How to boot a USB? What is a booted USB? bootable Windows 10 USB

How to boot a USB

How to boot a USB? Have you had problems with your computer and need to reinstall the operating system (OS) or do you want to start programs without starting the OS? For these cases, the use of bootable or bootable drives, such as USB or DVDs, that have the ability to open and start programs on computers in which the OS has not yet been loaded into RAM is usually used.

Formerly, this was done with CD or DVD, but over time they have become obsolete and, although USB sticks or drives are also used less frequently today, they are the perfect option if we want to install software on an empty machine or if we want to install an operating system from scratch, be it Windows, Linux or another.

How to boot a USB
How to boot a USB? What is a booted USB? bootable Windows 10 USB

What is a booted USB

booted or bootable USB refers to a removable boot drive that is capable of booting into the computer alone without the need for an operating system that opens applications. With a booted USB, you can execute functions that the operating system might not include, reinstall operating systems or even execute them without going through the installation process. To boot a USB, you usually need the following:

  • ISO image of the program or file you want to open or run on the computer.
  • Pendrive storage is clearly higher than the file you want to enter it (at least 4 GB onwards).
  • Application that allows you to boot the USB. Next, we will see several options to achieve it.

Programs to boot a USB

There is more than one program that you can use to boot a USB, some are integrated into the operating system and others must be downloaded previously. These are some of the best programs to boot a USB :

  • Rufus : is an external application that will allow you to boot a USB with ISO images. These do not necessarily have to be for Windows, as they can also be from other operating systems. The advantage of this program is that it works for all OS (Windows, macOS, Linux / GNU). It is translated into Spanish, is free and has portable versions that do not require installation.
  • RMPrepUSB : also an external application, it is one of the most effective programs for booting storage units. It is possible to store more than one software in the same unit, as long as there is space for it and do not exceed the limit of 2 TB. Just like Rufus, RMPrepUSB is also free, but it doesn’t have a Spanish version.
  • UNetbootin : This option is exclusive for GNU / Linux operating systems, although it can be installed on all other operating systems. It is one of the oldest ways to create booted USB and is compatible with Ubuntu .

There are other programs integrated in the operating system that you can use to boot a USB, then we will explain how to do it. Anyway, and whatever program you decide to use, it is important that you know that everything inside the memory will be deleted. For that reason, you will have to format the USB beforehand and make a backup to make sure there are no files in it that you can lose. 

How to boot a USB with Windows 7 step by step

To create a bootable USB with Windows 7, you can use the built-in Windows 7 USB / DVD Download Tool. To learn how to boot a USB with USB / DVD Download Tool , follow these steps:

  1. Locate the program to boot a USB on your computer, select it and click “Browse.”
  2. Go to the folder where the file or ISO is located, press the right mouse button and click on the “open” or “open” option.
  3. Then click on the “next” or “next” button.
  4. In the second phase of this procedure, after the device has recognized the USB drive to boot, select Begin copying. This way, the program will be in charge of formatting your flash drive.
  5. When this procedure is finished, your USB device will be ready to function as an installation tool in Windows 7, 8.1 and even 10 operating systems.

How to create a bootable Windows 10 USB

In case you have to look for installing or reinstalling the Windows 10 operating system, this is what you have to do to learn how to make a bootable Windows 10 USB :

  1. Download the Windows 10 ISO image: you can do it using the Official Media Creation Tool or through the Windows Tech Bench web service. In case you want to use the latter, go to the Microsoft website and select the Microsoft option “Tech Bench ISO”.
  2. Make sure you have a pendrive or memory card with at least 8 GB of storage, since the space for the operating system can take up more than half.
  3. Accept the terms and conditions that appear on the page, and choose the option “Create installation media for another computer”.
  4. Choose the language, version and architecture (32 or 64 bits).
  5. Then, select the “USB Flash Drive” option, which will start downloading Windows 10 to the device once you connect it.
  6. If this does not come out at the end of the procedure, you can press the option “Update the list of units”.
  7. Once the download is complete, the operating system will be stored on the device and will be ready for use when you need it.

Having a bootable USB with Windows 7, 8, 10, among others, is a good investment when it comes to solving boot failures that your computer can register. With these simple tips you can do it yourself without the need to resort to third parties.

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Offline on WhatsApp? How not to appear online in WhatsApp

Offline on WhatsApp

Offline on WhatsApp: One of the biggest problems in today’s digital world is the lack of privacy. Certain instant messaging applications use geolocation to determine where we are sending the messages we send with that particular application, which is a serious problem for those who do not want the company to know their location or their contacts with whom they are chatting. . In addition, in the same way both the application company and our contacts can know what time we connect or not.

