Ford is recycling 120 million plastic bottles every year to make motor parts
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Ford is recycling 120 million plastic bottles every year to make motor parts

Ford is recycling: Ford says that to a certain extent, this is our small attempt to clean the environment. A lot of plastic is required to make the ‘underbody shield’ of vehicles, it is replenished by bottles.Solid plastic increases the weight of vehicles, so bottles are useful because their plastic is three times lighter.

Ford is recycling
Ford is recycling 120 million plastic bottles every year to make motor parts

Instead of using other types of plastic, the world’s well-known motor company ‘Ford’ is recycling 120 million bottles of plastic thrown every year and using it in its vehicles. The company says that this is our small effort to clean the environment to some extent. Design engineer Thomas Sveder of Ford Motor Company says that a large part of his type of vehicle consists of the ‘underbody shield’. 

It requires a lot of plastic. If we use solid plastic, the weight of the vehicle will increase. He informed that his company recycled about 120 crore bottles every year, and used instead of solid plastic. By the way, bottled plastic is three times lighter than solid plastic and also durable for a long time. 

plastic we use in all of Ford’s cars, SUVs, F-series trucks, etc., plays an important role in protecting the environment . In this way we are also playing an important role in protecting the environment by eliminating plastic bottles. This plastic engine is ideal for manufacturing undershields, front and rear wheel arch liners.

Speeches are processed and converted into sheets. In some of the
company’s upcoming vehicles in 2020, this plastic is being used in such a way that the inside environment remains cool, cool. Wheel liners are also working to ensure the speed of the vehicle is not affected in the strong wind. By the way, the use of plastic in the interiors of motor vehicles worldwide has been increasing over the past decade. He said that plastic bottles are put into a large recycling vessel and cut into small pieces. These are then melted and converted into fibers. The fiber fibers obtained from the bottle are processed with some other type of fiber and are shaped like cloth. After this a sheet is made which is used in different parts of the vehicles.

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