Super moon or Pink moon, you can watch the super moon naked eye

Super moon or Pink moon

The full moon from April 7 to 8 is the largest “Super moon or Pink moon” of the full moon seen this year.

Due to the elliptical orbit of the moon, the distance between the moon and the Earth varies between about 360,000 km and 400,000 km. If the timing of the closest approach and the timing of the full moon are close, the moon looks large. In the case of this year, the moon will approach the earth to about 357,000 km at around 3:09 dawn on the 8th, and it will be a full moon at about 11:35, about eight and a half hours later. In other words, the full moon from “Evening 7th to Dawn 8th” is a super moon.

On the other hand, the smallest full moon this year is October 31. The apparent diameter changes by about 14%, but the size change is hard to see visually. It will be easier to understand if you shoot at the same magnification.

Astro Arts’ concept of “Super moon or BLUE moon” (word usage)

Although the scientific definition is not fixed, AstroArts currently states that the “periphery of the moon (timing at which the moon and the Earth come closest)” and “the moment of the full moon” are within 12 hours (half day) , “The full moon seen before and after that” is referred to as  super moon.” It is not “this is correct” but “we think like this.”

  • The National Astronomical Observatory of Japan does not use the word “super moon” but rather “the largest full moon of the year”. In this case, it happens only once every year regardless of distance and time.
  • United States, the term “full moon within a distance of 360,000 km” or “full moon within a certain distance range based on the perigee distance of the moon” is called “super moon”. In this case, more than one full moon in one year may be a super moon.

Data (by NASA) – Super moon or Pink moon

| Date| distance
Full moon moment| April 08 11:35| 357,030km
The closest approach of the earth center and the moon| April 08 03:09| 356,907km
The closest approach of the moon as seen from Tokyo| April 07 23:23| 351,746km

Distance of the top two is “the center of the earth and the moon center”, is the most under “Earth surface distance of a month-centric”

Pink moon
Super moon or Pink moon, you can watch the super moon naked eye

The closest moment from the full moon (moment) to “moon from Tokyo” is 2:48 on March 10 (350,3082 km) (360,000 from 11:35 on April 8th from Tokyo. 2403km). In this way, the date when the actual full moon (the instantaneous month) is the largest may differ from the Super Moon date.

Full moon for every month have different nameSuper moon or Pink moon

The full moon has various names for each month. In the past, people lived with the phases of the moon, rather than living with the calendar as they do today. This time, I would like to introduce the name of the full moon, which is said to have been used by Native American, which was the source of the American agricultural calendar. You can see that the seasonal change of the full moon has been used as a guide to life such as farming and hunting by turning points.

January: Wolf Moon

In midwinter, the full moon of January was named after the howling of a hungry wolf without food. It seems that Native Americans also used this name in medieval Europe. In addition, it is also called Old Moon (Old Moon) and Ice Moon (Ice Moon).

February: Snow Moon

February in North America has a lot of snow and is named Snow Moon. It is also known as Storm Moon or Hunger Moon. Snowstorms have occurred and snow and cold have shown no food.

March: Worm Moon

Interesting name. The full moon in March, when winter ends and spring begins, is named Worm Moon. When the snow melts, the sun hits the ground and the ground becomes warm, it is like an earthworm coming out of the ground and crawling on the ground. In spring, the emergence of insects from the soil is the same nuance as the “Keiitsu” (written as “surprise emblem” in China) in the 24 seasons used in China and Japan. Shin

Others include Chase and Moon, Chaste Moon, Death Moon, and Crust Moon Ⅽrust Moon. The hard snowy moon is said to mean snow that melts in the daytime light and melts in the snow at night, making the surface harder and harder. It is the scariest pattern when driving on snowy roads. The name of the plant is Sap Moon (sap moon). It’s because it’s time for maple sap to be used as a raw material for maple syrup.

April: Super moon or Blue moon

Northern Native Americans call the full moon in April the Pink Moon. It is said that it is named after a pink flower (phlox) that blooms quickly. It is also called Sprouting Grass Moon, which indicates the time when spring comes and the trees bud all at once. Other names include Egg Moon and Fish Moon.

“The full moon in April brings frost, and when the full moon thins, it rains.” According to another legend, between the full moon and the new moon, it was said to be suitable for tasks such as weeding, mowing, and pruning.

May: Flower Moon

It is called Flower Moon among various countries and ethnic groups. That is the time when so many flowers bloom. Other names include Hair Moon, Hare Moon, Corn Planting Moon, and Corn Moon, and Milk Moon.

June: Strawberry Moon

North America harvests wild strawberries in June. The main varieties bar zinnia in strawberry (Fragaria virginiana), also known as the mountain strawberry or common strawberry. Native to Alaska, Canada and the United States. In Europe, it is named Rose Moon. Also, this month is often the first full moon in summer, and in some areas it is called the Hot Moon.

July: Buck Moon

Buck refers to a stag. The male deer changes horns every year. Native Americans have given this name to the full moon in July, as it was born in July. Another example is the Thunder Moon. This is due to frequent storms in July. It is also known as Hay Moon. This is due to the hay harvest in July.

By the way, do you know what hay is? Often used in stories and animations, it is a dried version of what is called pasture. What kind of grass is that? When I thought and examined it, it was a generic term for several kinds of plants. They seem to plant perennial and perennial grasses such as Orchardgrass (Kamogaya) and Italian ryegrass (Ricegrass) and perennials of legumes such as alfalfa.

August: Sturgeon Moon

The full moon in August was called the Sturgeon Moon, in hopes of a good harvest of the sturgeon caught in the Great Lakes. Green Corn Moon (Blue Corn Moon), Grain Moon (Grain Moon), Red Moon (Red Moon). This seems to have been called because the moon can be reddish in the summer fog.

