Causes Of Miscarriage Abortion Symptoms And Home Remedies

Causes Of Miscarriage Abortion Symptoms: Abortion is a sad and scary word for a pregnant woman. Every woman wants her baby to come to this world healthy and without any problems, but sometimes due to physical problems some women become miscarried. The more physical pain that abortion causes, the more mentally weakening the woman. In such a situation, it is important that a woman who has had an abortion should be helped to recover mentally, so that this shock is gradually removed from her mind.

In this article, we will discuss some of the problems related to miscarriage, so that women who are pregnant or preparing to become pregnant do not have to face it.

First of all, it is important to know what is abortion.

What Is Abortion (Causes Of Miscarriage Abortion Symptoms)

When the fetus dies in the womb before the 20th week of pregnancy, it is called miscarriage. It is also called automatic abortion. Many people think that abortions occur in a very rare condition, but this is not the case.

Let’s know how many types of abortion there are.

Different Types Of Abortion (Causes Of Miscarriage Abortion Symptoms)

There are many types of miscarriages and it depends on the state of your pregnancy. Symptoms of each miscarriage may vary. Below we are going to explain how abortions can happen:

  1. Missed Abortion: In this, pregnancy ends by itself. During this period there is neither any bleeding nor any kind of symptoms. In some cases, the fetus remains in the womb even after the miscarriage and it is revealed when the fetus stops developing in the womb. It is detected by ultrasound.
  2. Incomplete Abortion: In such a miscarriage, the woman experiences heavy bleeding and severe lower abdominal pain. Only part of the fetus is able to come out in it. This is why it is called incomplete abortion. It can be diagnosed with ultrasound.
  3. Complete Abortion: Like the name, this abortion is complete. In this, the fetus comes out completely from the uterus. Severe abdominal pain and heavy bleeding may be symptoms of complete abortion.
  4. Inevitable Abortion: There is bleeding and the cervix opens, causing the fetus to come out. During this time, the woman has frequent stomach cramps.
  5. Infectious (septic) miscarriage: During this time, there is an infection in the womb, which causes miscarriage.

Come, now know that it is really common to have an abortion?

Causes Of Miscarriage Abortion Symptoms
Causes Of Miscarriage Abortion Symptoms And Home Remedies

How Common Is Abortion?

It is common to have an abortion. Abortion can occur to many women, especially in early pregnancy. In addition, it also depends on when an abortion occurs. One in five pregnant women miscarries before the 20th week of pregnancy .

Now below we are telling you about some symptoms of miscarriage.

Signs And Symptoms Of Abortion (Causes Of Miscarriage Abortion Symptoms)

The most common symptom of miscarriage is abdominal cramps and vaginal bleeding. If some such symptoms appear during pregnancy, a doctor should be contacted immediately. Here we are explaining in detail about the symptoms of pregnancy :

  • Vaginal bleeding: Vaginal bleeding may be the most important symptom of miscarriage. During this time you may have spotting, blood clots or excessive bleeding. The bleeding may be brown or dark red.
  • Severe back pain: Back pain is common in pregnancy, but this pain can sometimes be unbearable. In this case, you should contact the doctor immediately, as this may be a sign of miscarriage.
  • Lower Abdominal Cramps: Lower abdominal pain can be a concern, as it is also one of the symptoms of miscarriage. This pain can be as intense or even more intense as the pain during the menstrual period.

In addition, there are times when the symptoms of miscarriage are not felt. In such a situation, it is detected when the pregnant goes to the doctor for regular checkup.

We learned about the symptoms of abortion above. Come, now we know about the causes of abortion.

Due To Miscarriage

Here are some of the main causes of miscarriage :

  • hormonal imbalance.
  • Immunity or blood clotting problem.
  • Problems like thyroid or diabetes.
  • Any problem in the womb or uterus.
  • Because of too much smoking.

Other reasons for miscarriage:

  1. Chromosome abnormality: It can also be a cause of miscarriage. The small structures present in a person’s body are called chromosomes. These structures carry and carry genes. In some cases, when the sperm of a male meets the eggs, an error occurs in one of the eggs or sperm, making the abnormal combination of a chromosome in the fetus, causing miscarriage.
  2. Uterine abnormalities and incompetent cervix: When the size of the woman’s uterus and uterine division (in which the inner part of the uterus is divided by the muscular or fibrous wall) is abnormal, a miscarriage situation can occur because the fetus is implanted in the uterus. Could not be done.
  3. Immunology disorder: Sometimes an immunology disorder (it can cause problems like asthma, allergies, autoinflammatory syndrome) does not lead to implantation of the fetus in the uterus, which can also lead to miscarriage.
  4. PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome): Women who have PCOS have an increased risk of miscarriage. In this situation the balance of progesterone and estrogen hormones is disturbed, due to which eggs do not develop for conception.

Because of the abortion you read above, come, now we know because of repeated miscarriages.

Due To Repeated Miscarriages (Causes Of Miscarriage Abortion Symptoms)

For women who have frequent miscarriages, chromosome abnormalities may be the main reason behind it. Here we are giving some other reasons, which can lead to repeated miscarriages, such as:

  • Trying to conceive at an older age: Women who try to conceive at the age of 35 may experience repeated miscarriages.
  • Excessive running or traveling too much : Excessive running during pregnancy or traveling in the first and third trimesters can cause miscarriage.
  • Too much pressure or injury on the stomach: If a woman is hurt or strained on her stomach during pregnancy, miscarriage can also occur.
  • Vaginal infection: It is common for women to have vaginal infections. In this case, repeated vaginal infections can cause miscarriage.

