Corona or Seasonal flu

Corona or Seasonal flu, how to detect and take preventive measurements?

Corona or Seasonal flu: The guidelines of the Ministry of Health to limit the spread of influenza viruses.

Nothing else is mentioned: pneumonia that, starting from the city of Wuhan, in China, has triggered the health emergency that has made the whole world agitated, is the main topic in all the media. According to reports from the World Health Organization, there are over 6000 proven cases. Including 68 in 15 other countries besides China. Communications and news are updated hour by hour, but while we keep our eyes and ears open waiting for developments. There is another epidemic that is forcing thousands of Indian to bed : that of seasonal flu .

According to data from the Ministry of Health , seasonal influences affect an average of 9% of the Indian population every year, and in 2018 the peak reached 18%. The ministry has put online an entire portal dedicated to seasonal flu. It also thanks to the indications of the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), provides several tips to prevent infections as much as possible . Some simple sanitation rules can in fact limit the direct and indirect transmission of the virus.

Preventing and limiting the spread of seasonal flu: a vademecum

Wash your hands .

 Frequent hand washing is strongly recommended, both to avoid transmission of the virus and to limit the possibility of contracting it. In fact, the hands are often contaminated by respiratory secretions through which flu viruses can be transmitted. It is very important to wash your hands after coughing or sneezing, but also after visiting places and public transport. Water and soap are ideal, but in their absence, alcohol-based cleaning solutions (the gels that are easily found on the market) may also be fine. It is also essential to avoid contact with eyes, nose and mouth of unclean hands.

Cover nose and mouth – Corona or Seasonal flu

When coughing or sneezing you need to cover your nose and mouth with a tissue. Then immediately throw it in the trash (and wash your hands). If you attend hospitals it is recommended to use masks to cover the respiratory tract, especially with flu symptoms already known.

Isolation . 

People with febrile respiratory diseases should stay home, especially in the early stages of the disease. Conversely, avoiding crowded places can reduce the risk of being exposed to viruses if you are healthy. In any case, it is important to regularly air the room in which you are staying.

Corona or Seasonal flu
Corona or Seasonal flu, how to detect and take preventive measurements?

More on Corona or Seasonal flu

Coronaviruses, WHO recalls , are a type of virus that causes respiratory diseases, and the classic cold is included in their ‘family’. Therefore, also for this particular mutation currently protagonist of the news, called 2019-nCoV. It commended to adopt the standard sanitation rules to avoid the transmission of the most common flu viruses. 

To limit the possibility of contagion, the World Health Organization adds the following to the indications recommended above. Limit the consumption of uncooked meat and fish, and, in countries where the virus has been found, avoid markets where live animals are traded. In addition, WHO stresses that it should avoid direct contact with people who experience flu symptoms. And to contact your doctor in case of breathing difficulties.

Cleanliness and protection of the airways: good sanitation standards are at the basis of preventing the spread of influenza viruses. 

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