Tulsi Ginger Tea: Almost everyone makes this small mistake

Tulsi Ginger Tea: If you want to get a cold away, do just the right thing with fresh ginger tea – but in case of doubt you still do a little something wrong. And that could be at the expense of the effectiveness of the ingenious. we show you how ginger is peeled and sliced ​​- and which preparation trick still makes Tulsi Ginger Tea healthier.

Tulsi Ginger Tea

It’s not just its spicy taste that makes ginger so popular as a kitchen ingredient. It contains valuable essential oils as well as plenty of minerals and trace elements that strengthen the immune system. That is why reaching for the tuber is a particularly good idea when a cold is on the horizon: peel, cut into large slices, pour hot water and drink – so far, so easy. But at this point you didn’t do everything right.

Common mistake: too large pieces of ginger

As explains to us, ginger primarily has two active substances to offer: “its essential oils and spicy substances (note: Gingerol and Shogaol)”. These could then pass into the tea if the ginger is cut. 

Accordingly, it is a mistake to put coarse pieces in the cup – a very common one, by the way! “The rule is: the more cut surface, the more ‘ginger taste’ can develop. And that’s where the valuable spicy substances are hidden. So it’s best to brew as many thin slices as possible and let the whole thing steep. ”

Please note: the essential oils evaporate when crushed - it is therefore important to always process by cut ginger as freshly as possible for tea preparation!

Peel ginger or not? – Tulsi Ginger Tea

Different media swear by the importance of the bowl. There are supposedly the important vitamins and Co. that are important. Knor has already encountered this claim – but can only smile at it. “The myth that there is ‘the best right under the shell’ of all kinds of fruits and vegetables cannot be gotten dead.”

With isolated foods, it may be that there is “maybe a little more of some vitamins” in the bowls, for example with apples. With Tulsi Ginger, however, the valuable ingredients are distributed throughout the rhizome. “It doesn’t matter whether it is peeled before preparation or not.”

Infusion temperature and brewing time

If the infusion temperature of green or black tea has a direct influence on the taste of the tea (both should not be infused too hot, so that the tea does not become bitter), Tulsi Ginger tea is boiled. The longer the brewing time, the sharper it gets – but Tulsi Ginger tea should definitely brew five minutes before drinking. Depending on your taste, add a little lemon juice, fresh mint and / or honey.

Organic India tulsi ginger tea

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