20 Super Powerful natural Foods to cure Premature ejaculation

What to eat to stop premature ejaculation? Diet can help with premature ejaculation, let’s see what natural Foods to cure Premature ejaculation

Definition (Foods to cure Premature ejaculation)

Premature ejaculation, sometimes also called premature ejaculation, is a disease in which a man ejaculates too quickly in at least 50% of sexual intercourse. The ejaculation time in these people generally varies between 1 and 2 minutes after the start of sexual intercourse, with or without penetration (moreover in many cases the man ejaculates before penetration).

We can divide premature ejaculation into 2 categories:
– Primary premature ejaculation, present in men at the beginning of puberty (which corresponds in some cases to the beginning of sexual life)

– Secondary premature ejaculation, present in adults, therefore having clearly already left puberty.

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Apart from the main symptom included in the name of the disease, this condition also incorporates other signs such as a lack of control over ejaculation and therefore the inability to delay it, sexual dissatisfaction or psychological symptoms. like frustration or even depression. Read also symptoms

Critics on the notion of disease

Some sources dispute this duration of 1 to 2 minutes, believing that a rapid ejaculation time is variable for each couple and that setting it at less than 2 minutes is arbitrary. To speak of disease for premature ejaculation would also be abusive, because it does not affect health in the strict sense of the term. However in a Western world which gives great importance to sexuality, some men affected by this problem can present a great suffering, sometimes questioning their self-confidence in their emotional and sexual life.

Some people confuse premature ejaculation with erectile dysfunction , the latter is characterized by the inability or difficulty to keep the penis erect during sex.

Foods to cure Premature ejaculation
Erectile dysfunction | 20 Super Powerful natural Foods to cure Premature ejaculation | Pic Courtesy : Pixabay

Other diseases that can affect ejaculation are:
– Retrograde ejaculation: in this case sperm does not flow through the penis (urinary meatus) but takes a different path (retrograde) and flows through the bladder. Prostate problems (after an operation for example) can be the cause of this condition.

– Delayed ejaculation: unlike premature ejaculation, men will have to wait a long time to ejaculate. In this case too, it is sometimes difficult to talk about illness, big differences (it is not known exactly from how many minutes to talk about delayed ejaculation) can exist for each person and couple.

Epidemiology (Foods to cure Premature ejaculation)

It is known that premature ejaculation affects many men.

We have more precise figures for men aged 18 to 30, in this age group it is estimated that 20 to 30% suffer from premature ejaculation. These numbers might even be underestimated, as one party does not inform the doctor (probably out of shame).

A 2003 study in the United States found that 21% of African Americans, 29% of Hispanics, and 16% of whites suffer from premature ejaculation.
In addition, another survey found that 30 to 70% of the sexually active male population had an episode of premature ejaculation in their lifetime. In European countries, this rate seems similar to the study carried out on Americans (remember that a large part of the American population is of European origin).

You should also know that there can be great variations in the life of a man, at a certain moment he can go through moments of premature ejaculation then in other periods of his life not to suffer from it. Also, as the own definition of premature ejaculation is sometimes criticized (read under definition), precise statistics are not always easy to obtain.

Causes of premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation can have many causes and is usually the result of a combination of several, sometimes complex, factors.

Psychological causes

Many cases of premature ejaculation are believed to be caused by emotional factors such as stress or other psychological disorders. The phobias as well as the loss of libido can also affect the patient and cause him to suffer from this sexual disorder.

Erectile dysfunction

Although erectile dysfunction is a different disease, in case of erectile dysfunction the patient cannot have or maintain an erection during intercourse. Because of this, many men become worried and want to end the intercourse as soon as possible, which can lead to a form of premature ejaculation.

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Biological causes

– An abnormal level of male hormones (testosterone for example).

– An abnormal level of neurotransmitters, these “orchestrate” ejaculation. Studies have shown that the neurotransmitter serotonin (5HT) plays an important role in controlling ejaculation. Low levels of this hormone in synaptic clefts are responsible for premature ejaculation.

– D are genetic causes . Scientists are studying the link between certain genes and premature ejaculation . The exact causes are not yet fully understood .

– Problems with the thyroid gland . The thyroid hormones regulate the metabolism of the body in general, d are abnormal concentrations (eg in case of hypothyroidism ) can lead to premature ejaculation .

– An inflammation or infection of the urethra or prostate .

People at risk (Foods to cure Premature ejaculation)

The main risk group includes men between the ages of 18 and 30.

In addition, these people, regardless of age, are particularly at risk:

– Patients who are too anxious or stressed.

– Patients with thyroid dysfunction .

– Patients who have received very rigorous sex education (in the “conservative” sense of the term) , which sometimes contributes to more stress during sex .