In the case of the WhatsApp application, luckily, the fact that the time you connect appears is your choice and it is very easy to prevent others from seeing if you & online or not and at what time. 

Steps to follow:one

If you want to know how to be online on WhatsApp without being seen, the first thing you should know is that it doesn’t matter if your mobile is an Android or iOS device , you can do it the same way. To start you must enter the WhatsApp applicat’ion .

You will see that the application directly enters the option of Chats and that, in the case of iOS, below the list of contacts with whom you have a conversation there is a menu in which options such as Favorites, Calls, Contacts, Chats and Settings appear . You must enter the Configuration option which has a cogwheel shape, the icon that indicates this function or the application tools. If you have an Android device you must do the same, the only difference is that the Settings menu is indicated at the top right with three points.

two – Offline on WhatsApp

To remove “Online” from WhatsApp, a state that not everyone wants to be visible, once you are in Settings you must enter the Account option that is indicated with the icon of a key. In Account we will find among other things the option to configure or graduate our privacy in this application, since it contains the options of adjustments necessary to not appear online in WhatsApp .


When entering the Account option of the Configuration menu, you will see that the following tabs appear mainly:

  • Privacy
  • Security
  • Change number
  • Delete my account

To achieve your goal of not appearing online in this application when you connect, you have to enter the Privacy tab . When you enter this option, you will see several more options appear:

  • Last time
  • Profile picture
  • State
  • locked
  • Read Confirmations
Offline on WhatsApp
Offline on WhatsApp? How not to appear online in WhatsApp

All these settings tabs allow us to regulate everything to our liking, for example, we can activate or deactivate the Reading Confirmations and these help us to know or not, according to what we choose, if the contacts we write to have read or not the message. In the same way, if we disconnect them they will not be able to see if we have read the message or not. Therefore, in this menu you have several possibilities of adjustments that may interest you. In this case, to remove “Online” from WhatsApp, you must enter the Status tab .

4 – Offline on WhatsApp

To continue knowing how not to appear online in WhatsApp, once you have entered this option, you can choose whether or not you want your contacts to see your connection status . Within this tab you can choose between the following options:

  • Everybody
  • My contacts
  • No one

So that no person, whether you have it among your contacts or not, see if you are connected in WhatsApp or you should not select the option of Nobody , so nobody at all will know if you are online.

In addition, you can enter the Last time and Profile photo options and do the same, select No one so that they can not see the time of the last time you connected or your profile picture, or this alone Restrict it to your contacts. You must think that by doing this others will not see this from you, but neither of you will.

5 – Offline on WhatsApp

Now that the settings of your WhatsApp account are already established to guarantee greater privacy , you have the possibility to respond only to the messages that you consider most important. Thus, you can leave the rest of the messages to respond later without fear that someone later tells you that you had been connected hours ago or that you had already read his message a while ago and said nothing.6

There is another way to get unnoticed when you connect to WhatsApp, but in reality this method still needs more tests to ensure that it works at all. To be able to read and send messages without anyone knowing if you are connected to the application, in addition to the above, you can also use Airplane Mode .

By activating this mode, the mobile device simply disconnects from any Internet connection, whether Wi-Fi or mobile data, therefore you can enter the WhatsApp application, read the messages and only respond to those you want without anyone Know that they have been read. Once you have done this, close the application and deactivate the airplane mode so that you can reconnect to the Internet and then the messages you have answered will be sent and your contacts will see if you have read their messages or not.7

Also, take note that you can read and answer the chat messages from the notifications that arrive without entering the App itself and, in this way, you can see them but not appear online in Whatsapp . For a few years there is an option to respond to messages from this application from the notification center, but for this you have to have the updates up to date.

As soon as you see a message coming from WhatsApp, display the notification center, sliding the tab from top to bottom, or reply to the message from the lock screen that lights up when you enter the message. By responding from here you can answer that person, without anyone else knowing that you have connected and without the connection being registered visibly in the last connection state, if you have it active.8

All of them are easy to download and use, as they are very intuitive and effective.

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Honor 9X in India can be launched on January 14, company sent invites

Honor 9X in India

Honor 9X in India: Hints of a new device launch were given on Twitter by Honor India and now invites are being sent by the company. According to reports, invoices are being sent by Honor India for the event on January 14.

A few days ago, a new device launch was given on Twitter by Honor India and now invites are being sent by the company. According to reports, invoices are being sent by Honor India for the event on January 14. It is believed that the company can launch its pop-up camera smartphone Honor 9X in India on this day, although this has not been confirmed by the company.