Super moon or Pink moon

September: Harvest Moon

You may have heard of the Harvest Moon in September. This is the time of harvesting the crop, the full moon after the autumn equinox. When harvesting at night, it also expresses the full moon in September, where the moonlight helps, and the early rise of the moon. There are also names such as Corn Moon and Barley Moon, but are they both harvest months?

October: Hunter’s Moon

It is said to be a good month to hunt fat deer and foxes during the summer. As in September, the moonlight is especially strong and the time to illuminate is long. Hunters can use the power of the moonlight even in the dark to track down prey that cannot be hidden in the dead fields of trees. Other names are Travel Moon Travel Moon and Dying Grass Moon.

November: Beaver Moon

There are various theories, some say that the name came from the time when Native Americans set up traps to catch the beaver, and others said that the beaver started building a nest for wintering, a so-called dam. It is also called Frost Moon, which has the same meaning as November in Japan.

December: Cold Moon

The full moon in December, when a full-fledged winter comes, is named Cold Moon. It is also called Long Night Moon or Oak Moon, which represents the length of the winter night. Oak is a oak tree. It is easy to process and is used for barrels for furniture and whiskey and wine.

How to watch the Super moon or Pink moon in April 2020

The moon rises on April 7 at around 7 p.m. (the time of sunrise may vary by a few minutes, depending on the observation location) in the east and rises in the sky to the south during the night. On April 8, 2020 at 4.35 a.m. it will officially become a full moon – at this time it will be in the sky in the southwest. Shortly after 7 a.m. (here, too, the time can vary slightly depending on the observation location), the moon sets in the west.Super moon or Pink moon

April 2020 Super moon or Blue moon has an impact on Earth

A super moon is not only beautiful to look at, it actually has an impact on the earth: it triggers spring tides . This actually happens about every two weeks – whenever the earth, moon and sun are in a straight line. The spring tide occurs at full moon (earth between sun and moon) and new moon (moon between sun and earth). This effect is intensified if the moon is at the same time in the perigee , i.e. particularly close to the earth.

Super moon or Pink moon
Next Super moon

The moon will reach its distance from the earth in April 2020 on April 20. Then it is 406,460 kilometers from our planet. On average, the moon is at a distance of 382,900 kilometers from the earth.

Next Super moon or Pink moon

The next Super Moon will not have to wait long for the rest: even the full moon in May 2020 counts with a distance of 366,824 kilometers to the super moons. But no matter how close the moon is to Earth : it is always worth taking a quick look at it when it is in the sky. After all, the Earth would not be the same without the Moon – the Moon affects more than just the tides on Earth *.

Even beyond the super moon, you can observe some things in the starry sky in April. The planet “Venus” is particularly striking as the “evening star” . The falling stream of the Lyrids also falls in April. If you own a telescope, you can try to find the comet “Atlas” near the constellations “Big Dipper” and “Giraffe”. There is currently hope that comet “Atlas” will soon be seen with the naked eye .

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How to conceive twins? Types, factors, features details about twins

How to conceive twins

The frequency of twins varies across the world and in history. So the question arrived How to conceive twins? In Niger, one person in 12 is a twin, while in Asia, one speaks of one in 70. Scientists have also observed that the rate of twins decreased between 1900 and 1980 and finally increased again from this moment . These variations of course raise questions. What factors could favor the birth of twins?

Let us first distinguish the real from the false twins. When conceiving real twins, a single sperm fertilizes a single egg. The embryo thus formed then divides into two to generate two babies who share the same genes entirely. On the contrary, for false twins, two separate eggs are fertilized by two different sperm.

Scientists still do not fully understand the mechanisms that favor the birth of real twins. To date, therefore, we have not identified with certainty maternal or environmental factors that could increase their frequency. The situation is however clearer for false twins

How to conceive twins?

To conceive false twins, two eggs have to develop during the same menstrual cycle. Normally, an ovum is created by the maturation of a follicle on the surface of the ovary. It is a hormone called FSH, secreted at the start of the menstrual cycle, that triggers its development. When the follicle gives birth to an egg, it also makes a hormone that blocks the production of FSH.

Under these conditions, a single follicle will succeed in producing an egg. However, if the amount of FSH is too large or if it remains elevated for too long, two eggs may appear. It has also been observed that mothers of false twins have higher levels of FSH.

Three specific factors would really favor the birth of false twins: heredity, the age of the mother and the number of children of the mother before conception.


A twin’s sister would be 95% more likely to conceive of twins. Scientists believe that several genes could be responsible for this familial predisposition. In particular, mutations in the genes necessary for the production of the hormone FSH, serving to block its production or capable of reacting to its presence are the main suspects.

Maternal age:

Between the ages of 15 and 35, the chance of conceiving twins is multiplied by four. Scientists suggest that it would be the number of follicles that would explain this situation. When a woman is young, several follicles would be ready to respond to the FSH signal and therefore quickly block its secretion. However, as the woman ages, the follicles become fewer and react more slowly. FSH is then secreted longer, which would allow two eggs to develop. This is also why the frequency of twins has been increasing since 1980. Although fertility treatments could have a role to play, it would be mainly because mothers now have children at an older age.

The number of children:

The more children a woman has at the time of conception, the greater her chances of having twins. It is also believed that the drop in the rate of twins between 1900 and 1980 could be explained by the disappearance of large families.

Other factors:

Certain factors have been associated with the birth of twins, but they are sometimes controversial. Among others, we find the size of the mother, her body mass index, the season of conception, smoking, the use of hormonal contraceptives and folic acid supplements.