– People having their  first sexual intercourse . Again the stress present can cause premature ejaculation .

– Patients  suffering from erectile dysfunction . As we have seen under causes, this is a risk factor.

– Patients taking certain drugs which alter the balance of neurotransmitters in the brain . Although this is rare , these patients may suffer from premature ejaculation . In such cases , it is a transient problem.

Premature ejaculation symptoms

Note that the people who are most affected by premature ejaculation fall between the age range of 18 to 30 years. Apart from these people, those who are already too anxious or stressed have a high chance of developing this problem. In some families, sex education is very rigorous, because the parents are very conservative. In this case, the young man who has received such an education is more exposed to stress or anxiety in his intimate relationships. Which could promote premature ejaculation.

The individual who has premature ejaculation develops the following signs:

  • Ejaculation usually occurs less than a minute after the onset of sex. Despite the fact that the ejaculation time is not strict and remains questionable, scientific studies have shown that men between the ages of 18 and 30 can last on average for up to 6 minutes during coitus. before ejaculating;
  • The man’s inability to maintain or delay ejaculation in almost all of his sexual relations even when masturbating;
  • Feelings of guilt, sexual frustration and dissatisfaction;
  • Depression, linked to the fact that he cannot satisfy his desires or those of his partner.

It is possible that you have this disorder without necessarily realizing it. Through an interview with a urologist or sexologist, the latter will try to discover the possible causes. Additional examinations may be performed to check the level of sex hormones. 

These symptoms are the same for acquired premature ejaculation , that is, caused by specific factors (drugs, thyroid problems , etc.)

Diagnostic (Foods to cure Premature ejaculation)

The diagnosis is mainly based on an interview with a doctor (urologist) or sexologist on the patient’s life, in particular his sexual activities.
The doctor will try to find out the possible cause (trauma, hormonal diseases, etc.), see if the patient is stressed and have more information on the time of ejaculation.

He may also order tests, in particular blood tests, in order to check the level of sex hormones, thyroid hormones or even certain neurotransmitters. They will also be able to look at the sex organs, possibly using medical imaging, looking for abnormal changes.

As we have already seen in this file, doctors do not always agree on the length of time that qualifies premature ejaculation. The scientific community is however trying to standardize its practices a little, some believe that the average duration in case of vaginal penetration before ejaculation is 6min30, we therefore speak of premature ejaculation, as we have already seen, if it occurs less than 2 minutes after the start of intercourse.

Complications (Foods to cure Premature ejaculation)

One of the complications, if we can call it that,  of premature ejaculation concerns the sexual harmony of the couple. The relationship can be compromised and simply break up .
The man may feel frustrated and in some cases show symptoms of depression . We know that some men can really lose self-confidence, sexuality having in particular in young men, a very important role in their identity.

Fertility problems can also occur , as premature ejaculation can make it more difficult to conceive . If the couple is having difficulty having a baby, the doctor should look into the man’s possible premature ejaculation.

Here are 20 Super Powerful natural Foods to cure Premature ejaculation

Treatments for premature ejaculation include drugs, certain natural remedies,  sexual techniques and including specific fruits and vegetables in our diet . In most cases, a combination of therapies works well.

1) Green onion seeds

Green onion seeds are aphrodisiac and therefore foods to cure Premature ejaculation in men . Its seeds increase a person’s endurance and strength, allowing them to prolong their sexual capacity.

  • To use this remedy, simply crush the seeds and mix them with water.
  • Drink this remedy 3 times a day before your meal.
Green onion Foods to cure Premature ejaculation
Green Onion | 20 Super Powerful natural Foods to cure Premature ejaculation | Pic Courtesy : Pixabay

White onions can also help prolong your sexual capacity and strengthen your reproductive organs.

2) Aswagandha

Ashwagandha is an evergreen shrub that grows in the Middle East, in some African countries and mainly in India.

The roots and fruits of this plant have been used for several centuries to treat different diseases. This plant is also called Indian ginseng or winter cherry.

This plant is one of the most important ingredients of Ayurvedic medicine, this traditional medicine was created over 3000 years ago in India.

Nowadays, ashwagandha is frequently used to make dietary supplements designed for men. This ingredient is used in particular to increase the production of testosterone and foods to cure Premature ejaculation.

According to the principles of Ayurveda, premature ejaculation is a disorder that manifests itself when Vata is worsened. Vata regulates all movements of the human body and mind. Vata also controls blood circulation, respiration, the elimination of waste that accumulates in the body and the evolution of thoughts in the human mind.

When men’s vata is increased, they may experience problems with premature ejaculation as they fail to control their orgasm during sex. Ashwagandha improves blood circulation during the phases of sexual stimulation thanks to its relaxing effects.