No device or smartphone name has been mentioned in the invoice sent by Honor, but speculations are being made about Honor 9X. This smartphone has already been launched in China and Europe in October 2019. Despite the same name of the smartphone in both markets, there is a difference in their specifications. The Kirin 810 processor has been given in the model launched in China and the Kirin 710F processor in Europe models. There is also a difference in the placement of fingerprint scanners.

Honor 9X in India
Honor 9X in India can be launched on January 14, company sent invites

It is believed that the European variant of this smartphone will be launched in India. Earlier, the teaser seen on Flipkart has shared the timeline of Honor X series of smartphones launched so far, which goes till 2020. Let us know, the first device of this series is Honor 4X launched in 2014 and Honor 8X has also been launched in India in 2018. The launch of Honor 9X in India also confirms that the company has started teasing the device on its Twitter handle.

The specifications of Honor 9X

Honor 9X smartphone has a 6.59-inch IPS LED display with a notchless design and full HD + resolution. This phone coming with 7nm Kirin 810 chipset has up to 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal storage and its battery is 4000mAh. In this device, the side mounted fingerprint sensor is available to the users.

Talking about the camera, a 16-megapixel pop-up selfie camera has been given in smartphones. Honor 9X has a dual camera setup with 48 megapixels + 2 megapixel sensors on the rear panel. Talking about the price, the initial price of Honor 9X has been kept about 14,000 rupees in India.

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who visits Facebook profile? How to know who is visiting my FB?

who visits Facebook profile

Who visits Facebook profile? If you ask yourself “who visits my Facebook profile” , you would like to know that there are some tricks that allow us to discover it in a matter of minutes. Specifically, there is a simple, fast and efficient trick that shows you the people who access your profile page and, therefore, see you more frequently.

Are you interested in knowing? Well keep reading this article in which we tell you how to know who visits my Facebook profile with a very easy trick and also with the use of a special extension for it. So, open your personal Facbook profile and start finding out.You will need to:

  •  A computer with Internet access
  •  A Facebook account

Steps to follow:one

We begin by explaining the best trick to know who visits my Facebook profile frequently. It is a very simple process and does not need extra facilities. Since it is done directly from the home page of your Facebook account, in which you get the news and news about your friendships. If you wonder who visits my free Facebook profile , you just have to follow these simple steps, so start by opening the source code of the page as follows:

  1. Enter your personal Facebook profile.
  2. Open the source code of the page, press F12, CTRL + or right click and click on the option ” see the source code of the page ” or “Inspect”.
  3. A screen will appear on the right or another tab with a series of numbers and codes: this is the source code of the page.

Below, we show you all the steps and images to know who visits your Facebook profile for free through the source code of the page.

who visits Facebook profile
Source Code : who visits Facebook profile? How to know who is visiting my FB?


When you are on this screen, you must press the CTRL and F keys at the same time, as this will open a small box or tab to search. In this box you must write the word ” friendslist “, without the quotes. New results will appear at the top of this screen.

who visits Facebook profile
Friend list : who visits Facebook profile? How to know who is visiting my FB?


The results that appear after the word “friendslist” are numerical codes in red. These are finished in “-2”, but to know who visits your personal Facebook profile you will only need the numbers before this final part. These numbers are the profile code of this social network that detects the people who enter your profile the most and with whom you have recently chatted on Facebook Messenger.


To find out who it is, you just have to copy the previous numbers to “-2” and paste them in your browser bar after the Facebook page domain. For example: .

who visits Facebook profile
Profile account no: who visits Facebook profile? How to know who is visiting my FB?


In this way you will directly access the profile of this social network of who has visited or chatted with you lately. You can repeat the process to reveal all the codes and see all the people who enter your Facebook page.

Another excellent option that answers the question ” how to know who checks my Facebook profile ” is the Facebook Flat extension . For this process it is not necessary to enter the source code, because you will only have to install this tool that will allow you to see who enters your profile. Of course, you should know that it only works for Google Chrome, so you must install it in this browser and access your account through it.

Once Facebook Flat is installed, simply have to go to the left column and click on the Profile Visitors option , where you can see the list of people who have accessed your profile. Fast and easy!

Step – 6 of Who visits Facebook profile?

Keep in mind that Facebook makes continuous updates , therefore, it is possible that at some point you disable an application and can no longer be used. However, it is likely that other applications that fulfill the same function and that can also serve you continue to appear.

It is also very important that you keep in mind that there are many applications and extensions that are false , some may contain viruses and others just look for the user to buy. Therefore, do not trust any application and much less if you have to pay for it. So, if before knowing these tricks you had already downloaded or installed one, it is better that you uninstall it as soon as possible, since it will not help you.

