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Corona Virus from 3 places fear of spread of, it’s better to read than regret

More fear of spreading Corona Virus from 3 places, it is better to read than regret.

You are constantly  giving information about news TV channels and newspapers about Corona Virus cases. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that people need not panic. But in spite of this, every common man is paying attention to all measures of his survival. In such a situation, we are telling you that there are only 3 places where you can avoid the corona virus.

1. Avoid going to wedding parties and family gathering (Corona Virus from 3 places)

We are not saying that you should cut off from social engagement. But there is a time when the vaccine to protect against corona virus is not present. Doctors are advising that you stay away from marriage parties and family interactions. Remember that the first Delhi resident in which Corona virus was found, he went to attend the birthday party with his child. Due to the same party, the child’s school has been closed. Symptoms of corona virus have been found in 6 people of a family of Agra who joined the party. It is better that you keep a distance from the interaction until the virus ends.

Corona Virus from 3 places fear of spread of
Corona Virus from 3 places fear of spread of, it’s better to read than regret

2. If you do not go to the mall or the cinema (Corona Virus from 3 places)

 Do you know that the corona virus remains alive for most days in any steel handle or lift button? No matter how much you try, you go to the mall, shopping complex or cinema hall and inadvertently touch them. The corona virus spreads more rapidly in public places. Scientists and doctors are repeatedly appealing to people to avoid going to the mall, shopping complex or cinema hall at this time. Do you know if any corona virus infected person has left an infection in those door handles or lift railings or shopping trolleys and you catch them.

3. Avoid visiting the airport and railway station At

This time, airports and railway stations have taken the responsibility of spreading the corona virus all over the world. This is the reason that soon after the virus spread, the Chinese government had stopped all kinds of traffic in Wuhan. Doctors advise that now that such a large number of cases of corona virus are coming up in the country, it would be the right step to avoid going to airports and railway stations. Visit these places only when it is very important to go. Also keep a face mask and sanitizer together so that you can take care of yourself.

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