Ashwagandha root can be obtained, but most men prefer to use food supplements that are made from this plant.

3) Ginger and honey

Eating ginger increases blood circulation in our body and it specifically increases blood flow to the muscles of the penis. This gives men better control over ejaculation. Ginger is also useful for maintaining an erection because it warms the body, which speeds up blood circulation. Honey is an aphrodisiac and it can enhance the potency of ginger.

  • The best way to consume this remedy is to mix half a teaspoon of ginger with honey and eat it before bedtime.
Foods to cure Premature ejaculation honey ginger
Ginger and Honey | 20 Super Powerful natural Foods to cure Premature ejaculation | Pic Courtesy : Pixabay

Why use honey?

Honey is a natural sweetener that helps keep your figure. It stimulates the body, improves the quality of sleep, has powerful antioxidant properties and also provides many other benefits. Most people are unaware that honey also has libido boosting effects.

Honey and ginger go hand in hand! This association is particularly harmonious because the sweet flavor of honey attenuates the pronounced taste of ginger.

In order to use these ingredients to treat premature ejaculation, we recommend that you add half a teaspoon of ginger and half a teaspoon of honey to a glass of warm milk and drink this mixture just before bed.

4) Garlic

Garlic has aphrodisiac properties and can help you lengthen the length of your sex without ejaculating prematurely . The pods of this antibacterial and anti-inflammatory plant improve blood circulation in your body and also warm it to promote copulation. You can chew the garlic cloves or fry them in ghee, then eat them every morning on an empty stomach.

Garlc Foods to cure Premature ejaculation
Garlic | 20 Super Powerful natural Foods to cure Premature ejaculation | Pic Courtesy : Pixabay

5) Asparagus

The roots of the asparagus plant are very helpful foods to cure Premature ejaculation . You can boil the plant roots in milk and drink it twice a day to strengthen your control over the muscles of the penis.

6) A balanced diet

To control this sexual dysfunction, you should eliminate foods such as chocolate, peppers and caffeinated drinks from your diet . Your diet should be high in zinc , selenium , calcium and iron for better control and resistance. Foods high in carbohydrates and low in protein are also good for releasing serotonin and soothing anxiety.

7) Okra

The combo (lady’s finger) is also an effective remedy for premature ejaculation. You can include this vegetable in your daily diet or consume its powder. This powder can be consumed on a regular basis on your salads and dishes.

Okra Foods to cure Premature ejaculation
Okra | 20 Super Powerful natural Foods to cure Premature ejaculation | Pic Courtesy : Pixabay

8) Carrots

The carrot is more than just a tasty vegetable. It can be used foods to cure Premature ejaculation. Carrots have a quality that improves libido and can go a long way in helping you control your ejaculation. For best results, regularly eat carrots boiled with egg and honey.

Carrot Foods to cure Premature ejaculation
Carrots | 20 Super Powerful natural Foods to cure Premature ejaculation | Pic Courtesy : Pixabay

9) Oats

Oats are a foods to cure Premature ejaculation because it reduces anxiety and therefore allows you to focus on maintaining ejaculation. It also contains protein, carbohydrates and fiber. As if it were small, it also contains tryptophan, which is essential for our body to synthesize serotonin.

Oats Foods to cure Premature ejaculation
Oats| 20 Super Powerful natural Foods to cure Premature ejaculation | Pic Courtesy : Pixabay

10) Chamomile

Chamomile, on the body level, can be used both internally and externally. Use it in teas, if you want to apply it internally. If you wish, you can also swim with chamomile, as you can also relax, no matter how anxious you are.

11) Bananas

Bananas are easy to use in many desserts. But the good thing is that it is always easier to eat alone, without any supplements. The potency of this fruit for the treatment of premature ejaculation is due to the fact that it increases the production of testosterone and increases blood circulation. You also cannot neglect your energizing power to perform better in bed. Oats| 20 Super Powerful natural Foods to cure Premature ejaculation

Banana Foods to cure Premature ejaculation
Bananas| 20 Super Powerful natural Foods to cure Premature ejaculation | Pic Courtesy : Pixabay

12) Watermelon

It is very easy to consume and has the advantage that it contains lycopene and beta-carotene, both of which are ideal components for foods to cure Premature ejaculation. Citrulline is also found in watermelon, an amino acid that works like a vasodilator, which helps maintain better erections for longer.

Waterlemon Foods to cure Premature ejaculation
Watermelon| 20 Super Powerful natural Foods to cure Premature ejaculation | Pic Courtesy : Pixabay

It is also reflected in the ease of lasting longer in bed, preventing premature ejaculation. Free radicals in our body can be fought by simply eating watermelon, so this fruit has more benefits than the ones we have mentioned to you, but undoubtedly, premature ejaculation decreases if you start incorporating this fruit into your diet.

