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Change habits to avoid corona virus, change your 10 habits today

Change habits to avoid corona: Corona virus is not taking the name of havoc. More than 3000 people have lost their lives due to this virus originating from Wuhan city of China. Now it has knocked in India and many other countries as well, so some important steps are being taken by many countries to protect themselves because no country is available to treat it yet. To avoid this, many changes are being made from many office to home, which we are sharing with you today …

Corona virus reaches Delhi – Change habits to avoid corona

While on the one hand, a person has been found positive in the country’s capital Delhi, while a patient of Corona virus has also been found in Telangana. Both men had recently returned to India from Italy and Dubai.

Notice the symptoms? -Change habits to avoid corona

  • High fever and headache
  • Cold, dry cough, sore throat
  • If there is difficulty in breathing, get a checkup done immediately.
  • Shortness of breath
  • Be tired

If you want to avoid the virus, change your 10 habits today.

While going out of the house, make sure to apply masks of good quality and do not touch the mask from outside. Do not wear the same mask for more than 1 day. Do not touch the outer side of the mask repeatedly.
2. Wash hands with alcohol-based hand wash or soap for at least 30 seconds. After cleaning the hands, dry the hands with the help of a paper towel or warm air dryer. Keep using the hand sanitizer frequently.
3. Keep distance from the food outside, especially do not consume non-veg and street food.
4. The person coming home does not get hands or throats.
5. This virus spreads rapidly from sick to healthy person, so stay away from the patient.
6. This virus also survives on table chair from inanimate things, so take care of cleanliness.
7. If symptoms of coughs, colds and sneezes are treated immediately.
8. If a person is experiencing cold and sneezing, keep a distance of about 2 to 5 meters from him.
9. Avoid going anywhere from a crowded place if going.
10. Do not share your food, utensils and towels.

Change habits to avoid corona
Change habits to avoid corona virus, change your 10 habits today

These medicines will not be available without prescription In

View of the danger of corona virus, the central government has immediately banned the export of more than 25 medicines and formulations. Due to problems in import of raw materials from pharmaceuticals in China, production is expected to decrease, due to which the government has banned drugs like paracetamol, tinidazole, metronidazole, vitamin B1, B6, B12, progesterone.

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