The special case of babies

conceived during breastfeeding Could having a baby while breastfeeding increase the chances of having twins? According to Dr. Steinman, this would be the case . In 2001, he studied mothers attending La Leche League who had become pregnant while breastfeeding. He thus calculated that the percentage of birth of real twins was 3.6% among these mothers whereas in a randomly selected population, we speak rather of 0.4%. For false twins, the frequency was 7.8%, compared to 0.7% in general.According to Dr. Steinman, nursing mothers have lower levels of calcium.

How to conceive twins
How to conceive twins? Types, factors, features details about twins

As calcium is needed to bind cells together, a drop would weaken the strength of the links between the cells of the embryo. It would therefore be more likely that it will split in two to give birth to real twins. In addition, breastfeeding disrupts the secretion of sex hormones. This could lead to overproduction of FSH and promote the conception of false twins.However, this is the only study to link breastfeeding to the conception of twins.

First theory

Contacted on this subject, Dr. Jacques Kadoch, head of the department of reproductive medicine and biology at the University of Montreal Hospital Center, said he was surprised by these data of which he had never before known.This hypothesis must therefore be analyzed in more depth before it can be concluded that breastfeeding increases the chances of conceiving twins.In Quebec, in 2010, births of twins represented 3% of all births .This post was first published on the Maman Éprouvette site .

This article “How to conceive twins?” comes from the blog kcouillard and Quimamme

Monovular or monozygotic twins come from a single fertilized egg divided into two, which gives rise to two different embryos. For this reason  , twins are also called monozygotic or monovular.

It is important to distinguish monozygotic twins from heterozygotic twins . The latter, unlike the monozygotes, are formed directly from different eggs and each of them is fertilized by a different spermatozoon. Twins can also be called bizygotes, dizygotes or biovular.

What is the difference between monozygotic and heterozygous?

First, it is important to clarify that the terms “monozygotic” and “heterozygous” mean very different things:

Monozygotes are those twins that come from the same egg  and, once fertilized by sperm, divide into two, thus giving rise to two different embryos. For this reason, twins are also known as monozygotic or monovular.

The heterozygotes, on the other hand, are formed directly from different eggs  and each of them is fertilized by a different spermatozoon. They are also known by the name of bizygotes, dizygotes or biovulars.

In the case of monozygotes, the genetic information is exactly the same, which is why they are “identical twins”. However, the degree of similarity between them can be the same as in heterozygous twins.

What are the chances of having them?

Twin pregnancies are much more frequent in assisted reproduction treatments because,  to increase the success rate, two or three fertilized eggs are implanted in the uterus . It is likely that none of them will thrive or only one, but if both, or all three, will do, the pregnancy will be multiple.

Even  drugs that induce ovulation increase from the 30-35%  chances  of having twins . In other words, about one in three gestations obtained with assisted reproduction techniques are multiple.

The cases of monozygotic twins,

however, have nothing to do with this type of techniques and drugs since the division of the zygote is caused by a biological “accident”. For this reason, the odds may be the same as for spontaneous pregnancies.

Finally, it should be borne in mind that, if twin pregnancies are rare, trigeminal pregnancies are even more so. The SEF calculates that the percentage is only 0.012%, or one out of 8,100 gestations.

twins baby
monozygotic twins

Even when assisted reproduction treatments are performed or ovulation inducing drugs are administered, the probability is low: one in 700 pregnancies, which corresponds to 0.14%.

Factors related to the birth How to conceive twins

Several studies have linked the following factors to the probability of conceiving twins:

  • Age of the mother . Women over the age of 35 are more likely to have multiple pregnancies since an increase in ovarian follicular stimulation occurs after this age which causes the follicles to generate more eggs. It is a bit paradoxical since, at these ages, the chances of conceiving are lower. An estimated 70% of women over 45 have twins.
  • The weight of the mother . The American Congress of Obstetrics and Gynecology, in a complex study, reported that a body mass index equal to or greater than 30 is a factor that promotes polyiovulation. An increased probability was also found in tall women.
  • The ethnic group of the mother . A scientific study conducted in the United States has shown that black women are more likely to have twins than Caucasian women who, in turn, are more likely than Latinas and Asians.  
  • Genetic inheritance . Having a history of multiple pregnancies in the family increases the odds. It is estimated that 17% of twins also have twins. The inheritance is transmitted both by the father and the mother, but it is obviously expressed only in women because they ovulate.

Types of twin pregnancies – How to conceive twins

First, it is necessary to differentiate a monovular twin pregnancy from a biovular pregnancy and several cases may occur:

  • Bicorial-biamniotic pregnancy : there are two placentas and two amniotic sacs. It is multiple pregnancy with fewer risks and occurs in 30% of cases.
  • Monochorionic-biamnotic pregnancy : there are two separate amniotic pockets, but only one placenta. It is a pregnancy with multiple risks, since fetal-fetal transfusion syndrome can occur, that is, one of the two children absorbs all the “resources”, even those of the other. It occurs in 63% of monozygotic pregnancies.
  • Mono-amniotic pregnancy : occurs when babies share the placenta and amniotic sac. It is the least common case of all and the one with the highest risk.
  • Siamese : they share the placenta, the amniotic bursa and some parts of the body. This phenomenon occurs because cell division took place 13 days after fertilization.

Features of twin pregnancy – How to conceive twins

On average,  the twin pregnancy lasts less than the pregnancy of a single child  since the two fetuses, as they grow, run out of available space more quickly and the placenta can age earlier.

This type of pregnancy  requires the same examinations and tests as a single child’s pregnancy, with some ultrasound scans  more than the usual three of the “single” pregnancy.

