How to become fair from black without cream in 5 minute

How to become fair from black: Yes! We have brought measures for girls and boys to be blond, using which the face will start looking blond in minutes. These Ayurvedic home remedies for being blonde are 100% beneficial, which you can make yourself blonde even once a day. With natural home remedies, even dark skin starts to glow and blondness. Know how to whiten your face in ten minutes without cream and get awesome glow sitting at home.

In today’s fashion environment, boys and girls keep thinking about how to make the face go blonde. In our society, white people are looked at differently, white people are not only beautiful to look at, but every person is also affected by them.

If the face is blond, personality gets improved in itself and this increases your confidence level. Actually, nowadays it is a time to be a little more fashionable, everybody wants that they look beautiful and people are impressed with it.

What people don’t do to be fair Our young generation today uses more expensive creams and facewashes than one to be fair, but very few people can improve. Actually these expensive cosmetics found in the market are made up of many chemicals. You may not even know that many chemicals can harm your skin. If the chemical does not suit your skin, then your skin may also be allergic.

How to become fair from black
How to become fair from black

That is why we advise people to adopt pure natural and Ayurvedic method. With natural things you can make your face extremely blond and blossom and the most important thing is that these methods do not have any side effect, so today in this article we will tell you about some home remedies using You can make yourself blond –

Home remedies to How to become fair from black

Milk gram flour and rice flour

This is a very simple recipe but it is considered to be the most effective. In this recipe, we need milk, gram flour and rice flour and all these things are easily available in our house.

Take 3 teaspoons gram flour, 3 teaspoons fresh milk and 1 teaspoon rice flour.

Now prepare the solution by adding 3 tablespoons gram flour to milk and 1 teaspoon rice flour. When the paste is thick, apply it on the face with cotton. Apply it on the face and leave it for at least half an hour. Now wash your face after a while. You will see that your face has started to improve. Follow this recipe daily.

Tomatoes and Turmeric – How to become fair from black

This is a very cheap home recipe. We eat tomatoes as a vegetable or salad, but the vitamins and nutrients present in tomatoes also make our skin beautiful.

Take a fresh tomato and PC turmeric in a bowl. Now cut the tomatoes in the middle and pour some turmeric from the bowl on the sliced ​​area. Now rub this tomato on your face with light hands. While grinding, keep pressing the tomatoes slightly so that tomato juice mixed with turmeric is applied on the face. Do this for a while, then apply turmeric powder on another piece of tomato and rub it on the face.

Now leave the face like this for a while. After some time, clean the face with clean water. This is a great recipe.

Use Multani soil – How to become fair from black without cream

Every person will know about Multani soil and it is easily available everywhere. Multani soil is the best of the Indian cosmetics. Put the multani mitti in water and apply a thick paste and add a little lemon juice to it before applying on the face. Apply this paste on the face until it dries up. Now rub it and remove it from the water, using this mixture will remove dead cells of your body and will also improve.

Gram flour and milk mixture

Many women would also know about the use of gram flour. Add gram flour and add some milk and prepare a paste. Now apply this paste on the face and leave it for half an hour, then wash the face with water. It is the most popular household recipe of people and is also effective.

Cream of milk – How to become fair from black

This is the best method for those who have dry and taut skin. Apply cream on your face after rubbing milk, if you wish, you can sleep at night by rubbing on the face or you can use cream before going to office or college in the morning. This will also fix your cracked lips or cracked cheeks.

Use raw potatoes – How to become fair from black

Cut the raw potato into two halves and now rub the potato gently on your face, do not rub it too fast. Keep rubbing it on the face for a while, the blackness of the skin is removed with potato juice and now wash the face well.

Use Turmeric – How to become fair from black

turmeric is considered a miraculous medicine in Ayurveda and it is easily available in the kitchen of the home.

* Dry skin people prepare milk by mixing turmeric with milk and cream and apply it on the face. After a while wash your face with water. Do not use this recipe for people with oily skin

* People with oily skin, add lemon juice in turmeric and apply on the face and after some time wash them with water and dry skin people should not use this recipe.

* If you have dry skin, prepare coconut paste mixed with turmeric and use it on your face. This gives moisture to the face and gives a wonderful glow to the face.

* Prepare a mixture of turmeric and honey. Now apply this paste on the face. By using this paste, your face will start to improve in a week and everyone can use it.

* Prepare a thick boil by mixing milk and gram flour in turmericturmeric removes the dead cells from the skin and this recipe brings blondness within a few days.

How to become fair from black
How to become fair from black

Use of Chironji –

Chironji is also very beneficial in whitening the complexion. Soak chironji grains in water overnight and grind chironji in the morning and mix turmeric and honey in it. Now apply this paste on the face one hour before bathing, the face will blossom.

Use honey – How to become fair from black

Mix lemon juice in honey and apply it on the face. There is no side effect of applying this paste. Honey acts as a moisturizer for the skin The use of this paste throughout the week brings blondness like moon.

You can also prepare paste by adding raw milk and rose petals to honey. The color is also clear by using this paste.

Apply steam on face – How to become fair from black

Heat the water lightly in a small kettle. Now take the steam coming out of the kettle on the face and remember not to overheat the water or else the steam can cause irritation. Keep a light, soft steam on the face and take a piece of cotton with it to keep your face clean. By doing this, the blackness of the face is removed and the skin becomes soft and fair.

Orange peel -Remedy to go fair

Orange is a seasonal fruit, it is also very tasty and nutritious in food. Do not throw away the peels by eating oranges, but keep the peels for drying in the sun. When these peels dry up, crush them in a grinder or something and make a powder, you can also fill this powder in a box. Mix honey or milk in this powder and apply it on the face before bathing daily, it enhances the face.

Use curd – How to become fair from black

* Mix gram flour and turmeric in curd and make a paste. Apply this paste on your face and keep it till it dries. After some time wash the face with clean water, daily use of this paste brings blondness.

* Prepare the boil by adding Amla powder and a little lemon juice to the curd and apply this paste on the face before bathing and wash it with clean water in half an hour.

Use gram flour – How to become fair from black

For dry skin, mix curd in gram flour and turmeric and amla powder in gram flour and now add a little lemon juice to this mixture. Applying this type of paste on the face removes the dirt from the face.

Use of bananas – How to become fair from black

Ripe banana is beneficial for the skin. Take a ripe banana and mash it well and make it pulp, now mix milk or cream in this paste and prepare the boil. It works as a great face pack.

Use of sandalwood – How to become fair from black

* Make a paste by mixing turmeric, gram flour and a little raw milk in sandalwood and apply it on the face 15 minutes before bathing. Wash it after some time, this brings moisture and blondness to the face.

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* Yogurt sandalwood powder, and mix flour and prepared dissolving rouge | Now use this paste on your face for a while before bathing. This recipe is most beneficial especially for girls.

Other beneficial advice -How to become fair from black

Avoid the rays of the Sun – Try not to get out of the house in the afternoon because the rays penetrating from the sun in the afternoon cause great harm to the face. Excessive sunlight also causes fair skin to darken.

Drink plenty of water – For
 those people who have pimples or acne, we advise those who drink plenty of water, because drinking water clears the face and also eliminates problems like pimples.

Improve food and drink – you will get the same results as you eat, so if you want to be fair, then take special care of food. Drink plenty of green vegetables and avoid eating too much fried food.

So friends, in this article we have told you about the home remedies for being white, the home remedies for being white and the way to get skin whitening and these tips are absolutely natural, which have no side effects. With these tips, you can improve your face sitting at home.

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