How to have pretty back – back most seductive and sensual parts

How to have pretty back: The back is one of the most seductive and sensual parts of the female body, and if we want to get the most out of it it is important that we repair their care on a regular basis. And it is that especially in summer, a hydrated back, beautiful and free of granites or impurities makes a difference.

Do you want to know what beauty tricks can enhance the attractiveness of your back? If so, pay attention to the tips of this article about how to have a beautiful back and wear your clothes with a back neckline and your swimsuits with total safety.

Steps to follow: one : How to have pretty back

If the appearance of granites is a recurring condition on your back and something that does not let you look this part of the body safely, a step that you should not overlook is to perform a deep peel at least once a week.

How to have pretty back
How to have pretty back – back most seductive and sensual parts

It is best that you take advantage of the moment of the shower to do it, soaping the back first to clean it and leave it ready to receive the exfoliating treatment. To remove all impurities and dead cells, you should apply a good body scrub and, for best results, extend it with the help of a mane glove . With this instrument, your back will be flawless and the same as if you had undergone a professional peel.


It is not necessary that you acquire a commercial body scrub to leave your back free of impurities, as there are natural products such as sea ​​salt, sugar or coffee that are good solutions to clean the pores and enjoy a perfect exfoliation. See the article How to make homemade body scrub to see all the recipes and the form of application. You will be surprised by the finish and you will find good allies in them to have a beautiful back.


Once you finish the exfoliation and get out of the shower, it is very important that you dry your back thoroughly with a towel, preventing any wet parts. And then the most important thing: hydration. We advise you to apply a good body cream that helps prevent dryness and lack of water in this area, since otherwise the skin of your back will be malnourished and very rough to the touch. In the article How to choose the right body cream , you can see which lotions are the most suitable for your skin type. Remember that it is best to apply the moisturizer all over your back every time you take a shower or take a bath.

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And to give your back an extra softness and hydration, massage with some natural oils is a true beauty elixir for this area of ​​the body. Nature gives us oils that allow us to completely regenerate the skin, reaffirm it and avoid conditions such as acne or the appearance of other imperfections. And the ones that offer the best results are, without sweat, olive, argan, almond, jojoba and rosehip oil.


How to have pretty back – As you know, the signs of a poor diet or high fat are reflected very quickly in the state of the skin, which also includes the back area. Therefore, it will be essential that you focus on following a balanced diet , in which non-caloric foods and those rich in fiber , antioxidants , vitamin C and E abound , since they are all essential nutrients to maintain a young, flexible and perfect skin.


Exercising the back muscles and keeping it toned is another of the great tricks to have a beautiful and sexy back. Try to exercise regularly and keep in mind that activities such as swimming, pilates, yoga, cycling are the most effective for a much more attractive back.


Also, you can not ignore the good habits of body posture , and it is that no beauty trick will serve you unless you take care of the position and stability of your back. We recommend you to implement the following recommendations:

  • Avoid keeping your back in stooped positions, and when you have to bend over do it by flexing your legs.
  • If you have to spend a lot of time sitting, make sure the chair is comfortable, that the lower back is fully attached to the back of the seat and knees at a right angle to the hips.
  • If you have to spend a lot of time standing, it is important that you try to walk and move from one side to another to prevent the back muscles from being overloaded.
  • Practice some of the movements that we propose in the article Exercises to improve body posture .
  • To sleep, the best positions are face up or sideways in a fetal position.

If you follow all these tips, you will have a much prettier and more desirable back , in addition to preventing pain and discomfort in the area that may affect your usual pace of life.

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