Android or iOS Which is safer? phone preference is still at important point

Android or iOS Which is safer

Security is really important when it comes to smartphones you use . Whether you use devices with Android operating system or i connected devices with OS operating system . Either way, there may be some security issues, but Android or iOS Which is safer? Android devices and iOS devices contain some security problems.

Are Android devices more secure or iOS devices?

If we talk about device security, both operating systems can become the target of criticism arrows. Apple, stepping on the security point every time it gets an update , is Android devices from many brands with millions of users on the other .

Since the Android operating system is open source, it is very vulnerable to development and it is very vulnerable to other dangers.

Unlike iPhones, both phone models remain fewer than Android, and even the phone model, which was released almost 5 years ago, is actively receiving updates.

It is obvious that both operating systems copy features from each other. When evaluated with users, there are people who are passionate about both operating systems. There are those who cannot give up on iPhone and those who cannot give up on Android.

Looking at iPhone has its own advantage. Because the number of users is lower than that of all Android users, and at this point it is quite logical to keep even the old devices up to date. On the other hand , there are devices using Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, Sony and many major Android operating systems.

These companies also offer many models with low, medium and high segment phones. Naturally, the phone stops receiving updates in a few years. Because there are too many devices to update.

Android users often cannot receive important security updates in a timely manner. Depending on the smartphone in question, some Android users receive security updates from others a few months later. This causes some problems to arise.

Android or iOS Which is safer
Android or iOS Which is safer? phone preference is still at important point

The phone preference is still at an important point

Even if the security update is given, it seems that some users are not making these updates. In addition to many users using older versions of Android , 77 percent of iPhone users use iOS 13, the current version.

The number of Android devices offered by Google makes it almost impossible to keep them all up to date at the same security level and at the same amount of time and frequency. It also makes it difficult to distribute these updates to all users at the same time, as they need to be distributed across multiple brands and models. Updates come out less and devices are less supported.

Let’s leave the advantage of updating. According to the published data, Apple’s house is also full of bad scenarios, yet apps are under more stringent control on the App Store .

Last year’s figures show that the Google Play Store is in the classroom at this point. There are many criticisms for the Google app store with more than 25 thousand malware installed . The company, which does not control the applications as much as Apple, seems to be facing vulnerabilities.

Of course, the choice is up to you, because Android devices and iOS devices offer different advantages. Features that vary depending on the brand and model you bought can offer you incredible things.

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New SpaceX Starship prototype fails withstand pressure, explodes in test

New SpaceX Starship prototype

Starship SN1, New SpaceX Starship prototype, has failed to withstand the cryogenic pressure levels of a test at the company’s Texas facility. The culprit? One of the spacecraft’s tanks filled with liquid nitrogen, thus causing an explosion.

SpaceX is developing the Starship SN1, a new prototype of the spacecraft that will one day land on the Red Planet since the end of 2019. The company led by Elon Musk decided to put the spacecraft to the test in Boca Chica, Texas, in However, the spacecraft failed to withstand the pressure and exploded.

The test of New SpaceX Starship prototype

The test carried out on February 28 had the objective of verifying if the structure and components of the prototype could withstand the levels of cryogenic pressure. The video captured by sources close to SpaceX’s Texas facility reveals that one of the spacecraft’s tanks filled with liquid nitrogen, thus causing a system disruption and an explosion.

In December 2019, Elon Musk announced that the SpaceX team had spent a busy holiday season developing the Starship SN1 prototype . At the time, the company was developing the top dome of the Starship SN1. The CEO saw “most difficult” part when it comes to the components of the new ship. The tycoon revealed that he expected the space vehicle to take off in “two or three months”.SpaceX receives “green light” to build a new rocket factory in Los AngelesSee article

New SpaceX Starship prototype
New SpaceX Starship prototype fails withstand pressure, explodes in test

SpaceX recently obtained approval to build a new factory where it will develop the technology needed to take manned missions to the Moon and Mars. If all goes as planned, the future facilities of the company led by Elon Musk will be located in one of the segments of the port of Los Angeles for the next 10 years.

Starship’s Raptor engines

SpaceX continues, however, to work to obtain the necessary licenses for new tests of the spacecraft that will travel to Mars . By mid-March this year, the company wants to test the Starship’s Raptor engines at a higher altitude than usual and then be able to land it on firm ground to prove that it can be reused when it lands on other planets.

In January of this year, SpaceX was able to successfully carry out a test of the mission’s emergency system , managing to obtain NASA certification for the beginning of pilot tests. The next step is to do a manned test, with Demo-2, which is scheduled for the first quarter of 2020.

