How to train your dog in effective way

How to train your dog

How to train your dog : My dog ​​does n’t call me.” “Our dog barks well, so there are constant complaints from the neighborhood.” “Our dog always jumps at me and visitors.” At such times, the troubled owner says, “What should I do?”

The solution is probably to teach the dog to do basic obedience training, that is, to follow a simple command. Needless to say, training is best started in a puppy. However, dogs can learn to obey as they grow up. Marcos, a dog trainer in Mexico, says: “We undertake training for dogs between the ages of 4 and 5 years of age, but we have taught basic obedience to 10-year-old dogs.”

Dogs are clever animals. To date, many dogs have been trained to sniff out drugs and explosives, help people with disabilities, and rescue missing persons. But how can you train a dog to obey its owner?

Genetic properties

To do this, you first need to know the genetic nature of the dog. The dog society has a ranking system like the wolf society. Dogs instinctively prefer to live in groups under a single leader. Your dog sees your family as herd. So you need to understand that you are a leader.

In a wolf herd, the leader sleeps in the warmest and highest place. Eat it before other members. So if you allow the dog to sleep in your bed, go up on the chair or on the sofa, you might think that the dog is the leader. If you get food from the table at the time of your meal, you will be mistaken.

Puppies can also be taught that they are lower in rank than their owners. How is it? Keep staring until your puppy turns away. It is also good practice to hung up when the dog is lying. This will cause the dog to take a submission posture. If your dog is bad and you can’t stop saying “no”, ignore it or leave the room.

If the dog obeys the order, it is proof that you recognize you as a superior. If you do not take leadership as a pet owner, your pet may think you are equal to you or you are better. It will appear in dog behavior.

Teaching simple instructions

Teaching a basic command to a dog requires a collar, a lead, and a lot of patience. A training manual recommends the following: (1) Give a simple command that can be said in a word, (2) Show people how to actually do the desired behavior, (3) Immediately praise as soon as you follow the command. Voice tone is more important than what you say. Order with a clean voice and praise with a joyful and gentle voice.

There is no need for corporal punishment such as striking or kicking. The above-mentioned trainer Marcos said, “By simply saying“ No ”with a sharp voice, the dog understands that his behavior is not well thought out,” he adds. “The dog is so clever that you can tell if it is praised or beaten.”

If you need to be more strict, you can grab the dog’s neck and shake it lightly, saying “no”. Try to speak in the middle of, or just after, an unfavorable behavior. It’s good to remember that if a dog is beaten after a few minutes or hours, it doesn’t understand why it is beaten. I also don’t understand why certain actions are accepted at some times and not at other times. So keep it consistent.

The basics of submission are “sit down!” If you teach this command, you can be quiet even if your dog loses calmness. For example, when a dog jumps to a visitor, you can say “Sit!” To teach sitting, attach a towline to the dog, depress the dog’s butt while ordering, and gently pull the towline to raise your head. Let’s praise immediately. Repeat this step until the dog obeys the command himself.

To teach them to sit down, stand in front of the dog, and with your palm pointing towards the dog, order “Wait!”. If the dog moves, say “no” and let it sit again. Repeat the command and praise if you are sitting for a short time. When the dog becomes obeyed, start by sitting and then gradually increasing the distance from the dog.

The best way to teach a dog to come is to put a long pull line, call the dog’s name, and gently pull while ordering “Come!” When the dog comes towards you, it goes down with a compliment. Eventually, the dog will follow only by calling even without a towline. If the dog runs away and does not follow the command “Come!”, Call the dog’s name and run in the opposite direction. I usually follow instinctively.

A word of caution. When calling for an unfavorable reason, such as speaking, do not use the command word “Come”. Dogs need to remember that if they obey the “come” command, there may be something wrong with compliments and delicious things. If the owner loses serenity when teaching this command, the dog will remember that it is better not to go because there is something wrong with being called.

You can also teach the dogs to walk side by side without taking any delays or lagging behind. To do this, use a training collar and a short drawline. Place the dog on the left, apply the command “Take on!” And step on your left foot. If the dog goes ahead or lags behind, repeat the command by pulling the pull line. Let’s praise when you can.

How can I prevent jumping on dogs? One way is to go back and order “Stop!” And say “Sit down!”. Another way is to grab the front paws with your left and right hands, approach the dog and repeat the “Stop!” Command. If you hear what you say, I will praise you.

