSKY.
  2. People who have been working in a company for 2 years can take advantage of this.
  3. Under the scheme, employees will also get medical insurance.

What is Rajiv gandhi shramik kalyan yojana

Any person living in a private job can face financial problems. But now even after leaving the job, you will not have the problem of money. If your job is missed then the Employees State Insurance Corporation (ESIC) will give you money for 24 months i.e. 2 years. Under the Rajiv Gandhi Shramik Kalyan Yojana (RGSKY), the insured persons of ESIC are given unemployment allowance for the loss of jobs. 

The scheme covers those employees who have to lose their jobs due to closure of factories / establishments, layoffs or permanent illegality. The benefits of this scheme can be availed by those employees who have been working in a company for 2 years. For this, at least 78 days have been contributed in each contribution period in the first 2 years of unemployment.

Rajiv Gandhi ShramikKalyan Yojana
Rajiv Gandhi Shramik Kalyan Yojana

Rajiv gandhi shramik kalyan yojana benefits

This benefit will be available with the allowance per month
from 0 to 12 months – 50 percent of the last average daily wage.
13 to 24 months – 25 percent of the last average daily wage

During this period, the candidate will also be given vocational training to increase his skill. Also, the candidate and his family will continue to get medical benefits. All expenses for treatment in government-assisted and recognized hospitals will be borne by ESIC.

For more information, you can visit the website

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