Do not touch COVID-19

Do not touch COVID-19 ! A simple way not to pick up COVID-19

Do not touch COVID-19: Coronavirus is transmitted by airborne droplets. When an infected person sneezes or coughs, particles of mucus and saliva that contain the virus enter the air. These particles can settle on different surfaces, in them the virus remains alive for some time.

When we touch contaminated surfaces, the virus may be on hand. Infection occurs when you touch your eyes, nose, or mouth with unwashed hands.

Touching your face is a habit that is very difficult to get rid of. About how often people touch their faces with their hands, we wrote in a separate article. The New York Times gives readers tips on what to do to touch their face as little as possible.

“This habit is very difficult to overcome because we all do it, and often we don’t even realize it,” said Dr. Vanessa Raabe, associate professor of New York University, to the New York Times.  

Here are a few recommendations that can stop infection.

Carry napkins with you

If you urgently want to scratch your face, rub your nose or adjust your glasses, this can be done not with your finger, but with a napkin. It will also help if you want to sneeze or cough.

Reveal Triggers – Do not touch COVID-19

“Recognize your triggers,” says Dr. Raabe.

Pause throughout the day to track compulsive behavior. If you know the code and why you touch your face, then you can go to the root of the problem to get an effective solution. For example, if you rub your eyes because they dry out, you can use moisturizing drops. If you like to support your head with your hand or straighten her hair – be aware of this.  

Dr. Justin Co, a dermatologist, professor at the Stanford Medical Center, suggests that patients who wear contact lenses think about wearing glasses to less rub their eyes. “Similarly, although masks are not very effective in preventing the transmission of the virus, they can be quite useful as a physical barrier against touching the nose or mouth,” he says.

Keep your hands busy

Keeping your hands occupied with a stress reliever or other object can help touch your face less often, doctors say, according to the New York Times. The object selected for this should be regularly cleaned or treated with an antiseptic.

Using an expressive soap or lotion can also help, says Zach Sikora, a clinical psychologist at the Northwest Medical Center. When you bring your hands close to your face, the smell can help to realize this.

RelaxDo not touch COVID-19

“My general advice is that people should first try to reduce stress levels, as opposed to obsessive worries about what they touch. Stress affects the immune system. The more you are exposed to it, the more you reduce the body’s ability to fight infection, ”said New York Times, Stu Schenkman, a psychiatrist, professor at Northwestern University.

Do not touch COVID-19
Do not touch COVID-19 ! A simple way not to pick up COVID-19

He added that he was concerned about the effects of ritualized behavior, for example, clicking the rubber bracelet on the wrist every time after touching the face. In his opinion, it’s more effective to try to be in the present moment, to practice meditation, conscious observation and focus on breathing.

If your hands are clean, touching your face is not dangerous. “This is a natural behavior common to all of us. This is not the end of the world, ”says Shankman.

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