Dietary recommendation of urolithiasis, Some strict rules to follow

Dietary recommendation of urolithiasis, Some strict rules to follow

Urolithiasis (Dietary recommendation of urolithiasis)

The protein-rich diet of the affluent societies , due to the higher calcium , uric acid and oxalate excretions in the urine, means that urinary stones are a common disease in these countries. Other causes can be found in particular in pathologically changed metabolic processes (eg hyperparathyroidism ). The potentially extremely painful clinical picture is manifested by colic along the entire urogenital tract. Hematuria is a groundbreaking findingIn addition to symptomatic therapy with analgesics and spasmolytics, the focus is on preventing relapse. Basically, an abundant hydration as well as the adjustment of the diet is favorable. If there is no spontaneous stone exit or if it is unlikely due to the size or location of the concrement , interventional stone therapy is necessary.

Dietary recommendation of urolithiasis
Dietary recommendation of urolithiasis, Some strict rules to follow

Dietary recommendation of urolithiasis (prevention of recurrence)

It is said that the disease has recurred, and nearly half of those who have urinary lithiasis have recurred.
Dietary habits and metabolism are closely related to the causes of urolithiasis. It is important to improve your life after treatment, because if you are cured, you may still be able to form stones if you continue your original life.

● Let’s get enough water

If you don’t drink too much water, your urine will thicken and stones will form more easily. Summer is easy to sweat, so try to drink lots of water in summer. Drink at least about 2 liters of water each day outside of your meals.

Kidney to urine

● Let’s take calcium

In the past, it was said that calcium was easily formed when taking calcium, but it is important to reduce oxalic acid in urine to prevent stones, and it is said that it is better to take enough calcium. When eating foods high in oxalic acid, it is known that by taking enough foods containing calcium, oxalic acid and calcium in the intestine are combined, excreted as stool, and oxalic acid does not increase in urine.
Try to take 600-800 mg daily.

● Devise how to eat foods that contain a lot of oxalic acid

Foods high in oxalic acid include spinach, bamboo shoots, sweet potatoes, lettuce, broccoli, eggplant, peanuts, immature pananas, and chocolate. In drinks it is found in coffee, tea, green tea and cocoa. Avoid overdosing foods high in oxalic acid.
Even if you eat foods containing oxalic acid, you can eat foods containing calcium at the same time, reducing the intestinal absorption of oxalic acid.

  • Boiled foods that contain a lot of oxalic acid, such as spinach and bamboo shoots, reduce oxalic acid.

● Don’t take too much animal fat or protein

If you take a lot of animal fats, oxalic acid will increase in your intestine and increase oxalate excretion in urine.
In addition, stones are more likely to form. Also, if you take a lot of animal protein, uric acid will increase in urine,
Stones are easier to make.
(Meat fat / sarcasm, fish, eggs, dairy products, etc.)

● Let’s take citric acid

Citric acid prevents oxalic acid and calcium from binding in urine.

  • Foods high in citric acid: tangerines, summer tangerines, lemon, grapefruit, vinegar, etc.

● Do not take too much salt or sugar

It is said that taking too much salt increases urinary calcium. In addition, taking too much sugar,
It is said to increase the calcium concentration of. Canned sweet drinks contain more sugar than you can imagine.

Dietary recommendation of urolithiasis

Note that it contains not only phosphoric acid but also phosphoric acid. Phosphoric acid also causes stones to form

● Let’s keep a balanced diet and moderate exercise

If you can exercise, aim for at least 30 minutes at a time.
Exercise so that you can continue for a long time without overdoing it at one time.

Calculus diet at hospitalization (Dietary recommendation of urolithiasis)

  • Indication: Urinary stone disease
  • The side dishes are of normal hardness.
  • The staple food can be selected from rice, whole porridge, 7-minute porridge, 5-minute porridge, and 3-minute porridge.
  • The above nutrition values ​​are for staple food.
  • Added citric acid (drink), which is a stone formation inhibitor.

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