In twin pregnancy, the mother’s diet plays a fundamental role. Mom should increase calorie intake by about 300 a day , but in a healthy way:

  • It is necessary to increase the consumption of fruit and vegetables.
  • It is also necessary to increase the intake of proteins, essential for the development of fetuses: white meat, fish (the blue one is ideal for its intake of Omega 3), eggs and legumes.
  • The need for iron also increases, as the mother’s body must use its reserves in order for blood with oxygen to reach the fetuses.
  • Folic acid is also essential, especially in the first three months of pregnancy: spinach and other green leafy vegetables, whole grains and fish rich in omega 3 (salmon, mackerel, sardines, etc.).
  • Calcium is another essential mineral in pregnancy but, even more so, in a multiple pregnancy.

Siamese twins – How to conceive twins

Siamese are twins who have not completely separated in the womb . The binding occurs due to a problem in the development of monozygotic embryonic cells.

Cell division occurs later and the more time passes, the more organs are shared. It is not a genetic defect, but a mutation that occurs during the development of the embryos.

Why are they called Siamese? This term originated in the mid-nineteenth century and became international due to the fame of the case of the brothers Eng Bunker and Chang, born in Siam (Thailand) united by a cartilage between the chest and the abdomen.

What are the causes? Nowadays there is no scientific explanation. The most widespread theory is that of fusion, which causes the late separation of the embryonic plaque, which is why the monozygotic twins who have not separated in the first weeks may be born united in some way.

The cases are very few. Only one birth in 200,000 is Siamese.

What will breastfeeding look like in these cases?

If you have twins, breastfeeding is more complicated, but not impossible . With a little effort, practice and a lot of patience, the result will be positive and of great satisfaction for you and your little ones. We give you some practical tips to serenely breastfeed your twins.

  • During the first weeks of life , babies will require breastfeeding every half hour. It will be a difficult phase because you will have the feeling of not doing anything other than breastfeeding. Gradually, you should get your kids used to taking milk at the same time. How to do it? You should gradually synchronize their rhythms. Whenever the hungrier asks for the breast, you will also give it to the other. In this way, their feeds will be contemporary and will end up being hungry at the same time.
  • Supporting both children at the same time is not easy . With the help of two pillows this task will be easier. You should sit in a comfortable place, place the two cushions on your legs and place the children on them.
    Hold the cushions and babies with both arms, positioned so that the little ones reach the nipple on their own. You can rest your feet on a cushion that allows you to lift your legs and feel more comfortable.
  • If you have twins,  the diet must be richer  from an energy point of view: compared to the basic amount of about 2,000 calories per day, the supplement should vary between 900 and 1,200 more calories.
  • Remember to alternate the breasts  between the babies. Do this every 24 hours, so it will be easier for you.

How to treat identical twins? – How to conceive twins

The bond between the twins  is an indispensable element for their growth. When they are very young, they must be together , as they have shared a very small space for months. Therefore, they must be in the same cradle next to the mother, without separating them, unless there is a medical need.

Remember, however, that such an exclusive and lasting relationship, especially if they are monozygotic twins, can compromise the individuality of the two children. We must therefore avoid certain attitudes that can lead us to consider twins as an inseparable unit.

How to conceive twins
How to treat identical twins?

First of all, we should avoid giving them too similar names and we must turn to them with the “you” and not with the “you” , calling them by their name and avoiding referring to them with the generic term “the twins”. To make them recognizable to others, their initials can be embroidered on their clothes or friends can be informed of a particular characteristic or a garment that distinguishes them.

  • One should avoid considering or commenting on their similarity in their presence, as well as using them to surprise friends and strangers.
  • We must evaluate the character differences of each of the twins, to avoid labeling them with predetermined adjectives: the big or the small, the extrovert or the shy.
  • Different gifts should be chosen, trying to strengthen each individual’s individual tastes.
  • However,  in the effort of diversification and autonomy of children, we must not exclude all possible experiences in common , so as not to break the delicate bond that unites twins and avoid aggravating the anxiety of separation that affects all twins in the early years of life. Occasionally, you have to let them play or dress the same way, as well as do the same things.

And the different twins?

In the case of different twins, the same attitude considerations that we saw in the case of identical twins apply. All twins, brothers born together, in fact tend to be considered a multiple unit, instead of being treated as individuals . 

Curiosity about monozygotic twins – How to conceive twins

“It’s two drops of water!”. The extraordinary similarity between the monozygotic twins always arouses our admiration. But is this similarity the same in all senses? For example: do they smell the same? Do they have the same dreams? Is their immune system identical? To what extent do they look alike? Here are some curiosities about twins.

  • Monozygotic twins also look alike in the immune system . For this reason, in many cases, they get sick in the same way and at the same time. Scientific research has shown that out of nine types of antibodies, twins born from the same egg have seven equal ones, while the average for other children varies from six to four.
  • They have similar dreams : say the twins Giorgio and Nicola Pressburger, writers and directors, who wrote a novel about one of their dreams, “The green elephant”.
  • They smell the same : not even the best police dogs can distinguish the smell of a monozygotic twin from another. Sometimes, fingerprints are the same too.
  • They confirm the theory of chronogenetics : according to this science, our life is regulated by rhythms related to time.
    Luigi Gedda, author of the Mendel Institute for the study of twins, formulated this hypothesis after years of collecting data relating to twins from all over the world. An example is the case of John and Arthur Mowforth, two retired airmen: at the age of 70, they suffered from chest pain on the same day and died just over an hour apart.
  • They have a sort of telepathy : in an experiment conducted at the Language Center in San Diego, California, 14 pairs of identical twins were divided into separate rooms, so that they could not communicate. In 12 out of 14 cases, when a twin was asked to make a gesture, like raising his arm, closing his eyes or yawning, the other also did it.
  • Usually he likes the same names : Tom Bouchard, an American psychologist specialized in the study of twins separated at birth, cites, among the various examples, that of twins Dorothy Lowe and Bridget Harrison, adopted in the first days of life by two different families. When, after years of separation, they met, they discovered that they called their children in a surprisingly similar way. The firstborn had been baptized, Andrew Richard and Richard Andrew, and the second daughters Karen Louise and Catherine Louise, respectively.