Faithful partner

Don’t forget that dogs are social animals. If you keep the dog in the cage all the time, you may become overactive, barking, and destructive. With training, the dog will not be in trouble but a loyal partner that brings joy.

Useful information for dog training

1. Use command words consistently.

2. Dogs like to call their names and pay attention when they are called. So use the dog’s name along with the command. (“Rover, sit!”) However, do not use your dog’s name when you say “No!” Dogs need to remember that when they are called, there are good things, not bad things.

3. Use generous compliments for rewards. Many dogs are more loving than food.

4. Make each exercise short and fun.

5. Be careful when your dog does bad behavior and don’t spur bad behavior. Too much attention only repeats undesirable behavior.


“Rover, sit down!”

“Don’t hit the dog!”

How to train your dog
How to train your dog

Toilet discipline – How to train your dog

You can start disciplining the toilet 6 to 8 weeks after birth. According to “Basics of Dog Training” (English), the key to good toilets is to put them in an enclosure, train, time, and compliment. Dogs usually don’t want to get dirty. So when no one is watching, keep the puppy in the enclosure. Tell the children to keep track of the toilet time and remove it at a designated place. After waking up, after eating, playing, and before going to bed, take him to the toilet. I will praise you if you eliminate it. It might be a good idea to teach a word to promote excretion.

If you are not in the enclosure, pay attention to the signs before excretion. If you suddenly stop playing, turn around, squeeze your nose, or run out of the room. When you find a puppy evacuating in the house, you crawl and take it out immediately. In this case as well, the effect cannot be expected unless it is corrected immediately. Let’s clean the dirty place with water mixed with vinegar and remove the smell. Otherwise, the dog will eliminate it again.

footnote – How to train your dog

Exciting and urinating when a dog is greeted is a natural behavior that makes them unconscious. This behavior, also called obedient urination, is a sign that the dog recognizes you as a leader. At such times, hitting the dog will only make the problem worse. You may urinate more in an attempt to further show that you are considered a superior. This action usually ends by the time you are two years old.

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Swami Vivekananda Story, mixed by productive thoughts

Story of Swami Vivekananda

First Swami Vivekananda Story # 1

Swami Vivekananda Story: There is a passage in the life of the great Karmayogi Swami VivekanandaSwami Vivekananda’s fame had spread worldwide. Swami ji had become a follower. Once a foreign lady Swamiji came to meet him impressed. Swami ji’s face was as sharp as the sun.

Foreign lady said to Swamiji – Swami ji I want to marry you

Swamiji said – Why? Hey goddess i am an intelligent man

Foreign lady said – I want a bright son like you so that he can grow up and share knowledge with the world and make my name bright.

Swamiji folded his hands in front of the lady and said – Mother, take Goddess… I consider you my mother from today. You also got a son like me and my camaraderie will not break.

On hearing this, the woman fell at the feet of Swamiji. Blessed are you Swamiji, you are truly a source of inspiration for your youth.Swami Vivekananda Story

Story of Swami Vivekananda
Swami Vivekananda Story

Second Swami Vivekananda Story # 2

Once a person came to Swami Vivekananda ‘s ashram who looked very sad to see. The person fell at the feet of Swamiji as soon as he came and said that Maharaj, I am very sad with my life, I work very hard in my daily life, I work very diligently but never succeeded. Why has God given me such luck that I have read, written, and despite hard work, I have never been able to succeed, but have not become rich.

Swamiji understood the problem of that person within a second. In those days Swamiji had a small pet dog, he said to that person – you take my dog ​​a little walk away, then I will answer your question.

The man looked at Swami ji with great surprise and then with the dog got away. After a long stroll, when the person returned to Swamiji, Swamiji saw that the person’s face was still glowing while the dog was panting and was feeling very tired. Swami ji told the person – how tired this dog is when you are still looking clean and tired, then the person said that I was walking on my way straight away, but this dog all the dogs of the street Was running behind and would come back to me after fighting. Both of us have come a similar way but still this dog has run more than me, that’s why it is tired.

Swami ji ( Swami Vivekananda ) smiled and said – That is the answer to all your questions, your floor is around you, it is not far away but instead of going to the floor you keep running after other people and away from your destination. You keep going.

