Flawless face skin : 5 tips to get perfect skin on your face

Flawless face skin : Rosemary water can help us reduce all those spots and redness that come out because of the cold or hormonal changes.

Perfect, healthy, smooth skin without imperfections on the face is the dream of many women . Sometimes we spend high amounts of money on beauty treatments that do not always offer us the expected result.

Do not worry, we give you simple and cheap skin remedies that you will love. They are very quick to prepare and you will find the ingredients without problems.

Tips to get perfect skin – (Flawless face skin)

As you know, our skin is also the reflection of our health. A skin without redness, well hydrated and with elasticity is a reflection of proper nutrition where we do not lack the right vitamins and minerals.

But it is not always easy to achieve that perfect skin, because of the effect of time, food , sun, wind or those hormonal changes that cause small acne accesses. Without a doubt, all this muddles that balance we all want to show off beautiful and healthy skin.

But do not worry, we will explain simple remedies for that day to day. By this we do not mean at all that you dispense with the treatment prescribed by your dermatologist and your usual creams . These remedies are a way to complement your beauty treatments in a simple and economical way. Let’s go there.

1. Oatmeal and bicarbonate scrub – (Flawless face skin)

Indicated to do it once a week, no more. And what will we get? A luminous skin, young and without impurities. We will clean the complexion of dead cells, also activating its circulation. It is a remedy for which even today there is no scientific evidence of its effectiveness, so it is preferable to consult with your dermatologist before using it.

Flawless face skin
Flawless face skin : 5 tips to get perfect skin on your face

To prepare it you need only two tablespoons of oatmeal, one of baking soda and a little water . You just have to mix everything, getting a kind of cream. The important thing is that there is a thick paste that we can apply on the skin.

Once applied, get a circular massage to exfoliate and remove dead cells, for at least 15 minutes. Then rinse with warm water. You will see how well you are doing!

2. Facial tonic with green tea

It is popularly believed that green tea is an excellent remedy to soften and activate our skin. Although there is no evidence, it is considered very suitable to do in the morning or at night , thus cleaning our skin very well and promoting circulation.

We have only to prepare a cup of green tea, with two sachets. Once it has boiled and rested, put it in the refrigerator for a little while. When it is cold we take a cotton and we pass it through all the skin of the face , you will notice an immediate relief and the most toned skin.

3. How to eliminate redness

Sometimes we get small spots, redness that appear with seasonal changes, with cold or small hormonal changes. Nothing happens, we can solve it with a simple remedy based on honey and rosemary water . According to some studies , honey is wonderful for wound repair, due to its antibacterial, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory action.

You just have to make an infusion with three branches of rosemary with half a glass of water. Let it boil and add three tablespoons of honey.

When it is still warm – not hot – apply it with a cotton pad or a small compress on your face , letting it act for at least 15 minutes. Then rinse with water and apply a moisturizer. You will do great.

4. Treatment for blackheads

Who doesn’t have any areas of the face with black dots ? In the nose above all, it is something normal and something that we always try to fight from a young age. Well, an ideal way to eliminate them little by little, according to popular belief, is a simple remedy based on natural yogurt and lemon .

No, you don’t need more than two tablespoons of plain yogurt and one of lemon juice. We make a very homogeneous mixture and apply it in that most critical area . Leave on for about 20 minutes and then rinse with plenty of water. If you do it every night it will help you to have perfect skin. You should always use sunscreen.

5. Remove and relieve small facial scars (Flawless face skin)

Sometimes, the acne leaves us these classic signs that do not go over time. Wounds that leave scars, skin imperfections that we usually hide with makeup and that bother us so much. How to soften them? What to do so that they disappear little by little?

An ideal treatment is rosehip oil . You can easily find it in natural stores and even perfumeries. It is not very expensive and you can find both creams, like the classic rosehip oil.

You only have to apply it with a cotton every day , making a small massage to reactivate the circulation and thus getting the oil to reach the epidermis well.

Remember that these remedies are recommended to use with the consent of your dermatologist.

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