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Make hand sanitizer or disinfectant at home yourself: Instructions

Make hand sanitizer or disinfectant

Instructions for Make hand sanitizer or disinfectant to make yourself: How to fight viruses & bacteria naturally

Good against bacteria and viruses

Make hand disinfectant yourself: Instructions

When the flu wave rolls again, washing hands and disinfecting helps

On the train, on the bus, at the bakery – everywhere we come into contact with germs that others have left behind. It is therefore important to wash your hands several times a day. But what to do if there is no way to do it on the way (e.g. in the playground)? Then disinfectants for the hands * 🛒, which are now available from numerous manufacturers, will help . However, you can save the money by doing hand disinfectants yourself. It’s totally simple and you are guaranteed to know what is in the bottle afterwards. Nicely packaged, the germ killer is even suitable as a gift.

DIY instructions for disinfectants

The list of ingredients in an average disinfectant reads like a chemistry doctoral thesis: Propan-2-ol, Propan-1-ol, Mecetroniumetilsulfat … In case you are too scary to rub this mixture on your skin or on your children , you can also mix an agent yourself that kills pathogens. How this works and what you need for it is shown here in our DIY instructions for disinfectants.

It is important, however, that you do not overdo it with the application. Washing hands with soap is always the better alternative – both for your skin and for your immune system. Because when you wash your hands, you make a large part of the bacteria and viruses on your hand surface harmless (instructions for correct hand washing here) and a certain contact with pathogens is even good for us because we train our immune system. In addition, some bacteria even protect the skin. Nevertheless, hygiene is important especially in the cold season, when flu and cold waves regularly sweep through the country. And if there is no sink nearby, a disinfectant is ideal for on the go.

Make hand sanitizer or disinfectant
Make hand sanitizer or disinfectant at home yourself: Instructions

Checklist: You need this for the DIY hand disinfectant

It is best to get an amber glass bottle with a spray attachment in the pharmacy or online at Amazon * 🛒. Then fill them in as follows:

  • 80 ml alcohol ( isopropyl alcohol *)
  • 20 ml aloe vera juice *
  • 5 drops of an essential oil *: either tea tree, clove, lavender, lemon, rosemary, cinnamon or eucalyptus

Mix all the ingredients in the amber glass bottle and shake well before each use.

The essential oils it contains are a natural remedy for germs, bacteria, viruses and fungi. Alcohol disinfects very well, aloe vera does too – and the aloe content also nourishes the skin. If you prefer to clean surfaces with the spray, simply replace the aloe content 1: 1 with alcohol.

Would you prefer a hand gel? Then add 1 to 1.5 grams of xanthan * to change the consistency. Fill the gel into a brown bottle with a pump attachment *.

Use hand disinfectant correctly

  1. Spray your hands with the spray from a distance of 5 centimeters until the palms are wet and also spread between your fingers – similar to the soap used to wash your hands.
  2. Leave on for up to 30 seconds.
  3. Massage disinfection gel into your hands for 20 to 30 seconds so that it can develop its optimal anti-germ effect.

Incidentally, the World Health Organization has also published instructions for a self-mixed disinfectant. According to the editorial network Germany, the WHO recipe contains the following ingredients, which are mixed and mixed well:

  • 800 ml of alcohol or ethanol
  • 200 ml of boiled water
  • and some glycerin *

It is important that you do not mix the ingredients near fire or hot objects, because ethanol is highly flammable.

How to properly use hydroalcoholic gels?

Free sanitizer
Free hand sanitizer

First thing: do not use hydroalcoholic gel on wet hands. They should only be used on dry hands. These solutions are not a substitute for washing with warm water and soap, as they do not completely clean your hands. But in the absence of water or soap, they can be useful.

Another way to make own sanitizing solution?

To compensate for the absence of hydroalcoholic gels in our pharmacies or our supermarkets, you can make them in a few steps:

  • Remember to disinfect your bottle and utensils with alcohol at 70 ° C, to eliminate any germs.
  • Then pour into your container 3 tablespoons of alcohol at 70 ° C
  • 2 teaspoons of glycerin
  • 6 tablespoons aloe vera gel
  • 46 drops of lavender essential oil (essential oils being very allergenic, remember to test them upstream on a small part of your skin)
  • 18 drops of tea tree essential oil

For this hydroalcoholic gel recipe, you will need a small container of about 75 ml. Do not forget to note the date of preparation, since the solutions made by hand do not keep for more than three months.

In the end of Make hand sanitizer or disinfectant

The glycerin component in the WHO DIY disinfectant recipe is intended to protect the skin. The problem: alcohol and ethanol attack the fatty layer of the skin and dry the hands. All in all, homemade disinfectants are more of an emergency solution when Sagrotan, Steriulium & Co. are hardly available in pharmacies or drugstores. Experts from various pharmacists warn against making disinfectants themselves because they use flammable chemicals. So caution is definitely required. And a disinfectant from the pharmacy should be the first choice.

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Science Day 2020 : When did Science Day begin to be celebrated?

Science Day 2020

Science Day 2020: Science is very important in our life. Many great scientists were born in India and gave recognition to India in the field of science and also made a different place for themselves. National Science Day is celebrated in India every year on 28 February in the presence of a similar scientist. Let us know through this article why and how National Science Day is celebrated in India. How did it start, etc.?