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How to locate a person via mobile BY GPS, WHATSAPP

How to locate a person

How to locate a person: There are many reasons that can lead someone to want to know the whereabouts of a person through their mobile number, for example if that person is a relative who has not appeared for hours or days and you can fear the worst.

You can also resort to this method if our son or daughter is rebellious and we want to make sure that he is well. However, locating someone without knowing it is something that must be done under the responsibility and ethics of each one. First of all you have to respect the privacy of each person and reach this extreme only when strictly necessary. 

How to know the location of a free mobile

There are different mobile applications that allow you to identify for free where a person’s phone is located, such as:

  • “Find my device” from Google : This simple Google tool will not only allow you to know exactly the location of that person’s mobile, but if you have lost your mobile, you can also make it sound and / or delete its content from the Internet . Upon entering you will be asked for the Google account (or mobile number) and the password with which the phone in question is linked, so if you do not know this this can be an inconvenience. Of course, if the mobile is off or without a battery, it will not detect it.
  • “Locate mobile by number” application: this telephone application lets you know where your friends or family are located through their phone number. It also allows you to know their latest routes and how much battery they have left.
  • App “Lookout Security & Antivirus” : an Androids mobile application. With this app you can know the location of whoever you want through your phone number. Despite being free, it also has a payment option with which, in case of theft or loss, you can lock your screen and completely reset the phone.
  • App “Cerberus” : this application is one of the simplest and with more features there are. It allows you to not only find a person through their phone number, but also listen to the sound of the environment and access that person’s call log.
  • “Family Locator” application : this is a different application from the others, since it is much cleaner and more moral. “Family Locator” is designed to create a private network with the family, to know if someone has already reached their destination or not, as well as the routes they have made. This app is ideal for families who have a habit of traveling, or for people with Alzheimer’s or young children.
How to locate a person
How to locate a person via mobile BY GPS, WHATSAPP

You will find more free applications on the How to Locate Cellular website , with which you can find your lost or stolen mobile.

How to know where a person is by WhatsApp

Lately it has been heard that WhatsApp was going to install a new possibility for your friends and family, and is to share your location in real time with whoever you want and for as long as you want. Although this option is already underway, it may not be very useful if you want to know where a person is without knowing.

On the other hand, there are many websites that ensure that you can know the real location of people through WhatsApp, but this is a totally impossible option . Be wary of all those sources that tell you that you can know where someone is through a WhatsApp conversation.

How to locate a mobile phone by GPS

Other ways to know where a person is on their mobile is through their GPS. There are different ways of knowing the whereabouts of a person with this method, such as:

  • App “GPS Tracking For Mobile” : this application for Android allows you to track your family and friends via GPS. You can know the location in real time and keep track of your children’s whereabouts minute by minute. In addition, this application also tracks old phones, so it is also ideal for controlling older relatives.
  • App “Search iPhone & Mobile Android” : another ideal application to know the whereabouts of a person through their mobile device. However, it is also perfect to find your own cell phone, if it has been stolen or if you are very devious and you often lose it easily.
  • App “GPS Family Locator KidControl” : this application has something that others do not have. While others lose the signal when entering according to which sites, GPS Family Locator KidControl detects the GPS signal of the phones of your interest even if they are in an underground area. It also allows you to select dangerous areas and receive alerts when your children enter them. What’s more, if there is a problem, the application has an SOS button!

If you liked this article on how to locate a person via mobile, you may also be interested in this other on How to locate the iPhone in case of theft with “Search my iPhone” .

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Who invented the atomic bomb and when? Know the answer

Who invented the atomic bomb

Who invented the atomic bomb: Who can forget that day of Monday, July 16, 1945, when the world’s first atomic bomb was tested at 5:30 AM. The desert part of the north of Alamogordo, 200 miles from Los Alamos, USA, was chosen for this test. The bomb was placed on a 100-foot-high metal tower weighing 32 tons on a hill to test the atomic bomb. A thousand spectators were present not far from the hill to witness this trial. This bomb was detonated at the time already determined. Light spread throughout the region with a terrible voice. And thus the world’s first nuclear bomb and destructive nuclear weapon was born.

But have you thought Before the 19th century, the weapon which was just imagination, who invented it by the middle of the 19th century ! Parmanu bomb ka avishkar kisne kiya? So let us tell you that the world’s first nuclear weapon was invented by American-origin scientist Julius Robert Oppenheimer  .