Friends, the same thing applies to our daily lives as well, we are always chasing others that if I am a doctor, I have to become a doctor, if I am an engineer, I have to become an engineer as well, he is earning more money than me. To earn. Just because of this thinking, we lose our talent somewhere and life becomes just a struggle, so friends don’t compete with others and make your own destination.

Swami Vivekananda Story
Swami Vivekananda Story

Third Swami Vivekananda Story # 3

Once Swami ji was roaming with his followers in America. The same Swami ji saw some children shooting guns on eggshells floating in the river. Those children were trying again and again but they missed their target again and again. Seeing this, Swami ji was very excited and started taking guns from the children and targeting himself.

As soon as Swami Ji hit the first target, he hit the target right. Now Swamiji shot 12 targets one after the other and all seemed accurate. The children asked Swamiji with great surprise that you are a monk, you don’t even know how to target, then how did you hit all the targets right away.

Swamiji said – Children, whenever you do any work, do it with full attention, all your attention should be on your goal. Just focus your mind on what you are doing and then see that you will achieve every goal of the world very easily. This is the education that is given to children in our India.

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Today’s precious idea-Just listen to the good things

Just listen to the good things

Story filled with inspiring ideas

Just listen to the good things: Aman was very upset with his life. There was neither a good job nor any other good means of earning. Aman was a very naughty type of child since childhood and never obeyed his parents and was very aggressive by nature.

Just listen to the good things, do not bring them into life.

Once thinking about something in mind, Aman reached the house of an old teacher who used to teach him in childhood. After many days, the teacher was also very happy to see his student, he was also very respectful. Aman asked the teacher that since childhood you had been teaching me a lesson of goodness and you had taught me very well but I still could not become a successful person. Why does this happen? People teach us, we learn so much from our parents and gurus, but then why does it not affect our lives?

The teacher smilingly said that son, you will bring a bottle of wine for me and then I will answer your question. Aman wondered how the teacher is asking for alcohol from his student but still Aman brought liquor from the market.

Now the teacher said to Aman – son, drink this bottle of wine but take care of one thing that do not let the wine come down your throat. To mouth and rinse. Aman thought that he had gone mad?

Aman started drinking alcohol just like that, he would drink a sip and rinse it. Then in a while the whole bottle was empty. Now the teacher told Aman that you were intoxicated?

Aman said – no addiction

Teacher – Oh, you drank the whole bottle and you did not get intoxicated?

Aman – how will addiction? When not even a sip of alcohol has descended down the throat

The teacher said with a smile – Son, I was just trying to explain to you that the entire bottle was empty but there was no alcohol intoxication because not a single sip of alcohol had gone down the throat. In the same way, I taught you a lot of books in childhood, taught you a lot, told you a lot of morality, but you did not bring a single thing down your throat, you did not bring a single thing in your life. I wish if you had brought any thing told by your parents or your guru in your life today, you would have been a successful person and my head would have been proudly elevated.

Just listen to the good things
Just listen to the good things

Friends, we too go to school in childhood, do not know how many times we learn the knowledge of our parents and our gurus and even our parents and teachers warn us in childhood that you will not follow the right path. You will regret it, but we do not put a single thing in our life. In today’s time, school has only meant getting degrees. Take a degree and find a job, no one goes to school to learn morality, no one goes to school to become a human being, all the people have just become money making machines.

This is the reason why people’s morality is declining in our society today.

We don’t know how many times we must have heard these things

Always speak the truth
, help others, do
whatever you do with all
your heart , serve your parents, etc.

How many such things are taught to us throughout our life, but do we follow any of these things? Probably not because we have only heard things, they have not been introduced in our lives.

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Students send robots to class, When sick instead, make notes

Students send robots to class

Students send robots to class

  • The pilot project commenced at Tomobe Higashi Special Support School near Tokyo
  • Recently its use was successful, the student said- it was very fun to use and rotate in different directions.

In the coming time, students will be able to study by sending robots to class instead of ill. Japanese scientists are working on this. According to them, “The robot can be sent to the class instead of the student. Students will be able to control it with the help of a tablet from the hospital or home. The robot will share the things told in the classroom with the camera live. They will also be able to make notes and lecture. Understand. ” Currently, it has been started as a pilot project. It will be implemented across the country if the experiment is successful.

