Google page ranking : New website 3 ranking update for extreme success

Google announces that there will be new criteria for page ranking.

Google page ranking

Google has announced that it will change the way algorithms classify websites . This update will not be available until 2021. Google provides various means of measuring the experience of a page, which will allow the web developer to prepare now for the new update from Google.

What is the page experience?

According to the web giant, page experience is supposed to measure how users perceive the experience of interacting with a web page. In order to determine the experience of a page, Google will take into account the “Core Web Vitals. The latter measures the user experience and gives notes on certain aspects of the pages.

This is a project that is scheduled for 2021 at the earliest . Google does not expect developers to rush to make changes to their sites. Because it will take another few months before these new updates are actually deployed.

The page rankings will therefore be made in several aspects. In particular, compatibility with mobile phones, the presence of intrusive announcements, interactivity and speed of loading. However, quality content will still be an asset.

On the other hand, Google said, “While all elements of the page experience are important, we will Google page ranking : new website ranking update the pages with the best information overall, even if some aspects of the page experience are inferior. A good experience of the page does not affect the quality and relevance of the content. However, in cases where multiple pages have similar content, the page experience becomes much more important for visibility in the search .

Page ranking measures – Google page ranking

Google already offers a few tools to achieve this and will update them with more features.

Largest Contentful Paint (LCP): measures loading performance.

First Input Delay (FID): measures interactivity.

Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS): measures visual stability.

Google page ranking

However, according to Google, a poor score on these measures will not necessarily lower the Google page ranking : new website ranking update. On the contrary, these are just additional signals for the algorithm. There is no way to know if these new signals will make a significant difference in the rankings before Google begins to implement them.

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