Government pay education fee

Government pay education fee: Father’s annual income from 6 to 7.5 lakh.

Government pay education fee

  • Nearly 45 thousand meritorious people benefit from increasing scope of scheme
  • This provision was on annual income up to 6 lakhs in 2017-18.

The state government is going to provide relief to the students who are deprived of the benefits of the Chief Minister’s meritorious scheme after the annual salary of the father or foster. The state government can pay up to 75% of the fees of students whose father or foster parents have an annual income of more than Rs 6 lakh and less than Rs 7.5 lakh. The Finance Department has agreed to this. About 45 thousand meritorious people are expected to benefit from increasing the scope of the scheme. Government will pay 75 percent fee.

Many parents were out when income increased – Government pay education fee

It was started in the year 2017-18 under the rule of Shivraj Sarkar. It was then provided that the state government will pay the fees of the same meritorious students, whose parents have an annual income of 6 lakh or less. But, over two years, this limit of income left many parents out. So their children’s fees got stuck. After this, the Technical Education and Skills Department prepared a new proposal and sent it to the Finance Department for approval.  

The Finance Department agreed to the point that only 75 per cent (ie 25 per cent less) fees should be paid by the state government for those earning between six lakh and seven and a half lakh. After the Finance’s consent, the proposal can go to the CM Secretariat and the Cabinet for approval. 

present situation – Government pay education fee

Every year 30 thousand students are joining this scheme. Right now their number is close to 90 thousand. Since July 1, 2019, the department has received 66 thousand 915 applications for all three sessions. Out of this 3 thousand 340 are pending at different levels.  

The proposal of the Department of Technical Education was

1. Increase the income limit of six lakhs to seven and a half lakhs and pay the full fees. 
2. 50 percent fee to be paid from seven and a half lakh to 8 lakh 40 thousand rupees. 
3. If the income is more than Rs 8 lakh 40 thousand, then fees should not be paid. 

Government pay education fee

These are important conditions of meritorious planning

  • You are a native of Madhya Pradesh.
  • Under the Board of Secondary Education, 12th standard should be passed with 70 percent or more marks. 
  • 12th examination under CBSE syllabus should be passed with 85 percent or more marks. 
  • The maximum income of the father-father is not more than 6 lakhs. 
  • Rank in IIT-JEE Mains is under 1.5 lakh. The entire fee for admission to the government college and one and a half lakh rupees or whatever the actual fees will be, will be given for admission to private college or grant college. 
  • For medical, fees will be given for admission to MBBS or BDS through NEET. Apart from this, fees will be given for taking admission in medical examination conducted by Indian educational institute.

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