It also claps and hello- Students send robots to class

  1. The pilot project commenced with the Tomobe Higashi Special Support School located on the Tokyo border. The robot is named Auri. In the absence of the student, Ori will be placed on the desk. It has two hands. There is a camera on the forehead, which brings the activity of the class to the live student. It is controlled with the help of a tablet. It has also been successfully used recently.
Students send robots to class
Students send robots to class

2. Speakers have been installed in it, with the help of which the student will speak whatever he says from home, he will release it in the class as robot audio. A robot sitting at home can also be folded in different directions. Based on the teacher’s talk in the class, the robot also expresses emotion. Like when it likes something, it claps, hands gestures and hi-hello.

3. According to 11-year-old student Asahi, it is quite fun to use and rotate in different directions. Asahi used it while he was in the hospital. The school administration also allowed remote study in such a situation. 

4. According to school principal Noboru Tachi, children can control Auri very easily. It is like attending a class for them. We are focusing on implementing this system fully. The CEO of the company that produced it, Kantaro Yoshifuji, aged 10 and 14, could not attend the school of illness. That is why he designed a robot that could help such children.

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Make a home green and pollution free by these 5 simple methods

Make a home green

Make a home green

Keeping your home pollution-free is very important to avoid serious diseases. But for this you do not need to install machines at home. These easy and natural methods are the best.

At present, about 90 percent of the world’s population is suffering from pollution. India’s number tops it. This problem is further aggravated in winter. Keeping your home pollution-free is very important to avoid serious diseases. Some simple measures can make the house green and pollution free.

1. air movement

Often people keep heavy curtains in the house or keep windows and doors closed for most of the winter. Doing this will not get rid of pollution. Make sure there is sunlight in every corner of the house. Using paint colors, note that they do not contain lead and VOCs. If there is a crack in the wall, get it filled.

Make a home green
Make a home green

2. Activated Charcoal

Activated charcoal or carbon also naturally makes the air cleaner. Charcoal consist of many elements like coal, wood, coconut shell. It has no smell. VOC means volatile organic compounds, activated charcoal is very beneficial in destroying indoor air pollution. Replace regular room freshener with charcoal freshener, it will not only keep the house free from many foul smells, but will also make the air clean. Fill it in a linen bag and keep it in shoe racks, shelves or bathrooms.

3. Candles

The candle acts as a natural purifier. If you like to burn candles at home, then avoid paraffin candles as they spread harmful substances in the air. Especially asthma patients should burn such candles in the house, which burns without smoke and fragrance for long time. In this way, salt is also considered a natural purifier. Salt lamps can be used for this. Burn them or keep them in the same room. They are helpful in cleaning the air.

4. Plants 

Some house plants are also helpful to make the house free of pollutants. Certain plants should be planted in your house. Such as aloe vera, spider plant, snake plant, babu palm, lady palm, areca palm, dwarf date palm, peace lily, rubber plant and Boston fern etc. They grow easily in small planters as well, they do not require special care. Apart from making the house green, they will also provide relief from pollution.

5. Kitchen should be smoke-free

Kitchen leads the most in indoor air pollution. Scientists believe that cooking on a gas stove emits nitrogen dioxide, which is harmful to the breath. Apart from this, there are harmful chemicals like carbon monoxide and particulate matter, so make sure to have an exhaust fan or chimney in the kitchen and regularize their cleaning. Open the kitchen windows.

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Ayodhya land dispute: From 1528 to till date

Ayodhya land dispute

The Ayodhya land dispute case is one of the longest running cases in the country. The dispute in Ayodhya began some 400 years ago, when the mosque was built there.


  • The dispute in Ayodhya was laid about 400 years ago, when the mosque was built there.
  • The real controversy began on 23 December 1949, when the idols of Lord Rama were found in the mosque.
  • On 6 December 1992, lakhs of activists from other Hindu organizations including BJP, VHP and Shiv Sena toppled the disputed structure.

