How the lunar eclipse will have in India, read it in five clicks.

How the lunar eclipse will have in India, read it in five clicks.

How the lunar eclipse: On January 10, differences have emerged in the astrological world regarding the lunar eclipse. Jyotishacharya of Saharanpur clearly says that the lunar eclipse will not be seen in India, when the lunar eclipse will not be seen then how will the effects or sutak be effected on the zodiac signs. Vipra Parivar, the largest institution of vipras of scholars of Saharanpur, has not made any mention of this lunar eclipse in the passed date-Vratotsav magazine for these reasons. 

On the first month of 2020, ie on the 10th of January, different opinions are being raised about the eclipse. Many astrologers of the country are saying eclipse and also telling the effect on zodiac signs. There is a lot of news on the internet too, but astrologers of the Vipra family of Saharanpur say that there will be no eclipse in India on the 10th, but they say that the eclipse on January 10 will not be a lunar eclipse but actually is called a shadow eclipse of the moon.

If you consider the eclipse eclipse, according to astrology, it does not fall under the category of eclipse because during this satellation some turbidity occurs inside the moon and during the eclipse the image of moon is slightly blurred and black. does not happen. This is the reason that the scriptures and the scholars did not place it in the category of eclipse due to the mere malign shadow coming on this type of image.

How the lunar eclipse
How the lunar eclipse will have in India, read it in five clicks.


This will be the time of satelliteization. The time of satelliteization will start in India at 10:38 am on January 10 and the salvation period will be at 2:42 pm on January 11, which means the total duration of this satellite will be more than 4 hours. There will also be no consideration of the importance of any type of sutak, bath, donation etc. for the eclipse. There is no mention of this eclipse in the Vratotsav Patrika, the date passed by the Vipra Parivar (Sanatan Conservation Association), the largest institution of scholar vipras of Saharanpur. Mahant Raghavendra Swamy Shri Ram Panchayatan Siddha Peeth, Manas Niketan, Pant Vihar, Saharanpur.

Lunar eclipse is not a shadow

It is not a lunar eclipse,  but the shadow of the moon. It is also called Chandra Malinya in astrological texts. This is the situation before eclipse because eclipse will not suffer. What these astrologers are telling on the internet is confusing people. – Acharya Rohit Vasistha, Astrologer and Founder Shri Bagulamukhi Shiva Temple Brahmapuri Colony.

Almanac theories – How the lunar eclipse

There is no mention of eclipse in the almanac. There is no mention of this eclipse in the almanac. We are also listening and watching many things through the medium of internet etc. Which is not fair. Many people are getting calls in this regard. Those who are being told that if there is no eclipse on January 10, then there will not be any thread. – Pandit Abhishek Krishnatreya, Jyotishacharya and Adhishta Tehsil Shiva Temple

No effect on zodiac signs – How the lunar eclipse

When there is no eclipse, how will the zodiac impact? Astrologers should say something according to their tradition only after all the information. It is being said that before every eclipse occurs, the Moon must enter the Earth’s shadow, which is called Chandra Malinya and not the eclipse. – Jitendra Shandilya, Jyotishacharya Old Sugar Mill Area

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