Coronavirus symptoms Remdesivir medicine

Coronavirus symptoms Remdesivir medicine Only one medication treat

Coronavirus symptoms Remdesivir medicine: Only one drug, developed by the American company Gilead Sciences, has shown potential in the treatment of the symptoms of the new coronavirus, an expert from the World Health Organization ( WHO ) said on Monday .

One 💊 Medicine

“There is only one medicine at this time that we believe can have real efficacy and is the remdesivir ,” Dr. Bruce Aylward, an expert from Canada who is leading a team in China trying to find questions at, told reporters in Beijing. the persistent mysteries surrounding the new virus.

Coronavirus symptoms Remdesivir medicine
Diversion of resources

Chinese authorities said the biggest challenge in completing clinical trials was the decline in infected patients, Aylward said. Relying on official figures from the Chinese Communist Party that are widely questioned.

Diversion of resources

Another challenge is the diversion of resources to study possible treatments that “are less promising,” said Aylward. “We have to start prioritizing enrollment in those things that can save lives and save them faster.”

In China, two clinical trials are being carried out in patients with coronaviruses under the supervision of WHO. One is trying the remdesivir.

Preliminary results of both trials are expected within weeks, WHO officials said on February 20 .

A spokesman for Gilead told The Epoch Times in an email that the company expects the results of the two tests in April.

In a statement dated January 31, the medical director of Gilead Sciences, Merdad Parsey, said remdesivir is not authorized or approved for use anywhere in the world and “has not been proven safe or effective for any use” . But the requests of the authorities made the company provide the remdesivir for use in a small number of patients.

Remdesivir – The medicine

In addition to working with the health authorities in China, Gilead is also expediting proper laboratory testing of remdesivir against samples of the new virus.

Remdesivir has demonstrated activity in vitro and in vivo in animal models against viral pathogens MERS and SARS, two coronaviruses that preceded the COVID-19 virus, Parsey said. The National Institutes of Health of the USA They said earlier this month that remdesivir prevented MERS in monkeys.

Researchers view on Coronavirus symptoms Remdesivir medicine

Researchers at the agency’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases said the promising results of the study supported additional clinical trials of the drug for both MERS and COVID-19.

The other ongoing clinical trial in China that was being carried out by the WHO fast track is testing the efficacy of lopinavir and ritonavir, two drugs typically used to treat HIV, or immunodeficiency virus infection.

WHO team in China – Coronavirus symptoms Remdesivir medicine

The WHO team in China, which includes Aylward, was in Wuhan for the first time over the weekend. The virus emerged there in December 2019 before infecting tens of thousands of people across the country and spreading to dozens of other nations.

Testing at lab
Coronavirus symptoms Remdesivir medicine Only one medication treat

Aylward spoke at a joint press conference with Chinese officials that aired on state television. He wore a blue breathing mask that covered his mouth and nose.

prevent the spread of the virus

Aylward said Chinese interventions helped prevent the spread of the virus but said his goal was not to praise the country’s authorities. But to warn other countries, as his team published a report with 22 recommendations for China and others. nations. Extreme measures taken to try to contain the virus have their benefits, he said. Highlighting the actions taken by Italy this week, as the virus infected hundreds of people in the Lombardy region. illing at least six in northern Italy .

The virus may be present in China “for months,” Aylward told reporters later. dding that authorities are still working “to keep Wuhan under control and clean up other areas.”

Declined to classify on Coronavirus symptoms Remdesivir medicine

Later on Monday, WHO officials declined to classify the situation with the virus as a pandemic, arguing that there has been “the unstoppable worldwide spread of this coronavirus” or “serious large-scale disease or death.”

The authorities acknowledged that there are multiple epidemics in progress. As the number of cases in Italy, South Korea and Iran continued to increase considerably at the beginning of the work week.

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