Choosing the option of IVF – know before, every detail about this process

Choosing the option of IVF: These days most couples opt for IVF procedure when pregnancy begins to be difficult. This process may take you closer to the dream of getting your child, but before choosing this option you should know about all the things related to it.

When a couple fails to conceive or become pregnant in a natural way. The first thing that comes to their mind is to produce a child using IVF technique. In Akshay Kumar and Kareena’s film ‘Good News’, IVF has been mentioned repeatedly. A very important threat related to IVF has also been told. But the joke is in its place. IVF may be the process that moves you closer to the dream of having your baby, but before choosing this option, you should know both the pros and cons associated with it.

Choosing the option of IVF is not a magic wand, it takes a long time

It is not that today you went to get IVF and you would get convinced the next day. This is a long process and many times the doctor has to visit it. If you are opting for IVF then you need to be patient. Medicines are given in the first 15 days so that ovaries start producing multiple eggs. During this time you have to go to the doctor every day for a blood test and ultrasound. After the stimulation process, the doctors extract the egg from the woman’s body and infuse it in the lab with the male’s sperm. Next 5 days, the prepared embryos are inserted into the uterus. After 2 weeks, it is tested whether IVF was successful or not.

Get your health checkup done before IVF

Get your health checkup done before IVF

If you want your IVF process to be completely successful, there is no obstruction in it. Then it is very important that your weight is healthy, do not consume alcohol and tobacco, stay away from junk food, healthy Take a diet. Apart from all these, it is very important for healthy pregnancy that you get your medical test done before IVF. If there is any problem like high BP and diabetes, then take medicines and keep all these problems under control.

Choosing the option of IVF also has many side effects.

Like many other medical treatments, IVF also has many side effects. As many hormonal changes are happening in the body during this process. You will also have to go through a lot of emotional changes during this entire IVF cycle. Apart from this, you will feel a lot of pressure on yourself, there may be cramping in the pelvic area, pain or tenderness in the breast. Sometimes, when ovaries start producing more eggs due to IVF. It can also cause problems such as weight gain, abdominal swelling, dizziness, vomiting.

Choosing the option of IVF

Complication also has a slight risk in pregnancy.

Children who are born with IVF also have a slight risk of having congenital defects. In addition, doctors usually implant more than 1 fetus in the uterus with the intention of making IVF successful. Increases the risk of having twins or more babies. There is a risk of premature labor, premature delivery and loss of baby weight at birth if pregnant with IVF.

pregnant by IVF

IVF pregnancy is not 100 percent guaranteed

Unfortunately some women are unable to become pregnant even after using such expensive technology many times. So you have to be prepared in advance that there is no 100% guarantee of IVF pregnancy. While some women become pregnant in the first attempt of IVF. Many women are unable to become pregnant even after repeated attempts. The success of this technique also depends on your age.

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