Happy Rose Day 2020 Wishes, Whatsapp Status, Image

Happy Rose Day 2020 Wishes, Whatsapp Status, Image

Happy Rose Day 2020: The day has come for everyone who loves it. Rose Day The first day of Valentine’s Week. On this day, a rose is given to the lover. Now roses will be given. We bring you Whatsapp Status, Wishes, send to your loved ones.

Happy Rose Day 2020

Every dream of mine becomes a reality today,
which should be such a life with you,
we brought one rose in millions for you
and this rose becomes the beginning of love…
Happy Rose Day 2020.

What will be the great desire for relationships, what will be the great desire of
friendship, whoever gets
a friend like you
will complain about life…
Happy Rose Day 2020

The beauty of roses also looks like a
smile when a smile blossoms on your face, just
keep smiling like my love, you make
my breath live with your happiness
Happy Rose Day 2020

rose day

May you smile everyday,
sometimes face lotus, sometimes every day, be
happy for a hundred moments, be happy
every day, just like that…
Happy Rose Day 2020

Laughing on the flowers like flowers,
you have no helplessness in your life, let us bring you a
cute little rose for you,
just be this sweet like your rose…
Rose Day 2020

Your smile brings a smile to my face
, the feeling of being yours makes my breath go out,
this beautiful rose is part of your memories,
seeing that happiness again…
Rose Day 2020

Ask Rose what pain hurts
gives love of love and herself lives in Kanto
Rose Day 2020

Sent very secretly,
my lover gave me a rose,
his fragrance created
an uproar in the whole city…
Rose Day 2020

rose 1188007 1280

Flowers continue to blossom in the path of life,
laughter keeps shining in your eyes
step by step, the joy that you get,
gives you this blessing again and again ..
Happy Rose Day 2020

Do not get immersed in the loneliness of the evening,
do not get angry with someone in friendship,
pray that you find your destination,
but do not forget to find that floor…
Happy Rose Day 2020

It is not easy to say heart, but with red roses, you do not need to say anything, it easily transfers your feeling to the front, so say it openly on the occasion of Rose Day in Valentine’s Week is.

Valentine’s Week is starting on February 7. The round of greetings on Rose Day starts at 12 noon. If someone wishes his love daily, then someone expresses his feeling. The rose flower is considered to be the most beautiful flower, so if you compare Mehboob with the rose, it is sure to be a thing.

1. My lover had sent me a rose secretly

Fucking his scent caused uproar in the whole city.

2. Your smile brings a smile to my face,

The feeling of being yours makes my breath go,

This beautiful rose is part of your memories,

Seeing that happiness becomes youth again.

3. Broken flower gives fragrance,

Time spent gives memories

Everyone has their own style

Some live in love, some give life in love.

4. Always have roses on your lips,

God forbid you ever feel sad,

We may not stay with you,

Always be with whom you want.

5. All my dreams become reality today,

Whatever happens should become such a life with you

We brought one rose for you

And this rose should become the beginning of love.

6. There is no limit to my madness

I don’t remember anything except your face

I am the rose of your Gulshan

I have no right over you.

7. If my rose touches you then definitely

Love us with roses but not from us

We will understand your eyes too

Just express with your eyes.

Importance of rose color – Happy Rose Day 2020

Red Rose:

Red Rose is a sign of deep love. People like to gift it to their loved ones. At the same time, people also use it to express their love. 

 Yellow Rose: (Happy Rose Day 2020)

Yellow Rose is considered a symbol of friendship. The youth often like to gift this color of rose to start a new friendship. It is also given as the beginning of friendship and as a symbol of ‘Get well soon’ to someone.

  White Rose:

White Rose shows purity, innocence and unconditional love. Apart from this, it is also used to apologize for a mistake from a loved one. 

 Pink Rose: (Happy Rose Day 2020)

Pink rose is used to praise and praise someone.

 Orange Rose:

Orange Rose is used as a symbol of affection, fascination and enthusiasm. It is often used as a symbol of youth to express their feelings. 

 Black Rose:

Black rose is considered a symbol of enmity. As beautiful as it looks, its meaning is as fierce.

 Purple Rose:

Purple rose shows people’s royalty richness. It is also known as Lavender Rose. This will work as a message for those who are unable to express their love everyday. 

 Blue Rose:

Blue Rose is considered a symbol of peace and mildness.

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