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Science Day 2020 : When did Science Day begin to be celebrated?

Science Day 2020

Science Day 2020: Science is very important in our life. Many great scientists were born in India and gave recognition to India in the field of science and also made a different place for themselves. National Science Day is celebrated in India every year on 28 February in the presence of a similar scientist. Let us know through this article why and how National Science Day is celebrated in India. How did it start, etc.?

We will travel back in time until 1999 to locate ourselves in Budapest, when the World Conference on Science was held. Essential issues were addressed and a global action plan of unquestionable relevance was launched, which is still active.

What is the ‘Raman Effect’?

Raman scattering or the Raman effect is about the flexible distribution of photon particles. According to Raman effect, the nature and nature of light changes when it comes out through a transparent medium. This medium can be anything solid, fluid and gaseous. This phenomenon occurs when the molecules of the medium disperse or disperse the particles of light energy. The Raman effect is also important for understanding the internal structure of chemical compounds.

On the official website of the United Nations the origin of the celebration of Science Day is very well explained :

The World Science Day for Peace and Development is an annual event celebrated worldwide since 2002 to remember the commitment made at the World Conference on Science, held in Budapest in 1999, under the Sponsorship of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and the International Council for Science (CIC)…

… At the Budapest meeting it was considered that the establishment of this Day would constitute an opportunity to reaffirm every year the will to achieve the objectives proclaimed in the Declaration on Science and the Use of Scientific Knowledge and to follow up on the recommendations of the Program in for Science: General Framework for Action .

What do you intend to achieve with Science Day?

This important date must remain active for all that it implies, both nationally and internationally. While it is true that science occupies a fundamental place in the face of technological and social advances, the truth is that there is still a lot of informative work ahead so that the population knows the real importance.

For this , Science Day has an essential responsibility in order to transmit to the world everything that science has achieved and can continue to achieve, with the following objectives every year:

  • Bet internationally to use science responsibly in favor of societies .
  • Eradicate poverty through the appropriate use of science adapted to the environment.
  • Encourage an improvement in the opinion about science by the population.
  • Bring science closer to society to eliminate that distance still existing between them.
  • Encourage in society the importance of science as a tool to improve.
  • Report progress and news.
  • Know real achievements .
Science Day 2020
Science Day 2020 : When did Science Day begin to be celebrated?

Awards on National Science Day

Every year on the occasion of National Science Day, a grand program is organized by the Ministry of Science and Technology in New Delhi. In this program, awards are presented at the national level for special contributions to popularize science. Apart from this, lectures are also organized by a distinguished scientist on the popular subject of science.

The head of the National Council of Science and Technology Communication, Mr. Chandramohan told India Science Wire that this year the Director General of the National Museum Council, Kolkata, Mr. A.K. The main lecture will be given by Manekar, whose theme is ‘Challenges and Prospects for Science Communication in the Twenty-First Century’.

Without the spread of scientific outlook in the public mind, the path of development cannot be progressed rapidly. A large section of the society is still surrounded by unmistakable beliefs and superstitions. Diffusion of scientific thinking is necessary to move fast on the path of development. Events like National Science Day can definitely prove to be helpful in spreading the scientific outlook.

And you, what are you going to do today to celebrate Science Day? Tell us on our social networks: Facebook and Twitter .

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Umang App Details PF Balance – Download PF passbook here

Umang App Details PF Balance

Umang App Details PF Balance:Umang App Details PF Balance Umang Mobile App gives you many services. Through this single app you can avail the facilities like Employees Provident Fund (EPF), PAN, Aadhaar, DigiLocker, Gas Booking, Mobile and Electricity Bill Payment etc. This app has been prepared by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) and the National e-Governance Division (NeGD).

Key Features of Umang App

One platform – Umang App Details PF Balance

Umang App is a platform for e-governance. Through which citizen-centric services from central government to local bodies can be accessed.

Service on mobile – Umang App Details PF Balance

Its special thing is that you do not need a computer . You can also avail e-governance services through Umang Seva through ordinary cell phones.

Connection to Digital India Services

Many Digital India services can also be easily accessed through the Umang app. These services include Aadhaar , DigiLocker etc.

Umang App Details PF Balance
Umang App Details PF Balance – Download PF passbook here

Secure – Umang App Details PF Balance

There are several ways to identify the user to access the services on this app. And these services are Aadhaar-based and other Authentication methods are also used.