Ayodhya land dispute

The Supreme Court will hear the verdict on Saturday in a case related to the ownership of the disputed site in New Delhi Ayodhya. A 5-judge constitutional bench headed by Chief Justice Ranjan Gagoi reserved the verdict in this landmark case. CJI is scheduled to retire on November 17 next month. The Ayodhya land dispute case is one of the longest running cases in the country. But do you know when the foundation of this dispute was laid. The dispute in Ayodhya was laid about 400 years ago, when the mosque was built there. Let us tell you when and when the dispute started in Ayodhya.

Year 1528:

The Mughal emperor Babur built the mosque (at the disputed site). Hindus claim that this place is the birthplace of Lord Rama and there was a temple here earlier.

From the years 1853–1949:

In 1853 there were riots around this place for the first time. In 1859 the English administration erected fences around the disputed site. Muslims were allowed to worship inside the structure and Hindus outside on the platform.

The year 1949:

The real controversy started on 23 December 1949, when the idols of Lord Rama were found in the mosque. Hindus said that Lord Rama appeared, while Muslims alleged that someone quietly kept the idols there at night. The UP government ordered the removal of the idols, but the District Magistrate K.K. K. Nair expressed his inability to carry out this order out of fear of riots and feelings of Hindus. The government locked it up as a disputed structure.

Year 1950: 

Two applications were filed in Faizabad Civil Court. In this, permission was asked to worship Rama Lala in one and permission to keep the idol of Lord Rama in the disputed structure in the other. In 1959, Nirmohi Arena filed a third petition.

Year 1961:

The UP Sunni Waqf Board filed an application demanding the possession of the disputed site and the removal of statues.

Year 1984:

In 1984, the Vishwa Hindu Parishad set up a committee to replace the disputed structure with a temple.

Year 1986:

 U.P. On the petition of C. Pandey, Faizabad District Judge K.J. M. Pandey, on 1 February 1986, ordered the Hindus to remove the lock from the structure, allowing them to worship.

Ayodhya land dispute
Ayodhya land dispute

December 6, 1992: 

Millions of activists of other Hindu organizations, including BJP, VHP and Shiv Sena, demolish the disputed structure. Riots erupted between Hindus and Muslims across the country, killing more than 2 thousand people.


A train carrying Hindu activists was set on fire in Godhra, killing 58 people. Due to this, more than 2 thousand people died in the riots.

2010: Ayodhya land dispute

The Allahabad High Court, in its judgment, ordered the disputed site to be divided into 3 equal parts between the Sunni Waqf Board, Ramlala Virajaman and Nirmohi Akhara.


 Supreme CourtProhibited the Allahabad High Court’s decision on the Ayodhya dispute.

2017: Ayodhya land dispute

Supreme Court called for an out-of-court settlement. Charges of criminal conspiracy on top BJP leaders were reinstated.

8 March 2019:

The Supreme Court sent the case for arbitration. The panel was asked to conclude the proceedings within 8 weeks.

1 August 2019: 

Arbitration panel submits report.

Video Uploaded by The economic times

2 August 2019:

The Supreme Court said that the arbitration panel failed to resolve the case.

August 6, 2019: 

Daily hearing of Ayodhya land case starts in Supreme Court.

16 October 2019: 

Ayodhya land case hearing completed. The Supreme Court reserved the verdict.

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World toilet day India: Give toilet training to children

World toilet day

World toilet day India: Many responsibilities of parents also increase as the child begins to grow. Like telling them the way to eat their own food, the way of walking, the way of talking. Apart from this, the most important responsibility is to provide toilet training to the children, so that the child can freshen himself and do not depend too much on you. For this, parents need to take a lot of precautions. Let’s know how you can train your children to go to the toilet. World toilet day India.

First of all, parents should take care that do not put too much pressure on children while training. Teach them slowly. For this, parents need to be very patient.

While training the toilet, firstly find out whether the child has started moving and whether he can sit in a place for some time. If he is able to do this, give him toilet training. Apart from this, before training, also keep in mind that your child has started doing some work by himself or not, like eating food with a spoon. 

World toilet day India

If the diaper that the child is wearing has been dry for two hours, it means that he has learned to control his body functions. Also, if he is telling you in gestures that he has to go to the washroom, then give him toilet training.

While teaching toilet training, start explaining the washroom setting to the children. Like where to wash hands and where to go to get fresh. 

Note: To teach children the activities of daily life, patience is required. This article has been shared to increase your knowledge. If you are planning to teach this type of training to your children, then take the advice of a doctor and expert.

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