Home remedies For Hair Dandruff : Dandruff Clean Tips

Home remedies For Hair Dandruff: Dandruff Treatment – Usually, the problem of dandruff is not taken seriously, but if it is not taken care of in time, then this common problem can also be serious. And in the current era, this problem seems to be too much. Although there are many anti-dandruff shampoos available in the market, there is a risk of dry hair using them. In such a situation, it is better that you adopt home remedies so that the hair is least damaged.

Dandruff Causes: ( Home remedies For Hair Dandruff )

There are many reasons for not taking proper care of hair, not taking the right diet, or due to which there may be a Rusi in the head. Some of these major reasons are:

1. Changes in weather-

Both extremely hot or extremely cold weather causes damage to the scalp skin. Just as the fluctuations of the weather affect our body, similarly the skin of the head can also result in dandruff.

2. Hygiene- the problem

of dandruff by not cleaning the hair properly or keeping the scalp related tools such as comb, towel, hair brush, etc. Also using a comb or towel used by someone else. Might be possible.

3. Correct diet-

Due to lack of proper balance of nutrients in the body, the scalp starts to come off from the scalp. It is important to use pulses, milk, fresh fruits and green vegetables in the diet. Apart from this, dandruff also starts by not applying the right amount of oil to the hair.

4. Oil Gland Discontinuation-

Sometimes oil glands are stopped due to some disease or hormonal imbalance, which causes dandruff.

5. Infection-

Use of chemical for hair styling, use of hair color, not letting hair dry naturally , tying wet hair, etc. are some of the reasons that cause dandruff (Rusi). This causes itching in the hair and the problem gradually increases.

6. Hair color- Home remedies For Hair Dandruff

Hair color contains ammonia which gives rise to dandruff on scalp. Hair color should be used only after taking advice from experts and good quality hair color should be used.

7. Sweat and Dust-

When the sweat comes on the skin of the head during the summer, when dirt comes in contact, dirt starts to accumulate on the scalp. Which slowly causes dandruff.

8. Allergies- Home remedies For Hair Dandruff

Many times the oil, shampoo, hair styling product or hair color we are using does not suit us, the result is allergy which is a big reason for dandruff.

9. Stress-

Hair problems also arise due to being in high anxiety. Such as hair falling, becoming white, or getting runny. So try to always be worry free.

Home remedies For Hair Dandruff
Home remedies For Hair Dandruff : Dandruff Clean Tips

What are the different types of Dandruff

Normal: – Normal Russian remains the same in every season. It is both dry and oily, using shampoo should be avoided to avoid this. And if possible, cover the hair while going out.

Oily dandruff: – When there is oily dandruff, there is excessive sweating in the head and dandruff is also slightly moist. Whether it is summer or winter, sweat in the head of a person with oily dandruff always remains on the roots of the hair. In these conditions, oil is also released from the skin of the head.

Dry Dandruff: – When dry dandruff occurs, the dandruff of the hair falls and appears on the hair. The skin of the head is also very dry.

Home Remedies For Dandruff – Home remedies For Hair Dandruff

  • Wash the head after applying sour curd well in the head. Russian will be eliminated.
  • Dandruff ends by washing hair twice a week by mixing curd and lemon juice in gram flour.
  • Take multani mitti powder. Add apple cider vinegar to it. Later use it as a shampoo. Taking these measures twice a week will be beneficial.
  • When the head becomes dandruff, grind the fenugreek leaves and apply it on the head. Take a shower after some time. Russian will end.
  • Throw two eggs and whip them and massage them on the scalp. Wash your head after half an hour.
  • Soak amla and ritha together and wash your head with water in the morning. This will eliminate Russian.
  • After washing the hair, dissolve two spoons of vinegar in water and wash it. Then wash the hair with clean water. Russian will be eliminated.
  • Boil some leaves of neem and basil well in water. When the water of the pot is half then filter it and keep it to cool, wash the hair with this water. The use of a few times will solve the problem of dandruff.
  • Soak fenugreek seeds in water overnight. In the morning, crush those grains on the seal and make a paste. Allow this paste to remain on the head for at least half an hour. Later wash your head with Shikakai soap. Russian will be eliminated.
  • Using lemon juice is very beneficial to overcome the problem of dandruff. But you should come to use it properly or else your hair may become dry. Gently squeeze one lemon in mustard oil or in coconut oil. Massage the scalp with this oil and leave it for a while. After this wash the hair thoroughly. Try these measures twice a week, you will definitely benefit.
  • If the hair becomes dandruff, mix 10 grams of black pepper, 20 grams of lemon juice and half a cup of raw milk – all three. Then rub this juice well in the head. After half an hour wash your head with water. Use it except for one day. Russian will end in a few days.
  • T-tree oil has antibacterial and antiviral properties. In such a situation, this is a very effective way to overcome the problem of dandruff. Mix a few drops of it in your shampoo and wash your head. The use of four to five times will solve the problem of dandruff.
  • Using curd is very beneficial in the problem of dandruff. Along with removing the problem of dandruff, it also works to nourish the hair. Mix a spoonful of baking soda in a cup of yogurt. Apply this pack in scalp. Within a few days you will see a difference.

Take care of these things – Dandruff Clean Tips

  • Apply oil regularly to your head and hair to prevent the surface of your head from getting dry.
  • Wash hair regularly, doing so will keep it clean and chances of any kind of problem will be reduced.
  • The hair of others should not be used to protect hair from infection.

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