Easy availability

There is no need for you to visit government offices to take advantage of the exaltation service. Nor do you need to get any official recommendation. Any common citizen can easily start downloading this app from Google Play Store (Android), App Store (iOS) and Microsoft Store (Windows) available on their smartphone .

In addition to English and Hindi, Multilingual – Umang app is also available in more than a dozen other Indian languages. Therefore, you can use it in your mother tongue as well.

Through the Unified Mobile Application for New-Age Governance, Umang App, you can see the details related to all the above services. There is no need to download a separate app for this. You can download the Umang app on all types of devices. These include smartphones, desktops and tablets.

Know the PF balance by UMANG APP

The biggest utility of this app is that it can be used for EPF related services. One of these is to be able to see the details of his contribution made to the EPF through the app. However, for this you must have an active UAN (Universal Account Number). The mobile number should also be registered with the Employees Provident Fund Organization (EPFO).

It is a simple process for the members of the Employees Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) to get information about their EPF balance, but due to lack of information, EPFO ​​members have to struggle a lot. As an employee and an EPFO ​​member, you do not need to depend on your company to know your PF statement. You can know your PF statement at any time in five ways. Let’s know what are those five methods.

1. EPFO ​​Portal

Employees can access their PF passbook by visiting the website operated by EPFO. To see your PF passbook on the portal, you need to tag your account with the UAN number. Members can download or print the passbook from the official website. For this, first you have to go to Here you have to click on ‘For Employees’ of ‘Our Services’. After this you have to click on the ‘Member Passbook’ tab of ‘Services’. Now UAN and password will have to be entered. Here you have to ensure that your UAN is activated by the employer.

2. Umang App (Umang App Details PF Balance)

Through the EPFO ​​member Umang app, you can find out your PF balance information on your mobile phone. The Umang app was launched by the government in the year 2019. With the help of this app, access to various government services is available at one place. Through this app, members can not only view their EPF passbook, but can also claim and track the claim through the app.

Step 1 From

App Store Download the Umang app on smartphone. Android phone users can download the app from Google Play Store. At the same time, iPhone users can install it from the Apple App Store.

Step 2

After opening the app, select EPFO ​​option and click on it.

Step 3

Now you can see the EPFO ​​page. These services are available here: Employee Centric Service, Employer Centric Service, General Service and Pensioner Service.

Step 4

Under ‘Employee Centric Service’ you will see two types of services: ‘View Passbook’ and ‘Rage the Claim’. To see your PF balance / detail, click on the View Passbook tab.

Step 5

On clicking the View Passbook tab, you will have to enter your active UNN. After this you will have to click on ‘Get OTP’. You will receive OTP on your registered mobile number. Make sure your active mobile number is registered. You should have it at that time.

Step 6

Once you successfully register the OTP, you see the complete list of your EPF accounts. It contains complete details of accounts created while working with various institutions. To check the balance and entry.

PF Balance
Miss Call (Umang App Details PF Balance)

3. SMS

If your UAN is registered with EPFO, you can also get information about your PF balance through SMS. For this, you have to send an SMS in the EPFOHO UAN ENG format to the mobile number 7738299899. Here ENG is the first three letters of your favorite language. The facility is available in Hindi, English, Gujarati, Marathi, Punjabi, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam and Bengali languages.

4. Miss Call (Umang App Details PF Balance)

EPFO members can know their PF balance and PF account details by calling the phone number 011-22901406 from their registered mobile number.

5. EPFO ​​App

Members can also know their PF statement by downloading EPFO’s M-Sewa app from Google Play Store. For this, the member has to click on the member and then click on ‘Balance / passbook’. You will also need UAN and registered mobile number to know the details.

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Google Breakthrough in quantum computing succeeded – updated

Google Breakthrough in quantum computing

Google Breakthrough in quantum computing: The experimental computer solved a task in 200 seconds for which the currently fastest supercomputer would take 10,000 years. However, the technology is not yet practical.

Google claims that it has taken an important step in the development of quantum computers. With the help of its processor Sycamore, it is possible to do a calculation in 200 seconds, for which the currently fastest supercomputer would take 10,000 years, the researchers write in a report published on Wednesday in the science journal “Nature” . This is the first time that the demonstration of “quantum superiority” has been achieved.

Quantum computers many times faster than classic computers

Scientists have been looking for new ways in computer technology for decades. They hope from quantum computers that certain computing tasks can be performed many times faster than with classic computers . While in a binary computer the smallest units, called bits, either assume the state 0 or 1, the “qubits” of the quantum computer follow the laws of quantum mechanics – they can represent several states at the same time.

