How To Become IAS

How To Become IAS: How to become IAS officer, what is strength of IAS

How to become IAS: The civil service examination in India is a gift of the British, although it has changed a lot since then. Becoming an IAS officer is not an easy task. For this it is necessary to have hard work and strong intention….

How To Become IAS Officer : IAS officer is selected under Indian Civil Service. It is considered to be India’s toughest exam for the job. The officer tops the Indian bureaucracy. Above this, there are only ministers. In India, three top officers are elected under the All India Service which includes IAS, IPS and IFS.

Those who get the top rank IAS in the Civil Services Examination are selected as IAS. They have the right to run the country responsible. Any applicant must be a graduate to take the civil service examination.

How to prepare for IAS –

The minimum age for appearing in Civil Services Examination is 21 years, if anyone wants to appear in this examination, then he should prepare it from a young age. Keep in mind that the applicant of the general category can appear in this examination 6 times till the age of 32 years. For this, coaching along with studies can be taken. After tenth, the focus should start on studying civil service exam.

-Rose newspapers and magazines must be read, you will be aware of the current affairs. Also, you will not need much research in preparing for any subject.

After the tenth, choose the subject that interests you and which you can choose during the civil service. Being the subject of choice, you will also have ease of preparation.

How To Become IAS
How To Become IAS: How to become officer, what is strength of IAS

-Manage your time. Make a routine of your own and prepare accordingly. Do not waste your time in unnecessary work.

UPSSE exam has to choose its subject from a total of 25 subjects. Choose the subject in which it is easy for you to study.

What officer does is

to implement and follow the policies of the government. The IAS can be the District Magistrate, Collector or Commissioner in the district. Apart from this, the posts of cabinet secretary, joint secretary, under-secretary, deputy secretary etc. are also available. The top post of bureaucracy in India is that of Cabinet Secretary who is accountable to Parliament.

Apart from this, the officer is also made the head of various departments, companies, boards etc. of the government like Chairman of CBSE and Bihar Board is IAS officer.

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