We will travel back in time until 1999 to locate ourselves in Budapest, when the World Conference on Science was held. Essential issues were addressed and a global action plan of unquestionable relevance was launched, which is still active.

What is the ‘Raman Effect’?

Raman scattering or the Raman effect is about the flexible distribution of photon particles. According to Raman effect, the nature and nature of light changes when it comes out through a transparent medium. This medium can be anything solid, fluid and gaseous. This phenomenon occurs when the molecules of the medium disperse or disperse the particles of light energy. The Raman effect is also important for understanding the internal structure of chemical compounds.

On the official website of the United Nations the origin of the celebration of Science Day is very well explained :

The World Science Day for Peace and Development is an annual event celebrated worldwide since 2002 to remember the commitment made at the World Conference on Science, held in Budapest in 1999, under the Sponsorship of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and the International Council for Science (CIC)…

… At the Budapest meeting it was considered that the establishment of this Day would constitute an opportunity to reaffirm every year the will to achieve the objectives proclaimed in the Declaration on Science and the Use of Scientific Knowledge and to follow up on the recommendations of the Program in for Science: General Framework for Action .

What do you intend to achieve with Science Day?

This important date must remain active for all that it implies, both nationally and internationally. While it is true that science occupies a fundamental place in the face of technological and social advances, the truth is that there is still a lot of informative work ahead so that the population knows the real importance.

For this , Science Day has an essential responsibility in order to transmit to the world everything that science has achieved and can continue to achieve, with the following objectives every year:

  • Bet internationally to use science responsibly in favor of societies .
  • Eradicate poverty through the appropriate use of science adapted to the environment.
  • Encourage an improvement in the opinion about science by the population.
  • Bring science closer to society to eliminate that distance still existing between them.
  • Encourage in society the importance of science as a tool to improve.
  • Report progress and news.
  • Know real achievements .
Science Day 2020
Science Day 2020 : When did Science Day begin to be celebrated?

Awards on National Science Day

Every year on the occasion of National Science Day, a grand program is organized by the Ministry of Science and Technology in New Delhi. In this program, awards are presented at the national level for special contributions to popularize science. Apart from this, lectures are also organized by a distinguished scientist on the popular subject of science.

The head of the National Council of Science and Technology Communication, Mr. Chandramohan told India Science Wire that this year the Director General of the National Museum Council, Kolkata, Mr. A.K. The main lecture will be given by Manekar, whose theme is ‘Challenges and Prospects for Science Communication in the Twenty-First Century’.

Without the spread of scientific outlook in the public mind, the path of development cannot be progressed rapidly. A large section of the society is still surrounded by unmistakable beliefs and superstitions. Diffusion of scientific thinking is necessary to move fast on the path of development. Events like National Science Day can definitely prove to be helpful in spreading the scientific outlook.

And you, what are you going to do today to celebrate Science Day? Tell us on our social networks: Facebook and Twitter .

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Umang App Details PF Balance – Download PF passbook here

Umang App Details PF Balance

Umang App Details PF Balance:Umang App Details PF Balance Umang Mobile App gives you many services. Through this single app you can avail the facilities like Employees Provident Fund (EPF), PAN, Aadhaar, DigiLocker, Gas Booking, Mobile and Electricity Bill Payment etc. This app has been prepared by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) and the National e-Governance Division (NeGD).

Key Features of Umang App

One platform – Umang App Details PF Balance

Umang App is a platform for e-governance. Through which citizen-centric services from central government to local bodies can be accessed.

Service on mobile – Umang App Details PF Balance

Its special thing is that you do not need a computer . You can also avail e-governance services through Umang Seva through ordinary cell phones.

Connection to Digital India Services

Many Digital India services can also be easily accessed through the Umang app. These services include Aadhaar , DigiLocker etc.

Umang App Details PF Balance
Umang App Details PF Balance – Download PF passbook here

Secure – Umang App Details PF Balance

There are several ways to identify the user to access the services on this app. And these services are Aadhaar-based and other Authentication methods are also used.

Easy availability

There is no need for you to visit government offices to take advantage of the exaltation service. Nor do you need to get any official recommendation. Any common citizen can easily start downloading this app from Google Play Store (Android), App Store (iOS) and Microsoft Store (Windows) available on their smartphone .

In addition to English and Hindi, Multilingual – Umang app is also available in more than a dozen other Indian languages. Therefore, you can use it in your mother tongue as well.

Through the Unified Mobile Application for New-Age Governance, Umang App, you can see the details related to all the above services. There is no need to download a separate app for this. You can download the Umang app on all types of devices. These include smartphones, desktops and tablets.

Know the PF balance by UMANG APP

The biggest utility of this app is that it can be used for EPF related services. One of these is to be able to see the details of his contribution made to the EPF through the app. However, for this you must have an active UAN (Universal Account Number). The mobile number should also be registered with the Employees Provident Fund Organization (EPFO).

It is a simple process for the members of the Employees Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) to get information about their EPF balance, but due to lack of information, EPFO ​​members have to struggle a lot. As an employee and an EPFO ​​member, you do not need to depend on your company to know your PF statement. You can know your PF statement at any time in five ways. Let’s know what are those five methods.

1. EPFO ​​Portal

Employees can access their PF passbook by visiting the website operated by EPFO. To see your PF passbook on the portal, you need to tag your account with the UAN number. Members can download or print the passbook from the official website. For this, first you have to go to Here you have to click on ‘For Employees’ of ‘Our Services’. After this you have to click on the ‘Member Passbook’ tab of ‘Services’. Now UAN and password will have to be entered. Here you have to ensure that your UAN is activated by the employer.