While the Atom Bomb was being tested, Robert Oppenheimer himself was sitting in the control room 9 miles from the test site. Despite sitting so far away, he experienced intense heat. The bomb exploded to form a huge cloud of smoke of forty thousand feet in height. The 100 feet high tower has no sign. The soil below also melted and turned into glass. All animals in an area up to a mile died. Even snakes and other animals hidden under the ground died. The impact of that atomic explosion was so intense that it flew up to the hairs of animals located 30 miles away and its brightness was seen from 450 miles away. The whole world was horrified to see the success of this bomb built under the supervision of Oppenheimer.

Why was the Atom Bomb built? And how did it get started?

In fact, on December 2, 1942, Enrico Fermi, the explorer of nuclear operations and nuclear furnace, first tested the success of the controlled chain process of nuclear disintegration in the desolate squash court below the University of Chicago Stadium, and with this test the molecule age ( Atomic Age) was started. Now only the atomic bomb was to be tested. In 1945 its opportunity became readily present.

World War II was about to begin in 1939. In 1939, the international situation was getting worse. Hitler’s dictatorship was at its height. His aggressive policies and proclamations had caused panic all over Europe. Most scientists left Germany and fled and took refuge in America. Among these scientists was the famous scientist Albert Einstein. Seeing the terrible war policy of Adolf Hitler, America started suspecting Germany of making nuclear weapons. Ultimately, such an environment was being created in America that the United States could easily demonstrate nuclear power.

As soon as the war started, Japan joined Germany and started bombing America and destroyed many of its important ports. Incidentally, at the same time, Einstein wrote a letter to the then US President Roosevelt about the possibilities of making atomic bombs and the secret of nuclear power. Now the United States felt that the demonstration of atomic power has become necessary to open the eyes of the representatives of the Japanese government.

Who invented the atomic bomb
Who invented the atomic bomb and when? Know the answer

So in July 1939, two scientists Gillard and Bijner consulted with Einstein and eventually Einstein wrote a letter to US President Franklin D. Roosevelt as follows:


The President immediately took steps to stop the suppression of the Nazis. Order the “Manhattan Project” ( Manhattan Project ) called atom bomb project began (as the plan to swim appearances D. S. M. – “Development of Sbsitut Materials’ – was named) and New Mexico at Los Alamos Name was established. Its directors were – Robert Oppenheimer and Enrico Fermi were deputy directors. It was here that on 16 July 1945, Oppenheimer surprised the world by successfully testing the first bomb.

Demolition of atomic bomb leela – Who invented the atomic bomb

Nuclear after the first successful test of the bomb the US precisely 22 days after August 6, 1945 from an airplane on Hiroshima, Little Boy was (dropped the atomic bomb called Little Boy). Immediately, a population of 3 lakh 40 thousand was transformed into a city of death. The houses started burning in smoke, their windows, doors and roofs flew away. Animals, birds and men all fell for it. Such a dark cloud of dust and smoke arose as if it had taken the whole sky. The impact of the blast also impacted houses up to 17 kilometers away. About 90 percent of the city’s houses were damaged.

Just 3 days later, on August 9, 1945 , a similar bomb ( Fat Man ) was dropped on Nagasaki and similar devastation was also seen there. According to the American Strategic Banning Survey, the mass communication facilities and electricity system of both cities were destroyed. All the fire extinguishers were rendered useless. All its employees were killed.

Lakhs of innocent people were put to death in the bombings and, fortunately, there is no one to cure them. 90% of doctors working in Hiroshima’s hospitals also succumbed to death. The survivors were seriously injured. Out of the 200 doctors working there, barely 30 doctors could be saved after a month of treatment. Of the 1730 working nurses, 1654 nurses also fell asleep in the lap of death. Only the structures of most of the 45 civil hospitals survived. There were only 3 hospitals which could be useful. In this entire destruction Leela suffered about one lakh famines and was hit by almost as many deadly radiations and carrying her own dead body for years.

Which countries have Nuclear Weapons today?

As of this year (2018), 9 countries in the world have declared atomic bombs. According to an assessment by the International Atomic Energy Agency, at least 30 nations of the world are capable of nuclear power.

S. No.CountryNumber of weaponsFirst trial date
1.America6,60016 July 1945
2.Russia6,80029 August 1949
3.Britain2153 October 1952
4.France30013 February 1960
5.China270October 16, 1964
6.Pakistan130May 28, 1998
7.North Korea15October 9, 2006
9.India12018 May, 1974

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Who invented radio and when? History and present of radio in India

Who invented radio

Who invented radio: Today, even though we have started using many advanced mediums for entertainment and news, the way in which the importance of information, entertainment and science communication has increased in the society, radio has seen the expansion of FM (Frequency Modulation) channels. Has increased its utility from But do you know that Radio ka avishkar kisne kiya, who maintains his unique identity even in the present time? The invention of establishing radio contact with remote locations Italy’s world-famous physicist Guglelmo Marconi (Guglielmo Marconi) by December 1895 did. In fact, Marconi is called the father of wireless wire. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1909 for this important discovery made in the field of communication revolution.