Google Breakthrough in quantum computing
Google Breakthrough in quantum computing succeeded

If you think you understand quantum mechanics, you don’t understand quantum mechanics Google chief Sundar Pichai

This paradox is still considered a challenge even in theoretical physics. Google boss Sundar Pichai also quotes the American physicist and Nobel laureate Richard Feynman in his blog entry: “If you think you understand quantum mechanics, you don’t understand quantum mechanics.”

Pichai is modest given the milestone that may have been reached. Meanwhile, IBM downplayed the success now achieved and says that there was a mistake in Google’s bill. The same task can be solved with a classic system in just 2.5 days, according to a blog post by the quantum computer competitor.

On NASA’s website (Google Breakthrough in quantum computing)

About four weeks ago, the specialist article by Google researchers had already appeared. It had been available on the NASA website for a short time, but disappeared shortly afterwards. This had already caused a lot of discussion among scientists.

Ultimately, Google’s breakthrough in quantum computing is unlikely to affect everyday use of computers, also because the machines cannot be reduced to handy devices due to the low temperatures and vacuum conditions required. Pichai writes that it is a “hello world” moment for the scientists that they have been waiting for. But there is still a long way to go between the laboratory results and practical applications of tomorrow . “It will be many years before we can implement a wider range of real applications.”

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8 secrets of Google Flights to buy a cheaper plane ticket

8 secrets of Google Flights

8 secrets of Google Flights: As a traveler and a frequent user of flight comparators, you are already familiar with Google Flights , the flight search tool, which already does everything you would expect from a price comparison. Find and compare the prices of flights departing from around 40 French airports. However, the site has a lot of little-known features that allow you to extend your search in a rather original way. Let’s discover the most amazing!

1. Be alerted when prices fall and / or rise

In order to protect yourself from the famous Yield management (adjusting the price up or down several times a day). Google Flight offers an alert system by email or on the Google Now application which alerts you when the price of a plane ticket is likely to change. This is valid in both directions. When this price has to go up, it warns. When it has to fall, it does the same. All this to help you choose the right time to buy your ticket.

Google Flights
8 secrets of Google Flights to buy a cheaper plane ticket

2. No idea? Search directly by card according to price

This is for us one of the best features of Google Flight, and at the same time its particularity, because, thanks to this feature, you have a view of the best prices for a large number of destinations from your airport of departure. Ideal for inspiration and almost randomly choosing a destination. It is also a good way to detect false prices presented to you by IP tracking. Because it updates automatically when you request it.

3. Are you lucky? – 8 secrets of Google Flights

If you really don’t know where to go, Google Flights has kept the legendary “I’m lucky” button found on its traditional search engine and which chooses the best result for you. Using your browsing history (your geolocation and your centers of interest), Google Flights will then determine the destination that seems to be made for you and your next vacation.

4. The “Best flight” option

To help you with your flight selection, Google Flights automatically creates a “box” of the best routes at the top of the list. Based on the price of air tickets, duration of flights, stopovers and other elements such as equipment or baggage fees, this selection offers you the best possible flight options on the desired route and highlights the best offers. in green.publicity

5. One price for each calendar date!

One of my favorite options is to be able to consult the price variations according to the day of departure and / or arrival, which very few tools offer, especially over such long periods as we can see below. No more reasons not to leave on the right day now!

8 secrets of Google Flights
One price for each calendar date!

6. The airline tip bar – 8 secrets of Google Flights

As incredible as it may seem, Google Flights is able to systematically offer you a price below that observed, including the best flight found with their “box” of the best flights, by choosing to voluntarily degrade (but not necessarily) one of the options of your itinerary: leave earlier, one day after or before or from a different airport.

7. Track the price of flights – 8 secrets of Google Flights

Once you’ve found your ideal flight, you can save the route to track fare trends and receive price alerts and even travel tips by email on your trip destination.

8. The multi-stage journey – 8 secrets of Google Flights

A very rare option on comparators, but very useful for frequent travelers who can plan complex routes with several stages. The power of Google’s tools and algorithms saves a fair amount of time here, even if this type of research is always very complex.

How to find a flight at the best price?

There are hundreds of other flight comparison tools, and finding your flight at the best price is always a combination of circumstances which depends a lot on your departure and arrival dates, your departure airport and your final destination as well. than the compulsory calculation to be made on luggage and bank charges on payments which are rarely included in the comparators.

secrets of Google Flights
flight at best part

The fact remains that Google Flights is still a great tool for roughing your search with all these options. Allowing you to sort through the plethora of flight offers. Find the ones that best suit your location and budget. Then, you have to sacrifice a few desires or options to finalize the choice of your plane ticket. But above all to make the most of your trip while having a good flight!

