Coronavirus And Diet

Coronavirus And Diet: Include 4 things in the diet, corona virus will not pass

Coronavirus And Diet: A strong immune system can protect you from any virus infection. Below, you are told about the doctor’s recommended foods, which can protect you from corona virus infection by strengthening immunity.

The corona virus is spreading its foot very fast. In such a situation, you should take all necessary measures to avoid its infection. These measures are also related to cleanliness and eating habits. In particular, include foods that increase your immunity. Actually a strong immune system can help protect you from corona virus infection.

When we spoke to Doctor Ruchi Saini (MBBS, Medical Officer in ASI Hospital, Delhi) to avoid corona virus infection. He recommends including certain foods in the diet. These foods are rich in anti-viral and immunity boosters, which can protect against corona virus infection.

Take vitamin D-rich foods

Consuming vitamin D can strengthen your immunity, which will reduce the risk of corona virus infection by several times. The main source of vitamin D is considered to be the sun. You get vitamin D supply from the sun, only after sunrise. For vitamin D, you can include salmon fish and milk in your diet. Apart from this, you can also consume vitamin D through fortified foods (foods which contain vitamins separately). However many other research on this is still going on.

Drink liquorice – Coronavirus And Diet

Disease resistance can also be strengthened by consuming liquorice. Apart from this, the anti-viral properties present in it can help protect you from any type of viral infection. Corona virus infection is also similar to viral infection. Therefore, you can strengthen your immunity by taking liquorice and avoid getting infected by corona virus.

Cinnamon will also be beneficial

You can also use cinnamon to protect the corona virus by strengthening the immune system, because cinnamon has immunomodulatory properties. Apart from this, the anti-viral properties present in it can also help protect you from colds and colds. You should use it as a spice during cooking, so that all the properties in it will be easily reached in your body through eating.

Coronavirus And Diet
Coronavirus And Diet: Include 4 things in the diet, corona virus will not pass

Make mushrooms included in diet chart

Be sure to include mushrooms in your diet chart to avoid corona virus. According to experts, shitek mushrooms are packed with beta-glucone. This property has antiviral and immunity boosting properties. For this reason, your immunity will be boosted, as well as it will also help you to avoid corona virus and other infections.

Nonways foods – Coronavirus And Diet

No type of meat has yet been considered to be the cause of infection due to corona virus infection. Even a report in this regard has been issued by the Government of India. However, while eating meat, make sure that it is cooked cleanly.

Do not consume alcohol

To avoid corona virus, the doctor has also advised that alcohol consumption should be avoided. Actually, the consumption of alcohol affects the body’s immunity. In such cases, do not consume alcohol to avoid infection.

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