13) Melon

It contains a lot of vitamin A, which is important for the functions of the immune system. Eat melon whenever you can.

14) Kiwi

It also contains a lot of vitamin C. Antioxidants fight free radicals, which greatly influence premature ejaculation.

15) Guava

Another great fruit that increases this squatting time. Your diet should not be without guava, as it is a powerful enemy of premature ejaculation, as it contains a lot of vitamin C and vitamin A, which are essential for the proper functioning of our body, and this includes the mechanism that intervenes in ejaculation.

Guava Foods to cure Premature ejaculation
Guava | 20 Super Powerful natural Foods to cure Premature ejaculation | Pic Courtesy : Pixabay

16) Avocado

This fruit is not left out either. It is known to contain enough zinc foods to cure Premature ejaculation. And that’s because zinc is an important mineral for the immune system.

Avocado Foods to cure Premature ejaculation
Avocado | 20 Super Powerful natural Foods to cure Premature ejaculation | Pic Courtesy : Pixabay

17) Papaya

It contains many antioxidants which help the body to eliminate free radicals. It also contains a lot of vitamin C, in addition to vitamin A and group B vitamins.

Papaya Foods to cure Premature ejaculation
Papaya | 20 Super Powerful natural Foods to cure Premature ejaculation | Pic Courtesy : Pixabay

18) Orange juice

Orange contains a large amount of folic acid, which helps to combat high stress levels and in turn improves the attitude and well-being of those who consume it.

19) Consume Foods Rich in Zinc

We recommend that you consume foods rich in zinc because this trace element greatly improves male sexual performance.

Zinc foods to cure Premature ejaculation by regulates the production of testosterone, it stimulates libido and optimizes the quality of erections.

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One study also indicates that consuming zinc helps delay ejaculation without affecting libido, sexual stamina and other factors.

As you can see, zinc can boost testosterone production and it also improves sexual performance. We would also like to point out that zinc improves endurance, thus optimizing the performance of the body during sexual intercourse and sports activities.

Zinc is particularly interesting because it suffices to modify its diet to consume enough. Foods rich in zinc include oysters, spinach, beef, shrimp, beans, seeds, watermelon, garlic, nuts and mushrooms.

20) Kegel exercise & Regular intercourse

This two are not foods but very essential for cure premature ejaculation.

Kegel exercises for men

It might surprise you, but Kegel exercises that are designed to strengthen the pelvic floor are also effective in treating premature ejaculation in a natural way. These exercises help men optimize their sexual performance and extend the duration of their intercourse without spending a dime.

Kegel exercises for men effectively strengthen the pelvic floor muscles which support the intestines, the bladder and which also affect male sexual performance. These exercises are very convenient because they can be performed at any time and under any circumstances.

Traditional Kegel exercises also help men fight urinary incontinence and avoid the inconvenience associated with this type of disorder.

In addition, a study by Therapeutic Advances in Urology shows that strengthening the pelvic floor muscles is an innovative and effective treatment against premature ejaculation.

Before starting a Kegel workout, you should locate the muscles in your pelvic floor. You can do this by stopping the flow of urine during urination or by contracting the muscles that help hold in gas.

When you have identified the affected muscles, you will be ready to perform Kegel exercises. We recommend that beginners contract these muscles and prolong this contraction for three seconds, then relax these muscles for three seconds before starting again.


Rather than eating foods to cure Premature ejaculation, here is a second inexpensive “treatment” that helps fight premature ejaculation. We have included sexual intercourse in this list because sexual activity can prove to be very helpful for men who suffer from this type of disorder. As we have already clarified, men tend to avoid having sex when they experience problems with premature ejaculation.

Their reaction is understandable as they prefer to avoid disappointing their partner and facing embarrassing situations again.

Foods to cure Premature ejaculation sex
Regular Intercourse| 20 Super Powerful natural Foods to cure Premature ejaculation | Pic Courtesy : Pixabay

However, it is very important to continue having intercourse to continue to improve your sexual performance. We therefore recommend that you increase the frequency of your sexual relations. 

Performance anxiety

Performance anxiety is a common problem that can prevent men from building a deep, fulfilling relationship with their partner. The quality of sexual intercourse does not only depend on its duration or on penetration.

Intimacy and trust can improve your well-being and help you relax. Sex therefore has a real impact on sexual disorders. Frequent intercourse effectively strengthens the bond between the two partners. Regular sexual activity eases performance anxiety and helps men fight premature ejaculation.


By consuming these 19 powerful foods to cure Premature ejaculation, you will have a great ally in the fight against this problem which affects many men around the world, eat well and see improvement in your sexual health.

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