Dhobi Ghat generates electricity from 50 wet clothes by drying in an area

Dhobi Ghat generates electricity from 50 wet clothes by drying in an area

Dhobi Ghat generates electricity from 50 wet clothes drying in an area of ​​3000 square meters.

  • IIT Kharagpur Researchers Create One Hour LED Burnable Electricity
  • One device generates 500 to 700 milli volts from a device in 24 hours, 40-50 devices produce 12 – 13 volts of power.

Researchers from the Mechanical Engineering Department of IIT Kharagpur have succeeded in making electricity from wet clothes drying in the sun. This technique was used on 50 wet clothes drying over an area of ​​3000 square meters at Dhobi Ghat. The entire process took researchers about 24 hours. During this time, 10 volts of electricity was used to burn a white LED for more than 1 hour continuously. 

Dhobi Ghat generates electricity
Dhobi Ghat generates electricity

Professor of IIT Kharagpur, Sri Suman Chakraborty said, “This electricity is not suitable for large scale use, but may be enough to bring changes in people’s lives in rural areas.” 

According to another PhD researcher of IIT Kharagpur, Scholar Conch Shuvra Das, who could produce 13 volts of power from a 40 – 50 device , we made 500 to 700 milli volts of power with just one device. During the experiment, by connecting 40–50 devices together, they were able to generate only 12–13 volts of electricity.

The corporation says that in government project this should be owned.

According to Professor Mr. Chakrabarti of the electricity department, IIT Kharagpur, this process makes the fabric threads very dense. The cellulose fiber of clothing generates a kind of charge. By pouring it in a salt solution, it would pass through the fiber. Ionize is prepared by this process continues. Current is created by the continuous movement of ions. When this voltage is connected to an external register, a small level of power is generated.


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