The story of Marconi and the invention of radio

Born in Italy, Marconi was engaged in science experiments since childhood. His house was very big. They used to do their experiments in the topmost rooms of the house. His father Gusep Marconi was not happy with his activities, but his mother’s support was always with him. Marconi was so busy with his works that he did not even come down from the room to eat food. His mother used to give him food in his laboratory.

When Marconi was about 20 years old, he came to know about the radio waves discovered by Heinrich Hertz. His idea was that these waves could be used to carry messages. At that time, messages were sent using a Morse code using a wire. Marconi started work in this direction.

One night in December, 1894, Marconi came down from his room and woke up his sleeping mother, Sinora Marconi. He urged his mother to walk into the lab room. He wanted to show his mother something important.

Sinora Marconi was sleepy, so at first she murmured a bit, but went upstairs to the room with her son.

Upon reaching that room, Guglielmo showed his mother a bell which was hanging between some devices. He himself went to the other corner of the room and going there he pressed a Morse key. The sound of a mild spark came and suddenly a bell kept 30 feet away started ringing.

The ringing of the bells at such a distance without any wire support was a great achievement.

Sleepy, her mother showed her enthusiasm for this experiment, but she could not understand that making this electric bell was such a big thing that her night sleep was spoiled for this.

Marconi’s mother understood this when Marconi showed his message to the world by sending wireless messages from one place to another.

When a man gets success in some work, his confidence gets boosted. The same thing happened with Guglielmo. With the help of his younger brother, he took the distance to send and receive his signals across his garden.

It was a matter of a day that Marconi placed his made transmitter on one side of the hill and the receiver on the other side. His brother stood to receive the message near the receiver. When the brother started receiving messages, he climbed the hill in joy and danced. Seeing this pleasure, Guglielmo became convinced that his instrument was working.

To pursue his experiments, Marconi appealed to the Department of Posts and Telegraphs of the Government of Italy for financial assistance, but refused to help.

Guglielmo was not disappointed when he did not get help from the Italian government. At the age of 22, he left for England with his mother on board the ship.

There, between 1896–97, he made a number of successful demonstrations related to wireless wire from the equipment he had built. Sir William Prince, the chief engineer of the Head Post Office of London, showed considerable interest in his experiments.

In 1897, he was successful in sending radio messages up to 12 miles. This sparked Marconi’s name throughout Europe. Human’s dream of sending a wireless message was fulfilled. In the same year, Marconi also started his company ‘The Wireless Telegraph & Signal Company’ (later also known as Marconi Company).

It was in 1898 that the Crown Prince of England fell ill in his small ship near an island. In those days, Queen Victoria was also living in the same island. Marconi connected the two places by a wire of wire to inform the queen about her son’s health. 150 wires were sent from both the places in a span of 16 days.

In 1899, he was able to send radio messages across the English Channel for a distance of 31 miles. On 12 December 1901, Marconi achieved another feat. The first time succeeded in sending the S letter of English across the Atlantic Sea by Morse code. This increased his fame worldwide.

For the next two decades they continued to refine the way radio worked. Finally, on 14 February 1922, radio broadcasting service started in England with the instruments made by him.Who invented radio

At the young age of 33, in 1909 he was given the Nobel Prize for his great achievements and in 1930 he was elected President of the Royal Academy of Italy.

Marconi lived until he was about 63 years old and saw with his own eyes all the great changes he had been instrumental in bringing. On July 20, 1937, when he died in Rome due to a heart attack, radio stations in America, England and Italy were shut down for a few minutes in his honor. We can never forget this scientist who provided the basis of radio communication to the modern era.

History and present of radio in India – Who invented radio

The total history of radio in India is almost 98 years old. On 8 August 1921, the concert began with a special concert and traveled from Mumbai to Pune. Then amateur radio clubs went round. Radio Club Bengal on 13 November 1923, Mumbai Private Radio Service Club on 8 June 1923, Madras Presidency Radio Club on 31 July 1924, and all these radio service clubs died in 1927.

What was next, on July 23, 1927, the Indian Broadcasting Company (IBC) became a private broadcasting institution, inaugurated by the Viceroy of Mumbai, Lord Irwin. These medium wave transmitters were of one and a half kilowatt capacity. It used to be heard in a radius of 48 kilometers. Such small broadcasting centers were also built in Ranchi and Rangoon.Who invented radio.

