Coronavirus Safety tips

Coronavirus Safety tips: People on bus and metro, take 5 precautions

Coronavirus Safety tips: In view of the fast spreading infection of the corona virus, people traveling by metro and bus must follow the below mentioned things to avoid Covid 19.

Due to Corona virus, people all over the world are scared. People are avoiding getting out of their homes as the corona virus infection continues to spread. However, a lot of people are traveling by metro and bus for office, market or any other important work. Such people need to take special care.

Actually, millions of people are traveling daily through metro and buses. Many people in bus and metro will also suffer from flu symptoms. However, you cannot guess whether this symptom is of corona virus infection or not. In such a situation, if you are traveling by metro and bus, then start following the precautions given below today.

Stay away from these people in metro and bus

You will find many people in the metro and bus who will suffer from colds and colds. Let us tell you that the symptoms of corona virus are also similar to colds. So if any such person is standing around you, then make a distance from them. By doing this you can be protected to a great extent from the corona virus infection.

Be more careful with coughing and sneezing – Coronavirus Safety tips

The risk of spreading the corona virus is highest in this medium. In fact, very few people take this handkerchief to stop it while coughing and sneezing. While some people cough and sneeze like this. If someone infected with the corona virus is sneezing, the virus gets into the air through that medium. During this time, when you breathe, then if you are close to such a person, avoid sitting or standing near such people in the metro and bus.

Keep these things in mind while catching hangars in bus and metro

You will also have to keep this in mind while traveling in bus and metro. In fact, some of the people traveling in the metro and bus can also be infected with the corona virus. Such people use hands after sneezing and coughing, and after that they also catch bus and hangar in metro. If such a person is infected with the cry virus, then the virus will be put on the hanger through the hands of such persons and if you catch such hangar then that virus will make you a victim too. So try not to hold the hangar and if you catch the bus and the metro hanger, then you must wear gloves in your hands.

Wear a mouth mask

You should not be careless for this. You must wear a mouth mask before reaching the metro station or bus station. In fact, in crowded area, any person can suffer from Rona infection, which you will not even know about and that virus can reach you. So to avoid the corona virus, after reaching the metro and bus station, after landing, must keep a mouth mask on.

Coronavirus Safety tips
Coronavirus Safety tips: People on bus and metro, take 5 precautions

Protect others from infection – Coronavirus Safety tips

While traveling in the metro and bus, you should also be aware about protecting the people around you from infection. If you normally have symptoms like cold, cold, cough and flu, then you should not allow this infection to reach others. Whenever you get a cough or sneeze in the metro or bus, cover your mouth and after that if you have a sanitizer, then clean your hands immediately. By doing this you can also protect the passengers present in the bus / metro from infection.

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