Bonus Tips:

Cheap, short and good quality flights are grouped at the top of the list, including low cost flights

Plus: As an example, I was looking for a flight to Paris. Because it is a relatively short flight, I was only interested in the cheapest flight, regardless of the time of departure or arrival at the destination. When the differences between quality / duration / price are considerable for the distance sought (return to the quality criterion) Google Flights groups the best deals at the top of the list. If there are more flights they have the same price they show them all, regardless of the company.

Being a developing product new features are constantly appearing. And the results are significantly improving for someone who uses the constant service. From 2015 (maybe earlier, but then I felt the difference) low-cost flights like Blue Air and Wizz Air are included in the results of European flights.

Minus: Not all low cost flights are included yet. From what I observed in North America, Google Flights has the best results including all the airlines on the market. In Europe it would have little to complete and on other continents such as Asia or Africa it has more work to do.

You can select another return flight if offered

Plus: If you want to change the return airline you can do this without any problems, seeing directly the final cost of the entire round trip flight. The results usually keep the price you initially selected. But your return flight may have a very long stopover for the day you have selected. And prefer to spend an additional 10 euros instead of spending 15 hours at any airport. The option also helps you in situations where the time of return is at the wrong time or the airport of arrival / departure is not appropriate.

But if your vacation is a weekend and you don’t want to waste 12 hours on the road? For another € 30 – € 31 you can get back to Bucharest in about 3 hours without flying low cost.

Minus: When it comes to limits, an example would be the low cost offers. It seems that there is a tag of low cost companies in the formula used for results and if you want to change the return flight you can do it only in the respective category although you have no option to select otherwise (low cost or not).

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Song name without lyrics, Find the name of song without knowing the text

Song name without lyrics

Song name without lyrics:

“But if you know, the song that goes ‘La tilali lala … tilala!’ No ?”

Having an air of music in mind but being unable to put a name on it is super annoying! And it’s even more frustrating to hear a super stylish song (in a bar or at the local Franprix) but not to know it and to say that we will lose it forever … But there are simple solutions to find your musical Grail!

Any language somewhere has a tormenting feeling for it that comes to life when you hear a catchy snippet of a song that you either have never heard before or cannot remember. But which you should definitely listen to. Thanks to modern technology, you can finally end your torture. Precisely identify any unknown song you come across with a connected device such as your smartphone or smart home speaker.

Shazam App

Shazam is a music identification app that was acquired by Apple in late 2017 for $ 400 million. With the microphone of your smartphone, Shazam takes a short music sample, creates the acoustic fingerprint and compares the fingerprint with a large and constantly growing database with more than 11 million songs. As complicated as it may seem, the entire process of music identification takes only a few seconds and the results are surprisingly accurate. Every result is accompanied by practical social media share buttons. Links to Google Play Music and YouTube, as well as texts. In addition to music, Shazam can also recognize magazines, posters or books with the camera on your smartphone. This makes it an indispensable app for all smartphone addicts.

Uploaded by Real Engineering

Now there is a super useful and widely requested resource available on the internet, but it never existed in applications that serve to identify music. While Shazam , for example, or even the iPhone’s Siri , need an excerpt playing entirely, the Midomi website dispenses with that. It is integrated with SoundHound and you just need to whistle or hum that it guesses what the song is in an instant!

Song name without lyrics
How Shazam Wok

Midomi website

The Midomi web platform requires the user to have a microphone on the computer to be able to identify the tracks. One of the options, in the absence of the device, is to access through the cell phone or tablet that always have built-in microphones. There is an application for iOS, Android and Windows Phone available. The best part of Midomi is that you don’t need to know any of the lyrics. A few groans at the right rhythm for 10 seconds are able to point out the likely song you’re looking for. Everything will depend on how well you whistle.

Sound Hound

Less known, SoundHound may be for you if you haven’t had time to shazame your music in time. Because SoundHound has a great advantage: it is able to recognize a song if you hum it in your ear!

Well obviously, it is better to have the voice of Mariah Carey than that of Renaud for it to work. But that could finally solve your concern, you know, this song stuck in a corner of your head for ages!

Watzatsong and Trouvetamusique

Nothing like a community of experts to help you in your task, quite ungrateful in truth. Two sites are not bad for that: Watzatsong and Trouvetamusique.