Who invented radio
Who invented radio and when? History and present of radio in India

In April 1930, the Indian State Broadcasting Corporation Service (ISBS) emerged. Through the Ministry of Labor and Industry, Government of India, the task of collecting radio’s license fee was entrusted to the Post and Telegraph Department. It was also closed on October 10, 1931 due to the economic downturn. Then it started broadcasting again on 23 November 1931 on the great demand of the public.

In 1935, the Marconi Company installed a 250 watt transmitter in Peshawar. 14 villages were selected for rural broadcasting and the broadcast hours were kept one hour daily in the evening.

On September 10, 1934, a 250 watt capacity center opened in Mysore under the name “Akashvani”. After this, on 8 June 1936, the Indian Broadcasting Corporation Service’s Briton Neolean Filden named “All India Radio” . In 1941, Information Broadcasting Department was formed. Before 1947 there were only 9 radio stations in India, including centers in Dhaka, Lahore and Peshawar.

Today, India has a special place in the field of radio as radio broadcasts in more than 23 languages ​​and about 150 dialects are available at national, regional and local levels.

Today, radio’s phone-in facility has played an important role in improving programs to increase participation of common people. Digital broadcast system is available at most of our radio centers and the system of Radio on Demand and ‘News in Phone’ has also given listeners the option of choosing the preferred program.Who invented radio

The first news bulletin from radio in our country was broadcast from Mumbai on 19 January 1936. Since then, our achievements in the development journey till date have been so much that AIR News Network is today one of the major broadcasters of the world. At present, approximately one hundred three hundred bulletins are published daily, the total duration of which is more than 36 hours.

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Who invented aeroplane? Full story of airplane search

Who invented aeroplane

Who invented aeroplane: The man has dreamed of flying in the air ever since he was born. Perhaps seeing the birds flying freely in the sky, aroused his desire to fly. This desire later led to the invention of the aircraft. This discovery has reduced our travel time so much that we complete a journey of several hundred kilometers in minutes. In year 2018,115 years since the invention of the airplane has been completed but do you know that who was invented Aeroplane and when? So let’s know the answer – the world’s first airplane was built on 17 December 1903 by two American brothers, ” Wilbur Wright and Orville Wright ” (also known as the Wright Badgers or Wright brothers).

The historic day of December 17, 1903 was an exciting day in world history. In the uninhabited land of North Carolina, America, the glider of the Wright brothers lifted up into the air, went down to a height of 10 feet, then got up again and flew off and landed 120 feet away. Although this flight was only 12 seconds, it was a real air flight. And thus came the realization of man’s dream of flying ages.

So friends, let us know in a little detail the story of the world’s first aircraft and its birthright brothers.

Who invented aeroplane
Who invented aeroplane? Full story of airplane search

Story of the aircraft and its creator

Wilbur and Orville Wright’s father’s name was Milton. Milton was a pastor. At the age of 41, he married Susan Catherine and after that he roamed all over Indiana (a state of the United States) and started preaching everywhere. They had five children and all five were born in different places. Of these, Wilbur was born in 1867 and Orville in 1871. Milton Wright was later appointed bishop of a church.

It is about 1878. At that time Wilbur was 11 years old and Orville was 7 years old. Then one night his father brought a flying toy, which could fly straight up to the ceiling height. It was made from paper, bamboo and cancer. It had a rubber band, which used to fire a small fan. It flew straight up in the air like a helicopter and then came down. It was built by a Frenchman.

Seeing this toy, as if the imagination of the children got wings. He got the idea in his mind that if such a small object can fly to the roof, then the big thing can surely go to the clouds. He named this toy a bat. The two brothers started making one such bat. Wilbur did the whole work because Orville was so young that he could only watch his brother eagerly while making this toy. This toy made by both brothers was not much successful because the bigger the bats they made, the less it would fly.

Three years later, when the whole family reached Richmond, the two brothers became fond of making kites. Orville’s made kites became famous as flying machines and his name was famous all over Richmond.

When Orville was twelve years old, he became fond of digging on wood. He bought an old-fashioned print shop and started printing newspapers on it. At the age of 17, Orville set up a large raid and the two brothers started printing newspapers on him. He also took out a magazine from this raid which was quite successful.