2. Umang App (Umang App Details PF Balance)

Through the EPFO ​​member Umang app, you can find out your PF balance information on your mobile phone. The Umang app was launched by the government in the year 2019. With the help of this app, access to various government services is available at one place. Through this app, members can not only view their EPF passbook, but can also claim and track the claim through the app.

Step 1 From

App Store Download the Umang app on smartphone. Android phone users can download the app from Google Play Store. At the same time, iPhone users can install it from the Apple App Store.

Step 2

After opening the app, select EPFO ​​option and click on it.

Step 3

Now you can see the EPFO ​​page. These services are available here: Employee Centric Service, Employer Centric Service, General Service and Pensioner Service.

Step 4

Under ‘Employee Centric Service’ you will see two types of services: ‘View Passbook’ and ‘Rage the Claim’. To see your PF balance / detail, click on the View Passbook tab.

Step 5

On clicking the View Passbook tab, you will have to enter your active UNN. After this you will have to click on ‘Get OTP’. You will receive OTP on your registered mobile number. Make sure your active mobile number is registered. You should have it at that time.

Step 6

Once you successfully register the OTP, you see the complete list of your EPF accounts. It contains complete details of accounts created while working with various institutions. To check the balance and entry.

PF Balance
Miss Call (Umang App Details PF Balance)

3. SMS

If your UAN is registered with EPFO, you can also get information about your PF balance through SMS. For this, you have to send an SMS in the EPFOHO UAN ENG format to the mobile number 7738299899. Here ENG is the first three letters of your favorite language. The facility is available in Hindi, English, Gujarati, Marathi, Punjabi, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam and Bengali languages.

4. Miss Call (Umang App Details PF Balance)

EPFO members can know their PF balance and PF account details by calling the phone number 011-22901406 from their registered mobile number.

5. EPFO ​​App

Members can also know their PF statement by downloading EPFO’s M-Sewa app from Google Play Store. For this, the member has to click on the member and then click on ‘Balance / passbook’. You will also need UAN and registered mobile number to know the details.

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Song name without lyrics, Find the name of song without knowing the text

Song name without lyrics

Song name without lyrics:

“But if you know, the song that goes ‘La tilali lala … tilala!’ No ?”

Having an air of music in mind but being unable to put a name on it is super annoying! And it’s even more frustrating to hear a super stylish song (in a bar or at the local Franprix) but not to know it and to say that we will lose it forever … But there are simple solutions to find your musical Grail!

Any language somewhere has a tormenting feeling for it that comes to life when you hear a catchy snippet of a song that you either have never heard before or cannot remember. But which you should definitely listen to. Thanks to modern technology, you can finally end your torture. Precisely identify any unknown song you come across with a connected device such as your smartphone or smart home speaker.

Shazam App

Shazam is a music identification app that was acquired by Apple in late 2017 for $ 400 million. With the microphone of your smartphone, Shazam takes a short music sample, creates the acoustic fingerprint and compares the fingerprint with a large and constantly growing database with more than 11 million songs. As complicated as it may seem, the entire process of music identification takes only a few seconds and the results are surprisingly accurate. Every result is accompanied by practical social media share buttons. Links to Google Play Music and YouTube, as well as texts. In addition to music, Shazam can also recognize magazines, posters or books with the camera on your smartphone. This makes it an indispensable app for all smartphone addicts.

Uploaded by Real Engineering

Now there is a super useful and widely requested resource available on the internet, but it never existed in applications that serve to identify music. While Shazam , for example, or even the iPhone’s Siri , need an excerpt playing entirely, the Midomi website dispenses with that. It is integrated with SoundHound and you just need to whistle or hum that it guesses what the song is in an instant!

Song name without lyrics
How Shazam Wok

Midomi website

The Midomi web platform requires the user to have a microphone on the computer to be able to identify the tracks. One of the options, in the absence of the device, is to access through the cell phone or tablet that always have built-in microphones. There is an application for iOS, Android and Windows Phone available. The best part of Midomi is that you don’t need to know any of the lyrics. A few groans at the right rhythm for 10 seconds are able to point out the likely song you’re looking for. Everything will depend on how well you whistle.

Sound Hound

Less known, SoundHound may be for you if you haven’t had time to shazame your music in time. Because SoundHound has a great advantage: it is able to recognize a song if you hum it in your ear!

Well obviously, it is better to have the voice of Mariah Carey than that of Renaud for it to work. But that could finally solve your concern, you know, this song stuck in a corner of your head for ages!

Watzatsong and Trouvetamusique

Nothing like a community of experts to help you in your task, quite ungrateful in truth. Two sites are not bad for that: Watzatsong and Trouvetamusique.

On both sites, it is possible to upload files: which means that you can record yourself humming your musical obsession and send it to the site, so that thousands of learned ears try to pierce the mystery!


If you happen to hear the song you are looking for everywhere remixed in another song (what is called a sample, in musical jargon), bingo! You can use the WhoSampled software to peel song number 2 to find your song number 1. Great!

Some other starvation techniques – Song name without lyrics

Are you really tired of it? Come on, you have two little tricks to try, but we warn you, they require patience and a lot of resourcefulness:

– If you ever like the sound that goes by, ask in all probability – in the bar where you are or directly at your Franprix – if it is the radio that is running! Most radio stations publish their programming directly on their website. It’s magic !

– last hope, but it is the technique of the desperate … Type keywords in Google (words, the appearance of the singer, the time of the song) or try to make a maximum of search YouTube’s associated video suggestions if you know roughly what genre or when your mystery music belongs.

Google Assistant – Song name without lyrics

If you have an Android smartphone that supports Google Assistant such as Google Pixel 2 or LG G6 or Nokia 8, you can find out what the most popular titles are without installing a third-party app. Just ask the Google Assistant, “What song is that?” Or “Which song is playing?”.