On both sites, it is possible to upload files: which means that you can record yourself humming your musical obsession and send it to the site, so that thousands of learned ears try to pierce the mystery!


If you happen to hear the song you are looking for everywhere remixed in another song (what is called a sample, in musical jargon), bingo! You can use the WhoSampled software to peel song number 2 to find your song number 1. Great!

Some other starvation techniques – Song name without lyrics

Are you really tired of it? Come on, you have two little tricks to try, but we warn you, they require patience and a lot of resourcefulness:

– If you ever like the sound that goes by, ask in all probability – in the bar where you are or directly at your Franprix – if it is the radio that is running! Most radio stations publish their programming directly on their website. It’s magic !

– last hope, but it is the technique of the desperate … Type keywords in Google (words, the appearance of the singer, the time of the song) or try to make a maximum of search YouTube’s associated video suggestions if you know roughly what genre or when your mystery music belongs.

Google Assistant – Song name without lyrics

If you have an Android smartphone that supports Google Assistant such as Google Pixel 2 or LG G6 or Nokia 8, you can find out what the most popular titles are without installing a third-party app. Just ask the Google Assistant, “What song is that?” Or “Which song is playing?”.

Since November 2017, Google Assistant has had the ability to passively listen to music in your area and identify popular songs after about a minute. Because Google Assistant needs such a long audio sample. It works best when you listen to music at home or at a party. When Google Assistant identifies a song, the lyrics and links to YouTube, Spotify and Google Play Music are automatically displayed.

Genius is on a mission to annotate every piece of music ever made. This website and the mobile app offer an impressive collection of hip hop and rap lyrics, often with explanations written by the artists themselves. With the official Android app, you can search for and contribute to more than 1.7 million songs by annotating all the songs you know and love. You can either search manually or tap the Soundwave button and let the app recognize the currently playing track using your smartphone’s microphone.

Amazon Echo – Song name without lyrics

While all of the above using music recognition solutions. You can find the name of a track while the track is playing. With Amazon Echo you can identify a title that is no longer playing. How? By listening, you sing a few words or lines from the song. Don’t worry: the Echo won’t judge your singing (at least not yet). Its ability to identify songs will improve day by day. To use this Amazon Echo feature, all you have to do is say, “Alexa, play the song that works …”

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Thermal Drone: This is what makes a good thermal drone

Thermal Drone

Thermal Drone: From property and building inspections to use in the event of a disaster: a drone with a thermal imaging camera has several special areas of application. We show you some of the best models.

Thermal imaging drone: how it works

DRohnen are mostly used for very specific professional purposes with thermal imaging cameras. Thermal cameras, as they are also called, show the temperatures of surfaces and provide information about thermal differences. These are displayed in false colors – usually blue indicates cold, red indicates heat. Drones with thermal imaging cameras are extremely useful for locating people or animals, or for pointing out thermal bridges.

Drone with thermal imaging camera: these are the areas of application

This enables them to be used in numerous different professional fields. For example, a drone with a thermal imaging camera can help locate missing people – for example, when salvaging in the event of an accident. They can also be useful in finding people who are fleeing. Quadrocopters with thermal imaging functions are therefore suitable for police, fire and rescue workers.

Another area of ​​application is in building inspection. Construction companies can use the drones to identify gaps and weaknesses in building insulation. Thermal drones are also used in agriculture – for example, before mowing during the harvest, farmers track down young fawns that hide in the field and could otherwise be overlooked by the combine harvester and killed or injured.

Drone with imaging camera: an overview of the best models

As a rule, drones with thermal imaging cameras are a lot more expensive than normal camera drones and can cost a few thousand euros. But there are also a few models that are relatively affordable. One of these models is the Parrot Anafi. The Parrot Anafi is available in several versions – including a drone with a thermal camera. It has a FLIR radiometric thermal imager (spectrum: -10 degrees Celsius to 400 degrees Celsius). In addition, it is also equipped with a 4K HDR camera. The camera can be swiveled 180 degrees. The special FreeFlight6 app makes it easy to switch between RGB and thermal view and thus analyze and control the overflown territory in the best possible way.

Thermal Drone
Drone with imaging camera

The Yuneec hexacopter is in a significantly higher price segment. It has a CGOET thermal imaging and 1080p low-light camera. Both images can be viewed simultaneously on the remote control – either picture-in-picture or as an overlay. The image is stabilized by a 3-axis gimbal. It has several security features that make control easier – including the Follow-Me and Coming Home functions as well as the virtual security fence.

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