ePayLater: Booking tickets without paying any money on IRCTC

ePayLater: Booking tickets without paying any money on IRCTC

Getting in a long line to book train tickets has become old enough. At the same time, even if you book tickets from the official website of the railway, IRCTC, you do not know whether you will get the ticket confirmed or not. Especially when you have to do an immediate ticket. At the same time, even if you get a ticket in an instant, your seat cannot be booked due to failure of payment. Many users face this problem. To deal with this, IRCTC introduced the ePayLater facility some time back.

Booking tickets without paying any money on IRCTC, know about ePayLater option
Booking tickets without paying any money on IRCTC

Under this service you can book tickets first and you have to pay later. Before using this service you have to sign up in ePayLater. We are giving you information about how to use it here. Let us tell you that this service is being developed by Arthashastra Fintech Pvt. Ltd is managed by

1. First you have to sign in on the IRCTC website. After this, to book tickets, you will have to book the train ticket according to the boarding and destination station details.

2. While booking tickets, passengers have to fill the details of all the passengers separately. In this too many times the time is wasted and the ticket goes on the waiting list. In this case, you can use the masterlist feature. Use Master List feature like this.

3. After this, when you are checking out for payment, you will get payment options. Here you have to choose the option of Pay on Delivery / Paylater at the bottom. Now select ePayLater.

4. Now ePayLater’s page will open. Here you have to login with your registered mobile number and enter OTP.

5. This will confirm the booking of your ticket.

6. After the ticket is booked, you will have 14 days from the date of transaction. At this time you will have to pay for the ticket. In such a situation, your ticket will be easily booked without making any payment during ticket booking.

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