His mother died in July, 1879, leaving him deeply hurt. Wilver was playing hockey once, when he suffered a hockey injury on his face, which caused two of his teeth to fall out. After this, his newspaper could not stand in front of big newspapers. Failing this, he started selling and making bicycles. When they were engaged in selling bicycles in Detan, Otto and Gustav Lilianthal were engaged in the dangerous but interesting experiment of flying like birds in Germany at the same time. Right brothers had read all the details about these two. Otto Lilienthal during gliding in 1896(Otto Lilienthal) died, leaving both of these brothers very sad. But Lilianthal’s death was not an ordinary death but a sacrifice. The accident also led to keen interest in flying the Wright brothers and started work on the construction of flying vehicles.Who invented aeroplane

Right brothers realized their dream – Who invented aeroplane

Wright Brothers started making gliders from 1896 itself. The early specimen of the Wright brothers’ glider was like a kite that could be tied into a rope to be controlled in the air. He first discovered a place where steady air flow. One brother would hold the rope and the other would ride on the glider and try to balance it. In these early trials, the Wright brothers realized that the glider could not balance just by moving their body back and forth or right-left. Continuing practice, the Wright brothers found a way to balance the glider with a mechanical method in 1899.

They put rudders in their gliders with the help of which the glider could be moved up and down as they wished. Then he also placed an upright hull in his glider, allowing the glider to rotate right-left as well. The Wright brothers are the first to be credited with making a controlled glider .Who invented aeroplane

The Wright brothers chose a place called Kittyhawk in North Carolina. This place was suitable for flying gliders as there was steady air moving here. Here they practiced flying gliders. If one specimen was unsuccessful, it would be rectified and prepared and the summer would return to its place of residence. After seven years of continuous hard work, his ‘flying machine’ could then be prepared and could bear the burden of a man. However, in such a long period, these people had put the pie of the shop for the experiments. These idiots did not have a single penny till their marriage. May his sister, who helped his brothers with thousands of rupees.

Eventually, hard work and dedication resulted in a sample that was able to fly successfully in the summer of 1903. With great enthusiasm, the Wright brothers reached Kittyhawk. The Wright brothers had experienced in their experiments that before flying, the glider must first run some distance to land so that the buoyancy force of the air could reach the wings and the glider could rise up into the air. He also arranged for this. The Wright brothers also fitted a small engine in their glider. Since light engines were not built in those days, the Wright brothers themselves designed a 25 horsepower petrol engine and fitted it into the glider. There was also a seat for the pilot to sit next to the engine. Now his engine was ready to take off.

On December 14, 1903, he planned to fly his glider into Kittyhawk’s ground. Some spectators also came from nearby villages. Wilbur Wright turned on the engine and rode the vehicle. After running first on the running tracks, the vehicle got up in the air but immediately came down. Wilbur Wright was not hurt, but some parts of the vehicle were broken, however. The audience ridiculed the Wright brothers and their airplanes, but they were not disappointed and invited them to come again on air flight performance three days later.

First historical flight – Who invented aeroplane

Who invented aeroplane: Some dates have special significance in history. December 17, 1903 is also a special date in the history of flight. Yes, it was that historic day, when the Wright brothers made a successful flight in air sitting in an airplane.

He was disappointed by the unexpected failure on 14 December but his courage did not diminish. With double enthusiasm they repaired the wreckage in the vehicle. The system of running the vehicle before taking flight was made as follows. They tied strong wires in a cart. The vehicle was parked on a long rail track. His glider was placed on the same vehicle. A heavy load hung on the other end of the wire. This wire used to pass through the Garadi (Puli) on a high tower. After all the preparations were done, this heavy load was dropped, due to the pull the train ran fast on the track. The glider’s engine was already powered on. The glider leapt into the air as the car ran. After reaching a height of ten feet, the vehicle came down, then got up again and flew off and landed 120 feet away. Although this flight was only 12 seconds, it was the first real air flight.

In this first flight, Orville Wright was aboard the vehicle. Sadly, this time only 4-5 spectators came to see the flight. Yet the historical charisma took place that day. The Wright brothers made several successful flights that day. In the second flight Wilbur succeeded in flying up to 200 feet. Orville flew for the third time and flew its airplane for 15 seconds. Fourth flight was even more successful. Wilbur flew 852 feet high in an airplane and flew for 59 seconds.

On that day, the news of the successful flight of the Wright brothers in the uninhabited land of Kittyhawk spread far and wide. He entrusted the promotion of his airplane to a commercial firm. In 1908, on the firm’s opinion, the Wright brothers made a public display of their aircraft in France. Here he showed his aircraft flying for an hour. A single flight of his airplane covered a distance of about 78 miles. What was it then, the names of the Wright brothers and their airplanes were rocked all over the world.

Even today, the original vehicle that was used by the two brothers in Kittyhawk for the world’s first flight is hanging in the National Air and Space Museum in Washington DC .

Who invented aeroplane : wilbur Wright died 9 years after the first air flight in December 1903, and Orville Wright lived a life of 77 years. Of course, the credit of being the father of the aircraft is due to the Wright brothers, whose dedication and loyalty made the air gates open and open.

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