Commando 3 movie review

Commando 3 movie review -Good action & thriller film based on terrorism

Commando 3 movie review :

ArtistsVidyut Jamwal, Ada Sharma, Angira Dhar, Gulshan Daiveya

Director Aditya Dutt

Movie Type Thriller, Drama

Duration 2 hours 13 minutes

Subjects like terrorism have been heavily discounted on the film screen. Despite this, the attachment of filmmakers remains on this subject. Aashiq banaya apne made you fame director Aditya Dutt did not miss cashing in on terrorism. It is true that he chose the heroic and playful hero in an action like Vidyut Jamwal as per the theme, kept a strong track of patriotism as well as Hindu-Muslim rebellion, but as the film moves forward except for the actionable action No newness is seen in the film.

Commando 3 movie review
Commando 3 movie review

When the Indian government learns that a major terrorist attack is going to be planned on the country, they send their number one commando Karan Singh Dogra (Vidyut Jamwal). Karan Singh Dogra also ties the shroud on the head and decides that in any case he will destroy the mastermind behind this attack. In fact, terrorism leader Barak Ansari (Gulshan Devia) is engaged in brainwashing youth in London by resorting to religion through video tapes. Along with Karan, encounter specialist Bhavna Reddy (Ada Sharma) is also appointed on this mission. Join them in this mission, Mallika Sood (Angira Dhar) and Armaan (Sumit Thakur) of British Intelligence! But it is not so easy to catch Burak. If this team, equipped with Indian intelligence and commandos, is intent on instigating, then Burak Ansari is also preparing to beat.

Usually when filmmakers make a film adorned with action, their action dose is strong, but somewhere they ignore the story.

Director Aditya Dutt has also put full emphasis on stunts and action. Being a Commando franchise, it is also natural, but if they worked a little hard on the story and screenplay, the film would have been something else. Some scenes seem irrational, but the film’s technicality is very strong. Choreography of the action stops the breath. The hero’s entry is amazing. Action directors Andy Log stunts, Alan Amin and Ravi Verma have worked brilliantly.

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He did not force the music in the action film to show understanding. Some of the scenes highlight VFX weaknesses. They have not forgotten to deliver the message in the climax. Electricity has become the life of a film. It is well known that he speaks in action and he did not let his quality fade anywhere. His action reflects credibility. Due to his martial arts training, his action becomes unique. His encounter with two knives has become a memorable scene. Dialogue payment is also his honor. Ada Sharma surprises the film. The scene of entry as a fake bride has become fun. His Hyderabadi accent of speaking Hindi is fun. Angira Dhar has acted according to the role. It is nice to see heroines acting on screen. Gulshan as Burak Ansari is cruel and indecent.

Why Watch: Those who are fond of action films can watch this film.

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