Since November 2017, Google Assistant has had the ability to passively listen to music in your area and identify popular songs after about a minute. Because Google Assistant needs such a long audio sample. It works best when you listen to music at home or at a party. When Google Assistant identifies a song, the lyrics and links to YouTube, Spotify and Google Play Music are automatically displayed.

Genius is on a mission to annotate every piece of music ever made. This website and the mobile app offer an impressive collection of hip hop and rap lyrics, often with explanations written by the artists themselves. With the official Android app, you can search for and contribute to more than 1.7 million songs by annotating all the songs you know and love. You can either search manually or tap the Soundwave button and let the app recognize the currently playing track using your smartphone’s microphone.

Amazon Echo – Song name without lyrics

While all of the above using music recognition solutions. You can find the name of a track while the track is playing. With Amazon Echo you can identify a title that is no longer playing. How? By listening, you sing a few words or lines from the song. Don’t worry: the Echo won’t judge your singing (at least not yet). Its ability to identify songs will improve day by day. To use this Amazon Echo feature, all you have to do is say, “Alexa, play the song that works …”

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Mobile theft on police website register complaint , EMEI is necessary

Mobile theft on police website

Mobile theft on police website: Mobile lost, stolen incidents are frequent. Even after complaining to the police, there is no immediate relief. Even the police do not file your report. After waiting for a few days, you get upset after getting upset. In such a situation, some states have given the facility to register FIRs online. In addition, many police apps are in circulation, where mobile lost can be reported. For this, the IMEI number, email ID, current mobile number, address and other related information of the mobile are needed. If you have it all, go to your state police department website, register and then file a complaint. Remember, any person can easily file a complaint online. Today we are telling you what you should do if a mobile is stolen.

Mobile theft on police website
Mobile theft on police website register complaint , EMEI is necessary

These are important things …

  1. EMEI NumberThe first thing to do when buying a new mobile is to write its IMEI number in a diary. This is very useful if the handset is lost or stolen.
  2. Call network operatorTo prevent any kind of fraud from your phone, immediately call your network operator and deactivate the SIM. Because it is linked to your credit, debit card and even bank accounts.
  3. Change all passwordsGmail, Facebook, Twitter, etc. are operated from your SIM in mobile. So change your passwords immediately and secure your data.
  4. File a reportAfter filing an online report, go to the police station and register the report from the area where the mobile mis-theft took place. After registering the FIR, do not forget to take a copy of it, because after this the status of the FIR can be ascertained.
  5. Contact your bank or your credit card company. Do you think the phone has the necessary data related to bank-credit card or account number, password are entered. In that case, stop all transactions by informing your bank and the company that has a credit card, about the loss of mobile.

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Who is visiting Instagram? How to know who visits my Instagram Profile?

Who is visiting Instagram?

Who is visiting Instagram? Instagram is a social network based on sharing photos and images, the application, owned by Facebook, has had a great impact among young people and not so young that compete to get the best photos and accumulate thousands of likes.

In the absence of being able to read people’s minds and know what they think of us, social networks offer us the possibility of exposing our life and that others give their opinion about it. A lot or a little, we have all been aware of how many likes or how many likes you have a photo or another, but we always want to go one step further, we are always curious, we have all wanted to know who visits our Instagram.

Steps to follow:one

We will not go around and tell you the truth, despite the infinity of pages, applications and programs that say otherwise, the truth is that you can not know who visits your Instagram , it is impossible.

We recommend distrusting all the pages and applications that promise you, it is false and most likely it is a malware prepared to infect your devices and expand among your contacts. So if curiosity bites you a lot you will have to be strong and resist temptation. Or not at all, because although you can not know who visits our profile and who sees each photo, later we will explain a trick to know who visits your Instagram.

Who is visiting Instagram?
Who is visiting Instagram? How to know who visits my Instagram Profile?


Before explaining how to know who visits your Instagram, we want to repeat that none of the applications, pages and programs that say they can do it. That information is owned by Facebook and, unless the company wants, and for now they are not for the work, you will not be able to know who visits your profile and who does not.

“Instadetector”, “Who cares with me” or “InstaAgent” are some of the applications that have emerged in recent years and, within a few hours, manage to be among the most downloaded from the App Store and Google Play because of the ingenuity of thousands of users who install them thinking that they will reveal all the secrets they want to know.

And it is not only that they never get to know the information they were looking for, it is that to which the program is installed, malware enters the smartphone or PC, usurping all the user’s personal information and publishing spam on their behalf. Although sooner or later these applications are removed from Google and Apple stores , thousands of affected users are already counted, and after a while and under another name another application appears that manages to fish among more unsuspecting.

3 – Who is visiting Instagram

How will you know, Instagram has released a new functionality, inspired by another of the great social networks of photography, Snapchat. The company owned by Facebook has expanded its options by giving its users the ability to make stories.

Through the “story” mode you can upload one or several photos or videos, writing or drawing on top of them and adding different effects. Once you have selected the photo or video and have done what you wanted with it, you can upload it and your followers will have it available for the next 24 hours .

As the name says, this functionality is usually used as a story, that is, different photos or videos are posted so that you can visually narrate the course of an activity or a party wherever you are.

And precisely thanks to history we can know who visits our Instagram , because if we go to the series of photos or videos that we have posted we can see the number of people who have visited it. Below you have the photograph where you can watch a video and below, indicated by the red arrow, the number of people who have viewed it.

4 – Who is visiting Instagram

But the application does not only give us a number, if we click on it we can display a tab in which the profiles of all those who have visualized the video come out, as we show you in the photograph. So, although we cannot obtain information on who sees our profile, we can know exactly who visits our Instagram, at least, those who reproduce our videos.

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