Let us now know about the natural methods of preventing abortion.

Abortion what is it
Causes Of Miscarriage Abortion Symptoms And Home Remedies

Natural Ways To Prevent Miscarriage (Causes Of Miscarriage Abortion Symptoms)

People first of all think of adopting natural methods to prevent any problem. Here are some natural ways to prevent miscarriage:

Take folic acid and prenatal vitamins. To avoid the risk of miscarriage, you are advised to take folic acid and other vitamins before pregnancy and during pregnancy. Doctors recommend taking 400 to 800 mg of folic acid daily.

Regular Immunization: Some chronic diseases increase the risk of miscarriage. In such a situation, you can avoid this problem by getting necessary vaccines.

Exercise regularly: Light exercise can be beneficial in pregnancy. During this, stretching and doing yoga etc. can reduce the risk of miscarriage. Before doing this, take the advice of your doctor and do it under the supervision of a qualified instructor.

Stay away from cigarettes and tobacco : Cigarettes and tobacco are not only bad for health, but it can be the main reason for abortion. Therefore, you should stop consuming all these things immediately.
Let us now know about some home remedies to stop miscarriage.

Home Remedies To Stop Miscarriage

Below we are giving some home remedies, with the help of which you can prevent miscarriage, such as:

  • Eating one spoon of gooseberry pulp with honey can avoid pregnancy problems and risk of miscarriage.
  • If during pregnancy you feel acid-reflux (due to indigestion the acid moves up the throat in the alimentary canal, called acid reflux), eating 3-4 almonds can be dealt with.

Note: Whatever recipe you adopt, take it only after consulting the doctor.

Let us now see what treatment is possible to deal with abortion.

Diagnosis And Treatment Of Abortion

If a miscarriage is diagnosed at the right time, then problems like infection can be avoided. If this is not done, the woman may be in danger. Below we explain how abortion is diagnosed:

Pelvic examination: During this time, the doctor will check the spread of the cervix.

Ultrasound: During the ultrasound, doctors will check the fetal heartbeat to find out if the fetus is developing normally. If this does not reveal anything, then ultrasound can be done again in about a week.

Blood test: During this time, the doctor can take a sample of your blood and compare the level of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) with the previous level. If this changes, it can be a sign of a problem. Doctors can also check if you have anemia.

Tissue test: If the tissue has started coming out of the cervix, the doctor can examine them to find out the miscarriage.

Chromosome test: If you have already had an abortion, your doctor can do a blood test for you and your husband to find out chromosome related problems.

Let us now know about the treatment of abortion:

  • If a miscarriage occurs at the beginning of pregnancy, the fetus automatically passes out of the vulva within a week of its death. This is called natural abortion. If it is not natural, medical treatment may be required.
  • In medical treatment, abortion is treated either by eating medicines or by injecting drugs through the vaginal tract. Most doctors treat it by inserting the medicine through the vaginal tract. This process can take up to 24 hours.
  • It is also treated with surgery, which is called dialysis and curettage (D&C) procedure. In this procedure, the doctor removes the embryo tissue from the uterus. This is done when the responders do not exit themselves.

Precautions After Abortion

After an abortion, a woman needs to be taken care of and well. More care is required if the woman is not fully recovered physically. Here we are telling what precautions need to be taken after abortion.

  • Take special care of food and drink. Avoid eating raw meat and soft cheese.
  • Don’t think about starting a second pregnancy until your two menstrual cycles are complete after the abortion.
  • After miscarriage one should exercise regularly and keep their weight under the advice of the doctor.
  • If you are experiencing fever after miscarriage, contact a doctor. Do not ignore fever at all, as it may be a sign of infection after miscarriage.
  • Avoid having physical relations for some time after miscarriage.
  • Do not smoke and consume caffeine.

After taking precautions let us look at some myths and facts about abortion.

Some Facts And Myths About Abortion

There are many myths about abortion, which have no scientific evidence. Below we are going to tell about some myths and facts related to abortion:

  • Many people believe that one cannot be pregnant again after abortion, which is completely wrong. With proper care after miscarriage, a woman can become pregnant again and give birth to a healthy baby.
  • Many people believe that miscarriage is a vaginal discharge during pregnancy, but it is not. Mild spotting is common in pregnancy. This problem is common especially in the first three months.
  • Some people believe that sexual intercourse during pregnancy can lead to miscarriage, but it is not. Abortion and sexual intercourse have nothing to do with each other. In the womb, the baby is completely safe in the amniotic shield, so there is no risk of miscarriage by having sex. You only need to pay attention to the sex position .

These were some myths that people believe in, which is completely wrong. Let us look at some questions related to pregnancy.

Frequently Asked Questions on Causes Of Miscarriage Abortion Symptoms:

Can stress cause miscarriage?

There is no scientific evidence as yet that stress can lead to miscarriage. However, stress during pregnancy definitely affects the growth of the unborn child.

When can I start trying to get pregnant after an abortion?

There is no set time to become pregnant again after an abortion. When the doctors tell you that you are now physically ready for a second pregnancy, you can plan a second pregnancy. In addition, some people may take time to recover from an abortion. It depends on you how long you can overcome it .

We hope you have found the answers to the important questions related to abortion. If you still need answers to any other questions related to this, ask us in the comment box below and share this information with more and more pregnant women.

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