Happy Kiss Day 2020: Most popular day of Valentine’s Week is ‘Kiss Day’

Happy Kiss Day 2020: Most popular day of Valentine’s Week is ‘Kiss Day’

Happy Kiss Day 2020: Kiss Day comes on the last day of Valentine’s Week. That is, before celebrating Valentine’s Day on 14 February, Kiss Day is celebrated with great fanfare on 13 February. Kiss Day Valentines is considered the most romantic day of the week. This day is considered to be especially important for the loving lover and girlfriend. On this day, loving lovers and girlfriends kiss each other with great love and show their unwavering love to each other.

Kiss Day is usually celebrated by young and loving couples. It is believed that kissing on this day deepens your love even more, so on this day, couples kiss each other to express their love. A kiss also increases your love and respect for each other.

Happy Kiss Day

Kiss is also good for health

But do you know that a kiss is also very good for your health. 80 million bacteria are transferred in a kiss of just 10 seconds. These bacteria are very beneficial for your body, which not only promotes the immune system, but also gives the body the strength to fight many diseases. 

8 benefits of Kiss

1. Kissing helps lower blood pressure  

Kissing a loved one is not only good for the soul, but also for the heart. “When you kiss passionately, your heart begins to beat healthier, helping to lower blood pressure . The blood vessels dilate and the blood circulates better to properly oxygenate all organs, ”according to the specialist.  

2. Kissing helps relieve headaches and menstruation  

“Kissing is wonderful when your head hurts or you have menstrual pain,” Demirjian says. Maybe at that time of the month you just want to lie down in bed and reject any kind of spousal advance, but dilating the blood vessels brought about by a passionate kiss helps ease the pain, whether it’s headaches or menstrual cramps. In fact, Demirjian even recommends replacing the famous phrase “Not tonight because my head hurts” with “Yes, love, tonight because my head hurts.” Come and kiss me! ”.  

3. Kissing helps in the fight against caries  

The kiss is, in fact, a saliva exchange. “When you kiss, you start secreting more saliva. This is the mechanism that helps to remove the tartar from the teeth, the one responsible and the caries, ”says Demirjian.  

4. Kissing enhances the production of happiness hormones  

“If you feel stressed out or just overwhelmed by your daily life, a little kiss may be just what you need to feel better. It will relax you and revitalize you. Happiness substances in the brain, such as serotonin, dopamine or oxytocin, are becoming more and more produced, ”according to Demirjian.  

5. Kiss helps to lose weight

  Indeed, it does not compare to half an hour on a bicycle, but an intense kissing session can burn between 8 and 16 calories. “Kissing and sexual intercourse can be a serious exercise, especially if you are passionate about what you do. To burn those calories, the kiss must be intense, ”continues Demirjian.  

couple kissing
Happy Kiss Day 2020: Most popular day of Valentine’s Week is ‘Kiss Day’

6. Kissing is good for self-confidence  

A study in Germany found that men who get a kiss from their husbands when they go to work earn more money. “If he leaves home happy, the man will be more productive at work because he will not be distracted from the emotional issues. The kiss has a great connection with your mood: it makes you feel loved and even connected to reality, ”says Demirjian.  

7. The kiss can also function as a face lift  

According to the specialist, a deep kiss can “work” the neck and jaw line, areas with problems especially for those concerned with skin aging. “The mouth has enough facial muscles. When they are involved in the kiss, you can tone the skin, ”says Demirjian.  

8. Kiss is a barometer for sexual compatibility

  A kiss can be a great way to check on a potential partner, especially in terms of sexual compatibility. And that’s before you get emotionally involved, says the expert. However, if the first kiss with a partner is not something exceptional, she recommends that you give her a second chance. “Sometimes, during the first kiss, people feel weird, nervous and even embarrassed. So this experience may not be the most seductive. However, if the second kiss is boring or even disappointing, it is a sign that you are not fit, “concludes the kiss specialist.

Which day is celebrated (Happy Kiss Day 2020)

Literatureists believe that kissing makes the heart young again and erases the distance between two people. Kissing has an unspecified power, and if kissed for a long time without stopping, it can also improve a person’s mood. That is why Kiss Day is of great importance in Valentines Week. A research found that couples who kiss each other on a regular basis live five years longer. Apart from this, kissing or kissing is very important from the health point of view, which is why Kiss Day is more popular than other days.

16 types of Kiss (Happy Kiss Day 2020)

1. Nominal Kiss : One of the lovers touches the other’s mouth with his lips, doing nothing else.

2. Throbbing Kiss : During the nominal kiss, one of the lovers moves the lower lip, but not the upper one.

3. Touch Kiss : One of the lovers touches the other’s lips with his tongue, closes his eyes and puts his hands in the other’s. Romantic lick?

4. Direct Kiss : The lips of the two lovers come into direct contact. Here in the West, this kiss is also known as “peck”.

5. Inclined Kiss : It is basically the kiss (Direct Kiss), but lovers must have their heads bowed.

6. Back Kiss : One of the lovers turns his face to the other, holding the other’s head and chin while kissing.


7. Pressed Kiss : The lower lip is pressed very hard by the lover’s fingers. There is also the “very pressed” kiss, when the lower lip is grabbed by the lover between two fingers and then pressed with the lip. Be careful when testing this…

8. Upper Lip Kiss : The lover kisses the other’s upper lip and the loved one, in turn, kisses his lower lip.

9. Clinging Kiss : One of the lovers takes both the lips of the other between his. But be careful, there is an extra rule: only men without a mustache can give this kiss! Controversial.

10. Fight of Tongues : During the clinging kiss, one of the lovers touches the teeth, tongue and roof of the loved one’s mouth. It is also allowed to press the teeth of one against the mouth of the other. Dangerous.

11. Kiss that Sparks Love : It happens when a lover contemplates the other asleep and kisses him (not necessarily on the lips).

12. Distracting Kiss : It is when you kiss your lover while he is working, looking at someone else or when they are fighting.

13. Kiss that Awakens :

Upon arriving home late at night, the man kisses his sleeping lover. It also belongs to this category even if the woman only pretends that she is sleeping.

14. Revealing kiss of intention : Kiss the reflection of the loved one in a mirror, in the water or on the wall. OK………

15. Transferred Kiss : When kissing a child, a portrait or an image in the presence of the loved one.

16. Demonstrative Kiss : When the man kisses the fingers (when the woman is standing) or the feet (when she is sitting) in a public place. Or when the woman lies on her lover’s lap and kisses his thighs or big toe.

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